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SOLD 2001 BMW 330Ci Coupe 95136 Saturn of Capitol Expressw


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Squibler 5:52am on Saturday, October 30th, 2010 
Yes the 320d is a great car until the turbo breaks and then the fun starts. power is not bad for a 1.8 liter engine, the driving experience is good this is not a boring car. handling is rubbish. I think this is bulsh.. car,have it for 2 years now.The cooling system is c..p,always a water leak somewhere on it.
dopper 2:08am on Friday, September 10th, 2010 
LET ME CUT straight to the chase here: if I was in the market for a new BMW right now, this is the one I would buy - the 320d. great handling.
Robert11 3:44am on Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 
good car,great mpg for 150 brake,nice interior reliable if kept serviced at normal intervals no real problems just bushings
skyecoder 7:07am on Friday, June 18th, 2010 
I have been a BMW owner for many years. My last 2 were en E36 325, my last was a E39 528i.
kumarsoft 6:50am on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 
I love the way it drives, I love the way it l...  It performs great. love the style The lock system is too dangerous.
Maaarusa 4:14pm on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
This is a fantastic car. I am a huge fan of german cars anyway, but this is one of their best. I own a BMW 325ci 03 plate on around 50k. It has the 2.
mdbobbo 6:23pm on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 
I love this car but it can be a bit roomier.  THe handling is superb Cup holders are out of place and the run flat tires give a bumpy ride I absolutely love this car!!! This is probably the best built car for the $$. I love this car, it feels so solid.
Voltaire182 8:47pm on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 
I absolutely love this car!!!  This is probably the best built car for the $$. I love this car, it feels so solid.

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316i 1.796 cc, 85 kw (115 bhp) 318i 1.995 cc, 105 kw (143 bhp) 320i 2.171 cc, 125 kw (170 bhp) 325i* 2.494 cc, 141 kw (192 bhp) 330i* 2.979 cc, 170 kw (231 bhp) 318d 1.951 cc, 85 kw (115 bhp) 320d 1.995 cc, 110 kw (150 bhp) 330d* 2.926 cc, 135 kw (184 bhp)

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316ti 1.796 cc, 85 kw (115 bhp) 318ti 1.995 cc, 105 kw (143 bhp) 325ti 2.494 cc, 141 kw (192 bhp) 320td 1.995 cc, 110 kw (150 bhp)

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F 650 CS 652 cc, 37 kw (50 bhp) or 25 kw (34 bhp)

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MINI One 1.598 cc, 66 kw (90 bhp) MINI Cooper 1.598 cc, 85 kw (115 bhp) MINI Cooper S 1.598 cc, 120 kw (163 bhp)
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Z8 4.941 cc, 294 kw (400 bhp) F 650 GS 652 cc, 37 kw (50 bhp) or 25 kw (34 bhp) F 650 GS Dakar 652 cc, 37 kw (50 bhp) or 25 kw (34 bhp) R 1150 GS 1.130 cc, 62,5 kw (85 bhp) R 1150 GS Adventure 1.130 cc, 62,5 kw (85 bhp)


318Ci 1.995 cc, 105 kw (143 bhp) 320Ci 2.171 cc, 125 kw (170 bhp) 325Ci 2.494 cc, 141 kw (192 bhp) 330Ci 2.979 cc, 170 kw (231 bhp)
M3 coup 3.246 cc, 252 kw (343 bhp) M3 convertible 3.246 cc, 252 kw (343 bhp) M5 4.941 cc, 294 kw (400 bhp) M roadster 3.246 cc, 239 kw (325 bhp) M coup 3.246 cc, 239 kw (325 bhp)


R 850 R 848 cc, 52 kw (70 bhp) or 25 kw (34 bhp) R 1150 R 1.130 cc, 62,5 kw (85 bhp)


