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Dmitri 8:43pm on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 
Easy Fix If your computer is slow moving from window to window or slow opening programs. This is a quick and easy fix. Crucial Memory -- Delivered as promised Not a whole lot to say. Crucial Memory is an industry standard. DIMM Memory Chips Allowed me to take 486 computer running XP and upgrade it to run Vista.
Aherdofturtles 12:24pm on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 
Awesome Amp for the Money! this is a Great amp for the coast. I have more then one of them and have never had a problem.

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From MRV-1005 etc, hay 4 modelos partes que faltan from W82-O 13-11-96


Please read this OWNER'S MANUAL thoroughly to familiarize yourself with each control and function. We at ALPINE hope that your new MRV-1505/MRV-1005/MRV-T505 will give you many years of listening enjoyment. In case of problems when installing your MRV-1505/MRV-1005/MRV-T505, please contact your authorized ALPINE dealer. CAUTION: These controls are for tuning your system. Please consult your authorized Dealer for adjustment. PRECAUTIONS Perform the installation at a location that is level. Make sure the parking brake is on and the ignition is OFF. Always disconnect the cable from the () negative pole of the battery before connecting or disconnecting the MRV-1505/MRV-1005/MRV-T505. This will prevent the possibility of short circuits. When replacing a blown fuse make sure to replace it with one of the same value. Be sure to connect the color coded leads according to the diagram. Incorrect connections may cause the unit to malfunction or damage to the vehicle's electrical system. Be sure to connect the speaker () leads to the speaker () terminal. Never connect left and right channel speaker cables to each other or to the vehicle body. This unit is designed for 12 VDC, negative ground systems. Make sure that your vehicle has this type of electrical system before connecting the power cable. When making connections to the car's electrical system, be aware of the factory installed components (e.g. on-board computer). Do not tap into these leads to provide power for this unit. When connecting the MRV-1505/MRV-1005/MRV-T505 to the fuse box, make sure the fuse for the intended circuit of the MRV-1505/MRV-1005/MRV-T505 has the appropriate amperage. Failure to do so may result in damage to the unit and/or the vehicle. When in doubt, consult your ALPINE dealer. The MRV-1505/MRV-1005/MRV-T505 uses female RCA-type jacks for connection to other units (e.g. amplifier) having RCA connectors. You may need an adaptor to connect other units. If so, please contact your authorized ALPINE dealer for assistance. Due to the high power output of the MRV-1505/MRV-1005/MRV-T505, it is important that all connections are clean and well secured, or damage could result. When installation and connections are completed, check the followings: a) Connections are proper. b) Operation of brake lamps, horn etc. are proper with the ignition ON. c) Operation of audio units is proper with the switch ON.
MRV-1505/MRV-1005/ MRV-T505
2 Channel Power Amplifier
OWNER'S MANUAL Please read this manual to maximize your enjoyment of the outstanding performance and feature capabilities of the equipment, then retain the manual for future reference. MODE D'EMPLOI Veuillez lire ce mode d'emploi pour tirer pleinement profit des excellentes performances et fonctions de cet appareil, et conservez-le pour toute rfrence future. MANUAL DE OPERACION Lea este manual, por favor, para disfrutar al mximo de las excepcionales prestaciones y posibilidades funcionales que ofrece el equipo, luego guarde el manual para usarlo como referencia en el futuro.


x For European Customers Should you have any questions about warranty, please consult your store of purchase. x For Customers in other Countries IMPORTANT NOTICE Customers who purchase the product with which this notice is packaged, and who make this purchase in countries other than the United States of America and Canada, please contact your dealer for information regarding warranty coverage.










