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mlawther 5:51am on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 
Newegg has come through and saved my family money giving me a top of the line toaster. It shipped very quickly. Newegg RMA DOA Got a great looking toaster froma quality brand at a great price.

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A bomba no alcanou a presso de trabalho
A presso caiu durante o uso
Somente verses AS : sem fornecimento de gua quando o gatilho da pistola Bocal entupido est abaixado (com mangueira de fornecimento desconectada)

Limpe o bocal (fig.5)

Se o motor iniciar e no reiniciar durante a operao, aguarde de 2 a 3 minutos antes de repetir o procedimento de partida (O disjuntor automtico est desativado) Se o problema ocorrer mais de uma vez, entre em contato com o Centro de Servio Autorizado mais prximo.

Caudal Presso

Dados Tcnicos Unidade PW1700 L/h Bar MPa Bar MPa W C MPa N -


A Black & Decker possui uma das maiores Redes de Servios do Pas, com tcnicos treinados para manter e reparar toda a linha de produtos Black & Decker. Ligue: 0800-ou consulte nosso site:, para saber qual a mais prxima de sua localidade.

1 9,4 Class F IPX5

Presso Mxima Potncia Temperatura de entrada Presso de entrada mxima Fora repulsiva da pistola para presso mxima Isolamento do motor Proteo do motor Voltagem AR 230V~50Hz B2C 220V~50Hz B2 220V~60Hz B3 120V~60Hz BR 127V~60Hz Nvel de som: LPA (EN 60704-1) LWA (EN 60704-1) Vibraes da Unidade Peso


The appliance you have purchased is a technologically advanced product designed by one of the leading European manufacturers of high pressure pumps. To obtain the best performance from your unit, read this booklet carefully and follow the instructions each time you use it. We congratulate you on your choice and wish you successful operation.
Before doing work on the appliance, REMOVE the plug. ACCIDENTAL START -UP HAZARD Before pressing the trigger, GRIP the gun firmly to counteract the recoil. INJURY HAZARD COMPLY WITH the requirements of the local water supply company. According to DIN 1988, the appliance may only be connected to the mains drinking water supply if a backflow preventer valve with drain facility is installed in the supply hose. CONTAMINATION HAZARD Maintenance and/or repair of electrical components MUST be carried out by qualified and authorized Black & Decker staff for the warranty to take effect. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, an authorized Black & Decker Service Centre or an equally qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. If the supply cord is replaced by an equally qualified person, but not authorized by Black & Decker, the warranty will lose effect.


DO NOT use the appliance with inflammable or toxic liquids, or any products which are not compatible with the correct operation of the appliance. EXPLOSION OR POISONING HAZARD DO NOT direct the water jet towards people or animals. INJURY HAZARD DO NOT direct the water jet towards the unit itself, electrical parts or towards other electrical


DO NOT use the appliance outdoors in case of rain. SHORT DO NOT allow children or incompetent persons to use the appliance. INJURY HAZARD DO NOT touch the plug and/or socket with wet hands. ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD DO NOT use the appliance if the electrical cable is damaged. ELECTRIC SHOCK AND SHORT CIRCUIT HAZARD DO NOT use the appliance if the high pressure hose is damaged. EXPLOSION HAZARD DO NOT jam the trigger in the operating position. ACCIDENT


DISCHARGE residual pressure before disconnecting the unit hose. INJURY HAZARD Before using the appliance, CHECK every time that the screws are fully tightened and that there are no broken or worn parts. ACCIDENT HAZARD ONLY USE detergents which will not corrode the coating materials of the high pressure hose/electrical cable. EXPLOSION AND ELECTRIC


ENSURE that all people or animals keep a minimum distance of 16 yd. (15m) away. INJURY HAZARD
Check that the data plates are affixed to the appliance, if not, inform your dealer. Units without plates must NOT be used as they are unidentifiable and potentially dangerous. ACCIDENT HAZARD DO NOT tamper with or alter the calibration of the safety valve. EXPLOSION HAZARD DO NOT alter the original diameter of the spray head nozzle. HAZARDOUS ALTERATION OF OPERATING PERFORMANCE DO NOT leave the appliance unattended. ACCIDENT HAZARD DO NOT move the appliance by pulling on the ELECTRICAL CABLE. SHORT CIRCUIT HAZARD
2.1.15 Make sure that cars do not drive over the high pressure hose. 2.2 2.2.1 2.2.2 SAFETY MUSTS
All electrical conductors MUST BE PROTECTED against the water jet. SHORT CIRCUIT HAZARD The appliance MUST ONLY BE CONNECTED to an adequate power supply in compliance with all applicable regulations. ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD Use of a safety residual current circuit-breaker (R.C.C.B.) will provide additional protection for the operator (30 mA).