520i 2.171 cc, 125 kw (170 bhp) 525i 2.494 cc, 141 kw (192 bhp) 530i 2.979 cc, 170 kw (231 bhp) 540i 4.398 cc, 210 kw (286 bhp) 520d 1.951 cc, 100 kw (136 bhp) 525d 2.497 cc, 120 kw (163 bhp) 530d 2.926 cc, 142 kw (193 bhp)
Z3 roadster 1.9 i 1.895 cc, 87 kw (118 bhp) Z3 roadster 2.2i 2.171 cc, 125 kw (170 bhp) Z3 roadster 3.0i 2.979 cc, 170 kw (231 bhp) Z3 coup 3.0i 2.979 cc, 170 kw (231 bhp)


R 1200 C Classic 1.179 cc, 45 kw (61 bhp)
Ccc, 11 kw (15 bhp) C176 cc, 13 kw (18 bhp)
R 1200 C Avantgarde 1.170 cc, 45 kw (61 bhp) R 1200 C Independent 1.170 cc, 45 kw (61 bhp)
* available with all-wheel drive as an option

Sports Tourers

R 1100 S 1.085 cc, 72 kw (98 bhp) R 1150 RS 1.130 cc, 70 kw (95 bhp) K 1200 RS 1.171 cc, 72 kw (98 bhp) or 96 kw (130 bhp)
X5 3.0i 2.979 cc, 170 kw (231 bhp) X5 4.4i 4.398 cc, 210 kw (286 bhp) X5 4.6is 4.619 cc, 255 kw (347 bhp) X5 3.0d 2.926 cc, 135 kw (184 bhp)

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R 1150 RT 1.130 cc, 70 kw (95 bhp) K 1200 L T 1.172 cc, 72 kw (98 bhp)

Revised March 2002

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Powerful brands are the foundation for the success of the BMW Group. The BMW Group is the only multi-brand car maker in the world to concentrate exclusively on the premium segments of the global automobile market. Premium means added value. The authentic BMW and MINI brands with their clear profile give the customer a direct, immediate feeling of this added value borne out by emotional products with outstanding substance and supreme quality. This commitment is reflected in each and every vehicle. The premium experience.

BMW Brand

The new BMW 3 Series compact unique design, striking light elements. The latest addition to the 3 Series is the new 3 Series compact. In its looks and appearance, this new model stands out clearly from all the other models within the 3 Series. The new interpretation of BMWs characteristic dual headlights gives the 3 Series compact a unique, unmistakable face. Contrary to all other BMW models in the current range, the high- and low-beam headlights on the compact are separated from one another. From behind, separate round lights under a clear glass cover emphasise to the cars individual style. The body of the 3 Series compact, retaining the same wheelbase but 28 centimetres or 11 inches shorter than the saloon, gives the car with its striking front and rear section a very different character, but clearly shows that this is still a genuine BMW. The 3 Series compact is available with four different engines. The range starts with the 316ti featuring the worlds first-ever VALVETRONIC power unit and extends via the 318ti also equipped with VALVETRONIC all the way to the straight-six power unit in the 325ti. The 320td diesel offers a standard of performance and refinement only a sports car was able to provide just a few years ago.
New look for the saloon and touring. This new look is further enhanced by the wider, more dynamic kidney grille and the modified contours of the power dome leading from the grille to the A-pillars. The front lights form one complete unit together with the indicators and have developed from a more technical, geometric shape to a far stronger, more accentuated curvature. Dropping the contour line above the wheel arch, the front wings come in new proportions enhanced by the wedge-shaped side indicators now fitted higher up. The rear panel also has fewer horizontal lines, strengthening the graphic appearance of the rear lights now finished in brilliant look technology. Refinement and detailed improvement of the successful 3 Series. To give the driver an even better experience of the 3 Series sporting qualities, all models received a number of detailed modifications for the 2002 model year. Both the chassis and suspension have been further developed to an even higher standard providing even more agile handling on the road sheer driving pleasure at its best. Advanced engine technology for more performance, extra comfort and much better fuel economy benefit the driver of a BMW 3 Series featuring the new four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines. A further highlight of the 3 Series sporting orientation is the Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) available as an option on the 325i and 330i saloon and coup. This technology enables the driver to shift gears as in Formula 1, using paddles on the steering wheel and without even pressing a clutch. Clearly, this option focuses in particular on the passionate sports driver who appreciates the quick gearshift made possible by the fully automatic operation of the clutch and an automatic gearshift.

