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Alcatel 4400

Advanced Reflexes

User Guide
Advanced Reflexes Alcatel User Guide

Alcatel 4400 PABX System

The Alcatel 4400 PABX System provides you with an extensive range of features that will contribute to better efficiency around the office. This user guide will help you take full advantage of these features. These instructions only refer to Advanced digital telephones. Should you be using another digital telephone please see the appropriate digital user guide.


(07) 3864 2111
________________ ________________ 5555
Alcatel User Guide Advanced


Feature codes....1 Main feature codes....1 Feature codes used during a call..1 General description...2 The Programmable Keys...2 The icons....3 The Display...4 Display Keys and the Navigator..4 Additional optional equipment..5 Telephone layout...6 Making a call....7 Making an External Call..7 Redial....7 Making an Internal Call...7 Calling the QUT Information...7 Calling by Name....7 Dialling a Personal Memory Number..8 Calling a Speed Dial Number..8 Leaving a Call Back Request...9 Consulting a Call Back Request..9 To Wait on an Extension...9 Consulting a Waiting Call..10 Call Back Last Caller....10
Making an Enquiry Call..11 Transferring a Call...11 Making a Back and Forth (Broker) Enquiry Call.12 Making a Conference Call..12 Receiving a Call...12 Call Parking....13 Call Pick Up....13 Forwarding Calls...13 To place an immediate forward on your extension:.14 To place a forward on busy on your extension:..14 To place a forward on no reply on your extension:.14 To place a forward on busy or no reply on your extension:....14 Cancelling Call Forwarding...14 Follow Me Forwarding...14 To activate follow me forwarding:...15 Cancelling Follow Me Forwarding..15 Call Forward on Ringing...15 Basic functions...15 Withdrawing from a Hunting Group..15 Meet-Me Conference...16 Calling STD with a PIN..16 Advanced programming features..17 Call Forwarding to an External Number..17 To cancel:....17 Substitution...17 Sending DTMF Tones...17 Alcatel User Guide Advanced
Sending Text Mail....18 Reading Text Mail....20 Making an Intercom Intrusion...21 Customising your extension...21 User Customisation...21 Programming the Melody..22 Programming the Keys..22 Personal Memory Keys..23 Function Keys...23 Programming the Contrast...26 Programming the Password...26 Programming the Associated Number..26 Programming the Intercom List..27 Checking the Identity of the Extension...27 Consulting the Keys...27 Multiline functions...28 Manager / Secretary Screening..28 Using Multi-Lines...28 Manager Extension...29 Secretary key...29 Screening Keys....30 Screened....30 No Screen...30 Exec Mail....31 Screening Supervision...33 ISDN Key...33 Secretary Extension....33
Manager key....34 Exec Mail Key...34 Screened Calls...35 Absent key....35 Overflow Secretary Extension...36 Manager key...36 Absent secretary key...37 Glossary....39

Feature codes

Main feature codes Function Voice mail access Outside line QUT Information Cancel an automatic call back Call back last internal caller Call park/retrieve Direct call pick up Group call pick up Immediate forward Forward on busy Forward on no reply Forward on busy/no reply Cancel forwarding Follow me forward Cancel follow me forward Withdraw from hunting group Re-enter hunting group Forwarding externally Substitution Change personal code System memory number Answer waiting call Meet me conference Sending DTMF tones Changing associate extension Programming the contrast STD Pin Calling Feature codes used during a call Function Automatic call back Wait on busy extension Conference Default Code ** #99 *81 *7 + EXTN #4 + EXTN *4 *52 *55 *57 *54 *53 *06 *07 *58 *59 *01 #05 #3 #6XXXX #80 #7 ## *08 *97 *00

Default Code 3

General description
Your Alcatel Advanced extension is made up of 5 distinct zones: The Fixed Keys - By using one of these keys you may access the most commonly used functions.

i Mute

To access programming mode or to display information on your extension. Deactivates the microphone while you are on a call. To activate the loudspeaker.


To activate hands-free operation of your extension. To terminate a call or programming of your telephone. To increase the volume of the loudspeaker. To reduce the volume of the loudspeaker.

Release Increase

The Programmable Keys Your extension has 19 keys which are programmable either by you or by your installer. These programmable keys make it possible to: call an internal or external number by pushing a single button; access a function. -2-Alcatel User Guide Advanced
To program the keys on your extension to suit your individual needs consult the section customising your extension. There are also 5 pre-programmed keys which allow you to Temporarily store a number Access mail services Automatically redial the last number dialled Call an ISDN correspondent Intercom: for automatic reply without having to lift the handset.

