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cdpc 3:34am on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 
Really clever little gadget - a good all-rounder with bluetooth and sms/mms plus musicc and optional extra music storage. Receaved as presant. Needed magnifying glass to read instruction book due to small print. Instructions vertually useless. Could switch on.
aengelriv_2005 8:47pm on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 
I bought this phone when it was first released back in September for £49 on Orange, including a £10 top-up. For that price.

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Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9000

Chassis LAN Switch

The award winning Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9000 family (OS9000s) is a product line of fullfeatured, high-performance 10-Gigabit Ethernet chassis LAN switches that ranges from a low-cost, entry-point chassis.
The OS9000s deliver future-proof solutions with advanced security and QoS features for use in small-to-large enterprise cores, in the aggregation layer and in wiring closets with exible power-over-Ethernet support. The OS9000s are a part of Alcatel-Lucents end-to-end enterprise switch family.
The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9000s are designed to anticipate future network needs with wire-rate processing for simultaneous IPv4 / IPv6 and support for unicast and multicast applications such as voice-over-IP and video collaboration.
The switches support future edge requirements as Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop becomes commonplace and demand for power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capability increases.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniSwitch 9000
This switch best supports the SNMP standard and was the only participant to supply a web interface from which we could perform many tasks normally accomplished on a CLI.
The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9000 Family
The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9000 family offers exible features and benets that make it an ideal switch to use throughout your network and works exceptionally well as a core or aggregation switch. The OS9000 family offers a common set of network interface (NI) modules that are compatible and interchangeable with all OS9000 models, reducing the cost of keeping spares and therefore lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).
The OS9000 family offers a wide range of GigE and 10GigE interfaces that provide the industrys most exible combination of Ethernet interfaces for use in a wiring closet. It also offers power-over-Ethernet to support IP phones, WLAN access points and video cameras. VoIP and video performance is also enhanced in an OmniSwitch-based network through the use of policy-based QoS using OmniVista NMS PolicyView.
Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9800
The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9800 (OS9800) has an 18-slot chassis which provides the largest capacity available in the OS9000 family and is designed for those applications that require a large port density. Designed for smart continuous switching operations, the two center slots are dedicated to CMMs allowing redundant congurations, with 16 additional slots for network interface modules. The CMMs provide two critical functions active standby resiliency for system control and active-active redundancy for the switching fabric. The 16 slots provide support for up to 768 GigE ports or GigE ports. Plus, key OS9800s sub-components such as network interface cards (NICs) and the power supply units (PSU) are compatible and interchangeable with all other OS9000s as well as the fan trays with the OS9700, reducing the cost of keeping spares and lowering the total cost of ownership.

OmniSwitch 9800

Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9700
The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9700 (OS9700) has a 10-slot chassis that offers high-density capacity supporting an aggregation of up to 384 GigE ports or 48 10GigE ports. The OS9700 supports two slots for CMMs and has eight additional slots for network interface modules. Similar to the OS9800, the OS9700 has been designed for smart continuous switching operation whenever used in a redundant conguration. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9700 was named as Network Computings Editors Choice for its superb manageability and ease of use.

OmniSwitch 9700

Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9600
The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9600 (OS9600) features a 5-slot chassis making it Alcatel-Lucents low-cost, entry-point LAN switch solution that provides the small enterprise the best performance-to-price available today. The OS9600 supports a single CMM and four network interface modules. The OS9600 also future proofs the investment since the network can be expanded inexpensively by reusing all components in an OS9700 including the CMM, the OS9000 network interface modules, the power supplies, and the large power-over-Ethernet shelf. By offering the same features and capabilities as the other OmniSwitch 9000 switches, the OS9600 provides enterprise businesses an affordable core that supports converged voice, video, data and other applications.

OmniSwitch 9600

The OS9000 switch family addresses the needs of converged networks: high availability, wire-speed performance, high density GigE and 10GigE, and improved network response time.

The OS9000 family provides an easy and economical way to upgrade or deploy a new Ethernet network. The large number of ports makes the OmniSwitch 9000s suitable for two- or three-tier network designs. This is possible because of the high performance capability and density of GigE and 10GigE. The OS9000s also future proofs the network with native and full support of simultaneous IPv4 / IPv6 for addressing migration from IPv4 to IPv6 or new IPv6 deployments. The OS9000s are engineered to be deployed in the:
Enterprise core Data center
Wiring closet Aggregation layer
Virtual Switching Fabric Locally Processed Requests CMM Monitoring & Sychronization


Routing Update Management Access NI1 Centrally Processed Requests
Principle of operation for distributed intelligence


Active Control Standby Control
Active Gigabit Ethernet Connection Standby Gigabit Ethernet Connection
HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR CONVERGED NETWORKS The OS9000 family is designed for resiliency and exceptional network performance to support realtime triple-play applications such as voice-over-IP (VoIP), data and video applications. Applications are supported by:

Fans Redundancy

High-port density High-capacity switching and trafc aggregation for enterprise network cores
Highly-available switching fabric with a unique load sharing capability1

CMM Redundancy

Multi-layer security Wire speed packet classication
SIMPLIFIED NETWORK MANAGEMENT Network management is simplified by providing users with familiar commands and user interfaces since all OmniSwitch products use the same AlcatelLucent Operating System (AOS) and are completely integrated with the Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista Network Management System (NMS). Alcatel-Lucent also offers other management options such as WebView, which is a web-based user-friendly element manager, a command line interface (CLI) and SNMP for third-party network management systems. No feature is exclusive to one management method. All are equal which leaves it to the administrator to select his or her preferred option.
OmniSwitch 9000 full redundancy Power Redundancy

(1) Requires dual CMMs in either the OS9700 or OS9800


Alcatel-Lucent secures the network with proactive and reactive capabilities that are provided through Alcatel-Lucent Access Guardian and the Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 2770 Quarantine Manager.
Alcatel-Lucents Access Guardian enables proactive, network-wide security through auto-sense authentication that runs on the OmniSwitch, preventing unauthorized network access. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 2770 Quarantine Manager provides reactive security by automatically handling malicious attacks by taking intrusion information and dynamically reconfiguring the network to contain the attack.
Alcatel-Lucent Access Guardian provides identity based network access to enable enforcement of device and network security policies, resulting in increased privacy and availability of communications. Access Guardian authenticates network users, confirms their PCs conformance to security policies, and then provides access rights based on the users role. Using Access Guardian, the network is able to provide secure access to all authorized users including IP phones and other network devices, regardless of the vendor. All while protecting the privacy and availability of your business communications. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista Quarantine Manager is an open, attack containment solution that defends against attacks at the network and application levels by isolating misbehaving users and providing a means for user remediation. It integrates quarantine information from any IDS or source of information about an attack and can locate and isolate an attacking device on any switch or wireless LAN switch in the network. Although third-party switches can quarantine a port, when the OmniVista Quarantine Manager is used with an Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch it is able to offer options to either isolate or quarantine only the offending user while keeping network access to any other users on the same port open.
8 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniSwitch 9000
Medium-sized network Two tier, single data center/building
Large-sized Network Three tier, multi data center/building

