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nathanbriggs 6:37am on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 
Gets the job done. Plenty of power. The sound is a little bright for my taste, but for the price a fine speaker. Great speaker!!! Very surprised! I bought two sets of these speakers for my camper.
sprogo 9:39pm on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 
The speakers have great bass and do not distort at high levels. I paired them with a better marine head unit and they are a great pair. hooked them up to my small amp, about 1/2 the rating of the speaker. and blew them first time out. Compact, Great Sound, Versatile Not Very Powerful

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5001 Angel Canyon Rd. Kanab, UT 84741 Tel: (435) 644-2001 Fax: (435) 644-2078 e-mail:

Best Friends Campaigns

4 BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2009
Best Friends is working to bring about a time of No More Homeless Pets, a time when unwanted animals are no longer being destroyed in shelters, and when every healthy dog or cat can be guaranteed a good life in a caring home. You can help by participating in one of Best Friends four campaigns, designed to address the biggest challenges currently facing companion animals:
Pit Bulls: Saving Americas Dog Restoring the image of pit bulls and challenging breed discrimination. First Home Forever Home Helping people provide a loving, forever home for their pets. Focus on Felines Keeping cats safe and out of shelters. Puppies Arent Products Exposing the connection between puppy mills and pet stores, and encouraging adoption.
Caring for Community Cats in California

By Sandy Miller

In an effort to keep community (a.k.a. feral) cats from ending up in shelters, Best Friends Animal Society, along with FixNation and Best Friends Catnippers in Los Angeles, launched the East Valley Outreach Project to spread the word about spay and neuter services and the benefits of trap/neuter/return (TNR) programs. The San Fernando Valley community is learning that there is a better and more humane way of dealing with free-roaming cats than taking them to a shelter, and that there are free services to help them. The East Valley Outreach Project started last May, and as of early August, more than 60 volunteers had signed up to help spread the word about the program. Weve had a great group of volunteers coming out and showing their commitment, says Kim Senn, vice president of operations for FixNation, which is based in Los Angeles. Each weekend, volunteers go door-to-door to homes, veterinarians offices, pet stores, libraries, religious institutions, recreational facilities and other locations distributing educational materials about the spay/neuter services and help with TNR thats available in their own backyard. We think if people realize that the FixNation clinic is here and that were available to help, and that there is a free humane alternative to addressing their homeless cat situation, instead of taking cats to the shelter where they will be euthanized, that theyll want to make the humane choice, Senn says. The project lends humane traps to residents and shows them how
to use them. The residents then take the cats to the organizations clinics for free services, including spay or neuter surgery; vaccinations; flea, worm and pain medications; fluids and antibiotics; and ear tipping to identify that the cats are spayed or neutered and belong to a managed community cat colony. The ultimate goal of the project is to keep cats from entering the East Valley Animal Care Center in the first place and to eventually make a measurable difference in the shelters cat intake and euthanasia numbers. Feral and shy cats make up a large percentage of the five million animals killed in U.S. shelters each year. While 30 to 40 percent of lost dogs who enter shelters are returned to their people, only 2 percent of cats ever find their way home. The East Valley Outreach Project is trying to do something about that, and its already making a big difference. Its pretty phenomenal, says Shelly Kotter, campaign specialist for Focus on Felines, one of four Best Friends campaigns aimed at reaching the goal of No More Homeless Pets. Each day, theyre doing upwards of 100 spay/neuters. Theyve gotten a good response from East Valley residents and businesses. Theyre getting a lot of animals spayed and neutered in that area. Read more about FixNation at and Catnippers at

