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AKG 414 (2) AKG D1000 AKG D112 AKG D200E AKG D310 Audix OM3XB Earthworks Omni Electro-Voice 635A Electro-Voice RE20 (2) MXL 990 Ribbon Pacific Pro Audio LD-2ube (2) Sennheiser 421 (3) Sennheiser 441 (4) Shure 51 vintage "rockabilly" mic Shure Beta52 Shure SM7

Mi c Pr e amps

Altec Lansing 1674x (3) Aphex 107 DBX 386 tube Drawmer 1960 Hamptone HJFP2 Hamptone HVTP2 tube Joe Meek TwinQcs PAIAI Tube Pre Quad 8 MP-LA (2) Sytek MPX-4A
Compressors/ Limiter s/ Lev el er s/Gates
Alesis 3630 Aphex 105 ART-TCS DBX 160x (2) DBX 165A (2) DBX 166A DBX 266XL Orban 424a Summit Audio TLA50 Tube Leveler (2)

Equaliz er s

Soundcraftsmen SG-2205-600 Stageworks E321X


Antares Auto-Tune Evo NEW! Alesis MidiVerb2 Aphex Aural Exciter Type C Boss SE-50 Ibanez SDR1000 Lexicon LXP-15 Lexicon MPX-100 Vintage spring reverbs: Altec Lansing 1212A Lafayette Echo-verb II Pioneer SR-202


AMR-2400 36X24

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Pro Tools HD 8.0 (32 ins/outs, unlimited voices) NEW! Logic 8.0.2

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Otari MTR-90 MkII 2" Tascam MSR-24 1"
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Ampeg Portaflex SB-12 (1967) Bassman 10 (1977) Columbia wooden cabinet w/ 12" Peavey Epiphone Valve Junior Fender Bandmaster (1967 Blackface) Fender Bandmaster 2x12 cabinet Fender Pro Junior PR257 Marlboro Soundworks 220R Marshall 1960A 4x12 cabinet Marshall JMP Mk2 Master Model 100W Lead (1979) Mesa Boogie Caliber Series Class "A" Power Peavey Classic 50 2x12 Peavey TNT 115 Bass Amp Traynor Custom Special Model YBA-3 (ca. 1972) Yamaha Fifty210


Mixing Desks DDA D Series 32:8:24:2 (54 Mix) Soundcraft Spirit Studio 32:8:2 Allen & Heath CLChannel 12 Mic Input 4 Buss 6 Aux Mackie Channel 4 Mic Input 2 Aux Recording Apogee Rosetta 24 Bit 96k AD Converter Alesis HDBit Hard Disk Recorder MOTU 2408 MkII Digigram VX-Pocket Laptop Balanced /AES Digi In/Out PCMCIA Card Opcode Studio 128X Serial Midi Interface (8 In 8 Out Inc SMPTE) MOTU Midi Express Serial Midi Interface (4 In + 6 Out Inc SMPTE) ADAT Mk 1 Digital 8 Track JLCooper Datasync 2 (Enables ADAT MTC Output) Tascam DA-20 DAT Tascam DA-30 MkII DAT Tascam CDRW-700 CDR Sony Nicam Stereo VHS (Scart) Denon DRM24HX 3-Head Cassette Player/Recorder Monitoring Genelec 1030A Active Pair Alesis Monitor One Studio Reference Monitors Pair Alesis RA100 Power Amplifier Quad 33 Preamp Quad 303 Power Amplifier Sharp Portable Stereo Outboard Joe Meek Voice Channel (Pre Amp/Compressor/Enhancer) Joe Meek VC3 Pre-amp & Compressor TC Electronic M2000 Dual Engine Multi FX TC Electronic Fireworx Multi FX Drawmer LX20 Dual Expander/Compressor Drawmer DL221 Dual Compressor/Limiter Drawmer MX30 Dual Compressor/Gate Yamaha SPX90 Multi FX Roland SRV330 Dimensional Space Reverb Sony HR-MP5 Multi Processor Art Multi FX
Alesis Quadraverb Multi Fx Alesis Midiverb 2 Multi FX Digitech Studio 4 Quad Multi FX Aphex Aural Exciter 104 with Big Bottom Yamaha E1005 analogue delay Bel BD80 Digital Delay (8 Second Delay) Roland RE-201 Space Echo (Tape Delay) JSH Digitec Delay Behringer Dual 31 Band Graphic Behringer Ultra-Q Musical 5 Band Parametric Eq/Notch Filter Behringer Quad Gates Behringer Composer Pro Dual Compressor/Gate Waldorf X-Pole Analogue Filter MTR HPA-6 Headphone Amp Microphones Neumann TLM 103 Large Diaphragm Condenser Neumann KM184 Small Diaphragm Condenser Audio Technica 4033 Large Diaphragm Condenser AKG 414 ULS Gold Large Diaphragm Condenser AKG C451b Stereo Matched Pair AKG C1000s Condenser Shure SM91 Condenser Shure Beta 52a Dynamic Shure Beta 58a Dynamic Shure Beta 57a Dynamic Shure SM58 Dynamic Shure SM57 Dynamic Sennheiser MD421 Dynamic Sennheiser e504 Dynamic Sernnheiser MD 425 Dynamic Headphones/DIs Sennheiser HD25 Headphones Beyer Dynamic DT100 Headphones BSS AR116 Active DI 6-Way Active DI Keyboards Yamaha SY85 5-Octave Keyboard Technics P-30 88-Note Weighted Keyboard Roland SH-101 Blue Analogue Monosynth
Novation Bass Station (Keyboard) Roland PC-Octave Midi Keyboard Controller (USB) Emu Launch Pad Control Surface Midi Controller Samplers/Modules Emu e-64 Sampler (EOS V4.62) 40 Meg RAM 4 Gb HD (8 Outs Aes In/Out) Akai S-3000XL 32 Meg RAM (10 Outs Aes In/Out) Akai S-Meg RAM 12 Bit (10 Outs) Emu ESI-Meg RAM (4 Outs Spdif In/Out) Studio Electronics ATC-1 Analogue Rack Monosynth Iomega 100/250 Meg Zip Drive Roland JV 1080 Keyboard Module Roland MC-303 Drum Machine Novation Bass Station (Rack) Roland M3R Marion Prosynth (Oberheim) Alesis D4 Drum Module (4 Outs, 10 Midi Triggers) Yamaha RM50 Drum Modules (6 Outs, 6 Midi Triggers) Pearl Drum-X Programmable Electronic Drum Module Amplifiers/Cabs Fender Bassman 50w Head Fender Twin 65 Reissue Ampeg 350w SVT Bass Head Ampeg 500w SVT Bass 4 x 10 Cab Marshall 6100LM Anniversary Head Line Six 2x12 Mono/Stereo 2 x 12 Cab JBL EON 250w Guitar Pedals Pod Line 6 Boss ME-30 Guitar Multi Fx Vox Wah Wah Aria Fl-5 Flanger Aria DD-X10 Digital Delay Yamaha CH-10MII Chorus Pearl C0-04 Compressor MXR Distortion Aria Stage Tuner Tokai Phaser Boss Auto Dynamic Boss Overdrive/Distortion

