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dbodom 8:01am on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 
Does enough for my job I got this computer a few weeks ago at my new job. It does enough for my job so im happy with it. I work as a programer.

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Automatic Grill & Bake Oven
Operating and safety instructions


This operating manual is intended to help the user understand the appropriate, safe and economic operation of the automatic grill & bake oven Bifinett KH 1138. We assume that the user is familiar with the common procedures of handling household appliances. Before you start using your grill & bake oven, carefully read the instructions about the installation, operation, cleaning and disposal to ensure trouble-free operation. Always keep this manual of operating instructions in a convenient place near the grill & bake oven for ready reference.

Layout features

Different aspects of the operating instructions are systematically organised to help you identify the features easily. Thus, you can easily differentiate it, if it deals with plain text, a tip to make note of or an operating instruction.

Table of contents

Preface. 2 Layout features. 2 Table of contents. 3 Safety precautions. 4
Basic safety precautions. 4 Explanations to safety precautions. 5 Appropriate usage. 5
Items delivered. 6 Installation. 7 Description. 8

Control knobs. 8

Starting to use the appliance. 10 Switching off and storing away. 11
Switching off. 11 Transportation. 11

Operation. 12

Grilling and baking. 12 Grilling and baking with hot air convection. 14
Cooking tips and recipes. 14
Muffins. 14 Hawaiian toast. 15 Bake a deep frozen pizza. 16
Cleaning. 16 Troubleshooting. 18 Disposal. 19 Technical specifications. 19 Manufactured by. 19 Warranty. 19 Statement of compliance. 20

Safety precautions

Basic safety precautions
When in use, never leave the appliance unattended. Always make sure that the appliance is kept out of the reach of children. We advise you not to open the casing or undertake any repairs of the automatic grill & bake oven. By failing to observe this rule, you risk your safety and the warranty may become invalid. In case the grill & bake oven is found to be defective, get it repaired only by the shopkeepers service personnel or an authorised technician. Do not use the appliance if you notice any damage to the appliance or to the power cord. In such a situation get the appliance repaired by a qualified technician. Make sure that no fluids enter into the casing of your grill & bake oven. Do not expose the appliance to humidity and do not use it outdoors. Moreover, do not keep any objects filled with fluids such as vases on the appliance. It may cause fire accidents or electrical shocks. If any fluid accidentally enters into the casing of the appliance, remove the plug from the power socket and get it repaired. When in operation, avoid placing the automatic grill & bake oven directly next to any easily inflammable material, like kitchen towels, potholders and so on. Never attempt to dry textiles or other objects on, above or inside the appliance. This can lead to fire hazards. Never touch the heating elements or the glass door when the grill & bake oven is still operating or before it has cooled down completely. During the operation do not touch anything inside the grill & bake oven. Wait till the appliance has cooled down, otherwise you may sustain serious burn injuries. When in use, the casing and the glass door may become extremely hot. Hence always use a potholder or kitchen gloves to open the door of the oven. Otherwise, you may sustain serious burn injuries. After use, first allow your grill & bake oven to cool down completely before storing it away. Never touch the appliance, power cord or plug with wet hands as this may cause a severe electrical shock. Always hold the plug to pull it out of the socket to remove the power cord and not the power cord itself. Do not crease or crimp the power cord. Place the power cord in such a manner as to prevent anyone from stepping on it or tripping over it. Do not use any extension cable with the power cord. If you do not plan to use your grill & bake oven for a considerable period, disconnect it from the power supply. There will be no electrical current, only when the appliance is unplugged.
Explanations to safety precautions
The operating instructions include different categories of safety precautions as follows:

Danger Any reference to the word DANGER is a warning about possible hazard to human life.
Caution Any reference to the word CAUTION is a warning about possible damage to material or the environment.
This symbol indicates special tips for the economical use of the grill & bake oven.

