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Firmware Update

TravelPilot 500

By installing the above-mentioned firmware you can optimize the functionality of your TravelPilot system. Note that this software contains no map data. To ensure a reliable firmware updating function, it is of vital importance that you install the correct device-specific software. The exact type number of your device is found on the back side of your navigation system or on the bottom side of the sales packaging. Please take care to install a firmware version provided for your specific device only. This firmware can be used for the following type numbers: TravelPilot 500 7.612.201.640 7.612.201.642 Using wrong software can lead to an interruption of the firmware update process or damage your system's operating system. Blaupunkt GmbH assumes no liability whatsoever for any data losses, hardware malfunctions or software errors resulting from the firmware update procedure. The user recognizes and accepts this by executing this update.
Blaupunkt GmbH Germany: Robert-Bosch-Str. Hildesheim Phone: +49(180)-5000225 Switzerland: Industriestrasse Otelfingen Phone: +41(44)-8471644 Austria: Geiereckstrae Wien Phone: +43(1)797220
Registered Office: Hildesheim, Registration Court: Amtsgericht Hildesheim HRB 120 Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Volkmar Denner; Managing Directors: Uwe Thomas, Egbert Hellwig, Dirk Hoheisel, Michael Klemm Blaupunkt GmbH - A Bosch Group Company

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Which hardware do you need? Apple MAC or PC, OS Windows XP/NT/2000/Vista recommended Standard SD card reader 512 MB SD card (or more) TravelPilot compatible 230V AC adaptor or 12 V cigarette lighter cable Preparing the SD card for the firmware update: Put the SD card into your reader device and connect it with your computer. Open the file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer), the SD card will be displayed as an additional external drive. Format the SD card (e.g. by clicking the external drive representing the SD card with the right mouse button and then selecting "Format" in the context menu). Download the firmware zip file provided for your system, e.g. onto your desktop. Extract the zip file direct to the target SD-card. After copying the data, deactivate the external drive before removing the SD-card. Executing the firmware update: Connect the 230V AC adaptor into a wall outlet or use the 12V cigarette lighter cable in your vehicle (vehicle ignition on). Connect the recharging cable with your TravelPilot to ensure a stable power supply during the firmware update process. Insert the SD card into your TravelPilot. Hold the left "- VOL" button and the blue ON/OFF knob depressed simultaneously for approx. 15 to 20 seconds. Release both buttons as soon as a white screen with a progress bar is displayed. The progress bar will disappear after a few minutes and the device will re-boot. Then select the desired menu language, confirm the safety note with "OK" and start the "Navigation".

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In the bottom left corner of the following screen, tap the target symbol. Confirm the message "Dataset not available" with "OK" and select the desired digital map. Now remove the SD card from the device. Your system has now been updated with the latest firmware version.
Has the firmware update been successful? Starting out from the main menu of your TravelPilot, please press "Settings" and then tap on "Product Info". You may browse through further product information by tapping on the More arrow in the lower corner of the menu.
Have a good trip with your TravelPilot Your Blaupunkt Service team

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