Pointing to the future the new BMW 7 Series. The new 7 Series is an entirely new car from the ground up, pointing to the future of luxury performance motoring. With its progressive exterior and interior design, an innovative control concept and a wide range of highlights in technology, the new BMW 7 Series sets the benchmark in every respect, offering an optimum balance of performance, dynamism, safety, comfort and economy. In its design the new 7 Series is more than evolutionary. The guidelines in designing the interior were sportiness, dynamic performance, luxury and a powerful presence, with the latter being given particular attention this time: the new 7 Series is an outstanding character in road traffic. The active Dynamic Drive suspension is a highlight in chassis technology combining the supreme motoring comfort of the 7 Series with the dynamic performance of the BMW Z8. On a straight stretch of road, the suspension largely absorbs all bumps and even the slightest imperfection, in bends it reduces side roll of the body. The purchasers of a 7 Series can enhance this superiority to an even higher level with EDC-C as a second active system ensuring supreme driving comfort and stability in one. EDC-C Electronic Damper Control the last letter standing for Continuous adjusts damper forces permanently and infinitely to road conditions and the cars dynamic performance. The result is perfect harmony of sportiness and comfort. The new concept of the 7 Series and the innovative iDrive control system, in turn, have enabled BMWs designers to create a new world of clear and modern interior architecture, at the same time enhancing control comfort to a new level.
M3 SMG Drivelogic Formula 1 feeling with direct gearshift on the steering wheel. While the driver of a conventional car moves the shift lever in the classic H-configuration when changing gear, the driver of a Formula 1 racing car only has to touch two paddles behind the steering wheel, shifting up on the right and down on the left while keeping his foot fully on the accelerator pedal. BMW M, in close cooperation with Getrag and Sachs, has successfully converted this technology in motorsport to a practical experience on the road, developing a new high-performance drive concept now entering the market in its second generation as the BMW Sequential M Gearbox (SMG II with Drivelogic) in the M3. All gears are shifted electrohydraulically, the control elements operating instantaneously, safely and reliably by wire, without mechanical connection. To shift gears, the control unit activates the solenoid valves within thousandths of a second, thus masterminding the overall hydraulic system. Highly advanced electronic actuators then interrupt the power of the engine for milliseconds, the control unit shifting gears and engaging/disengaging the clutch hydraulically so that a clutch pedal is now no longer required. The fastest gearshift takes only 80 milliseconds, operating at a speed and with a standard of precision hardly any human being is able to match.