ENTERPRISE CORE / DATA CENTER The OS9000s address enterprise network core requirements with:
Enhanced VoIP and video performance with policy-based QoS
Future-proof support for multi-media applications with wire-rate multicast
Enhanced forwarding improves network response time through hardware-based forwarding at first packet and elimination of CPU solicitation for ACL/QoS demands
High-availability from complete redundancy of all critical components, from a distributed architecture, and from fabric availability plus extensive support of L2/L3 protocols for smart use of network topology redundancies
AGGREGATION LAYER The OS9000s address aggregation requirements with:
Higher 10G port density than competitive products
Increased options for wire-rate GigE ports (copper, ber, PoE)
WIRING CLOSET CONNECTIVITY The OS9000 addresses wiring closet requirements with:
Full power-over-Ethernet support for IP phones, WLAN access points and video cameras with up to 2400W of power through dedicated power shelves
Extensive support of AOS user-oriented features such as user authentication, learned port security (LPS), group mobility, and port mapping
Isolation of intruders with OmniVista 2770 Quarantine Manager
New 48-port 10/100/1000 module with up to 768 ports in a single, redundant system
Flexible authentication with Access Guardian
New 22-port module with 20 ports of copper and ber (RJ-45, software upgradeable from 10/100 to 10/100/1000) and 2-ports of 100/1000 SFP (ber)
HIGHEST AVAILABILITY FOR THE ENTERPRISE The OmniSwitch 9000s carry on Alcatel-Lucents tradition of providing the highest availability possible to support the demands of IP communications and mission-critical applications, all at an enterprise price. Providing the highest availability to the enterprise ensures that users have constant access to resources and services at all times. To ensure the highest levels of availability, the OmniSwitch 9000s provide:
Distributed architecture, where each NI autonomously supports functions, such as source learning, Spanning Tree functions, and L2/L3 forwarding

Redundant modules and sub-components (CMMs1, fans and PSUs)
Hot swappable modules and sub-components (NIs, CMMs1, fan trays, PSUs, SFPs and XFPs)
Hitless loading of optional software (routing / security), without re-booting
Image rollback to automatically re-load previous congurations and software versions for easier remote site management
10 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniSwitch 9000
(1) Requires dual CMMs in either the OS 9700 or the OS 9800
Network resiliency is critical to providing network availability. The OS9000s offer a superior architecture with no single point of failure and a subsecond fail-over in its redundant conguration. In the event of a CMM failure on an OmniSwitch 9800 or OmniSwitch 9700, they are able to provide continuous operation with no loss of connections when deployed with dual CMMs. Existing L2/L3 trafc, including voice conversations, will continue seamlessly without interruption.
For single CMM congurations, network resiliency is achieved through switch redundancy, network path redundancy, and the L2/L3 protocols for smart use of the switch and path redundancy. In this conguration, the OmniSwitch 9600 offers the best price/performance ratios.
DISTRIBUTED INTELLIGENCE Unlike other switches on the market, Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch are unique in that they are able to provide Smart Continuous Switching by using a design where most processes are distributed and handled on the network interfaces themselves, relegating the CMM to a coordination role. A bottleneck is avoided by not using a centralized control plane architecture where the CMM the key management module is responsible for all processing. The distributed design allows key processes such as Spanning Tree to maintain a fully operational state, even during a sub-second CMM failover.


With networks under constant attack from the outside world and even from within the company, a network needs to provide easy access to users and resources, yet possess extensive security features that can be managed across a global enterprise.
The OS9000s provide multi-layer security with a range of security features that can be implemented in the wiring closet, the core, and throughout the network. These include:
User authentication Virtual local area networks (VLANs) Quarantine VLANs Access control lists (ACLs) Capable of ltering unexpected control trafc (BPDU, RIP, OSPF, BGP) from user ports Prevents IP source address spoofing Authenticated switch access Encryption for secure management (SSHv2 / HTTPs / SNMPv3) Denial of service protection

Multi-layer security enables the building of sophisticated hardware and software-based solutions that can be integrated with policy-based management and other technologies such as smart cards, PKI, and biometrics for enhanced security implementations. For secure management there are many features integrated into the architecture including authenticated user access, SNMPv3 and SSL for encrypted sessions, and partitioned management for multitiered access and granular network administration.
12 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniSwitch 9000
ADVANCED NETWORK POLICIES FOR SECURE AND CONVERGED NETWORKS Advanced network policies ensure that users and applications get the priority and performance they need with ease of use management that extends across the enterprise. The OS9000s feature state-ofthe-art ASIC-based technology for intelligent, wire-speed everything including switching, routing, ACLs, QoS, trafc redirection and load balancing.
The OS9000s provide application aware switching for layers 2, 3, and 4 and the most advanced classification, prioritization, and queuing schemes in the industry. It also supports industry classification standards including 802.1Q/p, TOS, and DiffServ, and is enhanced with
complementary features such as extensive QoS mappings and retagging of prioritization. And, the OS9000s dont require additional hardware or specialized software to operate at wire-speed from the first packet!
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniSwitch 9000 13
OmniVista, the Alcatel-Lucent voice and data network management platform, is a comprehensive set of network management applications and tools that simplify the management of Alcatel-Lucent networking devices. OmniVista allows managers to monitor network activity, congure and troubleshoot each device, as well as manage an entire network from a single platform. It offers unied management, network-wide visibility, element management, VLAN management, policybased QoS, centralized management of secure switch access, quarantine capabilities to prevent security breaches by isolating potential threats all within a scalable architecture.
OmniVista features OneTouch manageability enabling network managers to quickly congure and manage the switches in their network. For example, OneTouch QoS, a feature of the Alcatel-Lucent policy management software, allows network managers to quickly assign QoS priorities to network trafc based on the characteristics of different applications. With one-click, every Alcatel-Lucent switch in the network is automatically congured. Alcatel-Lucents OmniVista Quarantine Manager proactively and defensively identifies and isolates viruses and network attacks before they wreak havoc on the network and automates the response for a self-healing network. The OS9000s offer service level and policy-based configurations with support for LDAP directories enabling flexible integration with existing platforms and allowing extended offerings. RMON and sFlow

support is also included

with a choice of interfaces for administrators a command line interface (CLI), SNMPv3, a fully editable text-based configuration file, and and WebView our OmniSwitch web-based interface.
14 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniSwitch 9000
IPV6 SUPPORT The OmniSwitch 9000 family provides full IPv6 support, and wire-rate performance on classifying, forwarding and tunneling to address various corporate and government requirements for IPv6. Unlike most switches that support IPv6, the performance of the OS9000s is unaffected by enabling IPv6 processing whether deploying IPv4, IPv6, or IPv4/IPv6. These switches address the U.S. Federal government Department of Defense (DoD) requirement that IPv6 be supported for migration by 2008 and addresses other countries requirements including:
The OmniSwitch 9000s are certied as IPv6 Ready
Ability to connect to the IPv6 backbone
Ability to interconnect the IPv6 island through an existing IPv4 network through hardware-based tunneling
Ability to control IPv6 flows with extensive QoS/ACL policies
Use of IPv6 across public organizations
The OmniSwitch 9000 family provides hardware-based classification for access control lists (ACLs) and quality of service (QoS). More importantly it provides a way to transition from an existing IPv4 network with support of tunneling (congured 6-in-4). The OmniSwitch 9000s are able to work with the existing AOS switches, and support the full suite of unicast routing protocols, multicast registration and routing protocols, QoS/ACLs and tunneling.
FIRST GREEN SWITCH IN THE MARKET ROHS COMPLIANCY Alcatel-Lucent is the rst switch manufacturer to be in compliance with directives from around the world that require electronic equipment to be free of hazardous substances. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 9000 family meets those requirements and was the rst to meet the European Communitys directive called Restriction on Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS). The whole world benets from these green switches by lessening the amount of hazardous substances that nd their way into the environment.
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniSwitch 9000 15

Technical Specications

Network Interface
All modules are hot swappable and can be used in any available NIs slot. 2-port 10GBaseX (XFP) 6-port 10GBaseX (XFP) 24-port 1000BaseX (SFP) 24-port 10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45) 24-port PoE 10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45) 48-port 10/100/1000BaseT (MRJ21) 20-port 10/100BaseT (RJ45, SW upgradable to 10/100/1000) and 2-port 100/1000BaseX (SFP)
Power Supply and Power Consumption
600 W AC POWER SUPPLY Input voltage: 100-240 VAC auto-ranging Operating frequency: 47-63 Hz Maximum input current: 7.5A at 110 VAC; 3.65 A at 220 VAC POWER CONSUMPTION OS9600 Chassis and fan trays: <42 W OS9700 / OS9800 Chassis and fan trays: <80 W OS9600-CMM / OS9700-CMM: <27W OS9800-CMM: <40W OS9-XNI-U2: <36W OS9-XNI-U6: <67W OS9-GNI C24/P24/U24/C20L : <56W OS9-GNI C48T: <79W PSU efficiency: > 0.75