MRV-1505 MRV-1005 Power Output: RMS Continuous Power (at 12.0V, 20 Hz to 20 kHz) Per channel into 4 ohms 150W 100W Per channel into 2 ohms Bridged into 4 ohms 300W 600W 0.04% THD 200W 0.3% THD 400W 0.3% THD Power Output: RMS Continuous Power (at 14.4V, 20 Hz to 20 kHz) Per channel into 4 ohms 225W 150W Per channel into 2 ohms 450W 900W 0.04% THD 300W 0.3% THD 600W 0.3% THD 400W 1000W 8 Hz to 60 kHz 105 dBA (+0, 1 dB) 105 dBA (referenced to rated power) Greater than 5 200mV to 4.0V (1.0V at center detent) 10k ohms < 4 or 2 ohms (Stereo), 4 ohms (Bridged) 50 to 200 Hz, 12 dB per octave 11 16VDC Negative Ground 75W 150W 300W MRV-T505 50W 100W 200W
ALPINE ELECTRONICS, INC. Tokyo office: 1-1-8 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141, Japan Tel.: (03) 3494-1101 ALPINE ELECTRONICS OF AMERICA, INC. 19145 Gramercy Place, Torrance, California 90501, U.S.A. Tel.: 1-800-ALPINE-1 (1-800-257-4631) ALPINE ELECTRONICS OF CANADA, INC. Suite 203, 7300 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario L3R 9Z6, Canada Tel.: 1-800-ALPINE-1 (1-800-257-4631) ALPINE ELECTRONICS OF AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. 6-8 Fiveways Boulevarde Keysborough, Victoria 3173, Australia Tel.: (03) 9769-0000 ALPINE ELECTRONICS GmbH Brandenburger Strasse 2-6 D-40880 Ratingen, Germany Tel.: 02102-ALPINE ITALIA S.p.A. Via C. Colombo 8, 20090 Trezzano Sul Naviglio MI, Italy Tel.: 02-ALPINE ELECTRONICS FRANCE S.A.R.L. (RCS PONTOISE B 280) 98, Rue De La Belle Etoile, Z.I. Paris Nord II B.P. 50016 F-95945, Roissy, Charles de Gaulle Cedex, France Tel.: 01-ALPINE ELECTRONICS OF U. K., LTD. 13 Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes MK14 5BU, U.K. Tel.: 01908-56 ALPINE ELECTRONICS DE ESPAA, S.A. Portal De Gamarra 36, Pabelln Vitoria (Alava) - Apdo. 133, Spain Tel.: 34-45-283588 Designed by ALPINE Japan Printed in Japan (S) 68P90664W91-B


Debido a la salida de alta potencia del MRV-1505/ MRV-1005/MRV-T505, se produce un calor considerable cuando el amplificador est en funcionamiento. Por esta razn, el amplificador deber montarse en una ubicacin que permita la libre circulacin de aire, como por ejemplo dentro del maletero. Para ubicaciones de instalacin alternativas, por favor contacte a su distribuidor de Alpine autorizado. 1. Utilizando el amplificador como plantilla, marque la ubicacin de los cuatro tornillos. 2. Asegrese de que no hay objeto alguno bajo la superficie que pueda verse daado durante la perforacin de los agujeros. 3. Perfore los agujeros para los tornillos. 4. Site el MRV-1505/MRV-1005/MRV-T505 sobre dichos agujeros, y asegrelo con cuatro tornillos autorroscantes. NOTA: Para conectar de forma segura el cable de tierra, utilice un tornillo ya instalado en la parte metlica del vehculo (marcado (5)). Asegrese de que es un punto de tierra bueno verificando la continuidad con el terminal de la batera (). Conecte siempre que sea posible todo el equipo en el mismo punto de tierra. Esto ayudar a eliminar el ruido. Tornillos autorroscantes (M4 x 14) Cable de tierra Chasis Agujeros
Due to the high power output of the MRV-1505/MRV1005/MRV-T505, considerable heat is produced when the amplifier is in operation. For this reason, the amplifier should be mounted in a location which will allow for free circulation of air, such as inside the trunk. For alternate installation locations, please contact your authorized Alpine dealer. 1. Using the amplifier as a template, mark the four screw locations. 2. Make sure there are no objects behind the surface that may become damaged during drilling. 3. Drill the screw holes. 4. Position the MRV-1505/MRV-1005/MRV-T505 over the screw holes, and secure with four selftapping screws.