The icons There is a visual guide called an icon associated with each of the programmable and function keys. These icons carry information on:

a call:

Call in progress (flashing)

Conversation in progress

Call on hold


Feature inactive Feature activated Feature needing your attention


Segment unlit Segment flashing Segment lit
The Display Your Alcatel Advanced extension has a 2 line display, which acts as your permanent guide. Each of the two lines on the display may continue on to two or more pages. The presence of another page is indicated by the symbol at the right hand side of the display. When your extension is idle: the first line displays information on the status of your extension, as well as the time and the date. the second line displays information about your caller and also the functions that you can program yourself. During a call: The first line displays information about your caller and the current conversation. The second line displays the functions that are accessible at the moment. When the green LED is lit, it indicates that you have received new messages. Display Keys and the Navigator Display Keys: these are used to select the functions you wish to activate. Navigator Key: this key allows you to move between the display pages or between display lines. It is used to scan the pages of available functions and to select the display line to -4-Alcatel User Guide Advanced


Deleted: T

Deleted: o

activate. If you select the upper line, it will flash until you activate the required action by pressing the corresponding display key. After a few seconds, the lower line automatically becomes active again. Additional optional equipment Your extension is equipped with an alphabetic keypad, which is used for mail service functions, the Call By Name function and for programming on the extension. Voice guides help you select and carry out functions. Any feature request is followed by the confirmation voice prompt. Your request has been recorded. You may now hang up. If the feature is unavailable to your extension you will hear, The number dialled is not authorised. Please make enquiries. Keys used 9 Key on the dialling keypad Soft key (linked to the display) Fixed function key
Programmable key (may either be a key linked to an icon or a soft key)
Beeps during a conversation Single - operator intruding on a busy extension. Repetitive - another caller attempting to reach you.

Telephone layout

1 09/01/96 12:30
1. The display 4. The fixed keys

2. The soft keys 5. The icons

3. The programmable keys

-Alcatel User Guide Advanced

Making a call

Making an External Call 0 + External Number
Alternatively, instead of 0, you can press a line key for an outside line (if your extension is multiline). Redial To automatically redial the last number dialled:


Making an Internal Call Extension Number Calling the QUT Information 9 9
Calling by Name This feature allows you to search for the number of an internal user by typing in at least 2 characters of the surname or initials on the alphabetic keypad. Type in the first few letters of the name you are looking for. Then, to find the number, press one of the following keys: If the characters entered corresponds to a surname: Name If the characters entered corresponds to the initials of the first name and surname: Init
If the characters entered corresponds to a surname followed by a first name: Name&F To cancel the operation and quit: Cancel Once the relevant search has been carried out, the display will show the first name found. If more than one possible name matches the characters entered, the display indicates that there are further names (i.e. 01/03). If the name suggested is not the one you want, you can continue searching, using the following keys: Next Call Prev Cancel to view the next possible name to call the displayed name to view the previous name to cancel the operation and quit
Dialling a Personal Memory Number The display screen will show the first few digits of numbers that have been programmed into your directory. To go to the next page, use the Navigator key. To make the call, press the display key corresponding to the number you want. If the number is stored on a programmable key, simply press the key. Calling a Speed Dial Number System speed dial numbers are programmed by your system manager. They are stored in a central memory and are used for abbreviated dialling.
Your system manager will provide you with a list of the numbers available to you.

+ the speed dial number

Note: When using the system memory to call an external number, you do not need to dial 0 for an outside line. Leaving a Call Back Request If there is no reply when you call, you may ask to be called back. When you receive no reply: CallBk This will activate the Mail key icon and light the LED on the called extension. To cancel a call back:
+ the destination extension number
Consulting a Call Back Request If someone has left a call back request on your extension in your absence, the Mail key icon and the LED on your extension will be flashing. Mail


The first person to be called back will be displayed. To call them back: Recall
To Wait on an Extension If the extension you are calling is busy, you may wait on that extension until it is free. On receiving the engaged tone: Waiton Advanced Reflexes Alcatel User Guide -9-

The extension called will be informed by an audible beep that you are waiting. As soon as the line you are calling is free, your call will be put straight through. Consulting a Waiting Call If you are on the phone and a second person is trying to call you, you will hear a beep. For three seconds, the display screen will show the callers identity. To take the waiting call: On a single line terminal Conslt On a multi-line terminal: press the line key that is flashing. If you wish to return to your initial caller: On a single line terminal: Broker On a multiline terminal: press the key for the appropriate line. Call Back Last Caller Even if the last extension user to call you did not leave a callback message, it is possible to ring them back. This is very handy should your phone stop ringing just before you reach it. Dial the code for Last caller call back

- 10 -

The last callers identity will be displayed. To directly dial the extension number: CallBk Making an Enquiry Call While you are on a call you may call a second person to make an enquiry.


