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Blaupunkt Chicago Ivdm-7002Blaupunkt Chicago IVDM-7002 - DVD player with LCD monitor / AV receiver

External unit integrated, Screen Diagonal: 7"

The Blaupunkt Chicago IVDM-7002 comes fully equipped to take you out of your car and into the movies. Providing a 7" fully motorized, retractable, in-dash monitor with DVD and AM/FM tuner. In order to fully immerse you in that theater shaking sound, this unit comes with fully integrated 5.1 Dolby Digital DTS (TM). Want the ability to fully customize your car? Now you can download up to seven pictures for totally individualized wallpaper. The sky really is the limit with the Blaupunkt IVDM-7... Read more
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Industry forecasts to 2008 & 2013
Automotive Entertainment Systems

in North America

Demand to reach US$9.5 billion in 2008
The North American market for light vehicle entertainment systems is projected to reach US $9.5 billion by 2008. Propelled by the introduction of innovative new technologies, demand for entertainment system hardware will maintain comparatively healthy growth profiles at both the OEM and aftermarket levels. Growth rates among the US, Mexico and Canada are expected to vary widely, with Mexico experiencing the greatest increase due to both high levels of export-focused light vehicle production and increasing local market demand, followed by the US and Canada.
Blaupunkt Chicago IVDM-7002 in-dash DVD system. United States 81%


Study # 1882 January 2005 $4100
nologies such as MP3/ WMA will also continue to make inroads due to their tremendous music and data storage capabilities.
Both integration, docking station trends emerging
North American Light Vehicle North American Light Vehicle Entertainment System Demand Entertainment System Demand
(US$9.5 billion, 2008) (US$9.5 billion, 2008) elements such as CD players and AM/FM radios). Among the new technologies expected to take increasing shares of the entertainment system market in North America are multimedia DVD players ($2 billion in 2008), satellite radio systems ($2 billion), audio systems equipped with data compression technologies ($1.2 billion) and disc drive multimedia systems ($740 million). Satellite radio systems have recently entered the mainstream at both the OEM and aftermarket levels. They have in particular generated significant interest at the OEM level, thus ensuring an increasing number of new light vehicles which feature integrated satellite radio capability.

Canada 11% Mexico 8%

Hard drives to make inroads
The pending introduction of disc drive-equipped multimedia systems at both the OEM and aftermarket levels could signal a paradigm shift in entertainment system technologies. The increasing robustness of micro disc drive technologies should allow entertainment system suppliers to dramatically expand services provided without the addition of bulky new hardware. Multimedia DVD players will continue to see strong growth opportunities, as these systems become more compact and either better integrated (OEM market) or more portable (aftermarket). Audio systems equipped with data compression tech-
Conventional audio under attack
The largest product category has been conventional audio systems (e.g., AM/FM/cassette/CD systems), but these are being challenged on multiple fronts. Sales of conventional audio systems will decline rapidly as new technology bundles are introduced (typically including conventional
The continued merging of vehicle entertainment functions across systems has become a key trend in both the OEM and aftermarket. Radios featuring navigation system capabilities are already available, and DVD players are featured in many vehicle navigation systems as well. A potential counter-trend to integration is emerging in which the vehicle simply becomes a docking station for portable disc drive devices such as Apples iPod digital music player. Ultimately, consumers may want both options in their vehicles.

Study coverage

This 204-page Freedonia industry study, Automotive Entertainment Systems in North America, is available for $4100. It provides historical demand data through 2003 and forecasts to 2008 and 2013 by product and market (Canada, US, Mexico). The study also details market shares and profiles 26 major firms.

Visit for tables of contents & complete text & tables

Table of Contents

General.. 4 Aftermarket Leadership Under Threat. 4 OEM Market Changes.. 6 Macroeconomic Environment.. 8 United States.. 9 Canada.. 11 Mexico.. 12 Light Vehicle Supply & Demand Dynamics. 14 United States... 16 Canada.. 18 Mexico.. 19 Automotive Industry Trends. 20 United States... 22 Canada.. 24 Mexico.. 25 Legal & Regulatory Trends.. 27 Electronics Industry Trends.. 28 Pricing Trends.. 30 Foreign Trade & International Issues. 31 Global Supply & Demand Trends. 32 Trends in Foreign Trade.. 34
#1882 - Automotive Entertainment Systems in North America
TABLE III-4 MEXICO: AUTOMOTIVE ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM DEMAND (million US dollars) Item Light Vehicle Production (mil units) $ OEM/vehicle Light Vehicles in Use (million units) $ aftermarket/vehicle Entertainment System Demand OEM Aftermarket Source: The Freedonia Group, Inc. 1993 1.1998 1.2003 1.2008 2.2013 2.5 335


