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freebsdstable: ASUS NCCHDL and FreeBSD stable
ASUS NCCHDL and FreeBSD stable
From: Willy Offermans ( Date: 09/15/05
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 13:27:38 +0200 To: freebsdstable@FreeBSD.ORG
Dear FreeBSD friends, I want to build a new server for my customer. The server will be based on the ASUS NCCHDL board with two Intel XEON DP 2,8BOX mPGA 1024KB processors. I didn't buy anything yet, but I would like to know, if you are familiar with the combination and, if yes, if you can give me any remarks about functionality and stability?
Met vriendelijke groeten, With kind regards, Mit freundlichen Gruessen, De jrus wah, Willy ************************************* W.K. Offermans Eindhoven University of Technology Department of Chemical Engineering Laboratory of Catalysis (SKA) building STW 4.27, PO Box MB Eindhoven, Netherlands Tel: +81 Fax: +54 Home: +44 Mobile: +email: Powered by. (__) \\\'',) \/ \ ^.\._/_) _______________________________________________ mailing list To unsubscribe, send any mail to ""


Server MB L S Level 2 l Training M t i l T i i Materials

ASUS Confidential

Chapter 1. Server MB component Introduction.P3~P6 Chapter 2. ASUS Server MB Naming Rule.P7~P16 Chapter 3. ASUS MB Number Rule.P17~P22 Chapter 4. ASUS MB Exchange Rules.P22~P23

2 ASUS Confidential

Chapter 1: Server MB Component Introduction
Component Introduction-1 IntroductionSAS LED CON AUX Panel CON BP SMB CON SAS CON SATA CON System LED Panel FDD CON USB CON LPT Port Com port
PCI-X 64bit for Zero RAID Card
PCI Slot PCI-X 64bit PCI-E x8
PCI-E x16 Fan DIP Switch Fan CON
8 pin ATX 12V CON CPU Socket PSU SMB CON
Memory DIMM Slot ATX Power CON
Front Panel F P l (refer to next page)
Component Introduction-2 Introduction-
1.PS/2 mouse port (Green) 2 PS/2 keyboard port (Purple) 2.PS/2 3.USB 2.0 port 1 & S i l (COM 1) port 4.Serial t 5.Video Graphics Adapter port 6.LAN (RJ-45) port

5 ASUS Confidential

Component Introduction-3 IntroductionSouth Bridge (Support RAID) LSI 1068 SAS Controller (Support Zero RAID)
On-Board Graphic Adapter Controller
Bios chip Super I/O Gb Lan Controller
North Bridge Vcore regulator V l

6 ASUS Confidential

Chapter 2: ASUS Server MB Naming Rule
ASUS Server MB Naming Rule

Before 2006-01-01

AB: CPU Abbreviation CD: Bridges Chipsets EFGH
EXAMPLE : NCCH-DL Before 2007-12-31
AB: CPU Abbreviation CD: Core Logic EF: Other Information GHIJ: Storage Interface
EXAMPLE : P5BV E/SAS P5BV-E/SAS After 2008-01-01
AB: Platform Name CD: Chipset E: Form Factor F: Processor Quantity GH: Memory Qty I: Other Features
EXAMPLE : KFSN5-D After 2008-01-01 (Add-on-card)
Series Chipset HDD Support Qty


8 ASUS Confidential
(Before 20060101) 20060101)
Model name is assigned by PM ( Product Manager) of Sales Department. Naming Rule : CPU _ Chipset _ Specification --- Form Factor Specification,

9 ASUS Confidential

ASUS Server Motherboard ( (Cont.)
PSCH-L : Single Prescott CPU + Canterwood-ES + Hance-Rapids + Gigabit LAN PU-DLS : Dual Prestonia CPU + Plumas Chipset + Gigabit LAN + onboard SCSI NCCH-DL : Dual Intel Nocona CPU + Canterwood + Hance-Rapids + Gigabit p g LAN




Server Motherboard (Before 20071231)


AB: CPU Abbreviation P5 NC PV M2 K8 KF DS LGA775 - P4/Core2 Duo/Xeon 3000 Socket 604 - Nocona/Irwindale Socket 604 Paxville/Nocona/Irwindale Socket AM2 - Athlon/Opteron 1000 Socket 939 - Athlon/Opteron 100 Socket 940 - Opteron 200/800 Socket F - Opteron 2000/8000 LGA771- Xeon 5000/5100/5300 MT M2 L LV T N N4 N5 BF BV GC CD: Core Logic Mukilteo (E7230) Mukilteo 2 (3000) Linderhurst (7520) Linderhurst -VS (7320) Tumwater (7525) CK804 or MCP55 family n-Force Pro 2200 n-Force Pro 3600 Blackford Bl kf d (5000P) Blackford-VS (5000V) GreenCreek (5000X) EF: Other Information D Q W M R E Dual Processors Quad Processors Workstation Micro ATX Rack Optimized GHIJ: Storage Interface SAS SCSI SATA SATA2 1U 2U Discrete SAS Controller Discrete SCSI Controller Discrete SATA 150 Controller Discrete SATA 300 Controller Optimized for 1U system Optimized for 2U system
Extend Model for PCIE intensive Extend Model for PCIX X intensive Means Dual P with 12 D12 DIMMs Means Dual P with 16 ea s ua w t 6 D16 DIMMs L Server Lan Support