The high pressure may cause materials to bounce off surfaces at speed; therefore protective clothing and safety goggles MUST BE WORN. INJURY HAZARD

Use of the manual

B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 Lance Gun with safety catch Power supply cable with plug High pressure hose Detergent tank (on models with this feature) C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
This manual forms an integral part of the appliance and should be kept for future reference. Please read it carefully before installing/ using the unit. If the appliance is sold, the Seller must pass on this manual to the new owner along with the appliance. The appliance is delivered partially assembled in a cardboard box. The supply package is illustrated in g.1.
Accessories (where applicable see g.1).
Nozzle cleaning tool Rotating nozzle kit Handle Brush Hose reel


3.2.1 3.3
A1 Use and maintenance manual
Documentation supplied with the appliance 4.5
The packaging materials are not environmental pollutants but must still be recycled or disposed of in compliance with the relevant legislation in the country of use. Comply with the instructions provided by the safety signs ted to the appliance. Check that they are present and legible; otherwise, replacements in the original positions. E1 sign Indicates that the appliance must not be disposed of as municipal waste; it may be handed in to the dealer on purchase of a new appliance. The appliance's electrical and electronic parts must not be reused for improper uses since they contain substances which constitute health hazards.

Disposing of packaging

Safety devices

Safety signs

Do not tamper with or adjust the safety valve setting. - Safety valve and pressure limiting valve. The safety valve is also a pressure limiting valve. When the gun trigger is released, the valve opens and the water recirculates through the pump inlet. - Safety catch (D): prevents accidental spraying of water.

Caution - Danger!


5.1 Assembly

All installation and assembly operations must be performed with the appliance disconnected from the mains power supply. The assembly sequence is illustrated in g.2. (For models with this feature) The rotating nozzle kit delivers greater washing power.
E2 symbol Indicates that the appliance is intended for professional use, i.e. for experienced people informed about the relative technical, regulatory and legislative aspects and capable of performing the operations necessary for the use and maintenance of the appliance. E3 symbol Indicates that the appliance is intended for non-professional (domestic) use.


Assembling the rotating nozzle Electrical connection


4.1 Envisaged use
This appliance has been designed for individual use for the cleaning of vehicles, machines, boats, masonry, etc, to remove stubborn dirt using clean water and biodegradable chemical detergents. Vehicle engines may be washed only if the dirty water is disposed of as per regulations in force. - Intake water temperature: Seedata plate on the appliance. - Intake water pressure: Below 10 bar. - Operating ambient temperature: Above 0C. The symbol on the front cover iden the appliances intended operator (professional or non-professional). Use by unskilled persons or those who have not read and understood the instructions in the manual is forbidden. The introduction of e, explosive and toxic liquids into the appliance is prohibited. Use of the appliance in a potentially or explosive atmosphere is forbidden. The use of non-original spare parts and any other spare parts not intended for the model in question is prohibited. All ations to the appliance are prohibited. Any ations made to the appliance shall render the Declaration of Conformity null and void and relieve the manufacturer of all liability under civil and criminal law. B1 Adjustable spray nozzle
Check that the electrical supply voltage and frequency (V-Hz) correspond to those on the appliance data plate g.2). The appliance should only be connected to a mains power supply equipped with an adequate earth connection and a d erential security breaker (30 mA) to cut the electricity supply in the instance of a short circuit. Use cables featuring IPX5 protection level. The cross-section of the extension cable should be proportionate to its length; the longer it is, the greater its cross-section should be. See table I.