11.0 12.6 15.6 18.2 21.2 Voice Activation Technology 3.6 5.2 6.7 8.8 11.6 As the sophistication levels of vehicle entertainment, information and 1085 communication systems continue to grow, concerns over public safety are expected to 280 Driver distraction contributes to at least 25 percent of fatal rise. traffic accidents, and105 concerns first focused on the use of cell phones by drivers have spread to other activities, including the operation of vehicle entertainment systems. Automotive electronics firms and vehicle OEMs are hoping voice activation technology can help to allay such safety fears. Voice recognition and activation software is rapidly becoming robust, but some current voice systems can be easily affected by factors such as open windows or voices from the audio system. Several vehicles available in the US currently feature voice-activated technologies, including versions of the ACURA RL, the JAGUAR S-TYPE sedan, the BMW 7 SERIES, and the INFINITI Q45. The technology has already made its way into the mass market, with Honda introducing it in highline versions of the ACCORD sedan and ODYSSEY minivan. The system used in the ODYSSEY responds to 637 commands, can understand different accents, and can find locations by voice command alone. While an integral part of the navigation system, it also operates the radio and climate controls.


General... 36 United States.. 38 Canada... 42 Mexico... 44 Demand by Product.. 47 Conventional Audio Systems.. 48 DVD Systems.. 49 Satellite Radio Systems.. 51 MP3/WMA-Equipped Systems.. 52 Hard Disk Drive Systems. 53
BLUETOOTH & Other Local Wireless Systems An emerging electronics-related innovation in the North American light vehicle market is the use of in-car wireless networks based on standards such as BLUETOOTH or 802.11b. These networks allow users to, for example, wirelessly connect their cell phones to communications systems in the vehicle. DaimlerChrysler introduced BLUETOOTH (named after a 10th-century Viking king known for uniting Denmark and Norway under Christianity) in its 2004 PACIFICA, and offers the technology in multiple product lines. CHART V-ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM MARKET PENETRATION TRENDS, 1961 TO 2003 (US passenger car example)

90% 80%

A M r a d io A M / F M c a s s e t te C D p la y e r e q u ip p e d
Gives historical data through 2003 plus Freedonia forecasts to 2008 and 2013
Copyright by The Freedonia Group, Inc.
General... 55 Basic Technological Concepts.. 57 Semiconductors... 59 Sensors.. 60 Modules, Subsystems & Systems. 61 Automotive Entertainment Systems. 62 Conventional Audio Heads.. 63 Satellite Radio.. 64 Hard Disk Drive Systems. 65 MP3/WMA Players.. 66 DVD Players... 68 Other Systems & Components. 69 Technological Trends. 71 System Integration.. 73 Software Standardization & In-Vehicle Networks. 74 Voice Activation Technology.. 77 BLUETOOTH & Other Local Wireless Systems.. 77 Automotive Electronics Technology Evolution.. 79
70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 1961

A M /F M m o n o

8 -T r a c k t a p e
Demand for MP3/WMA-equipped audio systems in the OEM and aftermarket light vehicle industry in North America will increase rapidly, reaching $1.2 billion in 2008. Demand will be enhanced by the abilities of MP3 and WMA compression technologies to dramatically increase the number of songs a given data storage device can hold. In the automotive industry,1 9this medium 6is typically a CD disk, although in the future, other media including flash memory or hard drives could take advantage of MP3/WMA technologies. -- pg. 44

A M / F M S te r e o MP3 p la y e r s S o u r c e : T h e F re e d o n ia G r o u p , I n c.