First Home Forever Home

Holiday House Tour Benefits the Animals
Cordelia Mendoza loves animals. So, when she was asked if she knew of a charity willing to host a Holiday Home Tour in her community, Mendoza didnt skip a beat. Best Friends Animal Society, she replied. Because I adopted a dog rescued by Best Friends from a hoarding situation, I immediately thought of them, she says. All Souls Episcopal Church in Point Loma, a seaside community in San Diego, had called it quits after 57 years of hosting its popular Holiday Home Tour. For Best Friends, the home tour was a natural fit. It was a natural fit for Mendoza as well, because she enjoys everything about a home. As the events co-coordinator, she is working closely with Aileen Walden, senior manager with Best Friends Development Division, as well as other staffers. The December 5 event is benefiting Best Friends and its First Home Forever Home campaign. The attraction of the Holiday Home Tour is that we get such joy out of our homes, Walden says. Its the perfect time to remind people that our First Home Forever Home campaign is about making sure that our animal family members can enjoy the security and comfort of their homes for a lifetime. And, of course, theres really nothing like having your pet cuddled by your side to make a house feel like a home. The tour features five dressed-up homes, all owned by animal people and all with unique histories, designs and decorations. They include a whimsical, eclectic cottage, a 1927 colonial revival with a charming guest cottage, a modern home designed by Charles Slert that has a panoramic view of the Pacific, and a large 1924 English Tudor with a saltwater pool and stone water slide. Some people attend home tours for the historical value, others for the architecture, and still others for decorating ideas. Plus, Mendoza says, many home and garden enthusiasts love supporting a good cause. But the event is more than a tour, she says. In addition to the $25 donation that gives attendees access to the homes, there will be a marketplace with 20-plus quality vendors, a silent auction, a raffle of large floral arrangements from each home, and gingerbread cookies in the shape of animals baked at and available at one of the homes. The tour and marketplace will provide a lighthearted, fun day where attendees can shop for their holiday gifts, Mendoza says. Its a gathering at the beginning of the holiday season for people in the community, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. At the same time, theyll be touring five homes that are well designed, welcoming and dressed to the nines in holiday decor. Its a win-win for all, especially the animals. Want to learn more about how to raise money for animals by hosting a house tour? Contact Aileen Walden at

Get Social. Save Lives.

The new Best Friends Network is the place to go to help create a time of No More Homeless Pets. Sign up online and start connecting with thousands of people and organizations who care about animals around the country, and the world. Plus, follow the work of Best Friends and find easy ways to get involved in grassroots animal welfare.
Connect | Learn | Take Action | Find Friends | Follow Groups | Volunteer | Go Local

Social Networking to Save Lives
NEW! Our Network Charities program helps grassroots groups find volunteers and raise funds. To find out more, e-mail BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2009
Earlier, he sat just outside a kennel trying to get Fancy used to him. After several minutes, she inched her graying face closer to him. Youre a beautiful girl, he told Fancy as he slowly opened the kennels gate and reached in to pet her head. Well get you all fixed up. He was referring to the melon-sized hernia protruding from Fancys lower abdomen. Fancy has had too many puppies. Because of the hernia, a breeder gave her up, but not before shed had even more puppies. The hernia, the breeder told a rescuer, didnt bother her the last two litters she had. Fancy arrived in mid-August at the temporary care center with other dogs from the same breeder. Some of the dogs were born in 1995, which means they had been breeding for about 14 years. The dogs rescue was made possible in part through the Pup My Ride program, a component of Best Friends Puppies Arent Products campaign. Pup My Ride transports take puppy mill castaways to shelters and rescue groups and, eventually, to their forever homes. Fancy is an example of what so many breeding dogs in commercial facilities are forced to endure year after year, according to Kelli Ohrtman, campaign specialist for Puppies Arent Products. It didnt matter to her breeder that Fancy had a huge hernia, Ohrtman says, because the breeder could still make money by selling Fancys puppies. That is truly all that matters to those breeders who are in it for the money. One of the saddest things, Ohrtman says, is that unsuspecting customers see adorable puppies in a store or on the Internet and have no idea that those puppies mom is sitting in a cage in the Midwest with a serious medical issue that has gone untreated. And when they buy an adorable puppy, they unwittingly relegate dogs like Fancy to more time in the facility because the breeder sees the demand for her cute puppies. Given Fancys background, its no wonder she was timid, says Pat Whitacre, a Best Friends trainer who helped with the latest Pup My Ride transport. Considering the restrictive environment of a puppy mill, Fancys world was turned upside down at the rescue area, he says. She likely had little practice or confidence adapting to change, and now everything is different. Fancys initial response, Whitacre says, was the only one ever available to her: hovering at the back of her kennel. The physical discomfort of her hernia only magnified her need to keep herself safe, he explains. But, being the resilient dog she is, it did not take her long to recognize that leaving her kennel resulted in attention and affection not part of her old routine and her demeanor changed significantly. Within three short days, she went from reclusive to