Appropriate usage

Using the grill & bake oven, you can heat, cook and grill foodstuffs. It may only be used for this purpose. This also implies the observance of all instructions given in this manual, especially those concerning safety. Any other form of usage is considered as inappropriate and it may have hazardous consequences on material or on humans as well. Kompernass is not liable for any damages resulting from the improper use by its owner.

Items delivered

The package contains the automatic grill & bake oven model KH 1138 a metal grating a baking tray a crumb tray a handle a warranty card and the operating manual.


Place the appliance on a firm, flat and heat-resistant base. Make sure that the area surrounding the appliance is adequately ventilated.
Fire hazard There must be a clearance of at least 10 cm between the back of the appliance and the wall, at least 10 cm above the top and 5 cm each on the sides. Therefore, do not place the appliance, for example, in a shelf or a narrow space. Lack of sufficient ventilation for the grill & bake oven can cause a fire or damage the appliance.
Fire hazard Place the grill & bake oven only on a firm, flat and heat-resistant base. Failing to do so can cause fire hazards or damage the appliance. The appliance may leave permanent marks, if placed on a soft surface.
Danger of electrical shock Do not place the appliance directly next to a water source, for example, near washbasins, washtubs or in humid cellars. Such locations can be dangerous due to electrical shocks.


Using the grill & bake oven you can warm, bake and grill different foodstuffs. The provision for hot air convection ensures uniform and quick distribution of heat within the appliance.

Control knobs



Description / Starting to use the appliance
Temperature control knob:
Variable temperature setting range of 100C to 250C

Metal grating

Main switch for
OFF, High heat, Medium heat and Low heat.

Baking tray

Pilot light (Power).
is ON during the operation

Crumb tray

Timer switch
for setting the desired baking / grilling time range of min.
Grip for grating/baking tray

Glass door with handle

Tappet switch for hot air convection
Starting to use the appliance
Remove the automatic grill & bake electric oven and all the accessories from the pakking.

Danger of contusion While opening or closing the door, do not keep your hand at the door hinges. Your hand may sustain injuries due to contusion.
Before operating the appliance for the first time, remove all traces of the packaging
material from the appliance and all accessories. Wipe the accessories clean using lukewarm water and mild liquid soap solution and wipe them dry. Wipe the appliance casing gently with a wet cloth and allow it to dry. When the appliance is fully dry inside and outside, connect the power plug to an available wall socket (230V AC, ~ 50 Hz). Now switch the appliance on without the accessories and without placing any grilling or baking items in it. Keep the appliance door fully open. Set the temperature control knob to 250C. Set the main switch to High or Low or Medium heat. Set the timer switch to 15 minutes.
Starting to use the appliance / Switching off and storing away / Operation Because the new heating elements are slightly greased, you may notice an odd smell when the appliance is used for the first time. This is harmless and will vanish after a while. Once the appliance has automatically switched off, set the main switch to OFF position. Remove the power cord from the socket and wait till the appliance has cooled down completely. Finally, clean the inside area with a slightly wet cloth and wipe it dry.
Switching off and storing away
Switching off Set the main switch and the timer switch to OFF position. Transportation If you wish to transport the grill & bake oven to a different location, first allow it to cool
Remove the power cord from the socket. Wind the power cord around the bracing hooks at the back of the appliance.


Grilling and baking Slip in the crumb tray below the lower heating elements fully into the grill & bake oven. Remove the metal grating and the baking tray from the oven. If necessary, spread
a wax paper on them or apply butter or oil to the baking tray.
Place the items to be grilled or baked on the grating or the baking tray and slide it

into one of the railings. Make sure that there is sufficient distance between the grilling and baking items as well as the inside walls and the heating elements of the appliance. If you wish to use the grill & bake oven in baking mode, close the glass door. If you wish to grill foodstuffs on the grating , leave the glass door slightly opened. When you close the door slowly, it would stop at this position before completely closing. Using the temperature control knob , select the desired temperature. In the grilling mode, always select the maximum temperature level (250 C). Finally, using the main switch select High heat (for au gratin), Low heat (for cakes) or Medium heat (for pizza). For grilling items, turn the main switch to High heat. Using the timer switch set the desired grilling or baking time. Maximum grilling or baking time is 60 minutes.