This study can help you:

Determine your market & sales potential Complement your research & planning Learn more about industry competitors Assess new products & technologies Identify firms to merge with or acquire Gather data for presentations Confirm your own internal data Make better business decisions


General... 83
TABLE VI-1 AUTOMOTIVE ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM OEM DEMAND IN NORTH AMERICA (million dollars) Item Light Vehicle Prdn (million units) $ OEM/vehicle North America OEM Demand Conventional Audio DVD Players Satellite Radio MP3/WMA Equipped Systems Hard Disk Drive Systems 1993 13.2008 2013
(continued on opposite page) Market Penetration Profiles.. 84 Market Pull.. 86 Regulatory Push.. 87 Rapid Penetration.. 88 Niche... 88 Entertainment System Market Penetration Analysis. 91 Wave I: AM Radio. 92 Wave II: AM/FM/Cassette. 93 Wave III: CD Player-Equipped Systems. 94 Entertainment System Market Penetration Trends.. 95 Current Situation.. 97
7600 Satellite Radio Systems 790 Aftermarket light vehicle demand for satellite radio systems in North 2510 America is projected170 to grow strongly, reaching $900 million in 2008. De mand will be driven by the increased 1750 offered via these systems, and variety high levels of familiarity consumers have with the systems. The two 1100 by the satellite radio companies are XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio, with XM taking the lead in signing up subscribers. At the end of 2004, XM had over 3.1 million subscribers and Sirius Satellite Radio had one million.
Explanations to support each tables data and forecasts
The satellite radio service providers are expanding the number of services they offer, and in Sirius case, it is expanding beyond simply offering traditional radio services. For example, in early 2004 Sirius announced it will offer real time traffic information to subscribers beginning in 2005. The new feature will be offered in a range of service options, and will be compatible with all navigational systems offered by both OEM and aftermarket suppliers. In 2004, Sirius and Delphi announced the future availability of in car mobile video transmission via the satellite radio network. The service is expected to be introduced by mid-2005. Delphis DELPHI XM SKYFI satellite radio was introduced in October 2002 for automotive and home applications. These radios are capable of playing over 100 satellite channels broadcast by XM Satellite. Visteon has an agreement with XM Satellite Radio to jointly produce and distribute digital satellite radio receivers for automotive applications. Blaupunkt maintains a production and distribution agreement with Sirius under which Blaupunkt makes and distributes units that receive and transmit Sirius broadcasts. These receivers, which were introduced in August 2004, are marketed under the AMERICA SR04 brand name for both automotive and home use. AMERICA SR04 units consist of removable tuners, in car plug and play mounting cradles, power supplies, wireless remote control and CHART VIII-1 antenna. NORTH AMERICAN AUTOMOTIVE ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM MARKET SHARE BY COMPANY, Copyright by The Freedonia Group, Inc. (US$7.0 billion)

General... 100 Conventional Audio Systems.. 102 AM/FM/CD Systems. 103 AM/FM/Cassette/CD Systems. 105 AM/FM/Cassette Systems.. 106 AM/FM Systems.. 107 DVD Systems... 109 Satellite Radio Systems. 112 MP3/WMA-Equipped Systems. 114 Hard Disk Drive Systems.. 116


Others Harman International Industries Incorporated 71.8% 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest Washington, DC 20004 202-
Data illustrated with the aid of 55 tables and charts
General... 119 Conventional Audio Systems.. 122 AM/FM/CD Systems. 123 AM/FM/Cassette/CD Systems. 124 AM/FM/Cassette Systems.. 125 AM/FM Systems.. 127 DVD Systems... 128 Satellite Radio Systems. 129 MP3/WMA-Equipped Systems. 131 Hard Disk Drive Systems.. 133


5.4% Market Leaders 28.2%


SAMPLE 4.6% Visteon CHART
4.3% 3.9% 3.6% SANYO Kenwood Bosch
Sales: $2.7 billion (FY 2004) US Sales: $646 million (FY 2004) Employment: 10,605 (FY 2004) Key Products: sound systems, navigation systems, head units and other automotive electronics Harman International is a worldwide leader in the production of high fidelity audio and electronic systems. The Company operates through two segments: Consumer Systems and Professional. The Company is active in the automotive entertainment industry through the Consumer Systems segment, which had FY 2004 sales of $2.2 billion. The segment designs, manufactures and markets audio, video and electronic systems; and loudspeakers for automotive, home and computer applications. The segments plants are located in Northridge, California; Martinsville, Indiana; and Franklin, Kentucky. Outside of the US, the Consumer Systems segment has manufacturing facilities in Mexico (2), Germany (6), France, the United Kingdom and Hungary. Through the segment, Harman produces and supplies sound systems, navigation systems, head units and other automotive electronics. Harman produces automotive entertainment products through the HARMAN/KARDON, JBL, INFINITY and MARK LEVINSON lines. The HARMAN/KARDON line features ultrawide bandwidth and high current amplifiers. This brand encompasses tape decks, CD players, speakers, receivers, tuners and amplifiers. The line includes the BECKER 7860 six-CD changer. The CD changer can be used with the HARMAN KARDON TRAFFIC PRO II in vehicle CD/radio/navigation unit. Car products in the JBL line encompass the JBL SP8C two way in ceiling speaker and the JBL 177 Copyright by The Freedonia Group, Inc.


