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natrul 9:18pm on Monday, October 18th, 2010 
About two and a half years ago, I bought an HP notebook computer with the money I received from the government stimulus program. My personal experience was great with this. I gave this a 4-5 because of the heating issues and outdated hardware inside of a 2010 system. My wife accuses me of having a second wife... my computer. I go everywhere with it, I travel often, and my computer is used at home.
voldak 7:29am on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 
NEVER BUY HP. They will con you out of your hard earned money and give you some low-end POS hardware that they call a laptop.
AlbertoSoftware 2:35pm on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 
Pure Junk I purchased the HP dv6 pavillion laptop mainly for its video transfer capabilities. It worked fine for 10 months. Review on HP Laptop DV62162-NR Laptop is fine... but the Webcam clarity is horrible. Webcam is worst I have seen in HP Laptops so far.
alchymist 5:44am on Friday, October 1st, 2010 
The Hp pavilion notebook is great. The battery life is the best part. It last so long without freezing up. My old laptop kept freezing after a while.
seisner 1:56am on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 
Shop carefully and do your homework.  Nice performance, sturdy design, great speakers and adequate USB ports. Came with 6 GB RAM with Windows 7. A great computer for business and artistic pu...  It is highly light weight, perfect for traveling. It has great memory for the price.
putte_xvi 8:07pm on Thursday, May 27th, 2010 
Great all-around notebook. It is the fastest notebook I ever have. It has a large hard-drive. No need to buy external HD for regular notebook user. had this compute for long and love it This netbook is super fast. Has an incredible memory not what we have come to expect from netbooks, but the way of the future.
RedPingim 9:26am on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 
My wife accuses me of having a second wife... my computer. I go everywhere with it, I travel often, and my computer is used at home.
Thibaud 8:57am on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
"This is my first laptop. Very happy with it. Picture is crisp and clear, super fast, easy wireless setup.
Easter 3:52am on Monday, April 19th, 2010 
The bottom door thing hopefully was a one time thing. Makes me wonder what else may have gone by unnoticed. I was trying to hold off on writing this until I purchased photoshop. The left and right click are built into the pad.. no separate buttons.. so makes it odd to click left or right at times. 8:11am on Friday, April 2nd, 2010 
[...] Comfortable Keyboard","Fast","Long Battery Life","Quality Display I think the computer is fine. The problems that we are having relate to software installation and adjustments. Comfortable Keyboard". Beautifull Laptop, powerfull and nice design Comfortable Keyboard","Fast","Powerful
MaritaLaufs 5:40pm on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 
I found this on the clearance table at Best B...  Good Sound for a laptop. Large HD, 6GB of Ram & Windows 7 64 bit BEST BUY.

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Kit Contains: R-2000 Receiver, S-2600 Transmitter 9-600V, T-2200 Transmitter for open tracing,A2201CE Clamp-on attachment, B2024 Battery booster, B2025 Charger for battery booster, C2901 Cordset 110 Volt Plug to Banana Plugs, C2902 Cordset Alligator Clips to Banana Plugs
Traces live wires buried or hidden behind walls up to 13 feet deep Traces unenergized and open (broken) wires Performs tests without having to interrupt power Locates breakers, neutral and ground lines Locates and traces wires in walls, floors, conduit, computer cables, etc. Pinpoints shorts, ground faults and broken wires Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment


Size: Weight:


17.00x11.25x5.00 inch 5.638 lb
Traces energized wires without power interruption: Locates breakers without power interruption: Traces unenergized wires (wire continuity and wire grounded at the end): Pinpoints shorts and ground faults: Traces unenergized open wires (broken or disconnected wire): Pinpoints place where wire is broken: Supplied with Battery Booster to strengthen signal for open tracing: Supplied with clamp-on attachment to inject signal without making a contact with bare wire :
9-600V (S2600 Transmitter) 9-600V (S2600 Transmitter) S2600 Transmitter and 9V batteries S2600 Transmitter and 9V batteries T2200 Transmitter T2200 Transmitter YES YES



Part Number ATGC-1

Description Advanced Tracer Ground Coil

(supplied with product)

Part Number R2000 S2600 T2200 A2201CE AD-1 C2901 C2902 660.25-6X32 2502-6X32
Description Receiver for Wire Tracers Load Signal Generator (9-600V) Current Tracer Transmitter Current Transducer CT - 326 Type Adapter 110V Pigtail Cordset Alligator Clip Cordset 2pcs Fuse 1/4 Amp Fuse 2 amp



CT2105F PD-30 Elna 8200 Schuko NF-M2P HQ7310 17 N7650 F40760 B48awyn761 Manager CM1929A 6exap DEH-P2500RB 6109 M-WK SR-L3928BSS 9902S Pulsmessuhr Blackberry 8300 CDX-GT350S Evolution-IV SC-EH550 47PFL7642D Ergoracer GT CQC7303N Freelancer DNX194H DV4300 U-220 KV-25X5A Donna KH 5516 SMC2802W SC-8820 DV286K 2G SA-PM31 KM850 2 0 KU380 VMC-002 J10IL1 Urc-7720 EW1470F W2242T-BF HDS-10 CW-29M166T KDL-70X4500 DEP-3 PS50A556s2F Fryer Saffirele Eu24 LA37C530f1R DJ-2000 WFM-90 B1100 Yamaha TG33 Start CPX328 MHC-RX80 RS-DC8 Inspiron 1000 RM-V8a T Mini DV System Century NV-GS150GC Micro-ondes CQ-C8301N MDR-RF925RK DSC-P73 WJ-FS216 LE32C450 P1224 F5D7632 Soloist SA-VS300H CS-E12dkew P-2602HW IBM T22 D-E404 DVP3120K H1900 20LW052 Dremel 770 Nngd377 Rotak 40 XR-5880R Titan-2007 Sport S400 Barbapapa PW50-2004 LE32B653 VCM7177 54T LM-U550D CZ-20F60 Glide XL5950 ST-7300 KDC-W7044U


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