EN 55024: 1998 EN 61000-4-2 to 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8, EN 61000-4-11
Safety Agency Certifications
UL 60950 IEC 60950-1:2001; all national deviations EN 60950-1: 2001; all deviations CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1-03 NOM-019 SCFI, Mexico; AS/NZ TS-001 and 60950:2000, Australia UL-AR, Argentina UL-GS Mark, Germany EN 60825-1 Laser, EN60825-2 Laser CDRH Laser


OMNISWITCH 9800 Height: 29.75 in (75.6 cm 17 RU) Width: 17.4 in (44.2 cm) Depth: 17.30 in (44.0 cm) Weight (fully loaded chassis): <190 lbs (85 kg) OMNISWITCH 9700 Height: 19.25 in (48.9 cm 11 RU) Width: 17.4 in (44.2 cm) Depth: 17.30 in (44.0 cm) Weight (fully loaded chassis): <130 lbs (60 kg) OMNISWITCH 9600 Height: 9.6 in (24.4 cm 5.5 RU) Width: 17.45 in (44.3 cm) Depth: 14.45 in (36.7 cm) Weight (fully loaded chassis): <55 lbs (25 kg) POWER-OVER-ETHERNET (POWER SHELF) Height: 5.0 in (12.7 cm 2.9 RU) Width: 16.25 in (41.3 cm) Depth: 15.15 in (38.51cm) Weight (fully loaded shelf): <22 lbs (10 kg) POWER-OVER-ETHERNET (230W / 390W W/ MOUNTING BRACKETS) Height: 1.73 in (4.4 cm 1 RU) Width: 19.0 in (48.3 cm) Depth: 7.0 in (17.9 cm) Weight (fully loaded shelf): <2 lbs (0.6 kg)
Environmental requirements
OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 32 to 113F (0 to 45C) STORAGE TEMPERATURE: 14 to 158F (-10 to 70C) HUMIDITY (OPERATING AND STORAGE): 10% to 90% non-condensing HEAT DISSIPATION (FULLY AND REDUNDANCY): OmniSwitch 9600: 1,750 OmniSwitch 9700: 3,485 OmniSwitch 9800: 6,480 LOADED W/ C48T BTU/hr, max BTU/hr, max BTU/hr, max
Emissions / Agency Approvals
CISPR 22 Class A FCC Part 15 Class A EN 55022 Class A ICES-003 Class A AS/NZS 3548 / EN55022 Class A EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3 VCCI Class A

16 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniSwitch 9000

IEEE Standards

IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE IEEE 802.1ad (VLAN Stacking) 802.1D (STP) 802.1p (CoS) 802.1Q (VLANs) 802.1s (MSTP) 802.1w (RSTP) 802.1X (Port-based NAC) 802.3i (10BaseT) 802.3u (Fast Ethernet) 802.3x (Flow Control) 802.3z (Gigabit Ethernet) 802.3ab (1000BaseT) 802.3ac (VLAN Tagging) 802.3ad (Link Aggregation) 802.3af (Power-over-Ethernet)
IP AND ROUTING BGP RFC 1771-1774/2842/2918/3392 BGP v4 RFC 1269/1657 BGP v3 and v4 MIB RFC 3065 BGP AS Confederations RFC 2385 BGP MD5 Signature RFC 2042 BGP New Attribute RFC 2439 BGP Route Flap Damping RFC 2796 BGP Route Reflection RFC 1965 BGP AS Confederations RFC 1997/1998 BGP Communities Attribute RFC 1966 BGP Route Reflection RFC 1403/1745 BGP/OSPF Interaction OSPF RFC 1253/1850/2328 OSPF v2 and MIB RFC 1765 OSPF Database Overflow RFC 3623 OSPF Graceful Restart RFC 2154 OSPF MD5 Signature RFC 1587/3101 OSPF NSSA Option RFC 2370/3630 OSPF Opaque LSA RIP RFC RFC RFC RFC 1058 RIP v1 1722/1723/2453/1724 RIP v2 and MIB 1812/2644 IPv4 Router Requirement 2080 RIP ng
QUALITY OF SERVICE RFC 896 Congestion control RFC 3635 Pause Control RFC 1122 Internet Hosts RFC 2474/2475/2597/3168/3246 DiffServ OTHERS RFC 3176 sFlow RFC 826/903 ARP and Reverse ARP RFC 925/1027 Multi LAN ARP / Proxy ARP RFC 951 Bootp RFC 1493 Bridge MIB RFC 919/922 Broadcasting internet datagram RFC 1518/1519 CIDR RFC 1541/1542/2131/3396/3442 DHCP RFC 2132 DHCP Options RFC 2131/3046 DHCP/BootP Relay RFC 792 ICMP RFC 791/894/1024/1349 IP and IP / Ethernet RFC 2251 LDAP v3 RFC 1305/2030 NTP v3 and Simple NTP RFC 1191 Path MTU Discovery RFC 3060 Policy Core RFC 1151 RDP RFC 1757/2819 RMON and MIB RFC 950 Subnetting RFC 793/1156 TCP/IP and MIB RFC 768 UDP RFC 2338/3768/2787 VRRP and MIB RFC 1256 ICMP Router Discovery

IETF Standards

MANAGEABILITY RFC 854/855 Telnet and Telnet options RFC 1215 Convention for SNMP Traps RFC 2616 /2854 HTTP and HTML RFC 2096 IP MIB RFC 1212/2737 MIB and MIB-II RFC 1643/2665 Ethernet MIB RFC 2668/3636 IEEE 802.3 MAU MIB RFC 1573/2233/2863 Private Interface MIB RFC 1155/2578-2580 SMI v1 and SMI v2 RFC 1157/2271 SNMP RFC 1213/2011-2013 SNMP v2 MIB RFC 1901-1908/3416-3418 SNMP v2c RFC 2570-2576/3411-3415 SNMP v3 RFC 2667 IP Tunneling MIB RFC 2674 VLAN MIB SECURITY RFC 2104 HMAC Message Authentication RFC 1321 MD5 RFC 2284 PPP EAP RFC 2139/2866/2867/2620 RADIUS ACCOUNTING AND CLIENT MIB RFC 2138/2865/2868/3575/2618 RADIUS AUTHENTICATION AND CLIENT MIB RFC 2869/2869bis RADIUS Extension RFC 2228 sFTP RFC 959/2640 FTP

IP MULTICAST RFC 1112 IGMP v1 RFC 2236/2933 IGMP v2 and MIB RFC 3376 IGMPv3 RFC 1075 DVMRP RFC 2934 PIM MIB for IPv4 RFC 2362 PIM-SM RFC 2365 Multicast RFC 2715/2932 Multicast Routing MIB IPV6 RFC 2292/2373/2374/2460/2462 IPv6 RFC 2464/2553/3493/3513 IPv6 RFC 3542/3587/4213/4291 IPv6 RFC 2461 NDP RFC 2463/2466/4443 ICMP v6 and MIB RFC 1886/3596 DNS for IPv6 RFC 2452/2454 IPv6 TCP/UDP MIB RFC 2740 OSPF for IPv6 RFC 2545/2858 MP Extensions for BGP-4 RFC 2893/3056 IPv6 Tunneling


1 year on hardware, 90 days on software Additional and optional support available
Alcatel-Lucent | OmniSwitch 9000 17

