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PLC adapter

With integrated power socket and mains filter
Easy to install and set up a secure network with the Simple Connect button Ideal for HD applications Surge protection Specially designed for multiple sockets Transfer rate up to 200 Mbps(2) QoS support for triple-play applications Compatible with PC/Mac and all operating systems Energy Saving Mode

Bewan Powerline E200Maxx

The ideal solution to turn a home or offices electrical wiring into a multimedia network in an instant!
The Bewan Powerline E200Maxx is a 200 Mbps(1) PLC adapter(2) that instantly transforms your clients home electrical wiring into a high-performance multimedia network. They can now install their hardware wherever they like, with no need for unsightly cables or complicated Wi-Fi set-ups to connect up their computers, residential gateway, set-top box or games console. They only need to plug in the Bewan Powerline E200Maxx adapters and push the Simple Connect button to set up a high-speed, secure local network. With their ingenious pass-through power socket, these adapters can be hooked up to multiple sockets for connecting various Ethernet equipments, whilst ensuring they are protected against power surges and noise. This also optimizes and guarantees improved reliability for the new local network and optimizes the bandwidth for simultaneous multiple play applications such as HD IPTV or VOD, IP telephony, downloading music and surfing the Internet. And to reduce the energy use by 40%, Bewan systems has fitted this PLC adapter with a special Energy Saving Mode, which is activated automatically when the Ethernet port has been idle for 15 minutes.
A secure, fully plug-and-play installation
Installing the Bewan Powerline E200Maxx couldnt be simpler: to connect their hardware via a network, your customers only need to plug a Bewan Powerline E200Maxx adapter into each device(3) and push the Simple Connect button. This will automatically secure their network by enabling data encryption. The Bewan Powerline E200Maxx adapters also come with a mains filter and surge protector to protect your customers hardware against power surges and noise, improving data transmission in the home network.
The ideal companion for residential gateways
When your customers residential gateway is not handily placed close to their TV set, they might deny your new IPTV VAS offering. The Bewan Powerline E200Maxx is the ideal solution to easily connect the gateway to the set-top box, without compromising performance. As the adapters support Quality of Service (QoS), HD videos play smoothly for optimum visual comfort. Meanwhile, optimized bandwidth management (QoS) guarantees maximum performance for triple-play applications: Internet, Television and Telephony over the network.
The integrated socket ensures that no electrical outlet is lost
Principales caractristiques techniques


HomePlug AV, 200 Mbps standard(2) Co-exists with standards HomePlug 1.0 at 14 Mbps and Turbo HomePlug 1.0 at 85 Mbps, but not compatible TCP/IP protocol Windows utility for connecting the Bewan Powerline E200Maxx with Bewan Powerline E200 models not equipped with the Simple Connect button Maximum distance between 2 adapters: 200 m(2)


Pairing and automatic security via the Simple Connect button 128 bit AES encryption for communications via the Simple Connect button or the Bewan Powerline E200 utility for Windows 2000/XP/Vista-32/7 Female power socket with noise filter Automatic protection against short-circuits and power surges up to 8 A
Quality of Service (QoS) support
QoS optimized to guarantee data transfer rates for multimedia applications (3 modes: Gaming/Internet, Audio/Video and Telephony over IP) ToS, CoS and IGMP support


Firmware update
Minimum configuration required

Wireless freedom

With the Bewan Powerline E200Maxx adapters, your customers can connect games consoles, Mac and PCs to the residential gateway via any power socket, giving them the freedom to access Internet from any room in their home. Bewan Powerline E200Maxx adapters can also be disconnected and plugged in a different room, to connect a device to the network temporarily. Its quick, easy and effective! The Bewan Powerline E200Maxx adapters are compatible with the complete range of Bewan Powerline E200 adapters and the HomePlug AV PLC adapters.

For the optional Bewan Powerline E200 utility: - Windows 2000/XP/Vista-32/7 - Pentium III 300 MHz with 128 MB of RAM - RJ-or 100 Mbps Ethernet port (100 Mbps recommended)


1 x 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet port with MDI/MDI-X autodetection 1 protected power socket: 220/240 V AC (French standard CEE7/5 type E) 1 electric plug with earth: 220/240 V AC Simple Connect button for pairing PLC adapters LEDS: Power, Ethernet, Powerline (link) with three display levels Fuse reset button Reset button Dimensions: 125 (H.) x. 52.5 (L.) x. 65 (D) mm Weight: 260 g Consumption: 4.2W max. Energy Saving Mode: automatic stand-by after Ethernet port idle for 15 minutes (2.2 W instead of 4.2 W)

Example of use

(1) Maximum theoretical distance and rates. The actual rate and distance may vary depending on a range of factors. (2) PLC = Power Line Carrier. (3) Hardware with a 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet interface. One Bewan Powerline E200Maxx is required for each device to be connected

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