Dial the second number, either internal or external, required. Your second call will immediately go through, and your first caller will automatically be placed on hold. To cancel the second call and return to the first caller:


Transferring a Call To transfer a call to another extension, simply dial the number required, whether it be internal or external. Remember to dial 0 first for an outside line. When the extension answers, introduce the caller then:


If the called party is busy, not answering, or refuses the call:
You are reconnected to the original caller. Note: Depending on system configuration you may be able to transfer calls to an external number or mobile phone.

- 11 -

Making a Back and Forth (Broker) Enquiry Call After you have made an enquiry call, you may talk alternately with each party. To alternate between callers:


On a single line terminal, you will now be talking to the person whose identity is shown on the left of the display screen. On a multi-line terminal, you may set up a back and forth call by pressing the appropriate line key for each call. Once the enquiry call has been cancelled, you are back in conversation with the first caller. Making a Conference Call This feature allows three people to be in conversation simultaneously. Call the first party, and then make an enquiry call to the second person. Then, to create the conference between three people:

To cancel the conference and return to the first caller:
Receiving a Call Either lift the handset or take the call in hands free mode:

- 12 -

Call Parking Call parking allows you to disconnect from an external call and be reconnected later, either at your own extension or at another extension. During the call:
The call will automatically be placed on hold. To retrieve a parked call:
+ extension where call is parked
If the call is not retrieved within a set time (normally two minutes) it will revert to the switchboard. Note: If you are parking the call on the extension you are using there is no need to dial an extension number. Call Pick Up To pick up a call that is ringing on another extension within your defined group:
To pick up a call that is ringing on another extension that is NOT in your defined group:
+ extension number that is ringing

Forwarding Calls

If you will be absent from your extension you may redirect callers to another extension.

- 13 -

To place an immediate forward on your extension: #
To place a forward on busy on your extension: #
To place a forward on no reply on your extension: #
To place a forward on busy or no reply on your extension: #
Cancelling Call Forwarding To cancel all call forwarding:
Follow Me Forwarding If you are not at your own extension you can forward your calls to your current extension. Any extension on the same system can be used to activate forwarding. - 14 -Alcatel User Guide Advanced
To activate follow me forwarding:
the destination extension number + your own extension number Cancelling Follow Me Forwarding To cancel follow me forwarding from the destination extension:
To cancel follow me forwarding from your own extension:
Call Forward on Ringing This feature enables you to forward a call while your extension is ringing (without answering the call). When the extension rings, without lifting the receiver: extension number Note: If your extension is a multi-line extension, use the programmed key for this purpose.

Basic functions

Withdrawing from a Hunting Group This feature allows you to withdraw from a hunting group or automatic call distribution group. To activate the withdrawal: # 5 8

- 15 -

You will still receive calls to your own extension number. To re-enter the hunting group:
Meet-Me Conference Up to 29 participants may speak in a telephone conference. The conference must include 1 internal participant. To join in a Meet-Me Conference: # 7 + the pre-arranged four digit code
The pre-arranged four digit code is assigned to the conference by the conference initiator. You can obtain this code by calling the Staff IT helpdesk. If you are the first participant you will hear music until the other people join in. To leave the conference, hang up. You may re-enter at a later time. To transfer an outside party into the conference, follow the above procedure then hang up. Follow the procedure again to transfer yourself in. Calling STD with a PIN To call STD with a pin you need to

Your 6 digit PIN, then the phone number that you wish to call

- 16 -

Advanced programming features
These features should only be implemented with the knowledge of your system administrator. Call Forwarding to an External Number

To cancel:

+ the external number preceded by 0
Note: You may only forward to an external number immediately or on no reply. Check with the system administrator before activating this feature. Substitution This feature allows you to use the features available on your extension on another extension in the installation. (You effectively substitute one extension for another). To activate this feature from any extension in the installation: # + own extension + personal code
The extension you are using now functions exactly like your own extension. The substitution is cancelled once you hang up. Sending DTMF Tones DTMF tones may be sent during a call for using home banking services or to gain remote access to an answering machine, etc.