Layer-2 Switching

VLAN Port based, IEEE 802.1Q VLANs Advanced VLAN Classification: MAC, protocol, IP subnet IEEE 802.1ad VLAN Stacking (a.k.a. QinQ) SPANNING TREE IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) 1998 / 2004 edition IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) 2001 edition IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) 2002 / 2005 edition Support of single and multiple instances for STP and RSTP BPDU Watch Guard, Root Guard LINK AGGREGATION Support for static aggregate (a.k.a., OmniChannel) Support for dynamic aggregate (IEEE 802.3ad) AUTO-NEGOTIATION Speed (10, 100 and 1000 Mbps) and duplex mode (half or full) Auto MDIX on 10/100/1000 port (for straightthrough or crossover cables) TRAFFIC CONTROL IEEE 802.3x DHCP DHCP Relay, Option 82 and Snooping (including port-MAC-IP binding)

Layer-3 Routing (IPX)

IP ROUTING Static routing and RIP/SAP


CONFIGURATION MODE Command Line Interface Telnet/SSH for remote CLI access Web-base (HTTP / HTTPS) SNMP v1/v2c/v3 for complete NMS integration MANAGEMENT ACCESS TYPE Serial console port for local and remote (modem dial up) access (RJ45) Out-of-band Ethernet access (10/100/1000 RJ45) In-band Ethernet access SYSTEM MAINTENANCE Port mirroring (one-to-one, many-to-one) RMON (Remote Monitoring): statistics, history, alarm and events sFlowTM Local and remote logging (Syslog) Detailed statistics / alarm/debug information per process L3 OAM (ICMP Ping and Traceroute) NTP (Network Time Protocol) Internal flash (Compact Flash) to feature: working directory certified directory SYSTEM FILE TRANSFER Xmodem FTP (File Transfer Protocol)


PRIORITY QUEUES Eight hardware based queues per port TRAFFIC PRIORITIZATION Flow-based QoS in hardware (L1-L4) Internal and external (a.k.a., remarking) prioritization TRAFFIC REDIRECTION Policy-based routing Server load balancing (including health monitoring of servers) BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT Flow based bandwidth management, ingress policing / egress shaping Port-based egress shaping

QUEUE MANAGEMENT Configurable de-queuing algorithm Strict Priority Weighted Round Robin Deficient Round Robin POWER-OVER-ETHERNET IEEE 802.3af (requires OS9-GNI-P24 and PoE shelf) Maximum power of 2400W (600W per PSU) using the OS9-IP-SHELF Maximum power of 240W / 390W using, respectively, the OS9-IPS-0230A 3 / OS9-IPS-0390A 3

Service and support

DEFAULT WARRANTY 1 year on hardware, 90 days on software SUPPORT BASIC One year 7x24 phone. Includes e-service web access, software releases and repair and return of hardware to be completed in 10 business days from receipt. SUPPORT PLUS One year 7x24 phone. Includes e-service web access, software releases and advanced shipment for next business day arrival of replacement hardware.

Layer-3 Routing (IPv4)

IP ROUTING Static routing, RIP (v1, v2), OSPF (v2) and BGP ( v4, including graceful restart) MULTICAST IGMP (v1, v2 and v3) and IGMP snooping PIM-SM, PIM-DM and DVMRP NETWORK PROTOCOL Generic UDP relay (including DHCP Relay) TCP/IP stack ARP RESILIENCE VRRP (v2)


TRAFFIC FILTERING Flow-based filtering in hardware (L1-L4) USER AUTHENTICATION IEEE 802.1X, with Group Mobility and Guest VLAN support MAC Based Authentication for non 802.1X host Authenticated VLAN (web and telnet based authentication) SWITCH PROTOCOL SECURITY MD5 for RIPv2, OSPFv2 and SNMPv3 SSHv2 for secure CLI session (including Secure Copy) SSL for secure HTTP session SWITCH MANAGEMENT Local authentication database Remote authentication RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP and ACE servers

Layer-3 Routing (IPv6)

IP ROUTING Static routing, RIP (ng), OSPF (v3) and Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP MULTICAST MLD snooping 2 PIM-SM , PIM-DM
NETWORK PROTOCOL Generic UDP relay (including DHCP Relay) TCP/IP stack NDP RESILIENCE VRRP (v3)
(2) Contact your local Alcatel-Lucent representative for availability (3) Supported only on the OS9600
18 Alcatel-Lucent | OmniSwitch 9000

Ordering information

OS9600-CB-A OS9600-RCB-A OS9700-CB-A OS9700-RCB-A OS9800-CB-A OS9800-RCB-A OS9600 base bundle, to include OS9600 chassis, fan tray, 1 CMM, 1 PSU OS9600 redundant bundle, to include OS9600 chassis, fan tray, 1 CMM, 2 PSUs OS9700 base bundle, to include OS9700 chassis, fan tray, 1 CMM, 2 PSUs OS9700 redundant bundle, to include OS9700 chassis, fan tray, 2 CMM, 3 PSUs OS9800 base bundle, to include OS9800 chassis, fan tray, 1 CMM, 3 PSUs OS9800 redundant bundle, to include OS9800 chassis, fan tray, 2 CMMs, 4 PSUs

OS9600-CHASSIS OS9700-CHASSIS OS9800-CHASSIS OS9-PS-0600A OS9-PS-0600D OS9-IP-SHELF OS9-IPS-0600A OS9-IPS-0390A OS9-IPS-0230A OS9600 chassis and fan tray OS9700 chassis and fan tray OS9800 chassis and fan tray 600W AC PSU (100-240V) for OS9000 600W DC PSU (48V) for OS9000 External PoE rack for the OS9000 chassis. Rack to include 1 PSU (OS9-IPS-0600A) 600W AC power-over-Ethernet PSU (100-240V) for use with OS9-IPSHELF only 390W AC power-over-Ethernet PSU (100-240V) for standalone use 3 240W AC power-over-Ethernet PSU (100-240V) for standalone use 3
OS9600-CMM OS9700-CMM OS9800-CMM Chassis Management Module for the OS9600 and OSChassis Management Module for the OS9600 and OSChassis Management Module for the OS9800


OS9-C20L-UPG Software upgrade for OS9-GNI-C20L to provide 1000BaseT support on RJ45 ports (one license required per module)


OS9-XNI-U2 OS9-XNI-U6 OS9-GNI-U24 OS9-GNI-C24 OS9-GNI-P24 OS9-GNI-C48T OS9-GNI-C20L 2-port 10GigE XFP 6-port 10GigE XFP 24-port GigE SFP 24-port GigE (10/100/1000) RJ45 24-port GigE (10/100/1000) RJ45 w/PoE 48-port GigE (10/100/1000) MRJ21 20-port Fast Ethernet (10/100 SW upgradable to 10/100/1000) RJ45 and 2-port GigE (100/1000) SFP


XFP-10G-SR XFP-10G-LR XFP-10G-ER40 XFP-10G-ZR80 SFP-GIG-SX SFP-GIG-LX SFP-GIG-LH40 SFP-GIG-LH70 SFP-GIG-xxCWD60 SFP-GIG-EXTND SFP-DUAL-MM SFP-DUAL-SM10 MRJ21-COMBO-2 MRJ21-COMBO-5 MRJ21-COMBO-Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver (XFP MSA up to 300m) 10 Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver (XFP MSA up to 10km) 10 Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver (XFP MSA up to 40km) 10 Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver (XFP MSA up to 80km) Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver (SFP MSA up to 550m) Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver (SFP MSA up to 10km) Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver (SFP MSA up to 40km) Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver (SFP MSA up to 70km) Gigabit Ethernet CWDM optical transceiver (SFP MSA up to 60km 8 wavelengths) Gigabit Ethernet optical transceiver (SFP MSA Gigabit extender up to 2km) Dual Speed (100FX 1000LX) optical transceiver (SFP MSA up to 2km (FX) / 550m (LX)) Dual Speed (100FX 1000LX) optical transceiver (SFP MSA up to 10km (FX and LX)) 2m combo set for OS9-GNI-C48T composed of 8 cables (2m, MRJ21 to RJ45) and 1 patch panel 5m combo set for OS9-GNI-C48T composed of 8 cables (5m, MRJ21 to RJ45) and 1 patch panel 10m combo set for OS9-GNI-C48T composed of 8 cables (10m, MRJ21 to RJ45) and 1 patch panel


