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p.schaefer 3:40am on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 
Better than hanging clothes on the line and hoping for sunshine Very expensive and inefficient. The clothes come out very wrinkled.
affert 1:50pm on Thursday, May 6th, 2010 
Quiet operation. Senses the dryness of the load and switches off when it is dry - an excellent feature to save energy. Huge capacity. very quick at drying clothes, great range of of drying options, 5 year warranty Everything about this machine is top class We should have bought one years ago

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Top performance at all levels.
NEW silent system. whisper quiet operation.
The kitchen is fast becoming the heart of homelife. So, not surprisingly, quiet appliances are becoming a top priority to ensure the perfect kitchen ambience. Maintaining a peaceful home environment is a primary objective for AEG-Electrolux so you need no longer worry about appliances intruding on your conversations or interrupting your thoughts. Dedicated to producing a quiet, high performance laundry range, we have developed advanced technology to ensure our washing machines are as unobtrusive as possible.

Superior insulation.

Our extra quiet models are equipped with noise insulation panels, which absorb high frequency noise, making our washing machines noticeably quieter.

Inverter motor.

This powerful new brushless constructed motor is not only designed to be more durable but also provides a superior performance versus standard motors. With this advanced technology, AEG-Electrolux washing machines provide a more powerful wash performance, shorter wash times and quieter operation during washing and spinning cycles.

Energy efcient.

All AEG-Electrolux washing machines are A+ or A rated, (A+ for energy and A for wash). Our washing machines are designed to deliver best in class wash results every time, optimising on the use of energy, water and time.
The worlds rst A rated tumble dryer.
Many people have concerns about buying a tumble dryer due to their traditionally high energy consumption. AEG-Electrolux is the worlds rst manufacturer to provide an A rated tumble dryer. The T59840 takes as little as 85 minutes to dry cottons. It uses a special heat pump technology which works like a refrigerator in reverse to achieve this unprecedented energy efciency. The energy consumption is so low, it actually exceeds the requirements for an A energy rating by 30%. So you get all the benets of tumble drying at a much lower running cost. The T59840 also comes with a drain kit which eliminates the need to empty the tank after every drying cycle.
Programmes for outstanding performance on clothes.
Combating those stubborn stains is always a problem. AEGElectrolux washing machines have a number of programmes to ensure outstanding wash results:

20 minute pre-wash.

The 20 minute pre-wash option loosens dirt prior to the main wash, ensuring the ultimate washing performance.

Quick intensive.

Water tank
The quick intensive wash programme washes a 5kg (up to 25 shirts) wash load in 1 hour, delivering A wash performance. It is the only one of its kind in the market that delivers A wash performance in an hour for a 5kg load capacity.

Stain action.

Air flow Refrigerant flow Water pump Compressor
The stain action function allows you to use stain removing agents with bio powder. By having a fourth compartment for dispensing stain remover, the powder is only dispensed once the wash is at 40c making stain removing treatment more effective.

Perfect rinsing results.

To produce the perfect rinsing results the rinse plus programme can be added to the wash cycle. If too much detergent is sensed on the nal rinse, this phase is automatically added in.
Condenser Expansion Evaporator ( Heat generator) valve ( Heat exchanger)

Large load capacity.

With more demands being placed on your time, it makes perfect sense to wash as much as you can in one go. AEGElectrolux has a range of 7kg and 8kg load capacity machines, perfect for households with a lot of laundry to take care of. With a 7kg or 8kg load (approximately 35 to 40 shirts can be washed), the average weekly wash can be completed with ease. These machines also optimise on water, energy and time when washing smaller loads. In addition to the 8kg washing machines, AEG-Electrolux introduces the 8kg washer dryers and tumble dryers to suit your every need. Now you can wash and dry large duvets saving you those expensive trips to the laundrette.

Fuzzy logic.

Advanced fuzzy logic calculates the precise amount of water required for the main wash and rinse, giving the best possible wash and rinse performance with the lowest possible detergent and energy consumption.
Advanced rinse technology.
Our washing machines also have advanced rinse technology where water is pumped in above and below the load resulting in a more efcient rinse.