Puppies Arent Products

A New Life for Fancy Pants

By Cathy Scott

For Mike Dainis from Cleveland, Ohio, volunteering in the Midwest to care for rescued puppy mill dogs was his first deployment with Best Friends. And hes so grateful he participated. Thats because he met dogs like Fancy, a scared, older cocker spaniel, and helped bring her out of her shell. Its a privilege to be here, Dainis said as he stood in the morning sun on the grassy grounds of a rural Midwestern farm in front of a steel-frame building temporarily housing more than 150 just-rescued puppy mill dogs. I have never been a part of anything like this, but now I cant stop talking about how important it is that we get every last dog out of these prisons and help them to become well-adjusted and loved companions.
Join the Best Friends Puppies Arent Products campaign to help shut down puppy mills, educate the public, and encourage adoption. You can donate or learn more by visiting the campaign page at
10 BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2009
assertive, and from silence to eager invitations for interaction. Volunteers like Dainis helped Fancy to start coming around. It was unbelievably emotional and uplifting to see Fancy and the rest of the rescued dogs learn to be held, loved and doted on, he says. Patience and love will help all of these dogs adjust to finally simply being a dog, something we often take for granted from our fourlegged friends. It was also amazing to see how these dogs have the ability to forgive and forget. Fancy is now at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, one of 13 canines who went to Dogtown via Pup My Rides latest transport. Dogtown receptionist Mary Richie, who also helped with the transport, kept Fancy at her desk during the day. She is very outgoing and loves everyone no shyness here anymore, Richie says. She has really Within days, Fancy warmed up to her new situation and sought out affection. opened up. So much so that staffers Danielle and Ross Hartill took Fancy and then adopted her. Weve taken to calling her Fancy Pants, home on a sleepover one night to see how she and their dog Hobo Danielle says. And thats where, in a home, the good life truly begins would get along. Hobo was really good with her, says Danielle. for former puppy mill dogs like Fancy. Hobo didnt even mind when Fancy got up on the sofa and rolled on her back for a belly rub. The Hartills decided to foster Fancy, Read more about Pup My Ride at
Fall Pet Adoption Festival
Largest Pet Adoption Festival in California!
Sunday, November 15, 2009

To read more updates, please go to the Great Kitty Rescue group on the Best Friends Network:
12 BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2009
Every year, 5 million homeless pets are being killed in shelters across the nation.
One Party. n Reasons. 5 Millio
This holiday season, host a Party for a Purpose to help spread the word and help us achieve our goal: No More Homeless Pets.
Lots of options for the animal lovers on your holiday gift list

that give back

Books for the Kiddies
Weve scoured the Internet, pored over catalogs and polled our friends, loved ones and even strangers to offer you a comprehensive list of gift ideas for animals and animal lovers alike this holiday season. And heres the best part: Every item and service listed below benefits animals at animal welfare organizations across the country, including Best Friends. So, feel good knowing that whatever you find here not only will put a smile on the recipients face but also will help an animal in need. Ready, set, shop!
We love seeing childrens books that inspire, spark curiosity and encourage acts of kindness. Even more, we love it when these books benefit Best Friends. The Two Bobbies follows the true story of two refugees from Hurricane Katrina: a blind cat and a dog, both named Bobby. They travel from a temporary shelter to Best Friends to a foster home to a forever home together. Filled with messages of hope, trust and the power of love, The Two Bobbies introduces the wonderful world of companion animals to a young audience. Written by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery, $16.99. Ten percent of proceeds from book sales will benefit Best Friends. Mo Smells the Holidays: A Scentsational Journey follows Mo, a rescue dog spreading good cheer through the holiday season. During a time when most people look forward to receiving gifts, we learn through Mo that giving is the greatest gift of all, as he brings treats to his friends at the animal shelter and lends a paw at a soup kitchen. Thanks to the scented stickers accompanying the book, young readers can experience Mos joy in discovering the scents of the season, like pumpkin pie and pine trees. Written by Margaret Hyde, $17.95. A percentage of proceeds from sales will benefit Best Friends.

Puppy Mills Bite!