If the cooking time for your grilling or baking items is less than 25 minutes, first set the
timer switch to 60 minutes and then set it to the desired grilling or baking time.
If you need to preheat the oven, add this time to the actual cooking time.
The pilot light indicates that your grill & bake oven is switched on. The timer switch now moves in the anti-clockwise direction to the zero position.
The appliance is automatically switched off when the set time runs out. If you wish to
switch off the appliance earlier, turn the timer switch back to the OFF position. You will hear a bell tinkle and the pilot lamp is turned off. Even after the appliance has switched off, the timer switch may continue to run for a while.
Always use the enclosed handle to pull the grating or the baking tray out. To remove the grating, use the small hook on the handle for hooking into the grating.
To remove the baking tray from the appliance, use the large hook on the handle to hold on to the edge of the baking tray. If you have finished grilling or baking foodstuffs, turn the main switch to the OFF position and allow the appliance to cool down before you undertake to clean or use it again. Once your grill & bake oven has reached its set temperature, the heating elements or the fan switch off occasionally in order to maintain the set temperature.
Grilling and baking with hot air convection
If you wish to use hot air convection for baking or grilling, normally you may avoid preheating the grill & bake oven. When using the hot air convection, foodstuffs tend to cook and brown uniformly and you can use two trays or gratings in the grill & bake oven at the same time. Follow the instructions given in the recipes for preparations when using the hot air convection.

Press the tappet switch for the hot air convection into position 1.
The fan inside the grill & bake oven is now in operation. The remaining steps are same as for grilling and baking without convection.

Cooking tips and recipes

In this section you will find a few examples for preparing food items. These examples are our recommendations. The duration for the actual preparation may differ. Follow the instructions given on the relevant food package for preparing various items.


Ingredients for 4 persons: 1 cup flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 egg 1 tablespoon melted butter 1 cup milk 3 tablespoons sugar Salt As a variation use nuts, mashed banana or chocolate flakes. Method: In a bowl, gradually mix flour, baking powder, egg, milk, salt and sugar one after another. Melt the butter in a pot and stir it into the dough. Depending on your choice mix nuts, chocolate flakes, mashed bananas or any other fruit as well. Place the dough in typical muffin moulds and bake at 200C High heat and hot air convection for about 15 minutes.

Hawaiian toast

Ingredients for 4 slices of toast: 4 slices toast bread 12 tablespoons tartar sauce 120 g cooked ham 1/2 tin pineapple 4 slices cheese for au gratin Curry powder.
Cooking tips and recipes / Cleaning Method: Pre-toast the bread slices. Apply a thin layer of tartar sauce on the slices. Place cooked ham over the slices. Place a slice of pineapple on the toast. Season with curry powder. Finally place a slice of cheese on top of the pineapple. Place the Hawaiian toasts on the grating and slide it into middle railing and set the grill & bake oven to High heat and hot air convection and bake it for about 8 minutes.
Bake a deep frozen pizza Slide in the grilling grate into the middle railing of the grill & bake oven. Remove the packing and place the deep frozen pizza on the grating. Bake the pizza at Medium heat with the hot air convection switched on for about

20 minutes.

Your new electrical grill & bake oven has self-cleaning inner walls. While the grill & bake oven is in operation, dirt and grime are automatically removed.
Danger of electrical shock Before undertaking to clean the grill & bake oven, remove the plug from the power socket to prevent any electrical shock.

