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MadOnion 4:10am on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 
(Edited April 30th by babsbini) With all the strengths that I have listed above it stands out amongst the bigger capacity MP3 players namely iPod.
Egregore_Publishing 11:13pm on Monday, September 6th, 2010 
I almost hate to use it, At the slightest touch it can go anywhere and what you were listening to is lost. It was great when i used it but now im using ...  Everything mmmmmmmm, nothing
gruslo 6:00pm on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 
Having owned one for nigh on 3 years, its been enjoyable and rewarding to own this product Screen, Battery Life, GB Size, GUI, Locking, Scrolling.
marting 6:08pm on Saturday, July 10th, 2010 
I have had the zen vision m 60 for a few weeks now and am overall very impressed with it. Capacity,Sound Quality, Interface / Controls.
CK1312 11:21pm on Thursday, July 8th, 2010 
My husband purchased this at Wal-Mart in November 2007 before we went on a cruise ( 5 days). He was tired of me using the disposal cameras. General ====== I spent a long time looking around for my MP3 player.
nosajnedgo 1:01am on Friday, June 25th, 2010 
It was great when i used it but now im using a zune 120gb because i ran out of room on the Vision M but this thing is great Everything mmmmmmmm. Do a check of these products crashing and hav...  Nothing. Worst ever Shady company, low quality products, break easily, nightmare service
vasudevan 9:10am on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 
Its amazing cyrystal clear screen is an amazing technical acheivment with its 262,144 vibrant colours. With 15000 songs, tens of thousands of photos. plays a lot of music, picture and video formats a bit bulky ; accessories not readily available here in the Philippines
Hudsons 12:53pm on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
I bought this products a little over a year ago. I have had really no problems. I purchased a Creative Zen: Vision M not too long ago. I was really excited to purchase this product and I had a great time with it at first. Great Great
novices 7:32pm on Monday, April 5th, 2010 
I got a 30GB in 2006. Within 11 months it stopped working. Got a 60GB as a warranty replacement. 11 months later that one also stopped working. I have one of these and i love it it is sooo easy to use and i just love the fact that i can add my songs through windows media.
Hiker 7:07am on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 
with Creative ZEN VISION:M 30 GB you can play your favorite music for up to14 hrs of continuous music. and an estimated time of 4. To introduce you to the Creative Zen Vision M MP4 player. At the junction of 05 and in 2006, the innovation introduced in one breath. And each stage, especially at Creative Zen Vision:M 260,000 colors high clear LCDses shows to hold in return to put.
TootSweet 7:53pm on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 
Excellent condition and arrived before Christmas More than happy with this purchase, came in excellent condition arrived on time and works great Sturdy and easy to use player. This is one of the best MP3 players on the market.

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Alcatel 1626 Light Manager
Next Generation Core DWDM platform
Thomas Fuerst Vice President Market Positioning Fixed Communications Group

Why are we here?

Alcatel is the world leader in submarine and terrestrial optical networking
More than 11,400 DWDM network elements deployed worldwide
Combining the best of both submarine and terrestrial worlds
Advanced technologies of submarine Cost optimization of terrestrial
Network e Opticalr Shelf Th Extende

Introducing the

1626 Light Manager
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 2
All rights reserved 2003, Alcatel
1626 Light Manager Key Applications
Long-haul to ultra Long-Haul terrestrial applications
Upgrade of Existing Systems
Single platform for LH/VLH/ULH transmission
Unrepeatered Submarine Links
Optical Network Extender shelf for enhanced density Cost optimized performance Flexible solution for Alcatel or other vendor systems New high-capacity DWDM links Incremental growth capacity Cost optimized performance Scalable OADM, up to ultimate system capacity
Single-span long distances without submerged repeaters

Greenfield Opportunities

Applicable to
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 3
Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership

> >

Cost-effective solutions whatever the application Cost optimized transponders for distances below 1000 km High performance transponders for longer distances to avoid costly electrical regeneration Bandwidth optimization using TDM concentration Modular architecture minimizes initial investment and enables incremental growth
Low power consumption and best-inclass footprint Tunable transponder for the whole band, allowing dramatic spare count reduction and operational flexibility Plug&Play and Self-Tuning functionalities to ease and speed up the installation and commissioning Standard signaling and enhanced alarm filtering process to improve the fault localization and maintenance activity in case of failure
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 4

Timing is Everything

Market Demand

192 @ 10G 4500 km

96 @ 10G 2600 km

80 @ 10G 2100 km

General Availability
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 5
The Optical Network Extender Shelf


Transponder shelf 16



Unmatched density

16 x 10Gbps in a single shelf 64 x 10Gbps in single bay Only 35W per 10Gb/s transponder

Low power consumption

Best in Class Density & Power Consumption
Only one shelf for all configurations
Flexible height slots can host all the boards

DCM *(600mmx300mm)

Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 6
Today - The Dominant Upgrade Market
Current market activity is focused on incremental upgrades
Drives the need for cost-effective upgrades to existing systems
Backbone-focused CAPEX remains tight Traffic is growing, fueled by broadband Most links less than 50% utilized
Typical incumbent LH WDM network
Latest technology increases performance, lowers cost System overlays most often too costly

Number of links

Annual capacity growth Annual capacity growth from 10 to 50% from 10 to 50% Existing systems can meet Existing systems can meet the demand the demand

Average load (%)

Source: Alcatel Data
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 7
Addressing the Upgrade Market
Upgrading Existing Infrastructure
Performs in-service upgrades, reusing the Line Terminal and Line Repeater from existing Alcatel DWDM links Matches investments to network need with three transponder options high-performance, cost optimized, & multiplexing
Simply add the Simply add the Optical Network Optical Network Extender shelf at Extender shelf at both ends of the both ends of the link where access link where access to the traffic is to the traffic is needed needed
Equipment upgrade Existing Line Terminal Existing Line Repeater New access to traffic
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 8
Improving System Performance

