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rails_nut 8:26am on Sunday, October 24th, 2010 
Pros: EXCELLENT LINUX SUPPORT, Silent, 256mb, DDR2, Dual monitor out, optional low profile bracket. Cons: AGP, not the fastest card around. well, its not a such high-end processor. but i strongly recommend it because of its value for money.
hoiatl 9:21pm on Sunday, October 17th, 2010 
"This card is a powerhouse. It worked great with every game I threw at it, even Crysis. If you turn up the fan speed a bit, it overclocks well too.
Ron L 7:37pm on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 
This card has provided trouble free performance and handled everything I have thrown at it.
VEGLAS.RU 10:57am on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 
Good video card for the price I got this video card as a replacement for my 8800GT, which crapped out after two years. So far.
jf6386 4:18pm on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 
Even with two additional fans, one above one below, it was still running pretty warm Good for the money Died after 2 years, runs hot I needed a board that could support 2560X1600 resolution and run on my system that has a 240 Watt power supply. This card does it great.
ronw 1:42pm on Sunday, June 27th, 2010 
I would consider this a Budget card. I notice...  101 CAD (35$ US rebate), big difference between ATI Radeon X200 Not good with DX10 games I would consider this a Budget card. I notice a big difference increase in my FPS in games between ATI Radeon X200 (integrated). The Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT by eVGA is an extrodinary card for the price, the power it has to handle all the new games out to date.
el_mati 1:40am on Saturday, June 26th, 2010 
Passive cooled, and quiet, "Check!". 7900 gtx performance when overclocked, "Check!". Can be cooled much easier with passive cooler, "Check!".
jbflash 7:39pm on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 
"Best graphic card out in the market for its price! Great FPS!" Best Card to Price Ratio! "This is a great video card for playing games and watching high definition movies. It supports H.
r 10:28pm on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 
I know my review is well behind the others already on here, but I only bought my 8800GTX around a month or so ago. Either way. I managed to buy this card for a very cheap price, as the new series of graphics cards had just been released. The stereotypical view of a gaming pc is that of a ludicrously expensive, liquid nitrogen cooled.
jmesmat 5:39pm on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 
I have an older (from 2003) computer that still worked well, although it was in dire need of some updating. I decided to get it a new hard drive.
krokodyl 4:00am on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 
Cards are getting REAL cheap,and there are tons to choose from. Decent 256MB card that supports 8x AGP.Price is $40 by now.

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Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 7 of 296
Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen
Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley
8400 (Bandit IV) CNC Control 8600 CNC Control 8600 series CNC Control 9/230 CNC Control 9/240 CNC Control 9/260 CNC Control 9000 series CNC Control 9200 series CNC Control 9230 CNC Control 9240 CNC Control 9260 CNC Control - Rockwell Automation Inc.
Anilam, Inc. 1100M Monitor 31500271S Power Supply 318-00-054-S-REVC PCB504 901-164 XYZ Board 31800039S, 36-220-01 Anilam 9" Monitor 901-132 Output Board for Anilam Crusader 2 CNC 901-175 Relay Board for Anilam Crusader 2 CNC Anilam 14" Color Monitor 513 REV D CPU Board Anilam 1100 CNC Control Anilam 1400 CNC Control Anilam 3000 CNC Control Anilam 3000M CNC Control Anilam 4200 CNC Control 4200T CNC Anilam 5000 CNC Control Anilam 5000M CNC Control Anilam 6000 CNC Control 6000i Anilam 6000M CNC Control Anilam Commando CNC Control Anilam Crusader CNC Control Anilam Crusader II CNC Control Anilam Eagle CNC Control Anilam G Series CNC Control PCB500 901-161 Rev A Crusader M CPU Board PCB503 901-163 Rev B Crusader M CPU Board Wizard 311 Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 411 Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 550 LCD Readout / DRO Wizard 1000 LCD Readout / DRO Wizard 211 Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 450 Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 450L Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 900 Digital Readout / DRO Wizard 900E Digital Readout / DRO Mini Wizard Blackbox Wizard 150 Wizard 350 Wizard 800 Anilam, Inc.
APS - Advanced Power Solutions APS61ES-10 Power Supply APS61ES-11 APS61ES-11A APS61ES-12 APS61ES-13 APS61ES-19 APS61ES-20 APS61ES-21 APS61ES-21A APS61ES-22 APS61ES-23 APS61ES-25 APS61ES-30 APS - Advanced Power Solutions
ASR Servotron ASR-9730-523 ASR-9730-547 ASR-9745-759ML PSM-200-100 Power Supply Module SD22-40A1 SD42-30-700-A1-9-10 SD42-30-700-A1/9/10 SD42-30-A1/9/10-700 SD42-30-A1/9/10-702 SM22-36/05-08 TSNM 150-12-01 Servo Drive ASR Servotron
Advantech Technologies Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
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PCA-6123 PCA-6126L/D, PCA-6126D PCA-Industrial CPU Card Rev. B4 (1-4 MB of SIMM RAM) PCA-SBC PCA-6133 386SX 25MHz SBC PCA-6134 Half-Size 386SX CPU SBC Card PCA-6134P Half-Size 386SX/486SLC CPU SBC Card PCA-6135 Half-size 386 CPU Card PCA-6135L/D PCA-6136 PCA-6136 386DX all-in-one CPU card PCA-6137 Rev B PCA-6143 486SX/DX/DX2 SBC PCA-6143P Half-size 486SX/DX/DX2 CPU Card PCA-6144S Half-size 486 CPU Card PCA-6144V Half-size 486 CPU Card with SVGA Controller PCA-6145 ISA 486 Slot-PC SBC PCA-6145B PCA-6145L PCA-6146 486DX/DX2 all-in-one CPU card PCA-6147 Rev A Full-Size 80486 CPU ISA Single Board Computer PCA-6147 Rev B PCA-6148/L Full-size 486 All-in-one CPU Card PCA-6149 Full-size 486 ISA/PCI All-in-one CPU Card PCA-6151 Half-size Pentium CPU Card with VGA Controller PCA-6153 PCA-6154/L Half-size Pentium CPU Card PCA-6155 PCA-6156 PCA-6157 Full-sizePentium CPU Card PCA-6157L PCA-6159/F/H/L/V Pentium MMX Processor-based ISBC with VGA/LCD/LAN/SCSI PCA-6167 Pentium Pro PCI/ISA-Bus CPU Card with SCSI PCM-3860 386DX-40 SBC PCM-3864 386DX-40 SBC PCM-3865M PCM-3865S POS-460A1 POS-460A2 PCM-4820 PCM-4822 PCM-4824 PCM-4860 PCM-4862 PCM-4865M PCM-4865S POS-560 POS-562 PCM-5860 PCM-5862 PCM-5865 PCA-6772 ISA Half-sized CPU card with CPU/VGA/LCD/Ethernet and CFC PCA-6770 ISA Sokcet 370 Half-sized SBC with VGA/LCD, Ethernet & CFC PCA-6751 ISA Tillamock Half-sized SBC with CPU, VGA, LCD, Fast Ethernet, CFC & PC/104 PCA-6752F ISA Super 7 Half-sized SBC with VGA/LCD, Ethernet & DOC PCA-6752N ISA Super 7 Half-sized SBC with VGA, Ethernet & DOC PCA-6753 ISA NS Geode Half-sized SBC w/GX1 CPU, VGA, LCD, Ethernet, DOC & PC/104 PCA-6154 PCA-6154L ISA MMX Half-sized SBC w/VGA, DOC & PC/104 PCA-6740 ISA Elite Half-sized SBC with CPU, 32MB SDRAM, VGA/LCD, Ethernet, DCO & PC/104 PCA-6741 STPC Consumer II 133 SBC with CPU/VGA/Ethernet/SSD/32 MB SDRAM PCA-6145B ISA 486 Half-sized SBC w/VGA, LCD, Ethernet, DOC & PC/104 PCA-6145L ISA 486 Half-sized SBC w/ VGA, LCD, DOC & PC/104 PCA-6144S ISA 486 Half-sized SBC w/DOC & PC/104 PCA-6135 PCA-6135L ISA 386SX Half-sized SBC w/ 40 MHz CPU, DOC and PC/104 Multi-Functional Panel PCs: PCL-725 Rev.A2 Isolated Input & Relay Output ISA Card PCL-844 Intelligent 8-port RS-232 Card PPC-120T Pentium MMX based Panel PC with 12.1" TFT PPC-175T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-174T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-155T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-S155T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-S154T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-154T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-154T-EPCE Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-103T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-123T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-153T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-S123T Multi-Functional Panel PC PPC-S153T Multi-Functional Panel PC Advantech Technologies