Danger of electrical shock While cleaning, never dip the appliance into water. If connected this could cause a fatal electrical shock.
Caution Do not use any household detergents or sharp or pointed objects to remove dirt. This could damage the grill & bake oven and its specially coated inner wall surface.
However, if dirt has accumulated over a period, you can clean the grill & bake oven
using a soft cloth slightly soaked in a mild liquid soap.
Cleaning / Troubleshooting
If necessary, remove the crumb tray at the bottom of the grill & bake oven to clean it.
Finally, slide the crumb tray back into its place below the lower heating elements in the grill & bake oven.
Danger of electrical shock
Next time before using the appliance after cleaning, make sure that it is completely dry. After cleaning, leave the appliance door open for some time.


Symptom The grill & bake oven fails to heat up. Possible cause and solution The timer switch is on 0 minutes. Set the timer switch to a time range higher than 0 minutes. A household fuse on this line may be defective. Check the household fuse box and, if necessary, replace the defective fuse. The power socket may be defective. Try on another power socket. The grill & bake oven may be defective. Get the grill & bake oven checked by a qualified technician. An electronic component is defective. Remove the plug from the socket and get the grill & bake oven checked by a qualified technician.
The grill & bake oven cannot be switched off.
The fan for the hot air The switch for the hot air convection may be on 0 position. convection fails to function. Set the tappet switch for the hot air convection to 1 position. If the problem still persists, the grill & bake oven is possibly defective. Get the grill & bake oven checked by a qualified technician. The glass door is broken Get the grill & bake oven repaired by a qualified technician. or it has developed cracks.
If a malfunction still cannot be rectified, please contact the shopkeeper or the manufacturers service centre. 14


Follow the instructions given by the local authorities for waste disposal or contact an approved disposal management company in case your automatic grill & bake oven KH 1138 needs to be disposed of. Do not dump the grill & bake oven into normal garbage. Follow the most recent regulations in this regard. If in doubt, contact the waste disposal authorities.

Technical specifications

Voltage: Power rating: Capacity: 230 V AC, ~ 50 Hz 1380 W 18 litres
The Automatic Grill & Bake Oven KH 1138 fully complies with the CE regulations (93/68/EEC).

Manufactured by

Kompernass Handelsgesellschaft mbH Burgstrasse 21 D-44867 Bochum


The terms and conditions for warranty are given in the enclosed warranty card.

Statement of compliance

Kompernass Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Burgstrasse. 21, D-44867 Bochum, Germany, hereby declares that this product fully complies with all the applicable international safety standards, regulations and guidelines of the EU. EC low voltage regulations: 73/23/EWG EN 60335-1 EN 60335-2-9 Electromagnetic compatibility: 89/336 EWG EN 55014 EN 55014-2 EN 61000-3-2 +A1+A2 Appliance type / model: KH 1138

Bochum, 10.10.2003

Hans Kompernass, Managing Director

IdNr. KH1138-10/03-V1


Bifinett KH 1155_UK.qxd


14:17 Uhr

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Max.5Kg/11lb Min.10g/0.4oz d=1g/0.1oz
Max.5Kg/11lb Min.1kg70.4oz d=1g/0.1oz

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Safety Instructions
Important Obey the following safety instructions exactly. Failure to obey these instructions can result in damage to the scale and voids your warranty claims. When inserting the battery, make certain to correctly align the battery poles, and do not use force when connecting the battery Remove the battery when you do not use the scale for a longer period of time. Replace an empty battery punctually. Never place more than 5 kg on the scale. Make certain that liquids never enter into the scale Avoid contact with solvents and corrosive or abrasive cleansers. Only place the scale on a flat and firm surface. Never place anything on the display. Do not press the buttons with force or sharp objects. Do not subject the scale to high temperatures or magnetic fields. Proper Use The Bifinett KH 1155 kitchen scale can be used to weigh noncorrosive, non-abrasive fluids and solids in private households. Weighing of medications and unapproved materials is considered improper use.