- 17 -

Once you have dialled an external number, your display will appear as follows: Whilst in conversation:
DTMF Keys on dialling keypad as prompted.
To return to normal, hang up or press the release key. Sending Text Mail You may send a written message (up to 127 characters) to another extension with a similar type telephone. Mail Text Extension number To confirm the destination: Apply You will then be asked to select one of the following three types of message: FixMsg PrgMsg A list of predefined messages; A list of predefined messages which need to be completed; This list allows you to type in your own message, using the alphabetic keypad.
If necessary, type in your message and then press: Valid - 18 -Alcatel User Guide Advanced

- 19 -

Once you have selected the list you require: Next to scroll through the list to send the message Prev to see prev. message to return
Reading Text Mail If you have been sent text mail, the LED on the extension lights up and flashes in green. The presence of mail is also indicated by the icon next to the Mail key. To read your messages: Mail Read The first line will give you the persons name and the date and time of the message. The second line gives you a set of options: Save Scroll will save the message to the memory; will show the first line of the message and any further lines it may continue onto. To go back to the previous menu. To go to the next message. To call the person who sent the message. To reply to the message in writing Text

Back Next Recall Answe r

- 20 -
Note: If you do not save the message after reading it, the message will automatically be deleted. Making an Intercom Intrusion If there is no reply on an internal extension, provided you have permission, you may make an intrusion on that extension via the intercom. LSInt You will now be able to make an announcement over the loudspeaker of the required extension.
Customising your extension
By customising your Alcatel 4400 extension you may adapt specific functions to suit your daily needs. Programming the keys allows you to access some of the functions directly without the need to enter feature codes. User Customisation To customise your phone, use the Guide mode To access programming, press the key
The display screen will show you the five main groups of functions you have available: Conslt Prog To get information on keys that are already programmed and those that are free, and to activate functions. To programme and customise you phone (ringing tones, function keys, screen, associate, personal code and directory). To discover the identity of the terminal. To alter the display language To check all icons and LEDs are - 21 -

Who Am I Lang Test

functioning You will then have access to the following options: Melody: Keys: Displ: Passwd: Assoc: Intcom: to select the ringing tone and volume of the extension; to programme the keys; to adjust the level of contrast of the display; to programme the four digit personal password for your extension. (The default code is 0000); to programme the associated number; to programme the intercom list of name (up to ten users) who may access your extension in intercom mode when the mute/Int key is activated.
You may exit programming by pressing the release key. Programming the Melody


Or choose the desired tune as follows: (successively) To adjust the sound level: or To apply your programming:
Programming the Keys You may select one of the 45 available soft keys or one of the programmable keys with an icon. These keys may be programmed for two different purposes: - 22 -Alcatel User Guide Advanced
Personal Memory Keys You programme personal memory keys with your own choice of numbers for direct dialling. To enter programming mode:
Then, to programme keys as part of your personal memory: Keys Select the key to be programmed. Enter the number to be memorised. Note: For external numbers, remember to enter the line number e.g. 0 as well as the destination number. Apply If you have programmed one of the soft keys, after you have applied the number, you will need to give the key a name and apply it. Function Keys To enter programming mode:

Then to begin programming the keys: Keys Select the key to be programmed. Servc e
You will now have access to 7 groups of functions.

- 23 -

To scroll through the groups of functions: Next Once you have found the appropriate group: Apply Select the desired function from this group and: Apply The following lists provide details of the features available. Group 1 - Forwarding services: Immed: Busy: NoRep: ByNoR: FwdOff: DFwdof: RemFwd: RFwdOf: Unconditional call forwarding; Call forwarding on busy; Call forwarding on no reply; call forwarding on busy/ no reply; cancel call forwarding; cancel follow me (from destination); call forwarding from any extension; cancel remote forwarding from any extension.
Group 2 - Extn DND & Padlock: Padlock: DND: VoiGui: extension padlock / unlock; do not disturb; voice guide.
Group 3 - Call pick up: Paging: GrpPic: IndPic: Record: GenBel: Parked: paging answer; call pick-up (group); call pick-up (individual); call recording; call pick-up - unassigned night answer; call park / retrieve.