100512 Build: ALL SNMP traffic (traps + replies) outgoing the switch should use Loopback0 as IP-SA All SNMP traffic should use Loopback0 as IP -SA if configured 100838 Build: "Unable to remove NI %d from multicast socket" is recorded upon NI reboot 101421 Build: OS6: Slow Management Telnet -Ping upon Linkagg Up-Down depending on the Up-Down order 101753 Build: : Auth ip responding to Client DNS query before login 101522 Build: LSA from 64th neighbor not been programmed into the kernel routing table 101475 Build: 100% CPU load as soon as port network cable on mobile port is un plugged and re-plugged 101991 Build: Crashes on AOS switches after turning on IPMS 101487 Build: On OS68, IPMS is blocked when linkagg port disconnects 101926 Build: 802.1x fail authentication policy not working in 6602 Switch 102090 Build: OS7 LinkAgg port is not learning/sending any traffic via one port on one VLAN 101115 Build: swlog output socket' completion command refers to rfc -3513

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PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: Explanation:
102212 Build: MAC learned on Linkagg are not aging out in CMM 102718 Build: Renew AVLAN java applets
103096 Build: L3SrcUnicast L3DestBroad DHCP packets are not relayed if the L3 src is in the DHCP server network 101577 Build: The mac-address of the client shows up in the Avlan and Default Vlan even after getting de-authentication Corrected Mac-address comparison for avlan client mac -address in a specific scenario. 103198 Build: 802.1x will not work on the same port that has mac authentication 102979 Build: Unable to display switch log file in WebView 103093 Build: After canceling the scheduled reload it affects the configuration status; Need fix. 104222 Build: Unable to save MD5 ospf configuration 101544 Build: SLB does not work once ip SLB server admin status is disable and enable again 104878 Build: Second Generation Modules are not displayed in the WebView of OSBuild: Corrupted multicast entries
PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary:

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105174 Build: DVMRP routes process caused switch to cra shed with cs_system.pmd DVMRP Route processing logic corrected to terminate the route processing when the length of the packet is less than minimum length. 102530 Build: Last change value for vlan ip not dis played correctly in OmniVista. 104849 Build: show 802.1x' on stack of 6600 locks up console 104852 Build: 802.1x non-supp mac-authentication fails but port still passes unicast traffic 105047 Build: 802.1x ports still have 802.1x policies even though 802.1x is disabled 105114 Build: in stack comes back up after crash vlan port never goes to forwarding 103547 Build: OS7700: Previously configured static route doesn't work after rebooting the switch 104966 Build: 802.1x Request Identity not triggered if there is no EAP -Start 105512 Build: STP were not detecting and blocking the ports with these Type 1 (IBM) connectors 104059 Build: QoS classifyl3 bridged causes the switch not to forward traffic after HSRP routers toggle

105862 Build: Client cannot get an IP address if avlan default -traffic is enabled. 106509 Build: AMAP information of Local Slot not displayed properly when using a SNMP Get command on MIB Browser 107150 Build: 802.1x performance issue
106173 Build: IP interface changes on the switch can not be seen on OmniVist a without reload 106193 NI extractions Build:
Problems Fixed Between Builds 284 and 288
PR Summary: PR Summary: 102999 Build: Enhancement code for Data Exception 82076 Build: Power Down/Up traps not sent to the NMS station if the redundant power supply isn't on primary unit

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PR Summary: PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary:
105775 Build: OmniSwitch running DVMRP reporting "Recvd invalid mask " 107419 Build: Port is not moving to mobile when all the rules are of Ethernet II and ethertype alone varies Code changes done in GMN for handling unknown prototype 107555 Build: Permanent Mac is getting Flushed When NI is Made Down
Problems Fixed Between Builds 289 and 298
PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: Explanation: 107618 Build: OSPF Route not synchronized with IP routing table 107599 Build: Telnet/SSH/FTP do not work when local proxy ARP is enabled. 107864 Build: Port shutdown when CPU reach a configured Threshold 103257 Build: System timezone configured on any AOS switch is not stored in boot.cfg 93035 Build: IP Multicast 'leave group' messages are sent with a wrong Source Address Leave messages were sent with an invalid Source MAC address, two bytes were added before the MAC address. For example: the following address was sent 5e xx instead of 5e xx xx xx. 108177 Build: Unable to create ipms forwarding entry 108236 Build: ipms memory allocation 96221 Build: SFM down FABRIC: Awaiting enough UP Fabrics (#up=0)
PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary:

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101853 Build: When reading MIB entries a stack is handled as one chassis 107583 Build: Switch crashed with MemMon dump and source lea rning task suspended 108454 Build: PC with dynamic IP address fail to classify under non -supplicant GM policy
Problems Fixed Between Builds 299 and 322
PR Summary: Explanation: 94914 Build: SNMP response sent twi ce for the first SNMP get Drop duplicate SNMP Request packets received in IPNI via the source learning path from hardware in the following particular case - when the destination IP is resolved and when the source IP is not yet resolved/learn t. 108705 Build: Though the mobile port is moved to respective vlan , DHCP is flooded on default vlan 101852 Build: When reading MIB serial numbers are not shown completely 108528 Build: Switch is not rechecking QoS policies when traffic path changes 108625 Build: QoS task locked up when OV is disconnected while applying a new rule 107504 Build: RMON not updating
PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary:
108666 Build: QoS "maximum bandwidth" limits bandwidth to values not accurate

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PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary:
108907 Build: 802.1x port doesn't grab a IP until unless the port belongs to default vlan to which it moves 102303 Build: 2nd stack switch gets IP address with source MAC address 00:00:00:01:00:Build: Static ARP entries are automatically added to the running con figuration after a takeover on LA Not to store bogus arp entries in configuration file. 108713 Build: LinkAgg Task crash after NI extraction 108143 Build: OSPF LSDB entries do not register in the routing table 101176 Build: AOS switches go to unsaved state when trap replay turned on OV 107510 Build: communication with NIs running 5.4.Build: 68xx new daylight saving time for March 11, 2007 compliance does not work. It would select March Build: Onex task got suspended on 6850 PMD was generated 109307 Build: Need a command to set the NAS -Port-Type on a switch 109273 Build: BPDUShutdownPorts is not working for 802.1x port

112364 Build: RFC 2868 using 802.1x authentication tunnel attributes not working on 7700 using code OS9700 Cannot rip peer with other vend router. RIP updates re ceived only once after interface is up. 111033 Build: Learned Port-Security with mac-range blocks valid and invalid mac addresses 90581 Build: httpServerDoSAttackTrap contains no src IP of the attack 112456 Build: When STP is disabled able to see the RP and NBRP Resetting the Spanning Tree parameters if the Spanning tree is disabled. 92679 Build: Task tpimsm suspended after some configuration changes Using Static-RP Configuration and then changing the max -rps may cause tpimsm to suspend. 111412 Build: OS9700 creates dump file and NI 2 hangs up for 5 minutes afte r upgrading the code. Process linkAgg Marker PDU's on the ports only where linkagg is enabled. If marker PDU's are received on non -linkAgg ports discard those packets.
Problems Fixed Between Builds 342 and 352
PR Summary: PR Summary: 113585 Build: does not respond to SNMP query for GNI2 -U2 module 115064 Build: Port status is Forwarding without a cable attached.

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115736 Build: Show aaa avlan auth -ip <vlan#> shows unexpected results. 115499 Build: SNMP "get" returns wrong values for some AOS mibs 108902 Build: New burst of traffic is not being flooded (only 2 out of 10 packets are flooded) 110083 Build: It takes around 4 to 5 min for the mac -address to get flushed out when the auth client is disconnect
Problems Fixed Between Builds 353 and 363
PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: Explanation: 114504 Build: OSPF Border Routers aging out on second hop router, first router not flooding LSA 116786 Build: OSPF issue: In NSSA redistributed RIP routes are not learned with correct destination IP 116191 Build: Show vlan [instance] port and show spantree ports, display different results in 6602 with 5.1.6.Build: sysUptime is not reported accurately in WebView 98291 Build: BPDU are not sent out when reverting back to STP Flat Mode and re enabling VLAN 1 In FLAT mode, STP kernel is enabled when VLAN admin state is received after the vlan stp state.

