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Bosch HMB402 Installation Instruction

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Household Appliances Built-in Microwave Oven
Installation Instructions
For Models: HMB402, HMB405, HMB406 With Trim Kits: HMT472, HMT475, HMT476, HMT402, HMT405, HMT406
PLEASE READ ENTIRE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PROCEEDING IMPORTANT: Save these instructions for the local electrical inspectors use. INSTALLER: Please leave these Installation Instructions with this unit for the owner. OWNER: Please retain these instructions for future reference.
Please read this entire manual before proceeding


Local codes vary. Installation, electrical connections, circuit breakers and grounding must comply with all applicable codes. Save these instructions for your local electrical inspector's use.


Please leave these Installation Instructions with this unit for the owner. Please retain these instructions for future reference. Disconnect power at the breaker before installing.


Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Unpacking..3 Cabinet Preparation..4 Electrical Installation..5 Installing the Microwave Oven.. 5 - 7 Installing the Trim Kit..7
Step 2: Cabinet Preparation
The cabinet cutout dimensions are shown in Figure 1. When the microwave oven is installed at the end of a cabinet run, adjacent to a perpendicular wall or cabinet door, it is a good practice to allow at least 1/4" space between the side of the trim and wall or door.
Trim Kits Width (B) Height (A) Depth (C) HMT40x HMT47x All Trim Kits All Trim Kits Dimensions 28-1/2" 25-1/2" 16-3/4" 22-3/4" - 24"
Your microwave oven can be installed into a cabinet or wall by itself or above any of the following Bosch wall ovens: HBL43, HBN/L44 or HBN/L74. Outlet can be located anywhere within the shaded area as indicated in Figure 1.


*Trim Kit Frame Outer Dimension
Trim Kits Outer Width (b) Outer Height (a) HMT40x HMT47x All Trim Kits Dimensions 29-7/8" 26-7/8" 19 / "
Outlet should be in the shaded area.

Figure 1

Top of microwave shelf

Microwave Cutout

Bosch single wall oven cutout
Step 3: Electrical Installation
The Bosch microwave oven is equipped with a grounded cord. The wall receptacle must be installed and grounded in accordance with the national electrical code. Also, electrical connections and grounding must comply with all applicable local codes. The electrical requirements for a separate circuit serving only this microwave oven are: 120V, 60Hz, 15Amp.
Step 4: Installing the Microwave Oven

Step A

Front 1. Disconnect the microwave oven from the outlet before proceeding with installation.
Rear 1/2" Screws (2) 1/2" Screws (2)
2. Remove any loose items (turntable, support, etc.) from the microwave oven.
3. Fasten the bottom bracket to the bottom duct by using two 1/2" screws.
4. Install bottom duct with four 1/2" screws to bottom of microwave.

1/2" Screws (2)

Step 4: Installing The Microwave Oven (continued)

Step B

1. Remove the one existing screw from the left side of the microwave oven. 2. Connect the side duct to upper duct as shown. a) Insert projecting tabs of upper duct into holes of side duct. b) Bend tabs up as shown. NOTE: Remove any oil or dirt on surface of microwave oven before ducts are attached. a) Upper Duct b)

3 tabs 3 holes Side Duct

3. Peel off the backing of double-sided tape. Attach the side duct and upper duct assembly on the microwave cabinet. Press down firmly on ducts. Fasten duct assembly to left side of cabinet with one existing screw.

Existing Screw

Step C
1. On the cutout floor, mark hole centers for the anti-tip brackets as shown using the supplied template. Be sure to align the center line of template to center line of cutout floor. 2. Drill two holes for anti-tip bracket. (Use 7/64" drill or #35 drill) 3. Install anti-tip bracket onto cutout floor using two 1/2" screws.

Centerline Cutout Floor

A = 4-1/4" B = 3" C = 18-3/16"

Anti-tip Bracket

Step 4: Installing the Microwave Oven (continued)

Step D

1. Slide microwave oven part way into cabinet opening. (Bottom bracket must be flat to the cutout floor to engage correctly with anti-tip brackets as shown). 2. Plug in the microwave oven. 3. Center the microwave oven within the cutout opening and slide the microwave oven in the anti-tip bracket. (Ensure the microwave oven is accurately centered. 4. Drill pilot holes (use 7/64" drill or #35 drill) through the positioning flange and then install three 1/2" screws at the front of the bottom duct as shown. Bottom Duct Anti-tip Assembly

1/ 2"

Bottom Bracket

Cutout opening



Positioning flange
Step 5: Installing the Trim Kit
1. Place the trim kit frame over the microwave oven. Important Note: Trim kit frame orientation is important. Orient the frame so the louvers are sloping downward to the front. (See Figure Detail A). 2. Make sure the trim kit is level and centered with respect to microwave oven. Mark four hole centers through the four mounting holes of the trim kit. NOTE: Center the trim kit frame equally on all four sides. 3. Remove the trim kit and drill four pilot holes. (use 7/64 drill or #35 drill) 4. Attach the trim kit frame by using four 1" screws. Make sure that the orientation is correct as stated above. 5. Your trim kit is now fully installed. Replace any loose items that have been removed from inside microwave oven. 6. Please keep this installation instruction for future reference. Trim Kit Mounting hole Pilot hole Cutout Opening


1" Screw
Figure Detail of "A"
Bosch reserves the right to change specifications or design without notice. Some models are certified for use in Canada. Bosch is not responsible for products which are transported from the United States for use in Canada. Check with your local Canadian distributor or dealer. Bosch, 5551 McFadden Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92649. For the most up-to-date critical installation dimensions by fax, use your fax handset and phone 702/833-3600. Use code#8030.
BSH Home Appliances Corp.
Bosch Customer Support Call Center, 5551 McFadden Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (800) 828-Rev. A 2003 BSH Home Appliances Corp. Litho U.S.A. 12/03 8


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