Use of extension cables

Water supply connection


Improper use
Only clean or tered water should be used for intake. The delivery of the water intake tap should be equal to that of pump capacity. Place the appliance as close to the water supply system as possible.

5.4.1 5.4.2

l Water outlet (OUTLET) n Water inlet with ter (INLET) The appliance can be connected directly to the mains drinking wat ted with a ow preventer valve as per current regulations in force. Make sure that the hose is at least 13 mm and that it is reinforced.

Connection points

Connection to the mains water supply

Main components

Water flow is adjusted by regulating the nozzle (E). Detergent flow is adjusted using the regulator (F).
Adjusting the spray nozzle (for models with this feature) Adjusting the detergent (on models with this feature) Adjusting the detergent pressure 7.5
1) Release the safety catch (D). 2) Depress the gun trigger and discharge the residual air inside the hoses. 3) Set the starter device on (ON/1). 1) 2) 3) 4) Switch the appliance off (OFF/0). Remove the plug from the socket. Turn off the water supply tap. Discharge the residual pressure from the gun until all the water has come out of the nozzle. 5) Drain the detergent tank. 6) Engage the gun safety catch (D). When using detergent, the adjustable nozzle must be set on " " (on models with this feature). Fill the tank with highly degradable detergent. Dissolve dirt by applying the detergent mixed with water to the surface while still dry. When dealing with vertical surfaces work from the bottom upwards. Leave the detergent to act for 1-2 minutes but do not allow the surface to dry. Starting from the bottom, use the high pressure jet at a minimum distance of 30 cm. Do not allow the rinse water to run onto unwashed surfaces.


Set the adjustable nozzle on " " to deliver detergent at the correct pressure (on models with this feature). The regulator (G) is used to adjust the working pressure. The pressure is shown on the pressure gauge (where fitted).
Adjusting the pressure (on models with this feature)
- Starter device (H). Set the starter switch on (ON/1) to: a) start the motor (in models without AS device); b) set the motor ready to start (in models with AS device). If there is a pilot light on the starter device, it should light up. If the low/high settings are available, use them as follows: Low : low pressure washing High : high pressure washing Set the starter device switch on (OFF/0) to shut down the appliance. If there is a pilot light on the starter device, it should go out. - Water jet control lever (I). During operation the appliance must be positioned as shown in fig. 4 on a sturdy, stable surface.
Refilling and using detergent


Recommended cleaning procedure


Any maintenance operations not covered by this chapter should be carried out by an Authorized Sales and Service Centre. Always disconnect the plug from the power socket before carrying out any work on the appliance.


Before starting up the appliance check that the water supply hose is connected properly; use of the appliance without water will damage it; do not cover the ventilation grilles when the appliance is in use. 1) Turn on the water supply tap fully. 2) Release the safety catch (D). 3) Depress the gun trigger for a few seconds and start up the appliance using the starter device (ON/1). AS models - In AS models with automatic delivery flow cut-off system: - When the gun trigger is released the dynamic pressure automatically cuts out the motor (see fig.4); - When the gun trigger is depressed the automatic drop in pressure starts the motor and the pressure is restored after a very slight delay; - If the AS is to function correctly all gun releasing and depressing operations must be performed at intervals of less than 4-5 seconds. To prevent damage to the appliance, when running do not stop the water jet for more than 10 minutes at a time. 1) Set the starter device switch on (OFF/0). 2) Depress the gun trigger and discharge the residual pressure inside the hoses. 3) Engage the gun safety catch (D).
1) Disconnect the lance from the nozzle. 2) Remove any dirt deposits from the nozzle hole using the tool (C1). Clean the suction filter (L) and the detergent filter after every 50 hours of operation. In case of lengthy stoppages, limescale sediments may cause the motor to seize. To unjam the motor, turn the drive shaft with a tool (M). Treat the appliance with non-corrosive, non-toxic antifreeze before storing it away for winter.