BMW X5 4.6is the X5 with more engine capacity, power and torque. At the 2001 Geneva Motor Show BMW presented the new high-performance version of the X5 Sports Activity Vehicle for the first time in Europe: the X5 4.6is. Creating this new model, BMWs designers have modified the already awe-inspiring appearance of the X5 with due care and style, expressing the vehicles supreme performance through a combination of understatement and attention to detail. The driver of the X5 4.6is is in command of 347 horsepower accelerating this all-wheel-drive performance vehicle to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. Combining offroad driving qualities with the dynamism of a sports car, the X5 is at home both in terrain and on the road. The reserves offered by the suspension of the X5 have been demonstrated not least by the X5 Le Mans concept car, the largely standard chassis of this unique driving machine conveying the 700 bhp of the V12 LMR power unit safely and reliably to the road even under extreme racing conditions. Reasons enough to be confident that the supreme chassis of the X5 concept is also able to handle the outstanding power and performance of the X5 4.6is.
The new BMW C1 more power and a new sound. While driving the 125 cc BMW C1 in city traffic was already a real pleasure you might not have expected from a power-to-weight ratio of 12.3 kg/bhp, the driver of the Ccan now enjoy performance on the road provided by 13 kW (18 bhp) from 176 cc 18 per cent more power than before. The increase in maximum torque is even more impressive, particularly under practical driving conditions: torque is up from 12 to 17 Nm (8.8 to 12.5 lb-ft), an increase of 42 per cent. This guarantees swift acceleration from the traffic lights as well as faster overtaking where it really counts. The result is an even greater experience of C1 driving pleasure. Business commuters and other drivers of the C1 also use the motorway near big cities or in densely populated areas. They, too, will therefore enjoy the new dimension of power provided by the C1 200, contributing ultimately to even greater safety on the road. Although the BMW C1 was originally conceived for driving in town or densely populated areas, many users of this unique vehicle have quickly realised that the C1 also offers particular driving pleasure on overland routes: cruising along without having to wear any special protective clothing or a helmet is an entirely new way of experiencing the beautiful countryside.
[1] BMW F 650 CS the perfect combination of a city bike and a specialist for winding roads. The F 650 CS is an all-new motorcycle truly exceptional in its design and product substance. And precisely this exceptional character is borne out by the term Scarver describing this unique motorcycle. Like the F 650 funduro back in 1993, the F 650 CS is intended to open up a brand-new segment in the market. Through its appearance alone fresh, free and full of fun the F 650 CS proves its unique character and strong personality. A thrilling machine arousing attention wherever you go. Conceived and designed as a city bike, the F 650 CS is ideal for riding in town, going to work, riding to college or simply cruising down the boulevard. Its innovative storage compartments in the central fairing offer lots of practical space for odds and ends. And thanks to its supreme handling with a fast-revving, hightorque but fuel-efficient engine, the F 650 CS also has the right kind of sporting talent for winding country roads. [ 2 ] The globetrotter bike the R 1150 GS Adventure. Motorcycle riders dreaming of remote places were able to enjoy a real surprise at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the Milan Show in September 2001 the new BMW R 1150 GS Adventure entering the market in spring 2002. The R 1150 GS Adventure will serve to further strengthen BMWs leading position in the market segment of large-capacity long-distance enduros. Based on the R 1150 GS remaining in production, the R 1150 GS Adventure comes with modified standard equipment and a new, special range of options and special equipment. These meet even greater demands in offroad and long-distance riding revealed at very first sight by the looks of this thrilling machine. Whether on gravel, on sandy tracks, rough terrain or long distances, the suspension and running gear of the R 1150 GS Adventure with extra-long spring travel and optimised tuning is suitable for all purposes, even when carrying a heavy load.

MINI Brand

MINI the premium brand in the small car segment. Introducing MINI as an independent, emotional brand, the BMW Group is establishing the premium dimension in a new segment. MINI appeals to a new class of purchasers, further enlarging the market presence of the BMW Group. MINI is the expression of a modern, urban lifestyle. MINI means joy of life, bringing together different classes, countries and generations. All models in the MINI range stand out through their unmistakable design. All lines are clear and elegant at the same time. The MINI is the future-oriented reinterpretation of an original. The features typical of the original Mini are to be found throughout the entire car, combined with the most modern technology such as a safety package unparalleled in this class. Top quality in the choice of materials bears out the premium standard of all MINI models, starting with the extra-stiff bodyshell and extending all the way to the high-quality fabric, surfaces and leather inside the car. MINI clearly stands out from the rest, proving that premium has nothing to do with the dimensions of a car. MINI One. Direct handling, supreme agility and responsive behaviour on the road are the outstanding features of all models in the MINI range. These are the features that ensure the go-kart-like feeling drivers of the MINI have always appreciated. The MINI One develops maximum output of 66 kW/90 bhp, accelerates from km/h in 10.9 seconds, and has a top speed of 185 km/h or 115 mph. Despite this performance, fuel consumption is a mere 6.5 litres/100 kilometres (43.5 mpg Imp). MINI Cooper. The MINI Cooper is powered by a 16-valve four-cylinder engine developing maximum output of 85 kW/115 bhp from 1.6 litres. Acceleration to 100 km/h comes in 9.2 seconds, top speed is 200 km/h or 124 mph. By comparison, fuel consumption of 6.7 litres or 42.2 mpg Imp is certainly quite economical. Regardless of the paintwork colour, the roof and exterior mirrors are available also in white or black, the rims in silver or white.
MINI Cooper S. The third, youngest and most powerful member of the MINI family is the MINI Cooper S. Proudly flaunting its appeal, this very special model proves that it is an exclusive power pack full of character. As the top model in the range, it features particularly elaborate technology and offers a standard of performance living up in every respect to the great name of the MINI Cooper S. Equipped with PLUS sports suspension, the MINI Cooper S caters even more directly for the needs and preferences of the dynamic driver, both on winding country roads and on long, fast motorways. The car literally hugs the road even in the fastest, most dynamic bends. The heart of the most powerful MINI is the compact four-cylinder power unit featuring a compressor and intercooler for maximum output of 120 kW/163 bhp from 1.6 litres. From a standstill, the MINI Cooper S accelerates to 100 km/h in just 7.4 seconds, with a top speed of 218 km/h or 135 mph. Considering this kind of performance, fuel consumption remains economical at just 8.4 litres premium/100 km or 33.6 mpg Imp. The MINI Cooper S excels not only through its unprecedented driving pleasure, but also through supreme product substance extending all the way to each and every detail such as the various surfaces inside the car. This special model therefore meets the most demanding standards with a cheeky twinkle in its eye typical of MINI.


