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BLUETREK X2 user guide

Thank you for choosing the BLUETREK X2, we hope you will enjoy the convenience we are bringing to you. The BLUETREK X2 offers many functions, please read this manual before getting started.
EC-Declaration of Conformity We, Innovi Technologies Ltd of 31/F China Online Centre, 333 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong declare under our sole responsibility that our product BLUETREK X2-2 to which this declaration refers is in conformity with the appropriate standards EN300 328-02 EN301 489-17 EN301 489-01 EN50371 EN60950 Following the provisions of Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment directive 1999/5/EC. November 2005
Guillaume Ponticelli, Director of Development

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FCC/ Industry Canada Notice This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference. (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. In compliance with Industry Canada regulations, technical specifications have been provided in a declaration of conformity. This does not imply that Industry Canada approved the equipment. Caution: Changes or modifications to this Bluetooth headset not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the users authority to operate it.
Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and is used by the manufacturer under license.

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You must charge it continuously for about 8 hours, until the red indicator light turns off. Please refer to the Charging the BLUETREK X2 section of this manual. Pair the headset with a mobile phone. Please refer to the Pairing the BLUETREK X2 section of this manual.


The BLUETREK X2 headset is a wireless headset based on the Bluetooth technology. It complies with Bluetooth 1.2 protocol, supporting Headset and Handsfree profile. The BLUETREK X2 headset has 3 buttons: TALK button (main button), 1 VOL+ button, 1 VOL- button.

Charging the BLUETREK X2

Please connect the charger to the headset and to the mains. During the charge, the indicator light is red. The indicator light will turn off when the charge is complete. During subsequent charges, the charging should take approximately 2 hour 40 minutes. When you hear a light beep in your headset at regular intervals, and the indicator light flashes in red, your headset needs to be recharged. Important: To maximize battery lifetime, it is recommended to recharge your headset to full capacity only when the battery is low, since a battery has a lifetime of about 500 charging cycles. If you leave your headset battery empty for an extended period of time, it could excessively discharge the battery. In this case, charge your headset for 10 hours or more until the battery recovers and recharges completely. Only switch on the headset once the red indicator light turns off, indicating the battery has fully recovered. Do not let the battery charger remain plugged in the headset for more than 24h.
The use of any other charger will automatically suspend the warranty.

Pairing the BLUETREK X2

Before using the BLUETREK X2 headset, you must pair it with your Bluetooth mobile phone. Pairing is the process of linking 2 Bluetooth devices, so that they can communicate. PAGE 3 / 6
To initiate pairing: 1. Place the BLUETREK X2 and your mobile phone within 0.3 meter (1 foot) from each other. 2. Switch on your phone and select its Bluetooth discover mode (refer to the Bluetooth mobile phone user manual). 3. When the BLUETREK X2 is switched off, press and hold the TALK button for about 7 seconds until the indicator light flashes red and blue alternately. And a sound can be heard in the speaker. 4. Once the mobile phone detects the headset, a BLUETREK X2 message will be displayed. Follow the phone instructions to accept the pairing. The PIN code (or passkey) is 0000, then press yes or ok. If pairing success, the indicator light will switch to blue and flashes slowly. If you havent started the discovery mode within 5 minutes, the headset will switch off. You must then switch on your headset and start the pairing again.

Wearing the BLUETREK X2

For your convenience, the ear loops and the ear hook of BLUETREK X2 are designed to be removable and can be worn on either ear. BLUETREKX2, as packaged, is already with the small ear loop that is specially designed for active outdoor use. To replace with the ear hook: Simply unsnap the ear loop from the headset by pulling gently at the base of the ear clamp ring. Snap the ear hook onto the headset by applying gentle pressure on the base of the ear clamp ring. The ear hook is made of a soft material which can be shaped to fit your ear. Please refer to the above diagram of how it can be adjusted.
Switching the BLUETREK X2 ON and OFF
Switching BLUETREK X2 ON When your headset is off, press and hold the TALK button for about 2 seconds until the blue indicator light is on. A beep (2 tones) can be heard in the speaker. Release the TALK Button. To check if your headset is ON, press once on the TALK button. If the indicator light flashes blue, it means your headset is ON. Switching BLUETREK X2 OFF When your headset is on, press and hold the TALK button for about 5 seconds until the red indicator light is on after the quick blue flashes. A beep (2 tones) can be heard in the speaker then release the TALK Button.

Making a call

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*Mobile phone with voice recognition. Make sure the voice recognition function on your mobile is activated and your voice tags have been recorded with the phone. To enter these, please refer to your phones manual. When there is no incoming or active call, press once on the TALK button. Wait for the audio signal sent by the mobile phone (generally a short tone). Speak the name of person you wish to call. Mobile without voice recognition. Make sure both the headset and the mobile phone are ON and in stand-by mode. Dial the number on the phone keypad, after approximately 2 seconds the audio connection will be established. *This function may not be available on some phones, please refer to the trouble shooting frequent asked questions in our website: to find out more.