Cleaning the nozzle

Cleaning the filter
Unjamming the motor (on models with this feature)

End-of-season storage

Stopping the appliance


Problem Possible causes Nozzle worn Water filter fouled Water supply pressure low Air being sucked into system Air in pump Adjustable nozzle not positioned correctly Water intake from external tank Intake water too hot Nozzle clogged Insufficient power supply Motor sounds but fails to start Voltage loss due to use of extension cable Appliance not used for a long period of time Problems with AS device No electrical power Motor fails to start Problems with AS device Appliance not used for a long period of time Water leakage Appliance noisy Oil leakage AS versions only: motor starts even with gun trigger is released AS versions only: no water delivery when gun trigger is depressed (with supply hose connected) Seals worn Water too hot Seals worn Nozzle clogged High pressure system or pump hydraulic circuit not watertight Nozzle clogged Remedy Replace nozzle Clean filter (fig.5) Turn on water supply tap fully Check tightness of hose fittings Switch off the appliance and keep depressing and releasing the gun trigger until the water comes out in a steady flow. Switch the appliance back on again. Turn the adjustable nozzle (E) (+) (fig.3) Connect appliance to the mains water supply Reduce temperature Clean nozzle (fig.5) Check that the voltage of the mains power supply line is the same as that on the plate (fig.2) Check characteristics of extension cable Contact your nearest Authorized Service Centre Contact your nearest Authorized Service Centre Check that the plug is firmly in the socket and that the mains voltage supply is present (*) Contact your nearest Authorized Service Centre Using the tool (L) unjam the motor from the hole at the rear of the appliance (in models with this feature) (fig.5) Have the seals replaced at your nearest Authorized Service Centre Reduce temperature (see technical data Contact your nearest Authorized Service Centre Clean nozzle (fig.5) Contact your nearest Authorized Service Centre Clean nozzle (fig.5)

Pump does not reach working pressure
Pressure drops during use
If the motor starts and does not restart during operation, wait 2-3 minutes before repeating the start-up procedure (overload cutout has been tripped). If the problem recurs more than once, contact your nearest Authorized Service Centre.
Technical Data Output Pressure Maximum pressure Power T input Maximum input pressure Repulsive force of the gun to the maximum pressure Motor Insulation Motor Protection Voltage AR 230V~50Hz B2C 220V~50Hz B2 220V~60Hz B3 120V~60Hz BR 127V~60Hz Sound level: LPA (EN 60704-1) LWA (EN 60704-1) Unit vibrations Weight Unit L/h Bar MPa Bar MPa W C MPa N PW1 9,4 Class F IPX5


authorized service locations. All Black & Decker Service Centers are and reliable power tool service. Whether you need technical advice, repair, or genuine factory replacement parts, contact the Black & Decker location nearest you.
Solamente para propsito de Argentina: Importado por: Black & Decker Argentina S.A. Marcos Sastre 1998 Ricardo Rojas, Partido de Tigre Buenos Aires, Argentina CP: B1610CRJ Tel.: (11) 4726-4400 Imported by/Importado por: Black & Decker do Brasil Ltda. Rod. BR 050, s/n - Km 167 Dist. Industrial II Uberaba MG Cep: 38064-750 CNPJ: 53.296.273/0001-91 Insc. Est.: 701.948.711.00-98 S.A.C.: 0800-703-4644 Solamente para propsitos de CCA Importado por: Black & Decker LLC Calle Miguel Brostella Final Edificio Milano I, Mezanine 5,6 y 7 El Dorado, Panama Tel. 507-360.5700 Solamente para propsitos de Colombia Importado por: Black & Decker de Colombia, S.A. Carrera 85D # 51-65, Bodega 23 Complejo Logstico San Cayetano Bogota - Colombia Tel. 744-7100 Solamente para propsito de Chile: Importado por: Black & Decker de Chile, S.A. Av. Pdte. Eduardo Frei M. 6001-67 Conchal Santiago de Chile Tel. (56-2) Solamente para propsito de Mxico: Importado por: Black & Decker S.A. de C.V. Bosques de Cidros, Acceso Radiatas No.42 3a. Seccin de Bosques de las Lomas Delegacin Cuajimalpa, 05120, Mxico, D.F. Tel. (52) 555-326-7100 R.F.C.: BDE810626-1W7 Black & Decker del Per S.A. Av. Enrique Meiggs 227. Pque. Industrial - Callao Telfono: (511) 614-4242 RUC 20266596805 Impreso en China Impresso em China Printed in China 662275-01 5/22/08



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