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PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: Explanation:
100931 Build: 802.3ad (Dynamic) and Omnicha nnel (static) in AOS Vs Etherchannel in IBM P57D (AIX 50) server. 108600 Build: Lpower ->suspended on stack of 6600 and created dump file 105084 Build: Cannot ping, telnet, WebView, vlan1 ip obtained from ip helper bootup enable on 6600 switch 106638 Build: System crash upon creating a new VLAN with CS excep handler: exception 768 in task 0x89b4aBuild: task taQoS was suspended on NI -8 and pmd file created need to analyze the same : 108563 Build: Unexpected takeover of CMM_B on a OS7700 with error exception Floating-Point Exception IEEE-Build: OSPF adjacency cleared and the CMM may reset when the system time is manually changed 109011 Build: When PC moved from one vlan to another the PC still pulls up the same IP as earlier vlan subnet 109293 Build: Ping across static linkagg failed when primary link failed 111567 Build: STP crash while hotswaping 10 gigabit module Check added to avoid crash during SNMP get on STP tables.

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113129 Build: Certain AVLAN client cant get log off from switch The avlan auth ip structure gets corrupted, when a vlan is deleted. The corruption is prevented by using the new vlan instead of previous index while initializing the auth -ip to zero. 108603 Build: Switch Configuration Status Flag modified when executing the reload the command 107600 Build: On OS8800 GNI-U8 and ENI-C24 created PMD: Need analysis. 108934 Build: Telnet session ending issue
116094 Build: PX: info memPartAlloc: block too big - 2048 in partition 0x3cd99c. -- error on console 112742 Build: Admin down/up on 10G, random Vlan stops learning/forwarding after reconvergence 111585 Build: OmniVista Showing High CPU Traps 117677 Build: ip helper' info does not show in write terminal as configured in the CLI
Problems Fixed Between Builds 364 and 375
PR Summary: 110032 Build: Layer 2 access-list not working as expected in 5.1.6

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PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary:
113556 Build: 5.1.6.R02 creates extra policy rules while creating a policy using OneTouch voice/data 109555 Build: AOS 6800 24L - Webview displays flash -synchro completed while synchronization is still running 113940 Build: OS7800: PMD file analysis. slo2sli0ver1.pmd formed due to NI monitoring timeout. 117587 Build: "INVALID OUI" error while trying to configure new mac -range on a 7700 running 101593 Build: Mirrored port loses connection to VRRP VIP address, Its DGW. Can't go outside its VLAN. 116520 Build: Explain the details that could be observed and collected on a spy output 101672 Build: No static route added when receiving IP address and gateway from DHCP with IP helper boot -up enabled 116748 Build: Debug memory command crashed the switch
Problems Fixed Between B uilds 376 and 385
PR Summary: PR Summary: 110380 Build: Using any third party NMS the Designated Bridge shows wrongly on Non Designated Bridge 118444 Build: OS7700: ip udp relay NBNSNBDD command wrong parsing

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112256 Build: NI remained down after CMM takeover
Problems Fixed Between Builds 386 and 401
PR Summary: PR Summary: PR Summary: 118750 Build: Messages to Syslog server do not use Loopback0 as IP -SRC 117322 Build: OS7800 Crash producing Rmon task error 119427 Build: Static dhcp-snooping binding table entries on 6850 are getting flushed when PC is disconnected and PC cannot access the network after reconnecting. 106142 Build: The mac group policy doesn't work on a authenticated port 102483 Build: VRRP ARP entry not updated after removing one NI from a Link agg 109706 Build: Port blocking on a stack of 6602 -48 after the power off of the primary unit. 97958 Build: ERROR: esmDrv_findIfIndex<< GlobalPort > when trying to print the port structure of an unknown port While getting the Ifindex in the ESM driver, there is no check to see whether the module type returned is valid for the slot for which the CLI is executed. Added a check for the verification of the module type and returning without further processing if there is no board present. Now a proper error message is displayed saying the specific slot does not exist. 115297 Build: NETWORK INSTABILITY WHEN CHANGING THE PORT BLOCKING

123159 Build: after scanning it using Qualys To fix Emweb server crash when the QualysScan tool is used to scan the switch. 122781 Build: OS8800 - Switch Crash. PMD file analysis required. UDP packets in NI are rate limited to 256 pkts/ sec and 1024 pkts/ sec on the CMM. This is to ensure a storm of UDP broadcast traffic does not chew up all the system buffers. 121836 Build: OS7800 crashed with Hardware Failure type 4 and memory buffer depletion exception 110134 Build: PC treated as non-supplicant cannot move back to 802.1x unless down/up switch port Issue of non-supplicant entries not getting deleted while it is getting deleted in the mac-address table is fixed. 124178 Build: Need to disable sending out BPDU's from the Mob ile port while STP is disabled Global variable control in the CMM to block/allow sending out BPDU's from the Mobile port. This would be effective only from AlcatelDebug.cfg duing bootup.
PR Summary: PR Summary: Explanation:

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123052 Build: show spantree cist ports displays wrong primary port for linkagg Changes done to display the primary port field correctly for linkagg ports in "show spantree cist ports active" cmd 124550 Build: INTIP card not able to download image from TFTP server when 6602 is VRRP Primary Dropping packet from unresolved channel to CPU to avoid duplicate ICMP reply in case of VRRP VIP and VLAN interface IP are different.
93822 Build: Connectivity Issue in 10G Links between OS8800s Problem was discovered to be pre -production release hardware, either the XFP or the 10G NI. Once all hardware that was below proper rev was replaced issues were resolved 99886 Build: NI Task suspended TaskName: taIpni followed by NI reboot Added invalid memory check at lower boundary of memPools 123413 Build: BBUS resets during the takeover affecting the communication of the Primary and Secondary CMM. Enabled auto hello answer and BBUS reset on Primary during secondary hello inactivity, to stabilize the BBUS and avoid takeover. 124132 Build: Prepend values are not displayed for the Secondary IP of the vlan Check for Number of AS Prepanded when Queued attribute found for route 124343 Build: 6648.PMD DUMP Analysis Validity check introduced for URL lookup in file system

Problems Fixed Between Builds 472 and 477
PR Summary: Explanation: 120132 Build: OS7 need not to route packets arri ving with destination mac address = router mac of another vlan Allow to add router mac in the L2DA Table using a coomand excuted only during bootup
128187 Build: OS7800 - error Exception: Mem Address No t Aligned for task VlanMgr Handled "Mem Address Not Aligned" exception in task 'VlanMgr'. 128686 Build: Boot.cfg.1.err is created on secondary CMM for correct configuration of 802.1x Fix done to stop creating boot.cfg.err for proper 802.1x configuration.
Problems Fixed Between Builds 478 and 488
PR Summary: Explanation: 128104 Build: Even there are no changes in the configuration, exit command prompts so in 6.3.1 R01 Whenever the show tech -support command is executed without any change in the configuration the switch is exited normally.