Fig. 1

CONNECTIONS (Fig. 2 Fig. 6) MRV-1505/MRV-1005
Before making connections, be sure to turn the power off to all audio components. Connect the yellow battery lead from the amp directly to the positive (+) terminal of the vehicle's battery. Do not connect this lead to the fuse block. To prevent external noise from entering the audio system. Locate the unit and route the leads at least 10 cm away from the car harness. Keep the battery power leads as far away from other leads as possible. Connect the ground lead securely to a bare metal spot (remove the coating if necessary) of the car chassis. If you add an optional noise suppressor, connect it as far away from the unit as possible. Your Alpine dealer carries various Alpine noise suppressors, contact them for further information. Your Alpine dealer knows best about noise prevention measures so consult your dealer for further information. 1 RCA Input Jacks Connect these jacks to the line out leads on your head unit using RCA extension cables (sold separately). Be sure to observe correct channel connections; Left to Left and Right to Right. 2 Speaker Output Terminals The MRV-1505/MRV-1005/MRV-T505 has two sets of speaker outputs. Be sure to observe correct speaker output connections and phasing. In the stereo mode, connect the right speaker outputs to the right speaker and the left to left. Connect the positive output to the positive speaker terminal and the negative to negative.

CH-2 (R) CH-1 (L)

CH-1 (L)




3 Battery Lead (Yellow) Be sure to add a 80 amp fuse as close as possible to the battery's positive (+) terminal. This fuse will protect your vehicle's electrical system in case of a short circuit. If you need to extend this lead, the wire gauge should be 8 AWG or larger. MRV-1505. 80 amp fuse MRV-1005. 60 amp fuse MRV-T505. 30 amp fuse 4 Remote Turn-On Lead (Blue/White) Connect this lead to the remote turn-on or power antenna (positive trigger, (+) 12V only) lead of your head unit. 5 Ground Lead (Black) Connect this lead securely to a clean, bare metal spot on the vehicle's chassis. Verify this point to be a true ground by checking for continuity between that point and the negative () terminal of the vehicle's battery. Ground all your audio components to the same point on the chassis to prevent ground loops. 6 Insulation Tube MRV-1505/MRV-1005 In case of using the leads (speaker/power supply cord) purchased at the market, use the hexagon screws and the hexagon wrench (M2.5) included as the accessory to make connection easier. The wire size should be within AWG6 AWG18.

CH-2 (R) (R)




+ CH-1 +

In the bridged mode, connect the left positive to the positive terminal on the speaker and the right negative to the negative terminal of the speaker. Do not use the speaker () terminals as a common lead between the left and right channels. Do not connect this lead to the vehicle's chassis. NOTE: Do not connect speaker leads together or to chassis ground.


