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Blumax Bluetooth GPS Receiver 009 is a complete wireless satellite position receiver, adopting high sensitivity SiRF Star lll chip and having wireless transmission function. With 20 GPS channels, it can quickly receive GPS signal and quick position in the weak GPS satellite signal area. The basic design framework is based on generation indoor GPS communication technology, super sensitivity 157dBm (-187dBw) and low-loss technology. The revolutionary system provides increditable sensitivity for you and let you quick position in any bad condition in city and valley. You can use it in a car navigation having strict requirement, survey, security maintenance and agriculture etc.


Blumax Bluetooth GPS Receiver 009 transmits information with Bluetooth wireless technology by high-performance way. GPS-009 can catch 20 satellites signal and shows 12 of all strongest signal information when cold start over water-level. For position of travelling, fishing, climbing, by navigation software, it can find out location information of bus-stops, hotels, and restaurant. High sensitivity Fast position Built-in rechargeable battery Bluetooth wireless transmission
Light and touchable design, simple and convenient initial use, 10 meters Bluetooth wireless transmission distance, abroad application and easily operation. Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery can wear well
Before you can use your Blumax Bluetooth GPS Receiver 009, you must pair it with your Mobile Phone, PDA or Laptop

Users Guide

Step A: Turn on your GPS-009. When the unit is turned on, it is automatically in pairing mode. Step B: Set your phone, PDA or Laptop to pair with GPS-009. 1. Turn on the Bluetooth Function of your phone. 2. Perform a Bluetooth device discovery from your phone. 3. Select your headset from the discovered devices list and confirm on screen prompts. 4. Enter the pin code 0000.
Long press Blumax Bluetooth GPS Receiver 009 power key for approximately 3sec (blue light flashes), Blumax Bluetooth GPS Receiver 009 will enter power-on state. If Bluetooth is not paired within 5sec, then the Bluetooth will close automatically.

Basic parameter

Antenna Installation site precision Interface Build-in ceramic chip antenna Level precision 10m Bluetooth V2.0+EDR Generally install is over, refresh 1 time, every 1 sec 20 channels -157dBm (-187dBw) 1sec. (Average) Generally: 35sec / A-GPS: 5sec Generally: 42sec / A-GPS:10sec Generally 0,1sec 1 time/sec Elevation: Lowing 18000m, Speed: Within 515m/sec (750segment), Acceleration: The utmost limit: 4G (G refers to gravity unit), Cascade tripping: The utmost limit: 20m/sec 5-25M 0.1 m/s 1C NMEA/SiRF binary setting GGA GSA GSV RMC VTG GLL GPS LED Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery 10 hours 57g GPS009: 90(L)x45(W)x12,5(H)mm Plastic crust -10-60C -20-85C

Refresh speed

Receptivity Receiver Sensitivity Hot start Warm start Cold start Re-acquiring time Data updating rate Dynamic perfomance
Pairing Blumax Bluetooth GPS Receiver 009 with Bluetooth Device (having Bluetooth PDA, mobile phone, notebook computer etc), open navigation software in Bluetooth device, navigate with Bluetooth GPS-009 according to the demand of navigation software. Place Bluetooth GPS-009 outdoor, when Bluetooth Blumax Bluetooth GPS Receiver 009 does not find satellite, the blue light would flash once. If the satellite is found, blue light will flash constantly.
Green indicator Blue indicator Yellow indicator Red indicator

GPS Position state Bluetooth open and power on state Charging state Battery low voltage warning state
High-precision Speed precision Electronic compass angular resolution Data input Data output Difference modes


Display screen

Power specification

When Bluetooth Blumax Bluetooth GPS Receiver 009 battery is low a red light will flash. If the receiver is not charged within 15 minutes, the Bluetooth Blumax Bluetooth GPS Receiver 009 will switch off automatically.
Battery Battery using time (hour)

Surface parameter

Weight(g) Size(mm) Crust material structure

Environment parameter

Working temperature(C) Storage temperature(C)
When there is no battery, you need to charge the Blumax Bluetooth GPS Receiver 009 on time. When it is charging an Orange light should flash continuously. Once the receiver is fully charged, the orange LED light should stop flashing.


Blumax Technologies

Main Distribution:

Eurotronic Products GmbH Gewerbeparkstr. 14 D-44339 Dortmund, Germany Fon: Fax: Website: E-Mail: +49 (0)+49 (0)
Long press power switch key of Blumax Bluetooth GPS Receiver 009 1sec, it will power off. When you wish to turn the power off, press and hold the power key for 1 sec, the receiver now will shut down.



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