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119386 Build: 7700/6800 switch processing the unicast arp reply not destined for it. Block ARP reply packets which are not destined for switch configured IP interfaces, upon request.
Problems Fixed Between Builds 489 and 495
PR Summary: Explanation: 129515 Build: On 6602-48 stack , ports 1-18 or 33-50 missing when we poll the OID through mib b Code changes to prevent same bridgePort numbers created for ports in OS6648 (48 port) stack of switches. 130718 Build: vlan manager - correct the retries so that ipc bu ffers are not locked up in socket queues Corrected the retry & delay values to avoid buffers getting stuck in socket queue of vlan msg task
128872 Build: cmm b took over and cli task suspended Save last message processed by mip Gateway task, which will be helpful in debugging CLI lockup issues.
Problems Fixed Between Builds 496 and 500
PR Summary: Explanation: 130155 Build: comments shown as leak in "debug memory monitor show log" on 7700 in default config Fixed the memory leak in dshell

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Problems Fixed Between Builds 501 and 510
PR Summary: Explanation: 125881 Build: 7700/6850/9800 being attacked by SSH/TELNET/FTP and crashed need memory dump analysis Rate limiting done on SSH sessions under SSH attack. An SSH attack scenario is defined as when the system gets more than 3 SSH session requests within one single minute. Any new SSH connection will need to be attempted after waiting for one f ull minute. T 130671 Build: MDNS is replicated by 6600 stacks when souce mac is not yet learned on the NIs 131814 Build: Mobile ports shows blocking even though STP is disabled and bpdu ig nore is enabled on the mobile por Fix timing issue on mobile VPAs during takeover 132369 Build: OS7800 NIs crashed: - Urgent pools depletion. "+++ Buffer : Urgent Perc used : 99 Perc allowed: 75" Added swlog message to indicate freeing of DMA buffers when NI goes down

132573 Build: sub-second OSPF route convergence dshell command line needed for OS 7700 as gospfSubSecond = 1 in Using debug flag achieve sub second OSPF convergence. 132027 Build: 7000-516-485-R01 only supports 64 ngbrs per Router, Support larger number of ospf nbrs per area (>= 128) upto max of 255 nbrs per system 132839 Build: In enqueue_to_ip_using_ipc, DHCP Snooping vlan -level dropping DHCP packet

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Problems Fixed Between Builds 511 and 516
PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: 130571 Build: High OPSF task tospf due to an unnormal high OSPF LSA acti vity Flush the invalid LSA. 132122 Build: Topology changes message needs to be logged in swlog with timestamp. Topology Change Logged Into Swlog for easy reference. 131482 Build: 6600: if we apply a deny rule with a destination ip "any" no traffic passes through. Destination ip any rules are programmed correctly in the Hardware. 133235 Build: CMM take over atfer giving copy flash-synchro Defence fix added to avoid crash during copy flash synchro.
131336 Build: ping and traceroute command not available for read -only users New CLI command is added to allow ping/traceroute access for read -only users. Here is Sample CLI commands usage user read-only-group allow ping-traceroute user read-only-group deny ping-traceroute show user read-only-group ping-traceroute
133643 Build: Enhance the swlog message when port shutdown due to receive BPDU Enhanced swlog message during port shutdown due to receive bpdu

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Problems Fixed Between Builds 517 and 522
PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: 133937 Build: SSH Authentication with DSA public keys did not work on OS -6600. Added public key authentication to ssh session 134338 Build: OS 7700 Dhcp-snooping database not updated after the DHCP ip renew Populate DHCP binding enable if dhcp binding is enabled. 127798 Build: FLASH SYNCHRO Aborted. Due to SIMPLEX CMM or 2ndary State Code changes to correct error messages shown during Flash synchro failures in a duplex setup 134184 Build: OS7800 crashed with slot.pmds: "alarm sendPmMsg: sendTo 42 : 0: d: 2 failed!!" Decrease retries and increase delay while sending messages in VLAN Mgr and HSM

124760 Build: Error Open Message Capability Code 65 received from Juniper Support to ignore Unsupported capabilities for BGP peer and support peers with no optional capabilities.
Problems Fixed Between Builds 523 and 525
PR Summary: Explanation: 134406 Build: System reboot with FATAL error when copy flash -synchro Check for available flash space of the CMM before starting flash synchro. Note that the new code with the fix has to present in both the CMMs for the fix to work.

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134897 Build: Debug command "debug set allowed_ssh_session" does not work. Maximum number of ssh session when set using debug command is retained when there is no attack 136393 Build: mac address is not getting aged out if ip relay not able to receive an DHCP address
Problems Fixed Between Builds 526 and 540
PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: 134364 Build: 7700 not sending genral query report when a topology change is detected. Learn the same client on different ports. 131697 Build: PMD enhancement for webView buffer leakage Dumps will be generated if webView is in problematic condition with webView buffer monitoring information.
PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation:
137577 Build: BBus Debug Improvement IPC BBUS Debug Counters addition 137884 Build: "ip multicast static-neighbor" entry disappea rs while upgrading 7700 to 541 525-R01 code. Handle ip multicast static -neighbor configuration properly during bootup 122824 Build: Web Authentication failed Workaround and debug improvement f or the Emweb Buffer issue 138175 Build: Redundant Multicast group entry when the same client is learnt on other ports: Follow-up PR#134364 Timing out the redundant multicast client entry

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127484 Build: To merge restricted TCN feature from 6.3.1 to 5.1.6 Feature for restricting the TCN in 5x. 137445 Build: spantree ports in forwarding state with DESG role for disabled spanning tree Operational Status of STP Disabled ports is changed to Disable from Forwarding 138369 Build: CPU spike on 6602 when the tcp traffic sent with port number zero. Handle tcp packets properly w ith port number zero. 138932 Build: static querier configuration disappeared from a running configuration Avoid timeout of static multicast queriers
Problems Fixed Between Builds 541 and 553
PR Summary: Explanation: 128328 Build: Command to change the source of SNMP replies. New CLI introduced to control the Source IP of the SNMP packets originating from the switch 139534 Build: OIDs - dot1dTpFdbPort & dot1qTpFdbPort shows index number instead of port number for OS6602 Display port number instead of index value for Port Mib objects 137663 Build: OS7 Dump generation with SNMPagt task suspension (taskId : 0X059CB1B0). Validation of invalid buffers to IPC call 131334 Build: Check-in code changes for PR 130961 SSH is processed only in valid connections.

PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation: PR Summary: Explanation:

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94907 Build: "Show 802.1x 1/1" command doesn't display anything. Other ports are OK. Fixed Display Issue with showing 802.1x information on the first port (1/1) using command "show 802.1x 1/1" caused due to a wrong interpretation of index for the port number 1/1.

Known Issues

PR Summary: PR Summary: Explanation: Workaround: PR Summary: Explanation: Workaround: PR Summary: Explanation: Workaround: PR Summary: Explanation: Workaround: 106871 Switch is not reading owner -attributes from LDAP : so ov3.3 Global QoS does not work 83127 +++ [CLISHELL 46] Error on setting tty options at login(851971) DoS attack: bncex on port 23 A DoS attack on port 23(Telnet) results in "[CLISHELL 32] Error on setting tty options at password(851971)" The issue is cosmetic an d does not affect performance of the switch. 84009 igmpInterfaceVersion can set igmp V1 on the interface but CLI and WebView won't It is not possible to configure an interface as IGMPv1 through the cli or WebView. Configure an interface as IGMPv1 through SNMP. 84630 Show ip udp relay statistics [service] only shows info if there is a vlan assigned to that service Even webview does not display the entry if there is no vlan associated with the service. There is no known workaround at this time. 87960 Webview doesn't refresh Source Learning table properly causing submission failed by MAC deletion Sometimes Webview doesn't refre sh Source learning table properly causing submission failed when trying to delete a MAC Press refresh button before performing mac address deletion.

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89316 MSTP Edge Port Implementation - We send out rootBridgeID (ffffffff f) - Anvl Expect valid Mac Add Every link-up, we send out a BPDU packet with the Root BridgeID of 0xffff. to elicit a BPDU reply from the adjacent switch in the current Auto -Edge Detection mechanism. Setting the stpni_useWors tRootBridgeID=0 in NiDbg, then disable/re enable the STP instance. (These steps are not expected to be performed by the customers, but by our Automation testers who need to setup ANVL test cases.) 90297 CST Root convergence in 802.1S ta kes long or never converges CST Root convergence in 802.1s may be slow due to the circulation of old 'good' spanning tree vectors in the network when a root switch is powered off 1. Use single MSTP region as much as possible 2. Tune the performance parameters maxAge and hop count to optimal values for the network.

