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gfterry 4:13am on Sunday, September 5th, 2010 
ONLY WORKS IN THE UK, AND RE-INSTALLATION IS COMPLICATED I acquired this product packaged with a new Nokia N73. ONLY WORKS IN THE UK, AND RE-INSTALLATION IS COMPLICATED I acquired this product packaged with a new Nokia N73.

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Microsoft Windows Mobile Customer Solution Case Study
CoPilot Live and Windows Mobile GPS navigation driving data revenues for UK mobile operators
We look forward to working with our Mobile Operator partners and ALK Technologies in building upon the success to date with CoPilot Live 7 and its support for Windows Mobile 6 David Hooper, EMEA Mobility Business Group Marketing Manager, Microsoft MED
GPS navigation is one of the fastest growing sectors in consumer electronics, with sales of dedicated personal navigation solutions exceeding 12 million units in EMEA* during 2006. The latest Windows Mobile-powered phones with in-built GPS receivers are now able to offer the same customer experience, removing the need for separate hardware and making navigation available on the most portable of devices the mobile phone.
Customer awareness of the benefits of GPS navigation is now extremely high across Europe, thanks in part to above-the-line advertising and awareness campaigns from dedicated navigation vendors. UK Operators are now successfully exploiting this awareness to differentiate themselves and to drive data revenues with CoPilot Live.
T-Mobile and O2 have found that the combination of ALK Technologies CoPilot Live GPS navigation software and a Windows Mobile-powered phone is an effective combination that provides a great end customer experience. Both Operators are finding that CoPilot Live encourages consumer adoption of data-centric devices for increased ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) while assisting with the achievement of customer acquisition and retention targets.
Windows Mobile-powered phones combine mobile access to desktop applications, personal information and e-mail with full phone and messaging functionality. CoPilot Live extends this convergence by providing dedicated navigation system performance and real-time mobile data services.
CoPilot Live has enabled us to provide a great beyond voice mobile experience for both our consumer and business customers, fully exploiting the potential of our Windows Mobile-powered phone range and our Web n Walk mobile internet service. Tony Lillico Marketing Manager Devices, T-Mobile UK Ltd

T-Mobile UK

In 2004, T-Mobile UK reviewed the option of including satellite navigation software as part of its mobile data strategy. The purpose of this was two fold; the first to stimulate sales, secondly to differentiate its range of Microsoft Windows Mobile-powered phones. During this review process they contacted Microsoft for help in identifying a suitable satellite navigation partner. The Windows Mobile team at Microsoft recommended ALKs CoPilot Live thanks to its premium navigation features and real-time live communications services. CoPilot Live is the ideal solution for T-Mobile as it encourages take-up of the Operators datacentric Windows Mobile-powered MDA range, extending the mobile experience with powerful voice-guided satellite navigation, integrated realtime traffic information and live location tracking. T-Mobile launched versions of CoPilot Live for the T-Mobile SDA I Windows Mobile smartphone and MDA Compact Pocket PC in January 2005. To support the launch, ALK and T-Mobile embarked on a series of shopping centre promotions where CoPilot Live could be shown at first hand to a consumer audience. In the majority of cases, this would have been the first time that potential customers had seen satellite navigation running on a mobile phone. The success of the initial campaign demonstrated that a Windows Mobile-powered phone with premium-quality satellite navigation, available for free when purchased with an 18 month pay-monthly contract, offers significant added value to consumers. Subsequently, T-Mobile has embraced the concept of mobile phone navigation in support of their Web n Walk mobile data proposition, creating pay-monthly plans and data bundles around CoPilot Live and their own-