Enable in-service upgrades of existing links Avoid regeneration of the new wavelength when traffic access is not needed

Installed Platform

Regenerator 1626 Shelf

Cumulative Cost

High-performance transponder
Upgrade with old system Upgrade with 1626 LM

Lower cost More capacity

Channel Count

1626 Shelf

32 x 10Gbps over 1000 km, Relative $$/Gbps/km = 100 Upgrade with high-performance transponders 46 x 10Gbps over 1000km Relative $$/Gbps/km = 50
Upgrade with high-performance transponders
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 9
Reducing Capital Expenses
Cost optimized transponder for distances below 1000 km
Upgrade with Optical Network Extender shelf
Multiplexing transponder for bandwidth optimisation
One signal = One wavelength Several signals = One wavelength (4x2.5Gb/s or 8xGigabit Ethernet)
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 10
Upgrade Example: Increasing Capacity
In-service channel upgrade of the 1686 WM
Capacity of the 1686 WM can be increased from 32 to 46 channels 1626 LM transponders directly connected to the 1686 WM Mux/Demux or through 1626 LM Mux/Demux

1686-10 Gb/s 1 OMDX 16

32 in three racks

1686 WM



16 1626-TRBD

1626-TRBD 1

Master Transp. 16 Transp. 16 Transp. 6

Mux Transp. Band Mux

1626 LM

1686 WM - 8


46 in two racks

Saving One Rack
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 11

LAN connection

Upgrade Example: Improving Density
In-service channel upgrade of the 1640 WM/OADM
Optical Network Extender shelf provides improved density over existing shelves 1626 LM transponders directly connected to the 1640 WM/OADM Mux/Demux or through 1626 LM Mux/Demux

1640-10 Gb/s

80 in four racks

1 Mux 40 Master Band Mux

1640 OADM

Transp. Transp. Transp.

1626-TRBD 1626-TRBD
Master Transp. Transp. 16 Transp. 16 Transp. 8

Mux Band Mux Mux

1640 OADM 16

80 in three racks

Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 12
Today - The Greenfield Market
Demand for new systems exists today
Traffic is growing, fueled by broadband Some links already nearing peak Some regions still not fully equipped
Short term demands for Short term demands for new deployments new deployments
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 13
Addressing the Greenfield Market
Release 1.0 Greenfield Application

Pairs the Optical Network Extender shelf with 1686WM or 1640WM/OADM building blocks for high-performance deployment today
1640 or 1686 building blocks Terminal OADM Repeater

80 channels 2,100 km

1626 shelf 1626 shelf

1626 shelf

Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 14
Tomorrow - The Dominant Greenfield Market
Future market activity expected to focus on new systems
Need for new core network builds
Traffic continues to grow Link utilizations nearing peak CAPEX returns to backbone
Upgrade market mostly exhausted Necessitates LH/ULH overlay networks

Number of link

Capacity Growth
Annual capacity growth Annual capacity growth from 10 to 50% from 10 to 50% New parallel routes will New parallel routes will be needed for systems be needed for systems reaching full capacity reaching full capacity
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 15
Release 2.0 Greenfield Application
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager is an efficient solution for high connectivity LH and ULH links
Multipoint-to-multipoint configuration for regional and pan-continental networks using reconfigurable OADM
Flexible and Flexible and scalable OADM scalable OADM From 0 to 100% From 0 to 100% of the of the link capacity, link capacity, depending on depending on the traffic the traffic requirements requirements
Line Terminal Line Repeater Access to traffic
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 16
Addressing the Greenfield Market Main shelf
Mux/demux Amplifiers Transponders
System Density is Best in Class

Main shelf 8

Same shelf

Transponder shelf


Transponder shelf 8

96x10Gbs system in 2 racks
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 17
System Scalability and Flexibility
Per-band multiplexing architecture provides optimized granularity
Transponders and multiplexing boards installed according to system capacity needs Transponders Mux/demux
In service upgrades delays capital investments until needed

Mux 8 Mux 8

Incremental growth

Band splitter

Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 18
Unrepeatered submarine applications
The Alcatel 1626 Light Manager provides an efficient solution
When the terrestrial route crosses difficult terrain When operator incurs costly access problems

Festoon along a coast

Mainland to island connection
Island to island connection
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 19

System configuration

Optimized unrepeatered submarine features for single-span long distance transmission
Raman amplification & Remote amplification Higher amplification power Specialized safety system to cut off power if necessary
Upgrade or Greenfield application

Erbium doped fiber

Raman pump

Beyond 400 km

Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 20

Raman technology

Alcatel has already deployed more in-service Raman solutions than any other competitor (KJCN, Med-Nautilus,Global Crossing, Cayman Jamaica Fibre System, Hydro Quebec, ECFS,) Raman is used only if it brings cost-efficiency (TCO)
Unrepeatered submarine applications Terrestrial applications to compensate for high-loss spans Distances up to 4,500 km without electrical regeneration
Most terrestrial applications can be covered efficiently without Raman amplification
96 channels over 2,600 km
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 21

Why Alcatel?

Number 1 in Optical Networking Strong DWDM installed base & customer references Powerful Powerful DWDM portfolio DWDM portfolio Understanding of Market Requirements
Product Product interworking interworking
Common network Common network management platform management platform
Complete professional services portfolio & local support Complete professional services portfolio & local support Alcatel in best position to bring efficient solution Alcatel in best position to bring efficient solution to drive the cost down in the Core network to drive the cost down in the Core network
Alcatel 1626 Light Manager 22



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