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2008 BMW 3 Series 328i Coupe

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VIN: WBAWB33508P132608 Mileage: 51,816 Engine: 3.0L L6 FI DOHC 24V Gasoline Transmission: 6 Spd Automatic Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive Warranty: Limited Warranty Condition: Pre-Owned Clear Title
Stock No: 8P132608 Exterior Color: Titanium Silver Metallic Interior Color: Gray
Installed Options: Ext / Int Color
Titanium Silver Metallic with Gray Leather Interior

Luxury Features:

Air Conditioning Telescoping Steering Wheel Digital Information Center Tilt Steering Wheel Tinted Windows Climate Control System Homelink System Cruise Control Clock Dual Zone Electronic Climate Control Steering Wheel Radio Controls Moonroof Tachometer

Power Equipment

Power Steering Power Driver's Seat Power Windows Power Passenger Seat Power Locks Memory Seat Position

Safety Features

Security System Traction Control System Side Air Bags Keyless Entry Driver's Air Bag Fog Lights Rear Defogger Anti-Lock Brakes Passenger Air Bag Intermittent Wipers


Leather Steering Wheel

Audio / Video

Factory System

CD Player

Vehicle Description:
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EASY - NO HAGGLE PRICING!!!! All of our vehicles go through inspection to ensure the quality of vehicle sold. We also perform any immediate maintenance work needed before we offer the cars for sale. We stand behind the quality of our vehicles. All of our pre-owned vehicles with 85 thousand miles or less come with a 30 day/ 1,000 mile warranty that covers all internally lubricated parts within the engine and transmission. We have a world class Finance Department to offer you the best interest rate available in the market. Please visit us at and contact one of our CREDIT EXPERTS. While we try our best to obtain all the correct information, Atlanta Luxury Motors is not responsible for any errors or omissions.We may or may not have all the keys and floor mats. We will be happy to obtain extra ones for you at our Dealer cost. Price excludes sales tax, tag, title, and documentation fee.

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2008 BMW 328I VIN: WBAWB33508P132608 COUPE 3.0L L6 FI DOHC 24V REAR WHEEL DRIVE Standard Equipment | Safety Options
No accident / damage reported to CARFAX

CARFAX 1-Owner vehicle

1 Service record available
Commercial vehicle Last reported odometer
CARFAX Report Provided By:
Atlanta Luxury Motors-Roswell 891 Mansell Road Roswell, GA 30076 678-292-2000 Visit Dealer Website

51,822 reading

$100 Below retail book value
This CARFAX Vehicle History Report is based only on information supplied to CARFAX and available as of 6/7/11 at 10:17:14 AM (EDT). Other information about this vehicle, including problems, may not have been reported to CARFAX. Use this report as one important tool, along with a vehicle inspection and test drive, to make a better decision about your next used car.