7 High-pass Output Phase Switch Sets the phase of this output to 0 (in phase) or 180 (inverted) independently from the other output. Often, the subwoofer and midrange (or midrange and tweeter) may be acoustically out of phase with each other, meaning all the sound will cancel completely or partially. Also, 2nd order filters are naturally out-of-phase electrically. Always try the phase switch to establish the best setting before fine-tuning the crossover frequencies. 8 Input Mode Selector Switch a) Set to the "ST" position (center) when the two channels are used in stereo. The CH-1 (or CH-2) input will output 1(MONO) ST 1+2 at the Speaker Output Terminal CH-1 (or CH-2). b) Set to the "1 (MONO)" position when the two channels are used for one channel of a stereo bridged system. 1(MONO) ST 1+2 The CH-1 input is output from the Speaker Output Terminals CH-1(+) and CH-2 (). The CH-2 input accepts no signal. (Refer to Fig. 6.) c) Set to the "1 + 2" position when the two channels are used for a subwoofer system which uses the 1(MONO) ST 1+2 right channel and left channel signals summed. The CH-1 and CH-2 inputs are summed, then output from the Speaker Output Terminals CH-1(+) and CH-2 (). (Refer to Fig. 5.) 9 Crossover Mode Selector Switch a) Set to the "LP" position when the amplifier is used to drive a subwoofer. The frequencies above the crossover OFF HP LP point will be attenuated at 12 dB/ octave. b) Set to the "HP" position when the amplifier is used to drive a tweeter/ midrange system. The frequencies below the crossover point will be OFF HP LP attenuated at 12 dB/octave. c) Set to the "OFF" position when the amplifier will be used for driving fullrange speakers. The full frequency OFF HP LP bandwidth will be output to the speakers with no high or low frequency attenuation. - Input Level Selector Switch Set to the "4V" position when the head unit with 4V output voltage is used. When the head unit with non-4V output voltage is used at the "4V" position, the volume will be decreased. a Parametric EQ Selector Switch Set to the "ON" position when correcting the sound field characteristics (bandwidth, center frequency, center frequency level) in the car as you desire. c Crossover Frequency Adjustment Knob Permits adjustment of the crossover frequency, by rotating the knob to select any frequency between 50 to 200 Hz as the crossover point. d Input Gain Adjustment Control Set the MRV-1505/MRV-1005/MRV-T505 input gain knobs to the minimum (4V) position. Using a loud cassette or preferably a CD as a source, turn up the head unit volume until it distorts. Then, reduce the volume 1 step. You can then increase amplifier gain until the sound from the speakers becomes distorted. e Quality-Factor (Bandwidth) Adjustment Knob Used when the parametric EQ selector switch is set to the "ON" position. Allows independent continuous change of the boost or cut center frequency bandwidth (Q-factor) for each band from Q=10 (narrow bandwidth, steep slope) to Q=1 (wide bandwidth, gentle slope).

f Bouton de contrle d'ajustement de modulation de frquence Il est utilis lorsque le commutateur paramtrique EQ est mis en position "ON". Il slectionne la modulation de frquence dsire en changeant de faon continue la valeur nominale de frquence. Il permet l'ajustement de la modulation de frquence entre 50 et 200 Hz.
f Botn de control de ajuste de la frecuencia central Utilizado cuando el selector EQ paramtrico est ajustado en posicin "ON". Selecciona la frecuencia central deseada cambiando continuamente el valor de la frecuencia central. Permite el ajuste de la frecuencia central entre 50 y 200 Hz.
g Bouton de rglage de niveau Utilis lorsque le commutateur slecteur d'galiseur paramtrique est rgl sur la position "ON". Permet le rglage de l'augmentation ou diminution du niveau de la frquence nominale slectionne dans la gamme de 12 dB.
g Botn de ajuste de nivel Utilizado cuando el interruptor selector del ecualizador paramtrico est en la posicin "ON". Permite el ajuste del aumento o disminucin de nivel de la frecuencia central seleccionada en la gama de 12 dB.
MRV-1505 MRV-1005 MRV-T505
Please check your head unit for the conditions listed below: (Fig. 3) a. The head unit does not have a remote turn-on or power antenna lead. b. The head unit's power antenna lead is activated only when the radio is on (turns off in the tape or CD Mode). c. The head unit's power antenna lead is logic level output (+) 5V, negative trigger (grounding type), or cannot sustain (+) 12V when connected to other equipment in addition to the vehicle's power antenna. If any of the above conditions exist, the remote turn-on lead of your MRV-1505/MRV-1005/ MRV-T505 must be connected to a switched power source (ignition) in the vehicle. Be sure to use a 3A fuse as close as possible to this ignition tap. Using this connection method, the MRV-1505/MRV-1005/ MRV-T505 will turn on and stay on as long as the ignition switch is on.
If this is objectionable, a SPST (Single Pole, Single Throw) switch, in addition to the 3A fuse mentioned above, may be installed in-line on the MRV-1505/MRV1005/MRV-T505 turn-on lead. This switch will then be used to turn on (and off) the MRV-1505/MRV-1005/ MRV-T505. Therefore, the switch should be mounted so that is accessible by the driver. Make sure the switch is turned off when the vehicle is not running. Otherwise, the amplifier will remain on and drain the battery. 1 Blue/White 2 Power Antenna 3 Remote Turn-On Lead 4 To other Alpine components' Remote Turn-On Leads 5 SPST Switch (optional) 6 Fuse (3A) 7 As close as possible to the vehicle's ignition tap 8 Ignition Source


