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Press release

FRANSAT teams up with TF1 to offer the best of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in 3D
Paris, 07 June 2010. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, FRANSAT will stream the TF1 3D events channel, enabling football fans in France to view key matches from the tournament broadcast by TF1 in 3D quality. 3D footage will be provided for the World Cup's five flagship matches, including the opening game on 11 June featuring South Africa vs. Mexico, three other main fixtures (one eighth-final, one quarter-final and a semi-final) as well as the Championship game on 11 July. This exceptional offer makes FRANSAT the unique television platform to deliver premium subscription-free broadcasts throughout the French territory. In doing so, FRANSAT plays an active role in this new phase of broadcasting innovation that takes the viewer into the heart of the image. The only equipment required to enjoy this unprecedented experience is a "3D ready" television set and stereoscopic glasses, an antenna pointing to the ATLANTIC BIRD 3 satellite at 5 West, and a FRANSAT-labelled HD set-top box. In order to extend this exclusive offer to the widest possible audience, "3D Ready" ASTON SIMBA HD FRANSAT packs with easily identifiable "Spcial Coupe du Monde de la FIFA 2010 sur TF1 3D" ("Special FIFA World Cup 2010 on TF1 3D") stickers will be promoted in specific display areas at sales outlets of the Boulanger distribution network and on These packs will also be available through traditional distributors (standard points of sale and superstores). Through this outstanding technical performance, the FRANSAT broadcasting platform demonstrates its ability to support the emergence of the new 3D TV format for the general public, thanks to the the large amount of bandwidth available on the satellite, its HD set-top boxes already compatible with the 3D format, and its efficient network of distributors. Other 3D broadcasts will follow suit with the creation of new content and the ongoing development of 3D-compatible TV equipment.
3D coverage of World Cup football games by TF1 will be available on FRANSATs channel 111 starting on 11 June 2010.


FRANSAT offers subscription-free delivery of the 2010 FIFA World Cup throughout the French territory in 3 different formats: SD (Standard Definition), HD (High Definition) and 3D. A total of 61 matches will be broadcast live via FRANSAT , including 49 fixtures beamed in HD. 27 games will be covered by TF1 in SD and HD (including the opening game, all games played by the French national football team, the two semi-finals, the third qualifying round and the Final), and 34 matches by France 2 (in SD and HD) and France 3 (in SD). All year round, FRANSAT provides a simple and fast solution for homes equipped with antennas pointing to the ATLANTIC BIRD 3 satellite to receive the 18 DTT channels, 24 regional channels produced by France 3, 4 HD channels and other local and thematic channels. FRANSAT is a subscription-free service and is not time-limited. FRANSAT is a fully-owned subsidiary of Eutelsat SA., operating and offering digital video broadcasting services in France via Eutelsat's satellites. FRANSAT Press Contacts Caroline Vallette 21 Elodie SENG 03 - TF1 Press Contacts Virginie Duval Sports & Corporate Communication - 59 -



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