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Terms of auction and sale
1. The bidder and the purchaser recognize the following Terms of Auction with the participation in our auction. 2. The articles shall be sold in the name of and for the account of the client in their condition at the time of the auction. The purchaser recognizes that any complaint whatsoever is excluded and that we accept no guarantee whatsoever for quality, condition, completeness, apparent or hidden defects, other damage or special characteristics. Technical data, measurement or weight details and years of manufacture are non-binding. Lists of the articles are drawn up carefully and to the best of our belief. 3. Articles are generally auctioned on the basis of consecutive numbers. In individual cases we reserve the right to alter the order and to exclude or combine items. 4. Every bid can be rejected without indicating reasons and the acceptance of the bid can be refused or effected subject to reservation. 5. The bid of the highest bidder shall be accepted once his bid has been repeated three times by the auctioneer. If several people make the same bid at the same time, then the auctioneer shall decide. If there are doubts regarding the acceptance of a bid, then the auctioneer can call for bids once again. In all cases the orders of the auctioneer shall solely be applicable. 6. All prices are expressed in EURO plus a surcharge of 15 % (Webcast 18,5%) plus the statutory rate of value added tax. 7. The amount of the reserves shall be determined by the auctioneer at his discretion for the complete auction. 8. The payment of the total claim must be effected in cash or by a cheque confirmed by a bank to the auctioneer after the acceptance of the bid. If this obligation is not met, then the purchased article shall be auctioned once again. The first purchaser shall not be permitted to participate in this case. He shall remain personally liable for the shortfall in proceeds; he shall have no claim to additional proceeds. 9. The purchased article shall be regarded to be surrendered to the purchaser with the acceptance of the bid, meaning that liability and the risk of the accidental loss or destruction of the article, of the loss or damage by fire, water, storms, theft and burglary shall also pass to the purchaser. This also and especially applies to accessories. Title shall, however, only pass to the purchaser after payment in full, in the case of cheques after crediting confirmed by a bank. 10. The articles purchased at auction shall only be handed over after payment in full, in which respect the prices for every article are expressed ex foundations or location, without dismantling and loading. If the acceptance date is exceeded, then the purchaser shall be liable for all consequential costs. 11. No liability is assumed for accidents during the inspection, auctioning and collection. The operation of appliances is strictly prohibited. 12. All visitors to the auction shall be liable f. damage that they cause, irrespective of its nature. 13. The purchaser shall be liable for accidents, damage to buildings, third-party articles etc. 14. The auctioneer shall be entitled to collect and sue for purchase money and ancillary claims in his own name for the account of the client. 15. A bidder who buys at auction on behalf of another party shall be liable as a principal in addition to the other party. 16. The same terms shall be applicable to any private sale after the auction. 17. Invoices issued during or directly after the auction must be checked once again, meaning that subsequent corrections are permissible. 18. The address data of the bidders and purchasers is stored in order to provide information on our future auctions or items for sale. 19. Place of jurisdiction is Mainz. 20. For to participate the auction we have to check your passport.



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