Answering a call

When the headset rings, press once on the TALK button to take the call.

Ending a call

Press once on the TALK button to end an active call.

Adjusting the volume

To increase the volume during an active call, press the VOL+ button on the headset. To decrease the volume during an active call, press the VOL- button on the headset.

Muting the microphone

To mute the microphone during an active call During an active call, press and hold the VOL+ button for approximately 2 seconds. A periodic tone can be heard in the speaker when the microphone is muted. To end the mute function When the microphone is muted quickly press the VOL+ button on the BLUETREK X2. The periodic tone will end.
Transferring a call from BLUETREK X2 to the mobile phone
During an active call, press the TALK button for about 2 seconds. (This function only works in the Hands-Free Profile.) In the Headset profile, you can simply turn off your headset.
Transferring a call from the mobile phone to the BLUETREK X2
To transfer the call back to the headset, use the menu option on your phone.

Call waiting

When you hear a call waiting alert while you are on a call, press once on the TALK button to accept the second call.

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This function may not be available, depending on your phones functionality. However, you can always answer the second call from your phone keypad. Note: This function is not available on some phones. Please refer to the trouble shooting frequent asked questions in our website: to find out more.
Additional features with some phones Rejecting a call
When the headset rings, press the TALK button for about 2 seconds.

Redial the last number

When there is no incoming or active call, press the TALK button for about 2 seconds until you hear a beep.

Troubleshooting guide

The first thing you should do when encountering a problem that you cannot solve with this manual, is to switch off your headset and your mobile phone, and switch them on again. To find out more, please refer to the trouble shooting frequent asked questions in our website:

Guidelines for safe use

Read those guidelines before using your headset. BLUETREK X2 is protected against splashing water from all direction, which means that your headset can function with water falls. Nonetheless, precipitation, humidity and all types of liquid or moisture may contain minerals that will corrode electronic circuits. Therefore, if your headset does get wet, dry it completely as soon as possible. Warning: never immerse your headset under water. Do not drop or try to alter the shape of your headset. Do not expose your headset to extreme temperatures. Temperature range: 0-40C. Do not expose your headset to fire or open flames. Do not try to disassemble your headset. Service and Maintenance can only be performed by authorized BLUETREK dealers. Do not let children play with your headset, since it contains small parts that could become detached and create a choking hazard. Check the regulation in your area if you plan to use your headset while driving. Turn off your headset before boarding an airplane.

CAUTION : Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Dispose of batteries according to local regulations. Do not dispose as household waste.

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Press Release For Immediate Release Jan 2006
The worlds first weather-proof Bluetooth headset
Sleek sophistication meets rugged looks with the Bluetrek X2

Large ear loop

Hong Kong, January 2006 Bluetrek, a leading wireless equipment provider specialising in Bluetooth technology, has launched a stylish new line-up of innovative Bluetooth products. Building on the success of Bluetreks flagship products from last year the ultra-chic G2 and the trendy S2 which are sold by the largest European carriers & specialized retailers, Bluetreks latest offering is the X2, a sexy new weatherproof model ideal for active outdoor use. With its rugged design and its ability to function in extreme conditions, the X2 is equally at home in the great outdoors as it is in an urban environment. The new fashion-inspired Bluetooth headset boasts extended battery power, lighter weight and high sound quality. Based on Bluetooth 1.2 technology, the X2 offers up to 14 hours of talk time and 500 hours (yes, thats over 3 weeks!) of standby time. It is water resistant and shock resistant thanks to its use of highly durable, lightweight, splashproof materials. A customizable system of loops and hooks are made out of a smooth anti allergenic silicone rubber guarantees adaptability to various ear shape and size, as well as an ergonomically designed fit for long wearability. The Bluetrek X2 is a product that will be showcased by several mobile carriers as well as top retailers worldwide, says Fiona Tsui, Director of Key Accounts, Bluetrek. It offers extended talk time, great performance, is light weight and its outdoor inspired design is targeted for the active young market segment. According to Nicolas Gontard, Chief Executive, The new X2 takes its cue from Bluetreks Fashion for Heads strategy, entering the existing collection as the offroader of headsets. With its rugged rubberized casing and fresh bright colours, it combines SUV-like functionality with urban street fashion savvy, heralding the birth of a new breed of head devices. We are very confident the X2 will spearhead the continued growth and success of the Bluetrek brand.
About Bluetrek Headquartered in Hong Kong, Bluetrek is dedicated to developing innovative solutions for wireless communication. As a pace setter and pioneer in the Bluetooth marketplace since 2001, Bluetrek has become a leading supplier of Bluetooth solutions to the global market. The companys international design and R&D team, located in the USA and France, is backed by China manufacturing facilities and sales offices in Europe and the United States, as well as a network of long-term customers and partners worldwide. For more information, visit the Bluetrek website at Bluetrek is a brand owned by Innovi Technologies Ltd.:
Copyright 2005-2006 Innovi Technologies Ltd.



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