Help take a nip out of the puppy mill industry by giving the gift of a FleasKnees Puppy Mills Bite T-shirt. According to company founder Mary-Jo Dionne, the 100-percent cotton shirts are made in Egypt, screen-printed in Canada and worshipped globally. So lets all bare our teeth (and arms) by purchasing a Puppy Mills Bite T-shirt for our friends, family and even ourselves. (We deserve holiday gifts, too!) T-shirts cost $48; $5 from every sale benefits the Best Friends Puppies Arent Products campaign.
14 BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2009

Rock Their World

Know someone who likes rock music? Country? Jazz? New age? Blues? Then you cant go wrong with the Animal Media Foundations Giving Animals a Voice Through Music: The Best Friends 25th Anniversary Collection, a two-CD compilation of music from 24 celebrated country, new age, pop, rock, blues and jazz artists. Lending their talents to this release are Cyndi Lauper, John Oates, Neko Case, Will Ackerman and Emmylou Harris. A hundred percent of all CD sales will benefit the Best Friends Puppies Arent Products campaign. The CD set costs $19.95; $14.95 for the download. (866) 864-6248;
Say Cheers for Best Friends
Last year, California boutique winery Carivints Winery launched the popular Vicktory Dog Wine Collection to benefit Best Friends. Winery owners Fleet Hamilton and Matt Hahn created a highly drinkable red wine celebrating the 22 dogs, now living at Best Friends, who were some of the dogs rescued from NFL quarterback Michael Vicks Bad Newz Kennels. Best Friends co-founder and artist-in-residence Cyrus Mejia created portraits of each Vick dog for the wine labels. The wines flew off the shelves, enabling Carivints to donate $17,000 to Best Friends. Hahn and Hamilton are now offering the Vicktory Dog White Wine Collection in addition to their signature red, and at greatly discounted rates. Fifteen percent of the proceeds from sales will benefit Best Friends. The white wine sells for $25 per bottle, $285 per case (12 bottles) and $542 for the entire collection (24 bottles). The red wine goes for $30 per bottle, $342 per case and $612 for the entire collection. Purchase a full collection, and Best Friends will receive 25 percent of the proceeds. Also, from November 1 to December 20, Carivints Winery will have Vicktory Dog Holiday Specials with a different Vicktory dog wine featured daily. Purchase the Wine of the Day, and 25 percent of the proceeds will benefit Best Friends. Round out your order with coasters, ceramic tiles, wine label prints and the Vicktory Dog Wine Label Collection book. Fifteen percent of all proceeds from all other Carivints Winery sales will benefit Best Friends.

Malteses on a Mission

The best animal-themed calendar ever! The Lulu and Lolly 2010 Road Trip Calendar picks up from the 2009 version, which told the story of a pair of mischievous Maltese dogs who stole their humans credit cards and scampered off on a road trip to camp with coyotes and enjoy a shopping spree in Manhattan. The 2010 calendar chronicles Lulu and Lollys overseas excursion, where they body-surf in a Barcelona fountain, hitch a ride on a gondola in Venice and piggyback on camels to see the pyramids. Each month comes with handwritten notes from the dogs, keeping their humans and calendar readers in extreme giggle mode. The 2010 calendar is $14.95, and the 2009 calendar is still available, for only $6.95. (It may be outdated but its still hilarious.) Proceeds from sales benefit animal welfare organizations, including Northcentral Maltese Rescue, Wee Rescue and Animal Rescue New Orleans. 16 BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2009
Wearable Stuff to Make a Statement
Brother and sister Dan Hoffman and Carrie Pollare are soooo tired of animal cruelty and breedspecific legislation. But theyre not just sitting around and complaining; theyre doing something about these issues through their online store. And in the process, theyre helping Best Friends. Check out the Im Tired of Animal Cruelty and Im Tired of BSL eco-friendly bracelets made of recycled tire rubber and beads for $10; 50 percent of the sales go to Best Friends. In addition, theres the Im Tired of Animal Cruelty T-shirt for $29.50; Best Friends receives 50 percent from each sale, and the person receiving the gift will enjoy a stylin gift for a good cause.
Daily Clicks for Daily Gifts and More
With one mouse-click to the Animal Rescue Site, youre halfway to giving a gift. One more click on Click Here to Give Its Free and youve just given the gift of a bowl of food to a shelter animal. Hows that for spreading good cheer? Animal Rescue Site is part of, a charitable-giving network of stores where all purchases benefit a worthy cause. After youve clicked to donate your food for the day (something you can do once a day every day), visit for more holiday gift ideas. One of the more popular offerings is the pewter All My Children Have Paws ornament ($9.95), perfect for anyone with a companion animal. Each purchase funds the equivalent of 14 bowls of food. There are plenty of other gifts to choose from for people and animals. Shop by category, cause or item just make sure you shop!