PR Summary: Explanation: Workaround: PR Summary: Explanation: Workaround:
91729 Remove unsupported ToS and DSCP from Conditions > Layer 3 pages ToS and DSCP options are not removed from Conditions > Laye r 3 pages as they are also available through cli. There is no known workaround at this time. 91850 WV IPX statistics do not display until CLI cmd 'show ipx traffic' is keyed IPX statistics are not correct with Webview or SNMP. A "show ipx traffic" needs to be done on the CLI so that the statistics can be retrieved from the NIs. 98511 Switch hangs while trying to learn 250 neighbor mac addresses using NDP in IPv6 When switch learns any ipv6 neighbor mac address, the entry remains in cache forever with state "Stale", it should get deleted after sometime if no communication between switch and its neighbor is taking place. There is no known workarou nd at this time.

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PR Summary: Explanation: Workaround: PR Summary: Explanation:
98522 igmp proxy version v3 is not functioning on 8800, 78/7700, 6600 Received IGMP reports are not proxied as V3 reports when IGMP proxy version is configured as V3 on an OS7000 series switch. There is no known workaround at this time 98526 WebView Remote System File Mgmt: Delete File, Copy File, and List Files don't work at the bottom pge In WebView Remote System File Management; By deleting the file won' t automatically refresh the directory with the current content, it requires clicking the list button in order to see the updated directory contents. Also, there is a timing issue for "List File" which requires clicking the "Refresh" button more than once. There is no known workaround at this time 98529 +++ [CLISHELL 46] Error on setting tty options at login(851971) DoS attack: bncex on port 23 A DoS attack on port 23(Telnet) results in "[CLISHELL 32] Error o n setting tty options at password(851971)" The issue is cosmetic and does not affect performance of the switch. 98534 (FFS corruption tracking PR) 'csCvmUtilRecursiveCopyDir: copy error" when certified and flash-synch Flash File System May become corrupt after Certify, Restore or Flash Synchro process There is no known workaround at this time 98542 Problem in sending tagged traffic over mobile ports Currently tagged frames on a mobile port with mobile tag disable will get classified into a vlan if protocol or ip net rules are configured for that vlan on the port. There is no known workaround at this time
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98551 Webview Ethernet General Modify Does Not Work on OS8800 In WebView, Physical > Ethernet > Interface Configuration > General "Modify" window might display a "Set operation finished successfully!" message. However, the changes are not made to the table. Use the "Multiple Modify" window and select the desired slot/port to perform the changes. WebView Remote System File Management: Copy from/to Primary doesn't work. WebView Remote System File Man agement: Though the file list is displayed, an error is logged for the primary cmm. There is no known workaround at this time. 98562 Cannot add IPv6 default route using WebView On an OS8800 switch, an IPv6 default route to the configuration cannot be added using WebView. Add the IPv6 default route to the configuration using CLI. 98567 10G: "Adding DA entry failed entry = 0x10020,." msg displayed on some slices upon loading debug After loading debugger on 10G NI, some slice showed "adding DA entry failed entry." message There is no known workaround at this time. 98580 Pmon is not able to capture IPMS flows when the client is sitting on the monitored port. This is a hardware limitation on 66xx None

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98593 WebView Vlan 802.1Q modify and apply a already setup tag on a 10 gig port fails. Webview allows modific ation on certain 10 gig ports for 802.1q that it shouldn't cause the modification submission to fail. There is no known workaround at this time. 98594 WebView ethernet general modify: after click apply, set successful message not visible in NS 7.0. WebView > Physical > Ethernet > Interface Configuration > General modify page might not show the "Set Successful" message in Netscape 7.1. Ignore; whenever there is an error message, the modify page stays open automatically. 98623 802.1X GM STP BPDUs are received while port is not authenticated and direction is both. 802.1X GM STP BPDUs will be received while port is not authenticated and direction is both.STP BPDUs are sent to ensure that no loops are formed on the mobile ports. There is no known workaround at this time. 98626 Duplicate mac add's w/ reset/timeout static and dynamic in same vlan after resetting GNI_U12_C2 board Duplicate mac addresses in the same vlan with reset static and dynamic mac addresses after resetting GNI_U12_C2.This behavior was happening for specific conditions and it doesn't affect the functionality. There is no known workarou nd at this time. 98631 No trap is sent out by chassis supervision when sfp module is removed from fiber 6600 Logs are available to notify when an sfp is removed or inserted. Currently no traps for this event are defined. There is no known workaround at this time.
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Workaround: PR Summary: Explanation: Workaround:

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98632 Generic udp relay for NTP (123) is not working According to UDP relay SFS document (section 2.6) , For NTP, the UDP relay will not be able to forward NT P packets, whose destination address is the AOS router port IP address to the NTP server. There is no known workaround at this time 98644 Get too many warnings when only info set "v6if -6to4-137 (6To4 tunnel) reachability may be affected" Occasionally many warning messages are logged to console when only info set "v6if-6to4-137 (6To4 tunnel) reachability may be affected" There is no known workaround at this time.

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98550 [6600] Oversize pkts transmitted by Mirrored port is being received by Mirroring port (in/out/bi) This is expected behavior as per the mirroring implementation in hardware. All packets will be mirrored (tx or rx) regardless of the specifics of the packet. There is no known workaround at this time. 98596 After CMM takeover, "show qos port" does not display tagged or trusted 10 Gig ports Traffic flow on the port is fine and qos rules are also applied. To view the 10gig port in the show qos port command, the por t can be administratively disabled and enabled. 100389 Takeover on OS8800 with fully loaded Nis did not come up properly Takeover on OS8800 with fully loaded Nis did not come up properly. This is a hardware issue. Use different chassis and NIs. 110134 PC treated as non-supplicant cannot move back to 802.1x unless down/up switch port Issue of non-supplicant entries not getting deleted while it is getting deleted in the mac-address table is fixed. 130665 OS7 - - "Admin down" is not completly shuting down the port on OS7-ENI-FM12 Admin down on OS7-ENI-FM12 port will not bring the remote end link down. There is no known workaround. 139633 OS6850 crashed when command "copy working certified " with "error reading /flash/working/ entr Retry mechanism introduced which calculating the checksum of image files

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Case R110 UE-32C6500UW Lesabre 1995 AQ18NSA HMD 45-6 WF-42P1 Symphonie 500 2 0 SA-W10 Digitech RP7 BQ-321 PSR-22 Se ED HC-serie Xv-n422 UN40B6000VF Samsung L760 RD-175 Powerpoint R-771 Fujifilm A820 MZ-5N AVR 300 TX-32LX60F Challenge SEW 67A R1245AV 250-2001 Canon I320 VME575LE Timex W-9 Breil AW00 MC-EU1 CCD-TRV218E X-140 Panasonic G50 SP-700 S PRO Portege M700 RX-V3000RDS Hi-mass PV-L850D DM-550 RC177 Soliris UNO VPL-ES5 838PRO SX-209RDS Dcs-424 Yamaha DX21 F5D7634ed4A C-2000 Zoom BD7-raid Review MCD112-A0 DVM-1800 DC-Z93 MH035feea C82391 H830 H66 Trainer Game SP2014N YP-T7FZS Photo Motorola V8 Normandy Latitude X200 FAX-5750E Kombi DPX-3030 300 G2 Impression A6 SRM450 DBP-2010 MSS601X ROC 45 KD-A66 Software Express 3 Stereo SRU3030 Aspire 5610 MP-F63 Logicom G650 Crmb 1122 TX-950 SX255 Isdn Servers 3346Z 14MG10G 42MF230A FW870C BT 250V Hatch FS-3900DN 2 8D C105-S SGH-U600G Korg M1 DES-1048G DV-626D


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