Precise control for peace of mind.
AEG-Electrolux washing machines have LCD Graphic / LED displays to provide instantaneous feedback about the programmes and options selected, to ensure complete control. The time display feature accurately indicates when the programme will end or the time remaining, dependent on model.

Flow sensors.

Measure the exact amount of water taken into the machine, to economise water usage and help protect against ooding.

Automatic child safety.

Keypads can be locked to ensure temperatures and programme selectors cannot be changed - making certain your laundry is always safe.

Sensor drying.

The sensor dryer on all AEG-Electrolux tumble dryers and washer dryers gives you exceptional drying results and total control. Simply choose the required level of dryness on the rotary control, from iron dry for slightly damp clothes to extra dry for ready-to-wear results. The machine will then sense when the clothes are dried to the level specied. There is no need to keep checking to see if your clothes are ready, the sensor dryer will do all the work.

Aqua control.

Aqua control is an internal system which helps to keep control by monitoring the water level to detect leakage.

Memory programmes.

The L86850 and L84950 are built to remember the programmes chosen by you. With two memory options these washing machines remember your programmes and store them for the next time, so being in control has never been easier.

Control over safety.

AEG-Electrolux washing machines are always designed with safety in mind:

Perfect time control.

Time save.
Available across the range, the time saver option gives total control over the length of your wash. It offers options of normal, quick and very quick so that the length of the programme can be reduced as necessary to suit your schedule. The wash time can be reduced by up to 25% for a 6kg load at 60C by pressing the button once and up to 60% by pressing the button twice and still provide an A rated wash.
Ultra quick wash programme.
This NEW quick wash is a complete programme that allows you to wash 3kgs at 30C in just 20 minutes! Making washing small loads efcient and easier than ever before.

Refresh programme.

Our washing idea for worn once clothes. Refreshingly quick. In the refresh programme up to 3kg (15 shirts) of clothes are washed at 30C.

Delay start.

The delay start option for up to 20 hours ensures that laundry is ready exactly when required and helps to reduce creasing and musty odours.

Easy iron.

The easy iron programme reduces ironing time by up to 50% through actively reducing creases in fabric caused throughout the wash and spin cycle.

Caring for your laundry.

Programmes that care for your clothes.
AEG-Electrolux laundry appliances have a range of programmes designed to take extra care of your clothes and still provide the best wash performance.

Rinse hold.

The rinse hold facility helps reduce creasing and musty odours from leaving damp clothes in the drum. Clothes remain in water from the nal rinse, until it is convenient to complete the wash. AEG-Electrolux recommend the Ariel Range for outstanding cleaning and fabric care.

Variomatic spin.

Variomatic spin is another feature which minimises creasing by alternating progressively faster spinning with frequent tumbling stages, giving you the best possible wash.

Sensitive option.

Designed specically for people who are extra sensitive to dirt, dust, pollen etc. Works on cotton and synthetic programmes where fabric is gently moved around and has a default extra rinse option, with no early intermediate spins ensuring particles are rinsed out effectively.
Washing machine programmes.
AEG-Electrolux has the only wool programme in the market with a cool down phase at the end of the wash phase. This prevents chill-shock when the cold rinse begins, ensuring shrinkage is minimised. The silk and lingerie programmes are designed to care and protect very delicate fabrics, ensuring optimum wash results with maximum care. The delicate programme is designed for mixed fabrics found in delicate clothes. We know washing by hand can be unpleasant, so now there is an extremely gentle programme that allows handwash labelled items to be washed by machine.

Tumble dryer programmes.

Our tumble dryers dry clothes like the outdoors, indoors, with a range of gentle programmes for unrivalled clothes care. AEG-Electrolux use advanced technology to develop programmes to care for all types of fabric, designed to keep your every need in mind. We have a special jeans programme for thicker fabrics, ideal for drying the seams of clothes such as jeans. There are special cycles with cool air and gentle tumbling so that even delicate fabrics such as wool and silk can be dried with condence. To simply refresh clothes that have been in the cupboard there is the freshen up option. To dry clothes so they are ready to wear or store there is the extra dry programme and the storage dry programme.



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