Its Book, Its a Game, Its a Hit TV Show!
Great news just in time for the holidays: Now theres lots more to love about DogTown. Help raise awareness of Best Friends and make fans of National Geographic Channels hit series happy this season by giving copies of the shows new companion book, DogTown: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Redemption by Stefan Bechtel. The 320-page book ($26) includes 50 photos and chronicles the lives of Best Friends dogs from their first days at Dogtown until their happily ever-afters. Your gift will be doubly special when you throw in the new three-disc set of DogTown episodes ($29) or the new DogTown game for PCs.
The Best Mall Youll Never Visit
So you need a purse, jewelry, catnip toys, books, socks, coffee mugs and various stocking stuffers. You can find them all and more online at the Best Friends Store with no fighting for a parking spot! Every purchase from the Best Friends store will directly benefit all the animals living at the sanctuary who are still looking for their forever homes.

25 years of
18 BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2009
A close-knit group of animal lovers decided enough was enough: Something had to be done about the 17 million pets being killed in shelters each year. With little training in animal care and almost no money in their pockets, the determined friends pooled their resources, identified their talents and set out to build a place for companion animals where love soothes what ails and hope knows no bounds. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary would become the place of second chances for thousands of animals who, without these visionaries, might never have known a warm bed or felt a loving embrace. And Best Friends Animal Society became the national organization now synonymous with saving lives and helping to bring about a time of No More Homeless Pets. In the pages that follow, we chronicle how Best Friends has grown into a model organization whose mission of building a better world through kindness to animals has been shared and supported by countless people like you.
In 1984, something amazing happened.

Best Friends

25 Years of Best Friends
The Best Friends founders purchase Angel Canyon in southern Utah and begin building the sanctuary. With three buildings complete (the bunkhouse, the steel building at Cat World and the Pueblo), the founders move from their Arizona ranch with about 60 dogs and 115 cats.

May: The first No More Homeless Pets Conference is held in Virginia Beach. September: The books Old Dogtown and The World According to Julius are published.
28 BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2009
From Sanctuary To Society
Reaching out across the country to help animals in need as well as the grassroots organizations that cared for them, Best Friends was becoming much more than just an animal sanctuary. The Best Friends logo at the time a cartoon-like drawing of four animals with three of them waving represented the sanctuary well, but it didnt really speak to all the other work Best Friends was doing. In the early part of this decade, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary was also evolving into Best Friends Animal Society. So, a serious discussion began among the founders and others in the organization about creating a new logo to go along with the new name. In 2003, Best Friends hired the branding firm of Siegel+Gale to come up with some logo ideas. Best Friends founders and select staff decided on the logo of a face two eyes, a nose and a smile. Best Friends Animal Society and its new logo debuted in the July/ August 2003 issue of Best Friends magazine with a brief explanation: In the early days of Best Friends, we were simply an animal sanctuary albeit, before long, a very large and spectacularly beautiful one! the notice read. But over the years, the work of Best Friends has grown into a nationwide campaign, with tens of thousands of people working together to bring about a time when there will be No More Homeless Pets. That heartfelt mission continues today.
Cyrus Mejias 575 Project starts showing in galleries and public spaces all over the country, calling attention to the number of pets killed in shelters.

A Priceless Gift

Their license plate read, ALL CATS. Their refrigerator sported magnets with cute sayings: Ill discuss it with my cat and get back to you. Please dont let the cat out. No matter what he tells you! Husband and cat missing $100 reward for the cat. Cal and Martha Ferguson were cat lovers to the core. Cal once boasted that he had 11,000 cat knickknacks. And Martha? She owned enough cat T-shirts that she could change them three times a day for a year and never wear the same one twice. The pair had a soft spot for the cats at Best Friends and longed to retire near the sanctuary, so they could visit their favorite felines every day. Alas, it was not meant to be. Martha died from cancer before the two could realize their dream. Still, Cal kept his promise to his wife and built her a home only it wasnt for them. It was for the cats. Opened in summer 2005, Casa de Calmar is a home for cats with feline leukemia. Cal donated the money to have it built right smack in the middle of Cat World at the sanctuary. Three large, beautifully decorated rooms are for the cats. A fourth room, more modest in size, is dedicated in loving memory to Martha. Magnets, pictures and a whole menagerie of other cat items that belonged to Martha adorn every nook and cranny in the room. Cal has since passed on as well, but Calmar stands as a timeless reminder of this selfless couples love for each other and for cats everywhere.