Baumuller 3.7510D DC Drive Card 3.8934 E Drive Control Card 3.8942K 1.2 Field control PCB b maXX 4400 Modular Servo Controller b maXX 4100 b maXX 4135 Rectifier and Regenerative Feedback Unit b maXX 4145 Rectifier and Regenerative Ffeedback Unit b maXX 4154 Rectifier and Regenerative Feedback Unit b maXX 4154 Rectifier and Regenerative Feedback Unit b maXX 3401-L1OBO Servo Controller b maXX 3411-L3OBO Servo Controller b maXX 3411-L3OOO Servo Controller b maXX 3422-L4OOO Servo Controller b maXX 2300 Servo Controllers b maXX 2328 M b maXX 2336 S b maXX 2336 M b maXX 2421 Compact Mini Servo Controller b maXX 1211 Frequency Converter b maXX 1212 Frequency Converter b maXX 1213 Frequency Converter b maXX 1412 Frequency Converter b maXX 1413 Frequency Converter b maXX 1414 Frequency Converter b maXX 1224 Frequency Converter b maXX 1225 Frequency Converter b maXX 1425 Frequency Converter b maXX 1426 Frequency Converter b maXX 1437 Frequency Converter b maXX 1438 Frequency Converter b maXX 1439 Frequency Converter b maXX-drivePLC b maXX-controllerPLC b maXX-safePLC b maXX PCE b maXX PCC b maxx HMI 35K HMI b maXX HMI 65K HMI b maXX HMI 75K HMI b maxx HMI 105 K HMI b maxx HMI 45T HMI b maXX HMI 45Tm HMI b maXX HMI 65T HMI b maXX HMI 65 Tm HMI b maXX HMI 75T HMI b maXX HMI 105T HMI b maXX HMI 155T HMI BE-2/15/300 DC Motor Drive BKF8/10/150 10A DC Drive BKF12/100/400-2002 DC Spindle Drive BKF-12/120/400-200 DC Motor Drive BKF12/120/520-2004 DC Drive BKF12/200/520-2002 DC Drive BKF-12/200/400-3010003 DC Motor Drive BKF12/200/400-61400R022 BKF12/200/520-3010201 DC Drive BKF12/250/400-6040-R012 BKF12/70/400 70A DC Drive BKD-6/300/460 DC Motor Drive BUC2-90/90-34-001-00 BUC2 Power Supply BUC2-90/90-34-101-01 BUC2 Power Supply BUC4-80-6-100 Servo Drive BUG2-30-31-B Micromatik Servo Drive Power Supply BUG3-35-30-B-002 Servo Drive Power Supply BUG3-35-31-B-003 Servo Drive Power Supply BUG-60-30-B-004 DC Motor Drive BUG2-60-30-B-003 DC Motor Drive BUG2-60-30-B-003 Servo Drive Power Supply BUG2-60-31-B-010 Power Supply BUH2-90/90-62-001-00 DC Drive BUM60-VC-OA-0001 AC Servo Drive BUM-61-30/45-54-B-0-01 DC Motor Drive BUM-61-40/60-54-B-0-00 DC Motor Drive BUM-61-40/60-54-B-0-00 DC Motor Drive BUM617-12/18-31-R-0001-0303-01 Servo Drive BUM617-12/18-31-R-0001-0303-02 Servo Drive BUM619-12/18-31-R-0001-0303-01 Servo Drive BUM619-12/18-31-R-0001-0303-SM Servo Drive BUM619-12/18-31-R-206 Servo Drive BUM645-300/390-54-O-M-005 Servo Drive BUS-2-30/45-30-003 Servo Drive BUS20-60/90-30-001 Servo Drive BUS20-80/135-30-002 Servo Drive BUS20-60/90-30-001 Servo Drive BUS20-80/135-30-001 Servo Drive Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 25 of 296
BUS20-80/135-30-002 Servo Drive BUS20-80/135-31-021 Servo Drive BUS21-15/30-30-001 Servo Drive BUS21-15/30-31-020 Servo Drive BUS-21-16/30-30-0521 DC Motor Drive BUS-21-22/45-30-001 DC Motor Drive BUS21-7.5/15-30-001 Servo Drive BUS21-7.5/15-3001 Servo Drive BUS21-22/45-30-001 Servo Drive BUS21-22/45-31-020 Servo Drive BUS21-30/60-30-001 Servo Drive BUS3-10/20-30-002 Servo Drive BUS3-10/20-30-004 Servo Drive BUS3-10/20-31-004 Servo Drive BUS3-10/20-31-010 Servo Drive BUS3/10-30 56S 3 Servo Drive BUS3-15/30-30-004 Servo Drive BUS3-15/30-31-010 Servo Drive BUS6-T-AM BUS6T Servo Control Module BUS6-V-A0-0001-0002-0000 Control Unit D105/24/5-10 Power Supply DIO-32E 32-Channel Input Card EXPO-21XX Modular Servo Controller Baumuller

Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 38 of 296
3-424-2283A WS Processor 3-424-2194A Teach Pendant 3-424-2202A-01 Operator Panel Station 3-424-2272A Operator Panel Station 3-424-2273A Controller 3-424-234A CRT Monitor 3-424-2374A-01 PCB 3-424-2442A-01 PCB 3-531-3120A 3-531-4539A Motherboard 3-531-4558A Motherboard 3-533-10346 3-533-0676G Keyboard & Display Control Board 3-533-0981G CX3 3-533-1030G Extruder Control Motherboard 3-533-1034G 3-542-1207A CMDAT PC ISA Analog Iinput/Output Card 3-542-1260A 3-542-1269A Injection Molding Temperature Control Board 3-542-1299A PCB CMDAT4 3-542-1340A CONV SERVO 3-542-1357A PCB 3-542-1340A DV5 Servo Control Board 3-542-1360A Extruder Machine Temperature Control Board 486VPC-C/256K CPU Motherboard BDS4 Cincinnati Milacron
CMS 9650A 9637B 9604A CMS
Serial I/O Card SRAM Board 16K Memory Board Digital I/O Board Power Supply
Cognex VPM-5118-32-M VPM-5218-32-M VPM-5238-D VPM-5238-32-D VPM-5434 VPM-5434+ VPM-54416-32-M REV 200-0032 REV 200-0035 REV 200-0043 REV 200-0066 REV 200-0075 VM16-203-0032-RA VM16-203-0043-R B1 VM16-203-0043-R B2 VM16-203-0066-RB VM16A-203-0075-C VM16A-203-0075-RB VM16A-203-0075-RE Cognex
Cole Parmer 7554-95 7518-10 Masterflex Controller 7520-00 Masterflex 77601-60 Masterflex 77200-60 Masterflex 7584-15-U 7523-30-W 7518-10 Masterflex 7014 Masterflex Cole Parmer
Comdel CDX-2000 Dual Frequency RF Generator CLF-500 RF Generator CLF-2500 RF Generator CLF-5000 RF Generator CLX-600 RF Generator CPS-500-AS RF Generator CPS-1000-S RF Generator CPS-1001-S RF Generator CX-650-S RF Generator Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
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Compaq 26105-001 Monitor 611 P50 14" Desk Top VDU E01004A PC Switch Box PDP-117P 175W Power Supply Compaq

