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Lasse C 12:53pm on Sunday, October 31st, 2010 
good router but no wlan support This is a good router, and you can use 3rd party firmwares on it. However.
katefields 7:11am on Friday, October 8th, 2010 
The ASUS WL520GU has unfortunately always giv...  Looks pretty Wireless decides when it wants to work - unstable i have print server, firewall, dhcp, ntp, wireless with wpa2, ipv6. Although this Router and print server has loads of features. Although this Router and print server has loa...  WPA encrpytion.
jedson 9:19am on Friday, July 2nd, 2010 
Rocking 802.11-G Router I bought this to replace an aging Linksys router for several reasons. 1) It has a detachable antenna. Would be a lot better if everything worked out of the box. This replaced a nine year old router with a parallel print server.

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Asus SpaceLink WL-300 WAP
Enhance your wireless network with a stylish wired access point that can be tucked away almost anywhere
lying flat. Better yet, Asus supplies two brackets for mounting the WAP either on a wall or office partition or on the ceiling. This is nice forward thinking on the part of Asus, as way too many competing products are bulky and difficult to site there are even sticker templates in the box to help you screw the brackets to the wall. Operating ranges quoted by Asus are the same as for the WL-100 PCMCIA card reviewed this issue, with a theoretical maximum of 1500 feet when outdoors. Needless to say you cant situate the WAP outside, and these figures refer to the overall network speed. As we mentioned in the WL-100 review, both transmission range and network speed were excellent when the two items were used together Asus has obviously done its research well. the WAPs settings with very little effort, and lifts the product above many cheaper and in some cases, more expensive competitors which rely on obscure tools to alter settings. The WL-300 WAP performed extremely well in our tests when used with the WL-100 PCMCIA card, and sits close to the top in terms of performance weve observed as weve tested these devices over the last year. Its solid and reliable with good software, and the ability to wall or ceiling mount the WAP is an obvious bonus in cramped environments. Frank Charlton

PCPlus verdict



COMPLIANCE 802.11b, speeds up to 11MBps. Supports 128-bit WEP encryption with 4 user-defined keys
ike most wireless access points these days, the SpaceLink WL300 uses internal antennae rather than relying on bulky and inconvenient external aerials. In this case, the WL300 has two internal dipole antennae for improved reception and transmission, and also comes with the facility to connect to a separately available external directional antenna via the well-hidden port on the rear.


Excellent performance and ease of use Can be wall or ceiling mounted


Manual has translation errors

Excellent software

The software supplied with the WAP includes drivers and an excellent utility called the AP Manager. This makes it extremely simple to read and change
Value Features Performance Overall

Off the wall

The end result is a stylish piece of kit which can stand vertically as well as

Asus SpaceLink WL-100

Hardware manufacturer Asus dips into the wireless networking market with this nifty little laptop card

Wiggling and jiggling?

The PCMCIA is small and neat as youd expect. Unlike many competitors, it features a small hinged antenna which folds away when not in use. As Asus puts it, this means youre free from jiggling and wiggling your laptop to get a decent radio signal, since you can actually adjust the angle for best reception. The WL-100 installs easily, and comes with a good selection of software. Other than the drivers which come supplied for Windows CE 3, PocketPC 2002 and Linux as well as Windows you get a site survey utility to scan for available networks, a control applet which sits in the System Tray, and an excellent Mobile Manager. This is great if you attach your laptop to more than one wireless network, since it can store multiple configurations and switch on the fly. Asus also includes a useful automatic update facility. 1,500 feet on a line of sight basis when outdoors. Many manufacturers use figures like this, but they usually achieve extreme range at the expense of transmission speed. Our tests showed as usual that the figures were theoretical maximums, but werent far from the truth. We comfortably achieved over 1300 feet without losing any speed at all, which is very impressive indeed. Asus has a fine reputation, and its networking hardware appears to bolster that. Solid, reliable and fast highly recommended. Frank Charlton

he SpaceLink WL-100 from Asus is the companys latest venture into the wireless networking market. Its a standard Type-II PCMCIA card designed to connect your laptop to an existing wired network without shackling yourself to a desk. The SpaceLink WL-100 conforms to the slightly older but much cheaper 802.11b WiFi wireless networking standard. This means its capable of a maximum theoretical transmission speed of 11MBps, rather than the higher 50MBps figures quoted by newer 802.11a equipment.


