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Ascom DT290

Enhancing mobility.
Maximum efficiency requires having your people in the right place at the right time. Availability no matter where you are is the key to successful, safe and efficient business. The Ascom DT290 phone is easy to use and offers you a range of state-of-art functions, optimum speech quality, a cellular style user interface and ergonomic design to ensure maximum mobility and all the features you need for your daily work.
Full mobility The Ascom DT290 is a sophisticated wireless phone for office environments. Providing a highly attractive price-performance ratio, the DT290 combines outstanding design with supreme sound quality to ensure full mobility in the workplace. The userfriendly menu makes accessing the wide range of features simple and straightforward. Easy to use The DT290 has a keypad with large buttons and five navigation keys. A special function key has been added to support handsfree speech, and access to voice-mail requires only a single key press. In addition, the high contrast display has a large viewing area and a backlight. The menu can be set to 17 different languages.
Convenient features The telephone book stores up to 100 numbers and the last dialled, answered and missed calls are available for speedy redial. The integrated loudspeaker on the back of the phone offers you handsfree functionality for conference calls or when both hands are needed. The vibrator discretely alerts you of incoming calls. Voice messages can easily be accessed by pressing the message key and with the integrated alarm clock you will not miss any appointments. In addition, the Ascom DT290 supports all standard PBX functions and can access teleservices through builtin DTMF tones. We meet your needs Wherever you need reliable wireless communication, Ascom has the system that will answer to your needs. We have added that little extra to the concept of wireless communication.
Features Handsfree speech function A loudspeaker on the back of the phone offers excellent sound quality and can be used for handsfree speech and conference calling. Vibrator alert For noisy environments or when discretion is required, the built-in vibrator makes silent calls heard. Phone book Contains up to 100 names and numbers. Supports Call-by-Name and Quick Call-by-Name for fast access. Redial Enables you to redial the last 20 dialled, answered and missed calls. Missed call function In idle mode, a Who Called? warning is displayed if there have been missed calls. Mute function Press the Mute button to disconnect the microphone during a call. Illuminated graphic display 2 lines of text with twelve characters each, and one line of status icons are shown on the illuminated display.
Phone & key lock Protect the phone against misuse using a PIN code. Protect the keypad against unintentional use using the key lock. Alarm clock You can not miss it when the phone starts to vibrate, ring, and the warning and display lights start to flash. Preference settings Personalize your phone by choosing settings such as key click sound, discrete ringing, melody selection, vibrating alert, key lock, PIN code, language, display contrast, display backlight, ring volume, phone lock, etc. Advanced system features* Message Waiting Indication (MWI) Message key Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) Connected Line Presentation (COLP) Calling Name/Number Recognition (CNR) Time & date

Technical data Dimensions: 142 x 54 x 25 mm (excl. clip) Weight: 139 grams (incl. battery pack and clip) Operation temp: 0 40C Speech time/stand by: 17h/140h Charging time: 4h maximum Specifications: GAP/CAP (1800-1900 MHz) No. of subscriptions: 8 different networks Accessories/options Desktop charger Leather case Swivel clip
* The advanced features are system dependent and may require additional equipment.
Ascom Tateco AB Wireless Solutions P.O. Box 8783 SE-GTEBORG T +00 F +31
M0266601 Rev A May 2003 Ascom Tateco AB Specifications are subject to change without notice.


TD 92194GB

Cordless telephone Ascom DT290


GAP/CAP compliant office handset Phone book for 100 names and numbers Call list for 20 numbers Up to 140 hours stand-by time and up to 17 hours talk time Menu in 13 languages Side keys for volume Vibrator Message key Handsfree speaking Calling line identification (depending on the network)

Technical Specifications

Physical Size (l w d): Weight: Material (incl. battery pack and clip): 142 x 54 x 25 mm 139 g Case: PC/ABS Key pad: ABS Clip: POM MagicGrey 0 - +40C -20 - +70C 15 - 90%, non-condensing 5 - 95%, non-condensing 86 dB (A) typical at 30 cm at highest volume (push button) 7 (via menu) 600 mAh, NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)
Colour: Environmental Operating temperature: Storage temperature: Operating relative humidity: Storage humididity: Volume Maximum sound output level: Volume levels: Earpiece volume levels: Ringer volume levels: Battery Type:

2003-03-28 / Ver. A

Speech time: Stand-by time: Charge time: Settings Languages:
17 hours typical 140 hours typical 4 hours maximum 13 (Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norweigan, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish 12 characters 24 digits 100 1897.344 MHz - n*1.728MHz 1880 to 1900 MHz GFSK (Gaussian filtered Frequency Shift Keying) equal to GFSK with BT = 0.5 as per CTR1 dBm as per CTR6 as per CTR6 Typical -94 dBm with a B.E.R. = 10-3 at the radio interface As per CTR6 Backlit LCD with 2 lines of 12 alphanumeric characters and 1 line with 7 icons 7 Red LED for error conditions and incoming calls - standard key pad (0-9, and #) - 5 navigation keys (menu control) - 2 function keys - 2 earpiece volume control keys pins connector for: Charging interface ( 4 V, 250 mA max.) 73/23/EEC, 89/336/EEC, 1999/5/EC EN (replaced TBR6), TBR10, TBR22 EN60950 EN301 486-6 (replacing ETS 300 329), EN 55022 class B
Phone book Maximum name length: Maximum number length: Entries: Transmitter radio specifications RF carriers: Frequency band: Modulation method: Power spectrum: Frequency deviation: Peak output power: Output spurious: Harmonics: Receiver radio specifications Receiver sensitivity: Unwanted emission: User interface Display: Display contrast levels: Warning indicator: Key pad:
Number of system subscriptions: Charger connector: Compliance to regulations and Standards CE regulation: CE marking: DECT standards: Safety standards: EMC standards:
Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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