ESAB PEH A2-A6 Process Controller AP-1 AP-2 333001-915 PEG481097880 486204-001 486367-001A Power Source Board 486479-001 486480.880 ESAB
ETE Arm/Shutter Drive CB-5005 Single Board Computer ETR-7031-50 DC Motor Drive Board ETE
Etipack F304 Label Applicator T3EMCDX Label Applicator TECNOS 2,5 EMCx Label Applicator VAREC91 (* The products listed below has been manufactured by ELTA Elettronica Srl for Etipack *) AL-55 Power Supply Board DHVB-55 AC Mains Filter Board CONCPU-55 CPU-55 Rev.6 ETIPACK L5 80C552 Microcontroller based Control Card Ref.: W558701 DISP-55 16x1 LCD Panel & Keypad Card, Ref.: W569510 DRIVER-55 Stepping Motor Driver Card REL-55 Relay Board (* The products listed above has been manufactured by ELTA Elettronica Srl for Etipack *) CPU97SAB Control Card DRV97N Stepping Motor Driver Card PRN97 Etipack
ETO - ASTeX ARX-X259 ARX-X244 ABX-X348 ARX-X267 RF 2Mhz Driver Board ATX-X348 80-S09-UW RF Generator 80-S10-HP RF Generator ETO - ASTeX
Eurofeedback 209-4501A 2090AB01502AB Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
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EFB-2090 Eurofeedback

Eurotherm 425A 425S/40A/440V 425/081/13/00/137/161/37/00 240VAC 15A Thyristor Controller 4259/15A/240V/000/LGC/PLF/96/00 15A Thyristor Controller 425A-40A-240V-220V240-0V5-PA-CL-99 40A Thyristor Controller 425A/125A/440V/220V240/0V10/FC/ENG/ 125A Thyristor Controller 425A/75A/240V/220V240/0V10/FC/ENG 75A Power Module 534S-0550-400 584/0055 584/0055/2 620/0022/400/0010 620L 620STD/0075 620STD/0075/400 L5391 SSD-512 SSD-512C/08/00/00/00 8A DC Drive SSD-512C/16/01/00/00 16A DC Drive SSD-514 SSD-514C/32/00/00/00 DC Drive SSD-514C/32/01/00/00 DC Drive SSD-5201/02/06/01/007/00/102/00/03/000 SSD-540 150A DC Drive SSD-540-080-4-2-4-042-1000-00 8A DC Drive SSD-540-098-9-2-0-010-1100-00 9.8A DC Drive SSD-540-140-6-2-DC Drive SSD-540-200-6-2-0-180-1001-DC Drive SSD-540-250-6-2-0-XX-1000--DC Drive SSD-540-310-3-5-0-074-1100-00 31A DC Drive SSD-540-350-2-0-4-xxx-1000-00 35A DC Drive SSD-540/300/4/2/0/008/1001 DC Drive SSD-541-0200-4-2-1-088-0110-0 DC Drive SSD-545-0183-6-2-0-078-0010-1-00 DC Drive SSD-545-0230-6-2-0-150-0010-0-00 DC Drive SSD-546 DC Drive SSD-546-0654-8-8-1-088-1010-0-00 DC Drive SSD-546-0700-6-Z-4-XXX-1010-0-00 70A DC Drive SSD-546-0760-6-5-4-090-0000-1-00 DC Drive SSD-548-2900-6-5-1-089-1010-0-00 DC Drive SSD-570 DC Drive SSD-583/2200/3/1/00/00 Inverter SSD-584/0015/2/8/0/0/0/000/02 4A Inverter SSD-584/0040/0/8/0/0/0/000 10A Inverter SSD-584/0055/0/8/0/0/0/000 5.5kW Inverter SSD-584S/0007/400/0010/UK 0.75kW Inverter SSD-584S/0015/400/0010/UK 1.5jkW Inverter SSD-584S/0040/400/0010/UK AC Drive SSD-584S/0075/400/0010/UK/ 7.5kW AC Drive SSD-584S/0110/400/0010/UK 11/15kW AC Drive SSD-584S/0110/400/0020/UK 29A Inverter SSD-584S/0220/400/0010/UK 30kW Inverter SSD-584SV/0150/400/0011/UK 15kW Inverter SSD-585/0110/0/8/0/0/0/0/000/02 11/15kW AC Drive SSD-585/0110/0/8/0/0/0/1/000/02 11/15kW AC Drive SSD-586/0180-0-8-0-0-0-1-000 39A AC Drive SSD-586/0220/0/6/0/0/0/1/000/02 22kW Inverter SSD-590 200A DC Drive SSD-590-0350-6-1-0-0-2-0-2000-360-007 DC Drive SSD-590/0350/5/1/0/2/0/0 35A DC Drive SSD-590/1100/5 110A DC Drive SSD-590A/0700/6/0/00 DC Drive SSD-590AD/00 Analogue Series DC Drive 70A SSD-590C/0350/6/0/0/1/0/00/000 DC Drive SSD-590C/0700/G1/0/0/1/0/0 40A DC Drive SSD-590C/1100/6/1/0/1/0/00/000 DC Drive SSD-590C/1500/2/0/0/0/0 35kW DC Drive SSD-590C/1500/9/1/0/1/0/00/000 35Kw DC Drive SSD-590P-0180-500-0011-UK-AN-0-115-0 180A DC Drive SSD-590P/0035/500/011/UK/AN/0/0/0 DC Drive SSD-590P/0040/500/0011/UK/AN/0/0/0 40A DC Drive SSD-590SPD2706BA Digital Series 27A DC Drive SSD-591 SSD-591/1410/6/1 150A DC Drive SSD-591/1500/6/1/0/0/1/1 Digital DC Drive SSD-591A/180019/3/00 DC Drive SSD-591C-0700-0-0-0-0-0 DC Drive SSD-591C/1100/6/3/3/3/0/00/000 99A DC Drive SSD-591S/1500/6/1/0/00 Series DC Drive SSD-591SPD2706AA Digital Series 27A DC Drive SSD-591SPD2706BA Digital DC Drive SSD-592/1830/6/1/4/0/1/0/0096/370/100/ 110 kW DC Drive SSD-596/7200/6/1/0/0/1/0/kW Digital Drive SSD-601-07-230-F-01-UK Singe Phase Drive SSD-601/003/230/F/00/UK 0.3 kW Inverter SSD-601/015/400/F/00/UK Inverter Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -

IOtech DBK15 DBK19 14-Ch Termocouple Card DBK41 IOtech
iotronic LTR1060 iotronic
IRT SA SA-7500-340-615 Servo Amplifier SA-7500-366-610 Servo Amplifier SA-7500-367-620 Servo Amplifier IRT-1304 Servo Amplifier IRT-1306 Servo Amplifier IRT-1310 Servo Amplifier IRT-1310C2 Servo Amplifier IRT SA
Ishida 03-2010-4X P-5047B P-5050B P-5052B P-5056C P-5074A P-5074B P-5075A P-5120A P-5156B P-5156C P-5158B P-5160B P-5161B P-5161D P-5162B P-5162C P-5165C P-5165D P-5166 P-5185 P-5185D P-5186 P-5186A P-5186B P-5237 P-5237A P-5248B P-5256 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 111 of 296
P-5280A P-5281 P-5281A P-5282A3 P-5286B P-5287 P-5287A P-5287B P-5287B3 P-5287D P-5288A P-5294 P-5295A P-5296 P-5297 P-5299 P-5321B WCU Board P-5342B P-5342C P-5342D P-5374A P-5376A P-5377B P-5398C P-5422A ADC Card P-5425 P-5428A P-5428B P-5428B P-5428 P-5439A P-5447 Interface PCB P-5453B P-5461D Interface PCB P-5481 P-5490A P-5492A P-686A Ishida
ITT ITT Barton ITT Industries ITT Aerospace Controls ITT Defense Electronics and Services ITT Visual Information Solutions ITT Advanced Engineering & Sciences 251547 Operator Panel SB91-GS/B4 PCB EWK-X20 870183-0003B 879-1820-004B 879-1820-000B EWK-X20 879-1820-004C EWK-X20 870183-0003B ASSY 105493 PC Board C003650 Power Supply Board HV 3.4 D ITT ITT Barton ITT Industries ITT Aerospace Controls ITT Defense Electronics and Services ITT Visual Information Solutions ITT Advanced Engineering & Sciences
Japax Japax LS250 CNC Control Japax LS350 CNC Control Japax LXE-35 CNC Control Japax
Jetter DIMA3-ES-8 D607 DIMA-ES-16 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
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0610143 Controller Board P/N 1600292 Automotive Ground Control Box assembly 631/40077 Dc Motor Controller P/N 1600258 System Controller P/N 7041410
Jones & Shipman 28416-1095 Control Panel Board Jones & Shipman
JSW - The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. 7410-0260 Control Board AD-LS Injection Molding Machine J35AD Injection Molding Machine J45AD-DK Mediamaster Injection Molding Machine J55AD Injection Molding Machine J85AD Injection Molding Machine J110AD Injection Molding Machine J140AD Injection Molding Machine J180AD Injection Molding Machine J220AD J280AD J350AD Injection Molding Machine J450AD J550AD J650AD Injection Molding Machine J850AD J850ADW Injection Molding Machine J1800ELIII J-ELIII series Injection Molding Machine JSW - The Japan Steel Works, Ltd.

MEP 3B053 3B054 4AX-9006 CPU-Z80-02 I/O CPU 5AX-03 MIX-02 MEP
MERABEL GCL-400 Brake Driver Card MERABEL
Mesomatic DK-700 DK-800/2A/U/IN DK-820 Differential Weighing Indicator/Controller Mesomatic Mettler AE-50 AE-100 AE-160 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 141 of 296
AE-200 AL-100 AL-104 AL-204 Analytical Balance Mettler Mettler Mettler Toledo, Inc. Mettler Toledo Safeline, Inc. 8142-0007 Opeator Interface FP62 DL-36 PA-0509 PA-0518 PL-1501-S Precision Balance SC-15 Scales Tablex 2 Metal Detector DA-110 Handheld Portable Density/Specific Gravity Meter Mettler Toledo, Inc. Mettler Toledo Safeline, Inc.
MGV P3310-05121AC Power Supply P3310-05121PF P3093-05151PF P3300-05121PFF 15-4041-101 PH1003-2440 PH1003-2440PFC PH2003-2480 MGV
Micon Systems 337-104 OPEN+ RCM+ Universal Control Module WORKBENCH IEC-61131 Graphical Configurator VIEW Operator / Engineering Station RCM+ universal control module C2 Supervisory System C2 Control Unit P-200 Micon Systems
MicroDesign AIO486 Half-Size ISA Single Board Computer MicroDesign
Micro Motion 0225804 DMS2NA1CSN RFT-9712 Flow Transmitter RFT-9712-1KNU Flow Transmitter RFT-9712-1PD Flow Transmitter RFT-9712-1PDM Flow Transmitter RFT-9712-1PDU Flow Transmitter RFT-9712-1PNC Flow Transmitter RFT-9712-1PNU Flow Transmitter RFT-9712-1PRU Flow Transmitter RFT-9712-3PNU Flow Transmitter RFT-9712-IPDU RFT-9739 Flow Transmitter RFT-9739-D4SUA Flow Transmitter RFT-9739-D4SUAEZ Flow Transmitter RFT-9739-E1SU Flow Transmitter RFT-9739-E4SCA Flow Transmitter RFT-9739-E4SUA Flow Transmitter Micro Motion
Micro Innovation AG XV-223-57-BAS-11-10 Micro Panel XV200 5.7" Operator Panel XV-252-57-CNN-1-10 Micro Panel XV200 5.7" Operator Panel XV-252-57-MPN-1-10 Micro Panel XV200 5.7" Operator Panel XVS-440-57-MPI-1-10 5.7" Operator Panel Micro Innovation AG
MPM Micro Prazision Marx GmbH. 3.BMT100M 3.BMT100P01 3.BMT100P02 3.BMT100T 3.PU.M1.4.3 MPM12191M MPM12118M MPM Micro Prazision Marx GmbH.
MICROM Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. DIAMONDSTAR Newspaper Offset Press DIAMONDSPACE Newspaper Press DIAMONDSPIRIT Newspaper Offset Press DIAMOND 8 Commercial Web Offset Press DIAMOND 32MAX Commercial Web Offset Press DIAMOND 48MAX Commercial Web Offset Press DIAMOND 1000LS DIAMOND 1000LC DIAMOND 1000R DIAMOND 2000LS DIAMOND 2000LC DIAMOND V3000LS DIAMOND V3000LX DIAMOND V3000R DIAMOND V3000TP DIAMOND 5000LS DIAMOND 5000LC DIAMOND 5000LX DIAMOND 6000LS DIAMOND 6000LC DIAMOND 6000LX Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
Mitutoyo Corporation CD-6"CS Absolute Digimatic CD-6"CR CD-6"500-196 Digimatic Digital Calibration 139-201 Calibration, Inside Micrometer Set 158-117 Calibration, Optical Flat 293-761-10 Calibration, Micrometer 515-311 Calibration 515-510 Calibration, Height Master, 24 Inch 516-902-22 Calibration, Gage Block Set, 81 Piece Grade 2 516-914-26 Calibration, Gage Block Set 521-102 Calibration 543-523-1 Calibration 619005 Calibration 960-616 Calibration, Precision Level CD-6 INCH CSX Calibration GAGE BLOCK SET (LONG) Calibration, Gage Block Set LG130E Calibration LSM3000 Calibration, Laser Micrometer Display/Controller LSM301 Calibration, Laser Micrometer Measuring Head PRO3600 Calibration, Protractor, Digital SURFTEST-401 Calibration MAC-40+ Operator Terminal MTA-100 Operator Terminal MAIN-200E MH-100350 MP-143905 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
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Mitutoyo Corporation