Efficient adjustable antenna Reliable at longer ranges
Antenna can be flimsy Manual could be better

Long range

Asus quotes ranges of 130 feet for indoor use and up to a maximum of

PCPlus 135


ASUS WL-300g Wireless LAN Access Point

Networking 39



Support 54Mbps high speed IEEE 802.11g and compatible with IEEE802.11b


54Mbps high speed IEEE 802.11g Compatible with IEEE802.11b WLAN standard
The WL-300g AP is the bridge between the Ethernet and wireless networks. As the perfect solution for the SOHO sector, the WL-300g supports WDS (wireless distribution system), meaning it has the capability to connect multiple IEEE802.11b/g access points. Additionally, the all-new AP can operate in a router mode to allow simultaneous wireless networking between multiple users.


Notebooks Broadband Optical Drives Multimedia Servers Systems Motherboards
Ethernet interface Data Rate Antenna Range RJ45 for 100BaseT with auto crossover MDI/MDI-X Support IEEE802.3af Power Over LAN (POL) 802.11g: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps 802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps Two internal polarization diversity antennas, One RF connector for optional external antenna Indoor 130 ft (40 m), outdoor (LOS, Light-Of-Sight) 1000 ft (310 m) at 11Mbps Indoor 80 ft (25 m), outdoor (LOS, Light-Of-Sight) 200 ft (60 m) at 54Mbps The range may vary by different environment PER<8% @ length=1024 octets (at nominal temperature range) 11Mbps: -82 ~ -85 dBm; 5.5Mbps: -85 ~ -88 dBm 2 Mbps: -88 ~ -91 dBm; 1 Mbps: -91 ~ -93 dBm 64/128-bit WEP TKIP, AES, WPA, WPA-PSK Device Discovery: Discover all WL300g/WL500g/WL600 in network and help user to invoke Web Configuration page. Firmware Restoration: Restore firmware while system enters rescue P, e. Access Point mode: Standard based 802.11g Access Point, provide the roaming capability between Wi-Fi compliant Access Points Support both IEEE 802.11g, and IEEE802.11b WLAN standard WDS mode Support Wireless Bridge functionality.
WPA ( Wi-Fi Protected Access ) support
For maximum data protection, the WL-300g employed WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and a unique wireless firewall found only on ASUS wireless solutions. WPA supports TKIP, AES, WPA-PSK as well as 802.1x authenticated WPA networks.

Receiver Sensitivity

WDS (wireless distribution system) support
With this advanced technology, MIS professionals can establish multiple WLAN for optimal signal reception without wasting cost and time in laying down long winding cables. WDS allows direct connection between multiple WLAN through wireless communications instead of wired connectivity.

Encryption Utilities

Power over LAN (IEEE 802.3af) support Multi-positioning methods to fit in different environment
With Power Over LAN (POL, IEEE 802.3af) and multiple mounting accessories, the WL-300g can be mounted on walls and cubicles and hang from ceilings.

AP operating modes

Support roaming to other IEEE 802.11g/IEEE 802.11b compliant adapters connected by the Ethernet to extend the network coverage High-sensitivity antenna system
Hybrid mode: Standard based 802.11g Access Point and Wireless Bridge is supported. LED Indicators Power, Wireless, Ethernet DC Power Adapter AC Input: 100V~240V(50~60HZ); DC Output: 5V with max. 2 A current Operating Temperature 0 ~ 55C Size 40 mm L* 138 mm W* 150 mm H ( 0.2) Weight 405 g excluding power supply



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