Server Motherboard

E E Extend Model for PCIE intensive D Dual Processors
LGA775 - P4/Core2 Duo/Xeon 3000 N C
Blackford-VS Blackford VS (5000V) L Linderhurst (7520)
Discrete SAS Controller E Extend Model for PCIE intensive S C S I
Socket 604 Nocona/Irwindale

Discrete SCSI Controller

Server Motherboard (After 20080101) 20080101)


AB: Platform Name Z8 Z9 KG KFS Xeon - Nehalem Processor Next Generation Xeon Processor AMD Socket G AMD Socket F with Split Power P N X CD: Chipset Tylersburg-EP (36D) Tylersburg-EN (24D) Boxboro-EX E: Form Factor E C A M R X B EEB CEB ATX Micro ATX Rack Optimized Extended E t d d EEB Blade F: Processor Quantity Q D U Quad Processor Dual Processor Uni Processor GH: Memory Qty 6 I: Other Features X PCI-X PCI X


Server Motherboard (Add-on-card) Add-onFormat PIKE ABCDE-nn

Series PIKE Proprietary IO Kit Expension 1064E 1078 9180
Chipset LSI 1064E 4 port SAS LSI port SAS RAID Marvell 88RC9180
HDD Support Qty HDD 8 HDD 16 HDD
Server Motherboard (Add-on-card) Add-onPIKE 1078 PIKE 1064E
Chapter 3: ASUS Server MB Number Rule
MB Serial Number Identification

Change to 12 digits

Package Sticker

Serial Number Sticker

18 ASUS Confidential

Serial Number Rule

S/N Rule: Original one Serial Number has 10 digits, from 2005 it changes to 12 digits digits.
OLD: Year M Y Month P d h Product F Factory CSC S i l N b Serial Number NEW: NEW 12 Year Month Product Company Factory CSC Serial Number

19 ASUS Confidential

Description of Serial Number
The 3rd.4th digit means product code (If the product is only one item without combination, the 4th digit is 0) M0: Mother board Example: C0: CARD 62M0AG123456 =>This ASUS MB The 5th digit means company code: g p y made by GS A:ASUS factory on Feb. The 6th digit means factory code: 2006. 2006 G: Tao Yuan GS factory (TW)
C: Su Chou factory in China D.B.V.R.: D B V R ASUS authorized external th i d t l manufacturer in ChinaD: , B: ,V: , R:)
Server MB Part Number Rule

MS V A 5 0

Part Number

G0 A 0 1

PCB or PCBA revision
Model Clarification: SV S Server

21 ASUS Confidential

Chapter 4: MB Exchange Rules

MB Exchange Rules

1. MB exchange should be used the same model. P/N. spec, only when special case (ex: No stock in warehouse) we can use substitute to exchange. b tit t t h 2. Substitute using priority:
(1) Same Spec for original CPU. Memory installed. (2) Same main chipset (North Bridge, South Bridge), same size (ATX Micro ATX ). (ATX, ATX) (3) Same function (use same I/O, Lan ,Audio chip).
3. 3 If you have no idea about MB exchange, exchange please ask TSD support window.

23 ASUS Confidential



S5550 V782NW PMD-B100p-blackbird SMX-F400BP Carmageddon II DZ-HS903 HMS1000TVE Singer 9940 Ql-650TD RL400 Vitamin Motorola L2 LE32B650t2P 20F511T MX6448 Lumina 1994 TU-1500RD AL1711 MDV-6 KX-TG2740 VH196D Exc-2003 L1932TQ-BF LFA-PC20 UX-H100 Aspire-1690-DDR 29PT8607 12 Drivers 5730Z Series KDL-32U2530 K3715 X-700 Skyline 1000 RDR-VH85 SC6340 Philips 105S TX219 Little Disk Easyshare V603 MU 810 GY-DV500 Asio4ALL V2 Mccaw ESF 2410 Forms Loveseat XP-50 Thunderbird-1996 Deluxe PS800 63m 68M 500 GB AVR-4311 Replifex Dslr-A380 Alpine 3537 6 16V R-880B Cm1017 MFP Innov-IS 30 SRE-555 YZ450F-2008 El-546V URC-L-1870 76760 SGS 201 EOB32000X 26PFL3405H Geometry II FAE1025V Photo 830U VSX-D710S HW554TH JV-2080 Angeles Mp71 DVP-NS37 AER5511BAW AV600U Photo R220 Ericsson T290 XR-C5500 AQ12FCN BO5021K Officejet G A-2 1 Digeo Moxi FJS1397W 55-3202-7 TOP URC-277 Rc7 775N-CB775c-np- RM-AV2100 FCV-600L Avid EDL LSP-350R ICF-M60lrds Motherboard Magicolor 2430 GTK 2004 220-420LTO Versa TXI CR-220


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