MKS Instruments 651C-D2S1N 651C Digital/Analog Pressure Controller 651C-D2S1B 651C Digital/Analog Pressure Controller 651C-D2S2N 651C Digital/Analog Pressure Controller 651C-D2S2B 651C Digital/Analog Pressure Controller RMU Remote Monitor Unit Linux Controller with Compact Networked I/O ECM Enhanced Control Module High Density I/O MicroNode I/O Compact Networked I/O (Analog, Digital) MacroNode I/O Compact Networked I/O (Analog, Digital, and Programmable Interlocks) AS01391 DeviceNet Digital I/O for a VME card cage (formerly CDN391R) AS01396 DeviceNet Analog I/O for a VME card cage (formerly CDN396R) AS01394 DeviceNet Mixed Digitial and Analog I/O for a VME card cage (formerly CDN394R) AS01491 DeviceNet Digital I/O for Compact PCI (formerly CDN491R) AS01496 DeviceNet Analog I/O for Compact PCI (formerly CDN496R) AS01494 DeviceNet Mixed Digitial and Analog I/O for Compact PCI AS00107-01 DeviceNet AI 16 Analog Inputs AS00108-01 DeviceNet AI 16 Analog Inputs AS00120-01 DeviceNet DIDO 16 Digital Inputs/Outputs (sink) AS00121-01 DeviceNet DIDO 16 Digital Inputs/Outputs (sink) AS00122-01 DeviceNet DIDO 16 Digital Inputs/Outputs (source) AS00123-01 DeviceNet DIDO 16 Digital Inputs/Outputs (source) AS00124-01 DeviceNet Combo 8 Analog Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs, 8 Digital Inputs/Outputs (sink) AS00125-01 DeviceNet Combo 8 Analog Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs, 8 Digital Inputs/Outputs (sink) AS00127-01 DeviceNet Combo 8 Analog Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs, 8 Digital Inputs/Outputs (source) AS00160-02 Profibus Combo 7 Analog Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs, 8 Digital Inputs/Outputs (source) AS00161-02 Profibus Combo 7 Analog Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs, 8 Digital Inputs/Outputs (source) AS00239-01 Ethernet DIDO 16 Digital Inputs/Outputs (sink) AS00249-01 Ethernet DIDO 16 Digital Inputs/Outputs (source) AS00246-01 Ethernet Combo 8 Analog Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs, 8 Digital Inputs/Outputs (sink) CDCG-0760 3U CompactPCI Card Cage SCOM-080X 3U and 6U Serial Communication Cards AIAO-0700 3U Analog Input/Output Card DIDO-0710 3U Digital Input/Output Card PWRS-0720 3U Power Supply Card AS01491 DeviceNet Digital I/O for Compact PCI (formerly CDN491R) AS01494 DeviceNet Mixed Digitial and Analog I/O for Compact PCI (formerly CDN494R) AS01496 DeviceNet Analog I/O for Compact PCI (formerly CDN496R) ToolLink CDN466 DeviceNet to RS232 Interface with "Change-of-State I/O Messaging" CDN366 Serial Gateway (DeviceNet to RS232 Interface) CDN367 Serial Gateway (DeviceNet to RS422/485 Interface) PFB366 Profibus Gateway (RS232 to Profibus Serial Gateway) MKS Instruments

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AS-B547 AS-B548 AS-B550 PC Output Module AS-B551 Input Card AS-B552 I/O AS-B552-001 AS-B553-101 AS-B554 AS-B556 I/O AS-B557 I/O AS-B558 I/O AS-B559 Input Card AS-B560 AS-B561 AS-B564 AS-B565 AS-B570-001 Module 16 REG MUX Output AS-B571-001 AS-B572-010 AS-B573-005 AS-B573-010 AS-B574 AS-B574-001 AS-B575-201 AS-B577 AS-B581-000 AS-B581-001 AS-B592-001 Relay Output Module AS-B596 AS-B620-KT3 AS-B641 AS-B654 AS-B680 AS-B801-000 AS-B802 AS-B802-008 AS-B803 AS-B803-008 AS-B803-XXX AS-B804 AS-B804-016 AS-B804-116 AS-B804-148 AS-B805 AS-B805-016 AS-B806-032 AS-B806-124 AS-B807-032 AS-B807-132 AS-B808-016 AS-B809-016 AS-B810-008 AS-B814-001 AS-B814-002 AS-B814-108 AS-B817-118 AS-B817-216 AS-B820 AS-B820-008 AS-B821-108 AS-B824 24VDC Output Card AS-B824-016 AS-B825 24VDC Input Card AS-B825-016 AS-B827-032 AS-B828-016 AS-B825-016 AS-B875-001 AS-B883-200 AS-B829 AS-B829-016 AS-B829-116 AS-B832-016 AS-B833-016 AS-B836-016 AS-B837-016 AS-B838-032 AS-B840-008 AS-B840-108 AS-B842 AS-B842-008 AS-B846-001 AS-B846-002 AS-B849-016 AS-B853-016 AS-B855-016 AS-B862-001 AS-B863-032 AS-B864 AS-B864-001 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
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AS-B865 AS-B865-001 AS-B868-001 AS-B872-011 AS-B872-100 AS-B872-200 AS-B873-001 Analog Input, 4-20mA/1-5V AS-B873-011 Analog Input, 0-10V AS-B875 AS-B875-001 AS-B875-002 Analog Input, 4-20mA/1-5V AS-B875-011 AS-B875-012 Analog Input, -10/+10V AS-B875-101 AS-B875-111 Analog Input, 4-20mA/1-5V/-10V/+10V/0-20mA/-5V/+5V/0-5V/-2mA/20mA AS-B875-200 Analog Input AS-B881-001 DC Input AS-B881-108 AC Output AS-B881-308 Input Card AS-B881-508 DC Output, 125VDC AS-B882-033 AS-B882-239 Counter AS-B883-001 Counter AS-B883-101 AS-B883-111 AS-B883-200 AS-B883-201 AS-B884-002 AS-B885-001 AS-B885-002 ASCII Basic Module AS-B984-100 AS-B984-101 AS-BADU-205 AS-D838-032 AS-J890-001 AS-P120-000 AS-P810-000 AS-P890-000 AS-S908-120 AS-BDAP-108 AS-BDAP-204 Relay AS-BDAP-209 AS-BDAP-212 COMBO Module AS-BDAP-218 AS-BDAU-208 AS-BDEO-216 AS-BDEP-208 AS-BDEP-209 AS-BDEP-210 AS-BDEP-216 AS-BDEP-218 AS-BI72-010 AS-C484-015 AS-C484-165 Mainframe AS-C484-265 Controller AS-H27209 AS-H819-003 AS-H819-007 AS-H819-103 AS-H819-107 AS-H819-200 AS-H819-209 AS-H827-000 AS-H827-007 AS-H827-100 AS-H827-107 AS-H827-209 AS-HDTA-200 AS-HDTA-202 AS-J141 AS-J146 AS-J200-001 AS-J211-001 AS-J342-000 AS-J347 1/384 PLC AS-J347-001 AS-J375-010 AS-J378-000 AS-J450 AS-J470-000 Adapter AS-J470-E1A MODBUS Adapter AS-J471 AS-J471-600 AS-J471-601 AS-J471-602 I/O Expander AS-J474 AS-J474-001 AS-J475 AS-J475-000 AS-J478-010 Modem Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -

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Mori Seiki MSC-501 Mori Seiki MSC-501II Mori Seiki MSC-502 CNC Control Mori Seiki MSC-502II Mori Seiki MSC-515 Mori Seiki MSC-516 CNC Control Mori Seiki MSC-518 Mori Seiki MSC-520 Mori Seiki MSC-603 Mori Seiki MSC-680 CNC Control Mori Seiki MSC-801 Mori Seiki MSD-515 Mori Seiki MSD-516 Mori Seiki MSD-516II CNC Control Mori Seiki MSD-518 Mori Seiki MSD-603 Mori Seiki MSD-680 CNC Control Mori Seiki MSG-500 Mori Seiki MSG-501 Mori Seiki MSG-502 Mori Seiki MSX-501 CNC Control Mori Seiki MSX-701 Mori Seki MSG-500 CNC Control Mori Seki MSX-500III Mori Seki MSX-850III CNC Control NL1500/500 CNC Lathes NL1500MC/500 NL1500Y/500 NL1500S/500 NL1500SMC/500 NL1500SY/500 NL2000/500 NL2000MC/500 NL2000Y/500 NL2000S/500 NL2000SMC/500 NL2000SY/500 NL2500/700 NL2500MC/700 NL2500Y/700 NL2500S/700 NL2500SMC/700 NL2500SY/700 NL2500/1250 NL2500MC/1250 NL2500Y/1250 NL2500S/1250 NL2500SMC/1250 NL2500SY/1250 NL3000/700 NL3000MC/700 NL3000Y/700 NL3000/1200 NL3000MC/1200 NL3000Y/1200 NL3000/2000 NL3000MC/2000 NL3000Y/2000 NL3000/3000 NL3000MC/3000 NL3000Y/3000 DuraTurn 1530 2-Axis CNC Lathes DuraTurn 2030 DuraTurn 2050 DuraTurn 2050MC DuraTurn 2550 DuraTurn 2550MC SL-403B/800 SL-403C/800 SL-403BMC/800 SL-403CMC/800 SL-403B/2000 SL-403C/2000 SL-403BMC/2000 SL-403CMC/2000 SL-603B/1000 SL-603C/1000 SL-603BMC/1000 SL-603CMC/1000 SL-603B/2000 SL-603C/2000 SL-603BMC/2000 SL-603CMC/2000 SL-603B/3000 SL-603BMC/3000 SL-603B/4000 SL-603BMC/4000 SL-65A SL-75A SL-803 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
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SL-803A SL-803B SL-803C CL1500 CL1500T CL1500M CL2000A CL2000B CL2000AT CL2000BT CL2000AM CL2000BM CL-253A CL-253B VL-553 VL-553MC VL-553 II VL-553MC II 2-Turret Shaft Lathe: NZ-S1500/500 NZ-S1500/1000 K203348 PT DIB-02 2-axis Vertical CNC Lathes: Pick-up Turn CS150 Pick-up Turn CS150MC Pick-up Turn CS180 Pick-up Turn CS180MC Pick-up Turn CS200 Pick-up Turn CS200MC Pick-up Turn CS200Y Pick-up Turn CS250 Pick-up Turn CS250MC Pick-up Turn CS250Y 4-axis CNC Lathes: RL-153 RL-203 RL2500 ZL-153 ZL-153MC ZL-153S ZL-153SMC ZL-203 ZL-203MC ZL-203S ZL-203SMC ZL-253/600 ZL-253MC/600 ZL-253SMC ZL-25A/1000 ZL-25B/1000 ZL-25MC/1000 ZL-35B/750 ZL-35B/1500 ZL-1003D Mori Seiki

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6SC6-512-4AA02 Spindle Motor Drive Unit 6SC6-600-4DA01 Control Board for Spindle Drive 6SE4-220-1GA00-Z SIMOVERT P Control Board, REFU 6SE3-125-5DJ40 AC Motor Drive 6SC6-620-0CA01 Servo Motor Drive 6SE3-121-0DC40 MICROMASTER AC Motor Drive C73451-A430 C8451-A3.A15.1 C8451-A40-A53-12 C98043-A1601-L4 Simoreg 6RA24 Power Interface Board D200-60-MREG D380-65 6RA2625-6DV55-0 D460-190A DR20 DX-0391-GR02-382 ET-200M G22001-A1953-L807-A5 G22110-A1953-L2 G22110-A1953-L808-A G33960-A3314-L2 MS-141A MVS-200/82 PS-150 RIFA-SN681 RMO-503-SE TDS-120/25Y TRS-120/10WPH SIMOREG SIMOVIS Siemens AS 230/235/OS 252 Display Siemens Coros LS-C Display Siemens CP-526 Display Siemens CP-527 Display Siemens CP-528 Display Siemens DS-078 Display Siemens Mona S5 Display Siemens Mona-C (Braumat) Display Siemens Prokon 1, 2,3 Display Siemens VDU-2000 Corus Display Siemens WT-110 Alphanumeric Display Siemens WF-470 Display 6FM1470-3BA25 WF-470 Module Siemens WF-480 Display SITOP POWER 20 power supply 6EP1436-1SL11 3N/MEA1507529 MAM32-12 LTM10C209A MP40/C36-A MP40/C36-B PM36-C PM36-R 6AV5040-1BF12-0BA0 6AV8011-1JE22-0DA0 Micromaster MM12 VFD Drive Micromaster MM25 VFD Drive Micromaster MM37 VFD Drive Micromaster MM55 VFD Drive Micromaster MM75 VFD Drive Micromaster MM110 VFD Drive Micromaster MM150 VFD Drive Micromaster MM220 VFD Drive Micromaster MM300 VFD Drive Micromaster MM400 VFD Drive Micromaster MM550 VFD Drive Micromaster MM750 VFD Drive Siemens
Siemens - Trumpf G34900-A3007 Power Supply Siemens - Trumpf
SIGMATEK - Sigma-Tek 4000B-30 4000HR-2 5000B-36 5000B-36 5000E-11 0020-301-01 9203.063.01 9429.130.00 9405.063.02 9405.065.03 9509.131.01 9509-132-02 9850.310.01 AO-161 CP-626 D1-241 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
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DI-241 DI-321 NC-337 NC-315 PI-321 PI-322 TMS-012 Injection Interface Module SIGMATEK - Sigma-Tek
Signet Scientific - +GF+ - Georg Fischer Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller 8150 Battery Powered Flow Totalizer 8550 ProcessPro Flow Transmitter 5075 ProPoint Totalizing Flow Monitor 5090 ProPoint Sensor Powered Flow Monitor 5500 ProPoint Flow Monitor 5600 ProPoint Batch Controller 4150 Turbidimeter 8750 ProcessPro pH/ORP Transmitter 5900 ProPoint Salinity Monitor 8850 ProcessPro Conductivity/Resistivity Transmitter 8860 ProcessPro Conductivity/Resistivity Transmitter 5800CR ProPoint Conductivity/Resistivity Monitor 8350 Temperature Transmitter 8450 Pressure Transmitter i-Go 8058 Signal Converter 5700 ProPoint pH/ORP Monitor SIGNET 9010 Intelek-Pro Flow Controller 3-9010.111 P-58440 P-585401 Signet Scientific - +GF+ - Georg Fischer Signet
SIKO GmbH IG06 Incremental Encoder IG07 Incremental Encoder IG09-0155 Incremental Encoder MA07/1 Eletronic Display MA10/4 Electronic Display MA20 Multi-functional Display MA233 Axis Display MA50 Electronic Display MA55 Electronic Display MA90 Single-Axis Positioning Control MA91 Single-Axis Positioning Control SIKO GmbH