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Ownership History
The number of owners is estimated Year purchased Type of owner Estimated length of ownership Owned in the following states/provinces Estimated miles driven per year Last reported odometer reading 2008 Commercial 3years Florida 17,162/yr 51,822 Owner 1

Title History

CARFAX guarantees the information in this section Salvage | Junk | Rebuilt | Fire | Flood | Hail | Lemon Not Actual Mileage | Exceeds Mechanical Limits
Owner 1 Guaranteed No Problem Guaranteed No Problem
GUARANTEED - None of these major title problems were reported by a state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you find that any of these title problems were reported by a DMV and not included in this report, CARFAX will buy this vehicle back.

Additional History

Not all accidents / issues are reported to CARFAX Total Loss No total loss reported to CARFAX. Structural / Frame Damage No structural / frame damage reported to CARFAX. Airbag Deployment No airbag deployment reported to CARFAX. Odometer Rollback No indication of an odometer rollback. Accident / Damage No accidents or damage reported to CARFAX. Manufacturer Recall Check with an authorized BMW dealer for any open recalls. Tell us what you know about this vehicle
Owner 1 No Issues Reported No Issues Reported No Issues Reported No Issues Indicated No Issues Reported Ask Your Dealer

Detailed History

Owner 1
Purchased: Type: Where: Est. miles/year: Est. length owned: 2008 Commercial Florida 17,162/yr 4/11/08 4/18/11 (3 years)


Date: 04/11/2008 04/11/2008


Comments: Service contract issued Vehicle purchase reported
424 Service Plan Co. BoyntonBeach,FL Florida Motor Vehicle Dept. BoyntonBeach,FL

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Title issued or updated First owner reported Loan or lien reported Registered as commercial vehicle Vehicle color noted as Silver Registration issued or renewed Loan or lien reported Registered as commercial vehicle Vehicle color noted as Silver Registration issued or renewed Loan or lien reported Registered as commercial vehicle Vehicle color noted as Silver Service contract claim Vehicle serviced Tire(s) serviced Registration issued or renewed Loan or lien reported Registered as commercial vehicle Vehicle color noted as Silver Listed as a fleet vehicle Sold at auction in Florida Millions of used vehicles are bought and sold at auction every year.

04/30/2008 Florida Motor Vehicle Dept. Hilliard, OH Title#0100607205 Florida Motor Vehicle Dept. Boynton Beach, FL Title#0100607205 Florida Motor Vehicle Dept. Boynton Beach, FL Title#0100607205 44,283 ServicePlanCo.



09/27/2010 12/18/2010

Florida Motor Vehicle Dept. Boynton Beach, FL Title#0100607205 51,816 AutoAuction


04/20/2011 04/22/2011
OnlineListing 51,822 Georgia InspectionStation
Vehicle offered for sale Passed emissions inspection
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Print this CARFAX Report and take it to your pre-purchase inspection Tell us what you know about this vehicle
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Commercial Vehicle was registered for business purposes. First Owner When the first owner(s) obtains a title from a Department of Motor Vehicles as proof of ownership. Ownership History
CARFAX defines an owner as an individual or business that possesses and uses a vehicle. Not all title transactions represent changes in ownership. To provide estimated number of owners, CARFAX proprietary technology analyzes all the events in a vehicle history. Estimated ownership is available for vehicles manufactured after 1994 and titled solely in the US including Puerto Rico. Dealers sometimes opt to take ownership of a vehicle and are required to in the following states: Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and South Dakota. Please consider this as you review a vehicle's estimated ownership history. Title Issued A state issues a title to provide a vehicle owner with proof of ownership. Each title has a unique number. Each title or registration record on a CARFAX report does not necessarily indicate a change in ownership. In Canada, a registration and bill of sale are used as proof of ownership. CARFAXHistoryImpact Accidents, service records, number of owners and many other history factors can affect a vehicle's value. The CARFAX History Impact is a tool that analyzes millions of used car transactions to measure how the combination of all the information reported to CARFAX affects the value of a particular vehicle. The vehicle's retail book value plus the CARFAX History Impact will give you a more accurate measure of the vehicle's value. Use this tool, along with a vehicle inspection and test drive, to make a better decision about your next used car.


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