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The Marauders Archive

Welcome to the Marauders Home Page
Appearance schedules: Band

Bio of the Band

Pix of the

Next Shows: Stay tuned!

On Oct 6,2001 we lost a dear, treasured friend who worked many shows onstage and kept peace in the ranks. Debora Zydalis was a beautiful woman and mother who will be sorely missed. Please remember her in prayer and meditation. She gets to hang out backstage in Heaven, now.

A Tribute to Deb

A sample of the Musical History

reason to rock (1 of 2) [03/14/2002 2:09:03 AM]
(may good come to he who cares)
Past happenings Stay tuned for pix & multimedia very soon
Thanx to our friends @ AOL

Comm Link

Best if viewed w/Navigator @ 800x600 (2 of 2) [03/14/2002 2:09:04 AM]


THE MARAUDERS Scotty Ferreira-Lead and background vocals/guitars:15 years experience Tommy Tuenge-Drums:20 years experience Luke McLendon-Saxophone,flute and background vocals:20 years experience Warren Smith-Lead and background vocals,bass,guitars:15 years experience Brett Lawson-Lead vocals:15 years experience Members of the Marauders have belonged to the Sport Woody Band-TheBeTweenersDr.Hector and the Groove Injectors-Travesty-Taz-CrossFire-Lincon Brass-CottonmouthRedHouse-Nobodys Fault-Dark Waters-Les DeMerle Orchesta. and have performed with-Pat Travers Band-Muddy Waters-Crawfish of Love and members of Lynyrd Skynyrd-Rossington Collins Band-Duran Duran-The E Street Band-Molly Hatchet-Blackfoot-The Outlaws and many,many more. The Marauders have performed aprox 200+ gigs a year for the past 4 years and hail from Jacksonville,Fl. Engineers:Jeff Williams,Debby Zydalis Equipment - See attachment For booking,or futher information contact-Luke McLendon-(904)262-7582 Jeffrey Williams-(904)262-7582 Tommy Tuenge-(904)247-6551 Fax & digital-(904)260-8341 [03/14/2002 2:09:05 AM]

Marauders sound

Jeffrey Williams 904-262-7582 Luther McLendon 904-260-8341 Equipment List-Marauders 1.Speakers

H. Fax

1.Two 18" McAuley bass speakers in custom built birch cabinets McAuleys reconed-1995.Design is front load bass reflex. 2.Two EAW designed cabinets loaded w/two 15" *JBL's and a two inch JBL horn and driver(2440).Cabinets crafted by Florida sound engineering. Jax,Fl.Design is front load bass reflex.*#2225H 3.Two 12" two way JBL angle front stage monitors(model # 4602 A ).Design is front load bass reflex. 4.Two 12" two way angled stage monitors(Passport custom ).Design is front load bass reflex. 5.Two 12" Electro-voice two way angled stage monitors(custom crafted cabinets).Design is font load acoustic suspension. 1A.Lo-power(commercial) p.a. system 1.Two 15" Yorkville speakers in seperate horn loaded cabinets(upgraded 1978 concert horn), design is horn loaded bass reflex. 2.Two Renkus-Heinz 1" high frequency horns-front loaded. 2.Power Amplification 1.Urei JBL model 6290 (3). 2.Crown Com-Tech 400 (1). 3.Crown Power Base 2 (1). 3.Alesis RA-100 (1). 4.QSC M1200 (1). 5.QSC USA850 (1). 6.Peavey M-3000 (1). 3.Audio Processing A.Equalization 1.One Yamaha stereo 1/3 rd octave(31 band) model # Q2130A equalizer. 2.One Biamp mono 1/3 rd octave model # EQ21 equalizer. 3.One Tapco Electro-voice 1/3 rd octave model # 2230 equalizer. B.Compression 1.One Alesis stereo compressor limiter model # 3630. 2.One DBX Project 1 stereo compressor-limiter. C.Signal Processing 1.One Yamaha stereo reverberation unit model REV-7(studio grade user configurable). (1 of 2) [03/14/2002 2:09:07 AM]
2.One Lexicon digital delay model 93 PRIME TIME. 3.One ART model DR2a multi effects processor. 4.One Alesis Micro-verb 3 multi effects processor. 5.One Alesis Midi-verb 2 multi effects processor. D.Frequecy Division 1.One Ashly 5 way mono-3 way stereo frequecy divider(crossover network) model # XR2001 2.One Ashly 3 way stereo frequency divider model # SC-77 4.Mixing Consoles 1.One Yamaha eight(8) channel stereo mixer model #PM-430.One monitor send,one efx loop. 2.One 16x2x1 Yamaha 16 channel stereo mixing console model #1603.One monitor send,two efx loops. 3.One twelve channel Electro-voice model#BK channel stereo mixer.One monitor,two efx loops. 4.One 24 channel Mackie 8bus stereo console,six efx loops-recording mixer. 5.One Mackie 1402VLZ stereo mixer w/two efx loops. 5.Microphones 1.One Shure SM-85 phanton powered condensor mic. 2.Three Shure SM-58 vocal/instrument mics. 3.15 Shure SM-57 instrument/vocal mics 4.One AKG D-112 bass microphone. 5.Four Shure SM-55Sh mics. 6.Stage Lighting 1.Up to eight independently programmable channels w/scene programming.NorthStar Lighting Sytems contoller w/up to eight 300w par 57 and two 500w par 64 fixtures. 2.75'of red,white,and yellow chaseable rope lights w/sound controllers. 7.Miscellaneous A.We employ cd players,cassette recorders,hi-fi vcrs for audio recording and playback.We can connect video cameras and record on the S-vhs & 8mm format,we also have fm tuners available on the system. B.All cables for audio and electrical supply are broadcast and industrial types.Standards include: Belden,Switchcraft,Alpha,Monster,Hubbel,Nuetrix,all connectors are engineered to broadcast specs. Minimum electical requirements are 240vac @ 30amps nominal.Single phase,center tapped. C.We can provide up to six(6) independent stage monitor mixes for vocal artists and a true discreet stereo main mix if desired.Venues larger than school or municipal auditoriums will require six weeks advance notice on order.System spec sheet,prices,and references available on request.Engineer of system will always be present during operation as either supervisor or contractor/operator(Jeff). (2 of 2) [03/14/2002 2:09:07 AM]

Marauders Personnel

The Marauders:

Mr Brett Lawson-vocals

Scotty Fererra-vocals,guitars

Tommy Teunge-drums (1 of 2) [03/14/2002 2:09:23 AM]
Best viewed w/Navigator 3.0+ (2 of 2) [03/14/2002 2:09:23 AM]
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