Boss Auto Wah Aria Metal Pedal Guitars Rickenbacker Electric Ovation Semi-Acoustic Epiphone Semi-Acoustic Bass Futurama Electric Bass Drums/Cymbals/Percussion Pearl BLX (Birch Shell) Drum Kit 22 Shells Noble & Cooley 14x4 Piccolo Snare Drum Yamaha 14x6 Oak Shell Snare Drum Simmons Pads Zildjian 14 K Hihats Zildjian 16 Avedis Platinum Crash Zildjian 17 Avedis Crash Zildjian 20 Custom Dry Ride Zildjian 20 K Pre-Aged Light Ride Sabian 14 Studio Hihats LP Windchimes Sonor Bongos Various Percussion



Ultrafix SPP-A968 T7512A Ktris245FBW URC-277 Rc7 Madam Laserjet 3800 Sagem D85C T 15 TXL37S20BA Audio Review 360052 DZ-HS903 1200 4V Pop-corn GA-P55-usb3 FX-8700G GPS-5V1 DSC-W190 B UE-55C8000 SND 7T92 Scbtx70 Advizor Limousine 933 II KDL-40V5100 DMC 1000 Celestia Plus Xpressmusic Fishfinder 320C CP-200 MT400 Camry 2007 Links 2003 LG UV24 G 1220 Adapter 318TDS Fireface UFX Series2 DT Mustang Bass ZO6330 HT503SH-a2 G900X BOY 350 MS9138E SV-DVD1E TL 600 JD-S10CL Cleveland DJ31 Lide 20 Jaguar All-IN-ONE Lecoaspira 700 KV-29DS55 EP-CZ30 Tangent DUO PFM-42V1A Incollables SDW-M12BE CHR-185X AQV24FAN Nuvi 775 KDL-40EX711 E3X-da-S Drive HVR-Z5C SX-KN500 Logitech S100 Asus R2H AQ12awan F152 156 DVR-220 25 DCE XSA-00800A Casio 3043 AVS7440 15200 FL411C Ocean Blue VW246 YZF-R6-2002 Printer Alan 121 Fryer DVR-200 SCB-2408-D CFD-W57L System 96ST-A Akira KV-S1045C Miniportrait 402B XV6700 PMC-37PRO DM-5090 CP3300 DCP-7032 CM168 TY-FB9HD


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