brand Windows Mobile-powered devices. Customers can buy a phone with CoPilot at the point of purchase. An integrated marketing programme of joint PR, national newspaper advertising, point of sale and other collateral has helped increase awareness of CoPilot Live and generate demand through T-Mobiles channels to market. November 2006 saw another major milestone for all partners with the launch in the UK of the T-Mobile MDA Compact III, the first Windows Mobile-powered phone to feature an in-built GPS receiver provided by a UK Mobile Operator. The result has been a massive boost to sales of Windows Mobile-powered devices through retail and business channels. This business success has translated into a high profile joint collaboration with the Gumball Rally. ALK and T-Mobile provided each vehicle in the 3000 mile road trip with Windows Mobilepowered phones and a custom version of CoPilot Live that included mapping of the entire route across Europe, Asia and North America. Gumball fans globally were able to view the location of each vehicle in real-time online via CoPilot Live and ALK s web based vehicle tracking service, FleetCenter. Tony Lillico, Marketing Manager, Devices, at T-Mobile commented CoPilot Live has enabled us to provide a great beyond voice mobile experience for both our consumer and business customers, fully exploiting the potential of our Windows Mobile-powered phone range and our Web n Walk mobile internet service.
Our customer feedback has been very positive to-date and we will shortly introduce CoPilot Live on future Xda devices, giving our customers a greater choice of Windows Mobile-powered devices with GPS functionality". Jack Gordon, Proposition Marketing Manager - O2 Branded Devices
O2 have long held a leadership position in marketing Windows Mobile phones in the UK. The O2 Xda range is among the best-known Windows Mobile-powered device brands. O2 selected CoPilot Live as their navigation solution for the Xda range in November 2006 due to its optimum combination of dependable satellite navigation and live mobile data location-specific services, which they felt offered tremendous value to both their consumer and business customers. CoPilot Live was initially launched with the Xda Orbit, O2s first Windows Mobile-powered phone to incorporate a GPS receiver. O2 chose to fully integrate CoPilot Live into their Xda proposition, creating O2-branded collateral and developing tariffs specifically for the combined solution. Available with CoPilot Live, the Xda Orbit has seen exceptionally strong consumer demand. Jack Gordon, Proposition Marketing Manager O2 Branded Devices, commented: "The success of the Xda Orbit with CoPilot Live demonstrates that satellite navigation is a feature increasingly sought by our customers. Feedback has been very positive to-date and we will shortly introduce CoPilot Live on future Xda devices. O2 is now launching CoPilot Live across the O2 Xda range, coinciding with the launch of several new phones and adopting navigation as a central and common element in their Windows Mobile proposition. Mobile Phone GPS navigation is now on the map With an increasing number of handsets incorporating built in GPS receivers coming to market, the business case for satellite navigation on a mobile phone is compelling.

The success of the T-Mobile MDA Compact III and the O2 Xda Orbit provides the commercial evidence. This device combines CoPilot Lives dedicated navigation performance with phone and Windows Mobile functionality into a single device. We are delighted that ALK Technologies has been successful in helping to drive sales of Windows Mobile-powered devices through TMobile and O2, said David Hooper, EMEA Mobility Business Group Marketing Manager, Microsoft MED. This demonstrates how the Windows Mobile platform is a great environment in which to develop and operate innovative applications such as CoPilot Live for both business and consumer users. We look forward to working with our Mobile Operator partners and ALK Technologies in building upon the success to date with CoPilot Live 7 and its support for Windows Mobile 6 commented Hooper.
Maps on-board, real-time information delivered dynamically
CoPilot Live provides hybrid client navigation for Windows Mobile-powered phones. Maps are stored on-board the phone either on a preloaded storage card or in device memory. Real-time, location-specific information is delivered to and from the phone using the Operators mobile data network. Customers can enjoy premium quality, highly portable navigation on their phones with live traffic information and location tracking delivered to the phone via GPRS/3G/HSDPA. Its a great customer experience that encourages incremental mobile data usage through truly useful real-time service. *Data provided by Canalys -2006
ALK Technologies in Europe
ALK Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey with offices in UK, Germany, Spain, France, Denmark and Taiwan. Since its founding in 1979, ALK has recognized the power of information technology and its direct link to competitive advantage and improved quality of life.
ALK Technologies is at the forefront of the growth in demand for mobile satellite navigation in Europe, through its awardwinning CoPilotR GPS navigation product family.
CoPilotR Live GPS Navigation solutions transform phones, PDAs and other mobile devices into powerful satellite navigation systems with the additional benefit of integrated real-time 'navigation-based services' (NBS) such as location-tracking and messaging delivered via the mobile Internet.
ALK is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, a member of the UK Mobile Data Association and received the 2005 Microsoft Partner of the Year award for Mobility Solutions Sales and Marketing.
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