The Bifinett KH 1155 is equipped with: Automatic cut-out, Tare function (zeroing the display), Overload indicator, Battery charge indicator, Temperature display, Count-down timer (up to 99 minutes) and Grams/ounces setting. Operating Elements Figure A On/off button Z/T button (ZERO/TARE) Clock button Display
KG/LB button grams/ounces switch)

Delivery Contents

Figure B Bifinett KH 1155 kitchen scale Bowl Operating instructions (not shown) Warranty slip (not shown)

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i If you switch on the scale then place the bowl on the
Make certain that no liquids enter into the scale. Penetrating liquids can damage the scale. Wash the scale with a light cloth moistened with mild soap suds. Never use abrasive agents or solvents.
weighing plate, the weight of the bowl is displayed. If you place the bowl on the scale then switch on the scale, the weight of the bowl is not displayed. If the display does not automatically show "0", press the Z/T button once.


Inserting the Battery Open the battery compartment cover on the underside of the scale.
Place the bowl on the weighing plate. Press the on/off button to turn on the scale. Set the desired unit (grams/ounces). To do this, press the KG/LB button. The configured unit appears beneath the wieght value in the display. The scale shows the weight "0" and ZERO appears in the display. Add the material to be weighed to the bowl. The weight is shown on the display.
i If you would like to switch the display between grams and

Poison hazard!

ounces, press the KG/LB button.
Batteries can be swallowed by children and endanger their health. Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
Connect a 9 V battery. Close the battery compartment cover until it snaps into place.

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Adding & Weighing (Tare Function) You can set the scale to 0 in order to weigh additional partial quantities. To do this, press the Z/T button once. The scale once again shows 0 grams and TARE appears in the display. Add the material to be weighed to the bowl. The weight of the added material is shown in the display.
i You can repeat this step multiple times.
However, never place more than 5 kg on the scale. Removing Materials Press the Z/T button once. The scale once again shows 0 grams and TARE appears in the display. Remove the desired quantity of material. The weight value of the removed material appears in the display as a negative value.
Setting the Timer Press the clock button once. The bell symbol appears in the display next to the clock. Set the desired time with the Z/T and KG/LB buttons. You can set the time in 10 second steps. Press the clock button to start the timer. You can stop the timer. Press the clock button once. You can reset the timer. Press the clock button twice. When the configured time has elapsed, a signal tone sounds for 60 seconds. This tone can be shut off by pressing the on/off button. Temperature Display When the scale is switched on, the display shows the temperature in C in the upper right. Switching Off the Scale If you do not weigh anything for 90 seconds, the automatic cutout switches off the scale. To switch it off manually, press the on/off button.

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When the display shows "Err", the device is overloaded. Remove the material from the scale. Never place more than 5 kg on the scale. If the display briefly shows "OL" and the scale cannot be switched on, the scale is overloaded. Remove the material from the scale and switch the scale on again. Place less than 5 kg on the scale. If your scale does not function as expected, replace the battery. Should this not correct the faulty functioning, please contact the manufacturer. When the display shows "LO", the battery is low. Replace the battery.

Technical Data

Weighing range Temperature display Power supply 10 g-5000 g, in 1 gram steps 0 C-40 C, in 0.5 C steps; with 2 C tolerance 9 V battery

Warranty and Service

The warranty conditions and the service address can be found on the warranty slip.
Conformity Declaration and Manufacturer
Komperna Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Burgstrae 21, D-44867 Bochum, Germany, hereby declares this product to be in accordance with the following standards and directives: Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC EN 60,335-1 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 89/336/EEC EN 55 014-1 EN 55 014-2 EN 61 000-3-2 EN 61 000-3-3 Type of Appliance/Type: KH 1155 Bochum, 17 October 2003, Hans Komperna, Managing Director


Dispose of used batteries or the Bifinett KH 1155 kitchen scale through a certified disposal company or your community disposal company. Never put used batteries or the kitchen scale into normal household waste. Obey the currently applicable regulations. In case of doubt, contact your disposal company.

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IDNr.: KH1155-11/03-V3

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KH 1155

Operating Instructions



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