- 24 -

Group 4 - Associate services: Assoc: OvFlow: OvFlOf: call associate extension; overflow to associate; cancel associated overflow.
Group 5 - Consultation & Callback: Last ca: Charge: V Mail: call back last caller; charging information; access to voice mail.
Group 6 - Appointment reminder: Temp: TempOf: set temporary appointment; cancel appointment reminder.
Group 7 - Diverse services: Nobip: Prject: Substi: Grpln: GrpOut: Pulse: MFSend: SetOut: Alpha: intrusion protection; business account code; substitution; hunting group - in; hunting group - out; pulse sending; sending DTMF tones; extension out of service; Alphapage connection.
Note: These functions may also be consulted and activated on a free extension by pressing the following keys:


When you select a function using this method, the name of the function is displayed as well as its feature code. As an alternative, this feature code may be dialled directly on the keypad to activate the function.

- 25 -

Programming the Contrast
Displ To adjust the contrast on your display, choose from the four available levels. Programming the Password


Then enter your current password (the default value is 0000). The display will ask you to enter your new password. You will then be asked to enter it for a second time for verification. If the new password has been accepted, the display will confirm that the change has been made. Should you forget your personal code please contact the system administrator. Programming the Associated Number
Your screen will show the name and number of your current associate extension. To change the current associate extension: Modify Enter your password. (The default value is 0000.)

- 26 -

Then enter the number of the extension you wish as your new associate extension. Programming the Intercom List

Prog Intcom

The intercom list is a list of up to ten users who may access your extension in intercom mode. To modify this list: Add Your display will ask you to enter the number you wish to add to the list. Enter the number and exit programming. Checking the Identity of the Extension To check an extensions number and user:


The users name appears on screen. To view the extension number:
Consulting the Keys To display what has already been programmed on a key: i Consult Keys

- 27 -

Multiline functions
Multiline operation is an optional feature of the 4400 system. It means that you have more than one line on your extension. Several of the programmable keys may be used as line keys, to make and receive calls. One option allows you to have more than one number which may be used to call your extension. Alternatively, your extension may have one number but several lines. Whether your extension is programmed with one or a combination of the above options, you are able to deal with several calls at the same time. Manager / Secretary Screening One of the major features of multiline operation is manager / secretary screening. Manager / secretary screening is the specific configuration of at least two multiline extensions. This feature allows a secretary to screen some or all of a managers calls. Manager / secretary screening may only be defined by your system administrator. For further advice on how your extension has been set up contact this person. Using Multi-Lines To hold a call: the appropriate line key. To reconnect to the caller: the same line key. To answer another line: the flashing line key. The first call is automatically held. To return to the first call: the appropriate line key.

- 28 -

If a call is completed: then the line key of the call you are reconnecting to.
Manager Extension In addition to the standard features available on your Alcatel 4400 extension, you will have extra keys programmed specifically for manager/secretary working :

Secretary key

This key allows you to make or take a direct call to your secretary. The icon associated with this key allows the manager to supervise the status of the Secretary extension at all times. Free station/ringing Secretary calling Secretary busy Official secretary absent, overflow secretary present. Official secretary absent, there is no overflow secretary, or official secretary and overflow secretary absent. icon unlit flashing lit lit


If you are working with several secretaries, you will need to allocate a different key to each secretary.

- 29 -

Screening Keys These keys allow you to use a screening feature on your incoming calls. Each of the keys is linked to a list (or table) of numbers. Note: The screening tables are defined by the system manager.


The SCREENED table allows only callers listed in the table to directly call the Manager extension.

No Screen

The UNSCREENED table directs the callers listed in the table to the Secretary extension. All other callers may call the Manager extension directly. Note: You may have several of each screening key, but you may not activate a SCREENED and an UNSCREENED table simultaneously. The icons associated with the screen keys signal as follows: Feature activated Feature activated but secretary and overflow secretary absent.


When you activate or deactivate a screening key, to confirm your action:
If the secretary is absent, screening is cancelled and the calls are received directly at the Manager extension.