6603A 0-60V/0-3A x 2; 5V/5A Triple Power Supply 6303D Power Supply 8110 Function Generator 8120 Function Generator 8130 Function Generator 8140 Function Generator 8150 Function Generator 9020 Topward Electric Instruments Co., Ltd.
Tor-rey MFQ-20 QC-10/20 Counting Scale Tor-rey
Toshiba - TOSHIBA IT & CONTROL SYSTEMS CORPORATION 011515-01 PCB 2N3B2501-B EX20+ CPU Board 2N3B2503-B5 EX20 P/S Board 2N3B2504-B4 PCB 2N9E8032-C4 EX20 Relay Board 34559A-CB VTG2+ GTR Board 35589L-DP Drive Board 35589M-DL Drive Board 35589N-DL Drive Board 35589W PCB 35589W-BD Drive Board 35589W-BF Drive Board 35589W-BG Drive Board 35589W-BK Drive Board 35589W-DK Drive Board 35589W-DO Drive Board 35589X PCB 35589X-DN Drive Board 35589Z-BD Drive Board 35589Z-BK Drive Board 35589Z-D0 Drive Board 35589Z-DN Drive Board 38552A PCB 3N9C0101-A Relay Board 3N9G0002P001-B PCB 41532 Main PCB 41578 VT130G3 Board 41822 Driver PCB 42435 Board 42707 G3 460V P/S 42755A control Board 42755-C1/D Drive Board 42755D Control Board 738A52BBAA2 918A Control Panel AC101 Controller AC1-6868 C/H D100 Board AC1EX-6389A C/H D100 Board ACI-6378A C/H D100 Board ACO-6374A EX40 P/C Board APJ-1B1 Control Unit ARND-2645A DriveR Board ARNI-1232A Speed Control ARNI-132C Speed Control ARNI-3079A Control Board ARNI-3087A Control Module ARNI-3107A Control Module ARNI-3218 Control Module ARNI-745B Control Board ARNI-748C1-R14A LEO PACK-T Board ARNI-770B2 Control PCB ARNI-770V2 Control PCB ARNI-795A Drive PCB ARNI-796A Drive PCB ARNI-813B Drive PCB ARNI-813D Drive PCB ARNI-813F Drive PCB ARNI-829A Control & Drive PCB ARNI-829B Control & Drive PCB ARNI-829C Control & Drive PCB ARNI-831A ARNI-845A Control & Drive PCB ARNI-845B Control & Drive PCB ARNI-845E Control & Drive PCB ARNI-845F Control & Drive PCB ARNI-873A Control & Drive PCB D9CM-01A D9MM-11A D9MR-51B D14CM-01A D14CM-06A CNC Control Monitor DA0204 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
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DI-6371 EX40 Board DI-6871 EX40 P/S Board DO-5852 PCB DO-6273 E2728B31 CRT E2759B31 CRT ECB1U12030U Series 1200 UPS EX2040PRGD EX20-4MCAB3 EX20 PLC Controller EX20-4MCRA3 EX20 PLC Controller EX20-4MCRB3 EX20 PLC Controller EX204MCRD5 EX20 PLC Controller EX28B1MARA5C-M EX20 PLC Controller FRZ12005 GA96PA01295 PCB LTM09CO16K M6580260G2 Control PCB M6580260G4 Control PCB M6581222G1 Drive PCB P6522473G1 Drive PCB P6580067G3 V-PACK DriveR P6580235P1 Power Supply P6580236P1 Power Supply P6580237P1 VFP1 DriveR Board P6580289G1 Power PCB P6580289G2 VFP1 Power Board P6580289G3 Power Supply P6580289G4 Power Supply P6580297G1 Drive Board P6580297G2 Drive Board P6580308P1 VFP1 DriveR Board P6580309G1 Drive PCB P6580309G2 Drive PCB P6580410/335P1 Control BoardASSEMBLY P6580418G1 Control Board P6580418G2 Control Card P6580418G3 Control Board P6580418G4 Control Card P6580418G5 Control PCB P6580436P1 Drive Board P6580495G1 Drive Module P6580495G2 Drive Board P6580495G3 Drive Module P6580814P1 Control & Drive PCB PA1028U T2000SX Laptop PA1198U-T2A T2130CT Laptop PFC-180 Power Supply PN650477P1 Control Board PN650477P2 Drive Board PU-6370A Control Board RA13M2-02002 RAD02-1006 Drive RAD02-2009 RA Driver RAD02-2017 RA Driver RAD02-2033 Servo Drive RAD02-2033S RA Drive RAD02-2060 Drive RAD02-2062 E3700 3.7KW Servo Drive RAD310-1006E RA DriveR RAD320-2024A RA DriveR RAD910-1008 RA Power RAD92-1004 Power Supply RC800-HP1 Relay Module RC820-HP1Y Relay Module RO-6265 16PT Relay Out RPSU280A Power Supply RTM20-C1 RX200-AU Soft Starter RX200-AUX Soft Starter RX300-AU Soft Starter RX300-AUX Soft Starter RX500-AU Soft Starter RX500-AUX Soft Starter RX80-AU Soft Starter RX80-AUX Soft Starter SL630 Series Analog DC Drive Systems SL800 Series Digital DC Drive Systems SHLD-1232A Speed Control TS36 SERVO Drive TVM-1001 Monitor TX1450A TOSNUC 500 CNC Control TOSNUC 500M CNC Control TOSNUC 600M CNC Control TOSNUC 888 CNC Control VF10A-4015B Drive 1HP 460V VF10A-4025B Drive 2HP 460V VF10A-4035B Drive 3HP 460V VF10A-4055B Drive 5HP 460V VF10P-2050BO Drive 5HP 230V Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -

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VPAC338-277 Power Controller 277V 140A VPAC352-480 Power Controller 480V 110A VPAC363-575 Power Controller 575V 110A VPAC367-480 Power Controller 480V 140A VPAC380-575 Power Controller 575V 140A VPAC3P-021-120 Power Controller 120V 175A VPAC3P-027-120 Power Controller 120V 225A VPAC3P-036-120 Power Controller 120V 300A VPAC3P-036-208 Power Controller 208V 175A VPAC3P-042-240 Power Controller 240V 175A VPAC3P-046-208 Power Controller 208V 225A VPAC3P-048-120 Power Controller 120V 400A VPAC3P-048-277 Power Controller 277V 175A VPAC3P-054-240 Power Controller 240V 225A VPAC3P-060-120 Power Controller 120V 500A VPAC3P-062-208 Power Controller 208V 300A VPAC3P-062-277 Power Controller 277V 225A VPAC3P-072-240 Power Controller 240V 300A VPAC3P-083-208 Power Controller 208V 400A VPAC3P-083-277 Power Controller 277V 300A VPAC3P-084-480 Power Controller 480V 175A VPAC3P-096-240 Power Controller 240V 400A VPAC3P-100-575 Power Controller 575V 175A VPAC3P-104-208 Power Controller 208V 500A VPAC3P-108-480 Power Controller 480V 225A VPAC3P-110-277 Power Controller 277V 400A VPAC3P-120-240 Power Controller 240V 500A VPAC3P-129-575 Power Controller 575V 225A VPAC3P-138-277 Power Controller 277V 500A VPAC3P-144-480 Power Controller 480V 300A VPAC3P-172-575 Power Controller 575V 300A VPAC3P-192-480 Power Controller 480V 400A VPAC3P-230-575 Power Controller 575V 400A VPAC3P-240-480 Power Controller 480V 500A VPAC3P-287-575 Power Controller 575V 500A VPAC3P-345-575 Power Controller 575V 600A VPAC500 Power Controller VPAC5000 Power Controller VPAC502-120-1SE Power Controller 120V 24A VPAC503-120-1SE Power Controller 120V 30A VPAC50452083SER Power Controller 208V 127A VPAC505-120-1SE Power Controller 120V 42A VPAC505-208-1SE Power Controller 208V 24A VPAC50522403SER Power Controller 240V 127A VPAC506-208-1SE Power Controller 208V 30A VPAC506-240-1SE Power Controller 240V 24A VPAC50632083SER Power Controller 208V 175A VPAC50722403SER Power Controller 240V 175A VPAC507-240-1SE Power Controller 240V 30A VPAC507-277-1SE Power Controller 277V 24A VPAC50782083SER Power Controller 208V 217A VPAC508-208-1SE Power Controller 208V 42A VPAC508-277-1SE Power Controller 277V 30A VPAC50902403SER Power Controller 240V 217A VPAC50952083SER Power Controller 208V 275A VPAC510-240-1SE Power Controller 240V 42A VPAC51054803SER Power Controller 480V 127A VPAC51102403SER Power Controller 240V 217A VPAC511-277-1SE Power Controller 277V 42A VPAC512-480-1SE Power Controller 480V 24A VPAC51442083SER Power Controller 208V 400A VPAC514-480-1SE Power Controller 480V 30A VPAC51454803SER Power Controller 480V 175A VPAC51652403SER Power Controller 240V 400A VPAC51804803SER Power Controller 480V 217A VPAC520-480-1SE Power Controller 480V 42A VPAC52204803SER Power Controller 480V 275A VPAC53304803SER Power Controller 480V 400A VPAC600 Power Controller VPAC607-120-1SE Power Controller 120V 63A VPAC610-120-1SE Power Controller 120V 83A VPAC613-208-1SE Power Controller 208V 63A VPAC615-240-1SE Power Controller 240V 63A VPAC617-208-1SE Power Controller 208V 83A VPAC617-277-1SE Power Controller 277V 63A VPAC620-240-1SE Power Controller 240V 83A VPAC622-277-1SE Power Controller 277V 83A VPAC630-480-1SE Power Controller 480V 63A VPAC640-480-1SE Power Controller 480V 83A VPAC6430-480 Soft Starter VPAC700 Power Controller VPAC709-2083SER Power Controller 208V 24A VPAC710-2083SER Power Controller 208V 30A VPAC710-2403SER Power Controller 240V 24A VPAC712-2403SER Power Controller 240V 30A VPAC718-2083SER Power Controller 208V 50A VPAC720-2403SER Power Controller 240V 50A VPAC720-4803SER Power Controller 480V 24A VPAC724-4803SER Power Controller 480V 30A VPAC740-4803SER Power Controller 480V 50A Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -


ZYTEC EP071119 Power Supply EP071224 Power Supply EP071235E Power Supply EP071235G Power Supply EP071265F Power Supply EP071266E Power Supply EP071266F Power Supply EP071271E Power Supply EP071271E Power Supply EP071278F Power Supply EP071306B Power Supply ZYTEC
ZUBLIN L2206A Control Panel ZUBLIN


Zumbach Electronic AG AUTAC 250 Wire Temperature Measurement & Control System CI 1G/RS-232-A Computer Interface Unit CI 1G/RS-485-A/B Computer Interface Unit CI 1G/RS-CMK-A Computer Interface Unit CI 4G/RS-19 Computer Interface Unit CI SP/CMK Computer Interface Unit CI SP/DP Computer Interface Unit CI SP/RS Computer Interface Unit CALIBRATOR SP SCR107.065.1ES-Z USYS 10 Processing Unit USYS 100 Processing Unit USYS 200 Processing Unit USYS 1000 Processing Unit USYS 2000 Processing Unit USYS 2100 Processing Unit USYS 5002 Processing Unit USYS 8100 Processing Unit USYS 8100 CELLMASTER Processing Unit / System USYS 8100 JACKETMASTER System USYS 10000 Processing Unit UMAC-CI Hi-Tech Processor WALLMASTER Multi-sensor data processor with 12.1" TFT LCD screen RAYEX X-Ray Tomography System Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Tel.: 03-5037095, Fax: 03-5031048, P.O.Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL:, -
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PROFILEMASTER Processing Unit / Computer System SIMAC Surface Quality Inspection System WIREMASTER In-Line Diameter Monitoring Systems from ZUMBACH for Wire Drawing and Similar Processes WST TEMPMASTER 206FV AST L-19A 19" Processing Unit SP 10 SP 20 AST L-19RI-SP IST Zumbach Electronic AG
Zund Systemtechnic AG UVjet 215-C Flatbed Plotter UVjet 215-Plus Flatbed Plotter Zund Systemtechnic AG
Unknown Manufactureres. 24210-10920-71 PCB 31944373 PWM Power Amplifier Board GCS Z80A CPU Module SC30-4011 Card SATEC-2 FLDK 110G1002/S42 Laser Copy Counter FKK 00.781.4314 Board Mo-M-5-1 Mo-M-5-2 10760.04 TR4A-SB DC Motor Drive PMGN942K DC Motor Drive A20 4342.1106.3 Control Panel SC30-4011 Relay Card S7 SD special, Cassette-Extension-Standard-RS422, A23986 indice B, Hard:A Cuivre:F GMCB-01 CPU Control Board



Portege 2010 SL-BD22D RS2556SH 37LG3000 AEK AL2002W Laserjet 3000 Maxxum7D EW3109 NAS-D55HD MW500 Streetfighter 50 2T PCG-K215S Studio 29PT8508 Msys 5200 G694SC PLC-XU75 Motorola 120C Navigator 8 MRD-M605 E5218 Z710I Twintop Faraon I915G CX-DP880N Labelmanager 220P DXZ525 CDN35 SV-SD570V FR911 8080B XR-C5300RV AC501 P201W NW-E103 EW1050F P4 KX-TGA807EX ALL-IN-ONE WD-10165FU KP-46S4U 26PFL5322 W2294T-PF 37PFL5522D 05 CT-S210 2725 SMS RHT-G11 WS-WV10D 1 2 VC920 Architect IC-A1 Prominent II Isuka S75340KG98 Lightlid 35 SU-A600 Evolution 250 VGN-CR590 CD6552B Control 5IN1 Controller Series 250 DS R-771 BT530 USB STR-D515 A-3440 RS20ccsv P3V4X Nokia 1280 Sapt480 MDX-C5400 2 0 Optimus EP-MVP4M CCD-TRV12 Review LD-2052SH Irci-5400Z Nuvi 250 Amplifier KSM150 NX6120 70GS-61S 7911G MS12AH Nr0 402-VLZ3 WD-1460FHD Su-33W GT4-15 Nuvi 755T C8600 Lego 6519 DV-515 PDP5512K Htadd3W GT2015DV


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