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Read the instructions for use carefully before using your appliance for the first
time: any use which does not conform to these instructions will absolve Beaba from any liability. Do not leave the appliance within reach of children without supervision (whether it is on or off). Any intervention other than cleaning and normal maintenance by the customer must be carried out by Beaba service centre. For your own safety, use only Beaba accessories and spare parts which are suitable for your appliance.


Before you begin sterilization it is very important that all your bottles and accessories are Clean filter under running water before every use. Fill the measuring cup up to the water level mark (120 ml) with fresh cold water. Pour into the base of the sterilizer. The central rod fits into the bottom tray. Insert the rod; follow the arrows in the plastic Place the bottles upside down on the bottom tray. Slide the top accessory tray over the central rod. Push the top tray down on top of the Place the accessories (teats, caps, collars etc) around the top accessory tray. Place the lid on the sterilizer using the location latch at the back of the unit and lock into Ensure the power cord is connected to the sterilizer. Then connect the power cord to your Press the 'power on switch to start the sterilization cycle. The lid handle will automatically change colour to show that the unit is hot (red = hot). The sterilizer will switch itself off automatically at the end of the cycle after
sterilization procedure. WARNING: Take care when opening the lid as the lid and the steam will be hot. 7 wall socket. place by clipping down the two lockable side handles. bottles to hold firmly in place during sterilization. and twist to lock firmly in place. Insert bottle holder into sterilizer. washed with hot soapy water, fully rinsed and then emptied.
Bottle holder Base of the sterilizer, stainless steel element Power light Lockable side handles 6
Lid Heat sensitive safety handle Water measure, anti-scale filter Pair of tongs Removable power cord
For safety reasons, allow the appliance to cool for about 20 minutes before repeating a

approximately 6 minutes.

Before cleaning your sterilizer always ensure you have disconnected the plug from the unit, or the wall socket. Make sure the unit is not hot, wait at least 30 minutes after the last time you used the sterilizer. For reasons of hygiene, after each use simply clean the bottom of the tank, once it has cooled, with a damp cloth. The body of the unit can be wiped with a soft damp non-abrasive cloth. Do not immerse in water. Remove the bottle holder from the sterilizer and wash in warm soapy water. Wipe away any deposits left in the unit using a soft clean cloth. When the water is very hard, scale may form. To guarantee that the appliance continues to work properly, we advise you to descale the appliance every 15 days. To do this: Fill the water measure cup up to the 120 ml mark with 50% water and 50% white household vinegar. Pour the liquid into the base of the sterilizer and turn it on for one complete cycle. Wait for the sterilizer to cool down (about 20 minutes) and then complete another cycle using only water.


Voltage: 230 V - Rating: 1000 W


In addition to the legal warranty provided for by law on hidden defects, in ant event, BEABA guarantees this product exclusively for domestic usage against any manufacturing fault or material defect. The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase. During this period, the product will either be repaired or replaced free of charge. The guarantee is only valid if proof of purchase is produced with the product. It does not cover damage resulting from any use of the product not described in the instructions or of the product is knocked or dropped. BEABA will not be held responsible for material damage or personal accidents resulting from any installation that does not comply with legal or statutory provisions. Calling a guarantee does not give right to damages and interest. We reserve the right to implement any modifications to the technical, design or colour specifications that we wee fit to do. This document has no contractual value apart from its guarantee clauses.
It is important that you use the correct amount of water or the cycle time will vary. The sterilization time is based on using 9 bottles; however the cycle time will increase
when using fewer bottles.
Before first use, complete a cycle with 120 ml water, without any bottles or accessories. When using your sterilizer for the first time you will find that the power light is on
and the unit begins its cycle. This is not a fault. Please leave the unit to complete this first cycle. After the first cycle the unit will automatically switch off and is ready for use when cool.
WARNING Plug the appliance into a 230 V earthed socket. Do not use your appliance if it is not working
correctly or if it has been damaged. If this happens you should contact Beaba service centre. Tel: +33 (0)63



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