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johny-johny 11:34am on Friday, October 8th, 2010 
Use as TV hard disk recorder Bought this to use with my Panasonic TX-L42D25BA LCD/LED TV to give basic PVR facilities. A good solid drive - not fancy.
Chreex 3:34am on Monday, August 9th, 2010 
Good HDD This works fine for me - stores all my films and music, is quick and near silent. All in all at £85 its a bargain.
dezd 9:54pm on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 
Upgraded to latest Firmware after months of abandonment due to crashes when transferring anything over 500mb...problem still there... Upgraded to latest Firmware after months of abandonment due to crashes when transferring anything over 500mb...problem still there... Wanted a simple but defective network storage...  Works smoothly, very simple & effective SLOOWWWWW user interface, data transfer could be faster
JacobLom 7:58pm on Sunday, July 18th, 2010 
My saga: I purchased a Buffalo LinkStation Pr...  Tech support is good about shipping you replace disk drives in 12 months, with 3 different drives..
WrigleyStewart 7:11pm on Sunday, July 18th, 2010 
Overall great drive. After researching many different brands, the Buffalo was definitely a wise choice! No Comment. Fast, easy to install. A little heavier than some other ext. hard drives. A good purchase - can't go wrong with Buffalo Technologies Fast, Quiet, Great looking product, High Quality None It arrive early, and with the software it's worth the price. Easy to install and setup.
akizzle 5:16am on Saturday, April 17th, 2010 
Handles the fast output of a NAS during backup Attractive Design","Easy To Setup","Easy to use","High Capacity","Quiet No Power Switch
Happy Boy 12:21am on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 
Device broke after 3 months, too late to return to NewEgg. Support useless beyond the forums and manual. Considering its price, it is a very appealing NAS for the beginner, as I was a year ago with NAS technology (not computers.
gauthamn 5:09pm on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 
Sent this back with in a week I was so excited when I bought this product. Sadly it was sent back for a refund within a week as it died.

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charging systems

The Power That Keeps You On The Road The Value That Keeps You Coming Back
Experience counts. Since 1924, the year our first compressor was installed on a commercial vehicle, Bendix has been leading the way in air charging system experience and expertise. Today, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems continues as the top supplier of compressors, air treatment components and complete air braking control systems throughout North America. More fleets specify our hard-working products and systems than any other. The secret to our success is simple we offer you concentrated know-how unparalleled in the industry. As a member of the Knorr-Bremse group, were part of the worldwide leader in air brake technology and practical application.


Bendix Compressors Engineered and built for better performance today and tomorrow.
Bendix Compressors. Reliable Long-Lasting High-Performing Energy-Saving Genuine Bendix Quality
Best Overall Value On The Market. When it comes to product performance and support, Bendix compressors offer QS-9000 certified quality, Six Sigma-driven manufacturing, the most knowledgeable, ASE-certified technical sales and support teams available, and the longest average life you can buy. We have a complete line of new and remanufactured compressors for heavy vehicle engines, as well as most industrial applications. Every unit is individually tested to our rigorous standards for guaranteed performance and then backed by a powerful warranty. Focused Expertise For The Future. Commercial vehicles are becoming more sophisticated and compressed air requirements are increasing daily. Thats why were hard at work testing the next generation of air charging system components designed to enhance and improve vehicle performance. With highly sophisticated R&D activities and up-to-date expertise from around the globe, we continue to ensure each new design meets and exceeds your needs.
Experience Counts. Count On Bendix. For generations, the Bendix name has meant quality, reliability and durability when it comes to your vehicles air charging system. Let us go to work for you. Talk to your Bendix account manager, call us at 1-800-AIR-BRAKE (1-800-247-2725) or visit us on the web at
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For generations, the Bendix name has meant quality, reliability and durability when it comes to your vehicles air charging system.
The Bendix Tu-Flo Air Compressor Line Setting The Industry Standard
Tu-Flo 550 Air Compressor and Tu-Flo 750 Air Compressor With over 3 million units installed as original equipment and over 3 trillion in service miles operating on the road today, the Bendix Tu-Flo 550 air compressor and Tu-Flo 750 air compressor models remain the hardworking, time-tested industry standard for fleets and OEMs across North America. These commercial vehicle workhorse models are available for all major on-highway engines, including Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Mack and International to name just a few. But we dont stop there. As todays commercial vehicles evolve and the demands for compressed air increases, Bendix continues to enhance and improve the Tu-Flo 550 air compressor and Tu-Flo 750 air compressor line to meet and exceed customer needs with a focus on areas such as: Eliminating leaks Oil carryover performance Higher boost capability Even greater efficiency
AHEAD OF THE CURVE TM The Bendix Air Power Series a tradition continues
BA-922 Compressor When you need maximum air delivery, the BA-922 Big Twin air compressor is for you. This high air output compressor is smaller than previous 4 cylinder models, but still supplies 32 cfm (at 1250 RPM) to meet the needs of even the most demanding specialty vocational applications. The BA-922 compressor employs many of the same exceptional design elements as the BA-921 compressor, its single cylinder partner, including the robust reed valve technology. The powerful BA-922 compressor also incorporates: Standard North American unloader valving eliminating the special valve requirements normally associated with 2 cylinder high output compressors A drive train saver crankshaft to prevent damage to the gear train or auxiliary components High thru-drive capacity up to 125 foot pounds

Application Comparisons

Compressor Specifications Typical Weight Tu-Flo 550 Compressor 53 lbs. (24 Kg.) 2 Tu-Flo 750 Compressor 53 lbs. (24 Kg.) 2 BA-921 Compressor 37 lbs. (17 Kg.) 1 BA-922 Compressor 64 lbs. (29 Kg.) 2
Number of Cylinders Displacement at 1250 RPM Maximum Recommended RPM Approximate Horsepower Required at 1250 RPM at 120 PSIG (naturally aspirated) Maximum RPM Turbocharge Limit

13.2 CFM 3000 RPM

16.5 CFM 2400 RPM

15.8 CFM 3000 RPM

31.6 CFM 3000 RPM

2.5 HP

3.2 HP


2200 RPM

1900 RPM

3000 RPM
N/A Naturally Aspirated Only N/A Naturally Aspirated Only N/A Naturally Aspirated Only 125 ft. lbs.


Maximum Pressure (gauge) Turbocharge Limit*


43.5 PSIG

Tu-Flo 750

BA-921 Compressor Lighter weight and more compact to address OE fit constraints, this dynamic single cylinder compressor utilizes reed valve technology for improved operating efficiency. The BA-921 compressor is available for a wide range of build platforms, including specialty vocational applications, and features: The highest boost capability on the market today 43.5 psig High thru-drive capacity up to 125 foot pounds Improved air quality along with faster recovery A drive train saver crankshaft to prevent damage to the gear train or auxiliary components
Maximum Inlet Air Temperature Turbocharge Limit

250 F (121 C)

250 F (121C)

Thru-drive Capacity*

100 ft. lbs.

125 ft. lbs.

* indicates an application specific feature.

Tu-Flo 550



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