2/1 Channel V12 EXPERT Series
FEATURES General 2/1 Channel Operation MOSFET Power Supply DC-DC PWM Power Supply No Current Limiting Double Buffered Pre-Amp Input Circuitry Discrete Pre-Amp Stage MOSFET Final Outputs DC Straight Design STAR Circuitry Duo Feedback Circuit Solid Copper Bus Bars Top Mounted LED Power Indicator MultiMode Adjustable Crossover (HP/LP Capability) Parametric EQ (1-Band) Top Panel Adjustment of Parametric EQ, Gain and Crossover 4 Volt Straight Input Switch Input Mode Selector Switch Low Impedance Switch Continuously Adjustable Gain Control Phase Selector Gold Plated RCA Input Connectors Extra Large Gold Plated Screw-Down Power Terminals Extra Large Gold Plated Screw-Down Speaker Terminals








SPECIFICATIONS RMS Power (at 12V, 20Hz20kHz) Per channel into 4 ohms... 100W x 2 (0.08% THD) Per channel into 2 ohms... 200W x 2 (0.3% THD) Bridged 4 ohms... 400W x 1 (0.3% THD) RMS power (at 14.4V, 20Hz20kHz) Per channel into 4 ohms... 150W x 2 (0.08% THD) Per channel into 2 ohms... 300W x 2 (0.3% THD) Bridged 4 ohms... 600W x 1 (0.3% THD) General Frequency Response... 10Hz50kHz(+0,-1dB) Signal to Noise (S/N).. 110 dBA (referenced to rated power) Input Sensitivity (for rated power)... 200mV to 4V Slew Factor.... greater than 5 Input Impedance.... 10k ohms Speaker Impedance.. 4 or 2 ohms (stereo), 4 ohms (bridged) Dividing Network.. 50Hz200Hz HP/LP(12dB/octave) Equalizer Center Frequencies... 50Hz200Hz Q Factor (bandwidth)... Boost and Cut range.... 12dB Power Requirements.. 1116V DC (negative ground) Heat Sink (WxHxD).. 240mm x 53mm x 330mm (9-7/16"x2-1/16"x13") Foot Print (WxHxD).. 260mm x 53mm x 330mm (10-1/4"x2-1/16"x13") Weight... 4.4kg(9lb. 11oz.)
Specifications and design are subject to change without notice

Ground Lead (Black)

Fuse Holder Battery Power Wire (Optional) Power Distribution Block (Optional)

Battery Lead (Yellow)

This Amplifier is Capable of running MultiMode

4 Ohm Mono Loading Only

(CH-1) Speaker Lead (+)
2 Ohm or 4 Ohm Stereo Loading
(CH-1)Left Speaker Lead (+)
(CH-1)Left Speaker Lead (-)
(CH-2)Right Speaker Lead (+)

(CH-2) Speaker Lead (-)

(CH-2)Right Speaker Lead (-)
Remote - Out or Power Antenna Lead Remote-On Lead (Blue/White - +12V Input turns Amp on)

White (Left)

Low Level Output

Red (Right)

CH-1 (L)




CH-2 (R)







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