Small Wonders

By Sally Rosenthal
Soul of a Dog: Reflections on the Spirits of the Animals of Bedlam Farm by Jon Katz. Villard Books, 2009. Hardcover, 184 pages, $24. What do life on a farm in upstate New York and a thoughtful inquiry into the spiritual nature of animals have in common? If the question leaves you scratching your head, then you have not discovered author Jon Katz and his engaging series about sharing the daily routine and life on Bedlam Farm with the animals who populate it. In the latest entry into Katzs musings, Soul of a Dog, he reflects upon age-old philosophical and religious concerns against the backdrop of his sheep farm with its menagerie of domestic and farm creatures. Readers familiar with Katzs work will meet old friends here, such as border collies Rose and Izzy, as well as Elvis the Snickers-loving steer and sweet-natured Labrador retriever Lenore. They will also discover the increasingly contemplative Katz who has emerged in recent works such as A Good Dog and Izzy & Lenore, although without the journeys into mysticism surrounding border collie Orson and shamanism. Through study, conversation and, most important, observation of the Bedlam Farm animals, Katz comes to understand that, for him, the question of whether or not animals have souls can be answered by looking at the relationship we share with them. How that union shapes our mutual lives and connects us to the world and spurs us on to carving out a place in a moral universe is the heart of the matter. While some might seek answers more divine in nature, there is no denying that Katz, once again, has sought and found something holy. Horses with a Mission: Extraordinary True Stories of Equine Service by Allen and Linda Anderson. New World Library, 2009. Softcover, 288 pages, $14.95. At this time of year, it can be all too easy to get caught up in commercialized holiday frenzy and lose sight of those messages of faith and spirituality inherent in the season. Sometimes, however, all it takes is a quiet reminder of the seemingly small miracles surrounding us every day to bring us back to the spirit of these December days. That is why I am always glad to come across a new hope-filled and love-centered anthology by animal advocates Allen and Linda Anderson around this time of year. The founders of the Angel Animals Network and editors of numerous anthologies spotlighting the ways our fellow creatures 52 BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2009 July/August 2009
help and heal, the Andersons once again turn to horses for inspiration in Horses with a Mission: Extraordinary True Stories of Equine Service. This collection of heartwarming stories about how horses serve as willing agents of unconditional love and change in the lives of people sorely in need of such equine intervention speaks to all who see these noble beings as sentient and moral creatures. This wise and gentle volume is yet another stellar collection from the Andersons. Their trademark ability of presenting tales of ordinary people and extraordinary animals is evident throughout, alerting readers to the miracles ever present in their midst. Why Animal Suffering Matters: Philosophy, Theology, and Practical Ethics by Andrew Linzey. Oxford University Press, 2009. Hardcover, 206 pages, $29.95. While writers such as the Andersons and Jon Katz explore the emotional bond between humans and animals and how that bond is reflected in our everyday lives, other spokespersons on behalf of animals, such as Andrew Linzey, the noted Oxford University academic and internationally recognized champion of humane treatment, approach the subject from a more intellectual perspective. In his new collection of articles, essays and presentations, Why Animal Suffering Matters: Philosophy, Theology, and Practical Ethics, Linzey, who directs the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics at Oxford, sets out to prove, through reason rather than emotion, that animal suffering is indeed a matter of consequence. In truth, he succeeds admirably. That he manages to do so by reversing many of his opponents arguments makes his position even more solid. Disputing long-held justifications, such as that animals are not able to speak up on their own behalf or defend themselves against human cruelty and exploitation, Linzey counters that those facts alone call for our moral and humane actions. Admittedly, this volume is not light reading, but it is illuminating and adds another chapter to the lifes work of one of the most compassionate and clear voices in animal welfare and rights.

Thank you for your article about the petfriendly Kimpton Hotels (Hotel for Dogs, July/August 2009). My husband and I, along with our dog Wellington, stayed at the Hotel Monaco in Washington, D.C. As it was Wellingtons first time in a hotel, I was a little nervous about how it would go, but the staff was wonderful. They provided us with a list of vets in the area (just in case) and pet-sitting services, and they arranged for room service to deliver bottled water, food/water bowls, gourmet treats and a list of dog-suitable foods. The front desk staff and the concierge offered treats every time we passed through the lobby (calling Wellington by name) and made sure we had cleanup bags. All in all, it was a great experience, and I highly recommend the Kimpton chain to anyone traveling with a pet. Jodi Robertson-Baker Williamsburg, Va.