- 30 -

If you work with several secretaries, after selecting the screening key, press the appropriate Secretary key. To confirm your selection:
Exec Mail This feature allows your secretary to send a short mail message directly onto your display. A message may be sent when your extension is free or when you are in conversation. You do not need to be interrupted during a call and if your extension is free, you do not need to lift the receiver. The soft keys will allow you to send back a pre-programmed message. If you receive a message, the text of the message appears on the top line of the display. The bottom line offers you 5 possible replies: Busy Wait Absent Enter Back The choice of replies will be taken from the following list: Busy: Wait: Absent: Enter: ICaBk: HeCaBk: I Take: Coming: Cancel: Moment: Back: I am busy; One moment please; I am absent; Tell them to come in; Ill call again later; Tell them to call back; Ill take the call; I am coming; Please cancel; Tell them to wait; Please deal with it.

- 31 -

Note: This mail function is only available between two 4035 extensions.

- 35 -

The icon associated with the Absent key signal as follows: Manager has activated screening You have activated your Absent key (flashing) When you activate or deactivate the Absent key, to confirm your action:
If there is an Overflow secretary extension, when the secretary is absent, the calls will be received at that extension. If there is no Overflow secretary extension, screening is cancelled and the managers calls arrive directly at the Manager extension. Overflow Secretary Extension In manager/secretary configuration there may be an overflow secretary. When the Absent key is activated on the Secretary extension, the overflow secretary acts as official secretary.

Manager key

This key allows you to make a direct call to (or to receive a call from) your manager when the overflow secretary feature has been activated. When you press the Manager key your call is signalled on the Secretary key of the Manager extension.

- 36 -

The icon associated to this key allows the secretary to supervise the status of the Manager extension. Overflow function not activated Official secretary absent, overflow activated, manager station free/ringing Manager calling icon unlit lit

flashing lit lit

Manager busy The manager has activated screening If you are working with several managers, a different key will need to be allocated to each manager. If the overflow secretary feature is not activated, the Manager key may be used to call the Manager directly (as a personal memory key). Absent secretary key
This key allows you to indicate your absence to your manager. The icons associated with this key signal as follows: Manager has activated screening You have activated your Absent secretary key.
When you activate or deactivate the Absent key, to confirm your action:

- 37 -

- 38 -


Associated extension If your extension is linked to another extension on the system, this extension is known as your associated extension. Back and forth If you have two calls in progress on your extension you may shuttle between the two, talking to each one, without the other being able to hear. Broker Call A function which allows you to hold two calls at once, switching from one to the other. Call parking If you answer a call on someone elses extension, you may park the call, so that you may return to your own extension and retrieve the call from there. Call pick up To answer a call that is ringing on another extension. Call back You may book a request for a busy or unanswered extension to call you back. Category of service Each extension on the system is given its own class of service (COS). Your COS determines the system features you are allowed to use, and what types of outside calls you can make. For example, you may be allowed to make any type of call, including international, or you may be restricted to local calls only. Charge counters The charging counters on your extension indicate the cost or the number of units used during your last call, as well as the total amount of time or units used since your counter was last reset.

- 39 -

Conference call This allows three callers to carry out a conversation together. DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency - a method of sending signals over a telephone link. Each digit dialled represents a combination of tones. Enquiry call During a call you may call a second person. As soon as you dial the second number, the first call is automatically put on hold. When you have finished your enquiry call you may return to your initial call. Feature codes Most of the programmable features may be activated by dialling a specific number (see page 1). Follow me forwarding When you are away from your own extension, follow me forwarding allows you to receive your calls at your current extension. This feature is activated at the destination extension. Forwarding Redirecting calls to another destination. Hold You may place a call on hold in order to carry out another function or to prevent the caller from hearing you. Hunting group A group of extensions which are linked by a code number. When this number is dialled the system hunts for a free extension within the group. Any extension within a group may answer a group call by entering a feature code. Intrusion If an extension or line is busy you may be authorised to intrude on that extension, in order to contact the person urgently. - 40 -Alcatel User Guide Advanced
Line Key A key which access to a telephone line Multiline operation This optional feature allows you to have several lines on your extension. You may therefore deal with several calls at the same time. Paging If you dial an extension and receive no response, it may be possible to contact the user via a pager. Personal code A code which is used when accessing advanced features. Redial To call again the last external number dialled. Substitution When you are away from your own extension, substitution allows you to use your current extension as if it were your own. You effectively substitute one extension and its features for another. This feature is deactivated once you replace the handset. System memory numbers A list of numbers which are programmed in a central memory by the installer or operator. They are used for abbreviated dialling. Transfer To send a call from your extension to another. Wait on If the extension you called is busy you may wait on that extension. The extension will be informed that you are waiting by an audible tone.

- 41 -

- 42 -

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manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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