General... 136 Industry Composition.. 138 Market Share.. 141 Research & Product Development. 143 Manufacturing.. 146 Marketing & Distribution.. 147 Financial Issues.. 154 Mergers, Acquisitions & Industry Restructuring. 156 Company Profiles.. 157-205
Profiles for 26 US industry participants
Company Profiles also feature:
Timely information on public/private companies Operations of pertinent division/sector/subsidiary Product lines, trade names, technical overviews Mergers/acquisitions, closures, expansion decisions

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Technical specifications

Full description

The Blaupunkt Chicago IVDM-7002 comes fully equipped to take you out of your car and into the movies. Providing a 7" fully motorized, retractable, in-dash monitor with DVD and AM/FM tuner. In order to fully immerse you in that theater shaking sound, this unit comes with fully integrated 5.1 Dolby Digital DTS (TM). Want the ability to fully customize your car? Now you can download up to seven pictures for totally individualized wallpaper. The sky really is the limit with the Blaupunkt IVDM-7002.

Product TypeDVD player with LCD monitor / AV receiver
Intended forVehicle
Enclosure TypeFull-DIN
Kit ContentDVD player with LCD monitor, AV receiver
Supported DevicesCD changer, satellite radio receiver
Parental LockYes
ControlsVolume, fader, balance
Security FeaturesDetachable faceplate
FeaturesOn-screen menu, rear-facing camera capability
TypeLCD monitor - in-dash unit integrated - motorized
TechnologyTFT active matrix
Diagonal Size7"
Image Aspect Ratio16:9
Resolution480 x 234
Viewing Angle120 degrees
Widescreen ModesNormal, Wide
FeaturesScreen saver
TypeRadio tuner - AM/FM
Total Preset Station Qty24
AM Preset Station Qty6
FM Preset Station Qty18
TypeDVD player - in-dash
Enclosure TypeFull-DIN
Media Load TypeSlot-load
Media TypeCD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD, CD
Search Speed2x, 4x, 6x, 8x
Picture ZoomYes
Picture Zoom Power3x, 1.5x, 2x
DVD Repeat ModesTitle, chapter
Multi-Camera Angle SelectYes
Multi-Language SelectYes
MP3 PlaybackYes
Form FactorExternal unit integrated
Continuous Power / Channel Qty18 Watts x 5
Response Bandwidth5 - 23000 Hz
Signal-To-Noise Ratio75 dB
Amplifier Output Details18 Watt - 4 Ohm - THD 1.0% - 14.4V DC - 2 channel(s) ( front ) 18 Watt - 4 Ohm - THD 1.0% - 14.4V DC - 2 channel(s) ( rear ) 18 Watt - 4 Ohm - THD 1.0% - 14.4V DC - 1 channel(s) ( center )
Digital Signal Processor
Audio DecodersDolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital, DTS decoder
DSP PresetsHall, Club, Stadium, Church, Studio, Movie
TypeDigital graphic
Equalizer Band Qty7 bands
Equalizer Factory PresetsDance, Ballad, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classic, Flat
Equalizer User Preset Qty1
Remote Control
TypeRemote control
Included AccessoriesMounting kit, cable kit, faceplate carrying case
Connector TypeAV receiver : 1 x 5.1 channel audio line-out ( RCA phono x 6 ) 3 x composite video/audio input ( RCA phono x 3 ) 2 x composite video/audio output ( RCA phono x 3 ) 1 x audio line-in ( RCA phono x 2 ) System components control bus 1 x RGB input
Universal Product Identifiers
BrandBosch Group
Part NumberIVDM-7002



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