Comical Kitties

I took this picture of our cats, Austin and Sebastion, a few weeks ago. We didnt expect to adopt two, but when we heard of two tiger cats around the age of one, we couldnt resist it. The owner wasnt able to take care of them any longer and when we met them we instantly fell in love. Sebastion is the friendliest; he loves everyone he meets and always greets me at the door when I come home. Austin, on the other hand, is pretty much the Grinch! Anyhow, they are great cats, and very comical. Im very glad we got them, and we love them very much. Kirstie Belanger, by e-mail
I just finished reading the most recent Best Friends magazine from cover to cover, and I just loved it. Best Friends is an amazing place, and Im so grateful for all that you do. I have been a member for many years and am in great awe of your work. Im a foster mom for several rescue groups here in northern Virginia and am working with lots of amazing people to make this world a better place for animals and especially for dogs. I saw something in your recent magazine, though, that concerned me. In your article about having fun with your pets (September/ October 2009), you listed several resources. One of those resources is a book called Play with Your Dog by Pat Miller. After having attended a court case earlier this year and watched Pat Miller testify on behalf of the Loudoun County Shelter in support of their policy to kill all pit bulls, Im disgusted by her. She is not a friend of animals

How to Start an Animal Sanctuary
A better world through kindness to animals. Best Friends is working with our members and with humane groups all across the country to bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets. The sanctuary at Angel Canyon, in the Golden Circle of southern Utah, is home, on any given day, to about 1,700 dogs, cats, and other animals from all over the country. Many of them need just a few weeks of special care before theyre ready to go to good new homes. Others, who are older or sicker, or who have suffered extra trauma, find a home and a haven here, and are given loving care for the rest of their lives. Through the Best Friends Network, Best Friends reaches across the nation and around the world, helping local communities to rescue animals in distress and to set up spay/ neuter, shelter, foster, and adoption programs in their own neighborhoods, cities and states. And our rapid response team brings rescue and relief to people and pets in times of crisis and disaster. The work of Best Friends is supported entirely through the donations of our members. Through the generous hearts and hands of people like you, we can ensure that animals who come into the care of Best Friends will never again be alone, hungry, sick, afraid, or in pain. Thank you for being part of this work of love.
Jin Shin Jyutsu for You and Your Animal Companions
March 2527 September 2325
An in-depth introduction to this ancient hands-on energy work, which balances body, mind and spirit. Under Adele Leas, study and experience Jin Shin Jyutsu as self-help or with dogs, cats and horses, deepening communication and the bond between you and your animals. Cost: $275, includes book and two lunches.
Beginning Dog Behavior & Handling

April 1517

Learn how to improve relationships and explore the bond we share with dogs. Topics include understanding, communication, emotions and basic learning theory. This workshop provides the foundation for participation in more advanced dog behavior and handling workshops. Sign up soon: This fills up quickly! Cost: $300, includes lunches and materials.

Equine Sanctuary Basics

April 2224
This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning the basics of starting or working with a horse sanctuary. Topics such as strategic planning, risk management, training, adoptions, farrier care, veterinary concerns, and much more will be covered. Cost: $260, includes lunches, a networking dinner, and class materials.
Giving Heart Retreat: A Workshop to Replenish the Animal Lovers Soul

May 2123

Animal lovers face many unique challenges of the heart. Dr. Linda Harper, a clinical psychologist specializing in pet loss, burnout and letting go, will lead a workshop designed to rejuvenate your giving spirit. Cost: $300, includes lunches, one dinner and materials.

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Mens and Womens Cotton Twill Shirt

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This crisp, casual 100% woven cotton twill shirt embroidered with the Best Friends logo is fun for work or play. Heavier weight is great for fall or winter. Washed, preshrunk for extra comfort, button-down collar, two back pleats, patch pocket, adjustable cuffs, bone horn buttons, classic fit. USA/Imported. Men: Olive and Natural. Women: Natural.
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60 BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2009
This soft and comfortable Authentic Pigment shirt is made of 94% preshrunk ringspun cotton and 6% organic cotton. Generously cut with a roomy neckline that doesnt bind. Add the Best Friends embroidered logo and you have the perfect tee for men and women! Women, order one size down. Machine wash. USA/Imported. Choose Mallard Green or Indigo Blue. S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.



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