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This Bread Baker has a power loss memory, which resumes the cycle where it left off if the power failure is no more than approximately 7 minutes. Do not cover the Bread Baker with towels or other materials that may prevent steam from escaping. Some steaming from vents is normal. Do not place any objects on top of the Bread Baker. Unplug the Bread Baker and wait until it cools, then remove any spilled ingredients or crumbs from the Baking Chamber of the Bread Baker by wiping with a damp sponge or cloth. See Cleaning and Storing, pages 19-20. Always add ingredients in the order they are specified in the recipe. For best results, accurate measuring of ingredients is vital. Do not put larger quantities than recommended into the Bread Pan as it may produce poor results and may damage the Bread Baker.


1. 2. 3. 4. Please fill out warranty information. Unpack and clean the Breadman Cool Touch Automatic Bread Baker. See Cleaning and Storing, pages 19-20. Place the Bread Baker away from edge of counter on a dry, stable surface away from burners and away from areas where cooking grease or water may splatter onto it. Avoid placing it where it may tip over during use. Plug the Bread Baker into a 120 V ~ 60 Hz outlet.


The illustrations in this Instruction Manual are for informational purposes only. You may find your Bread Baker and parts look different, however, the steps for operation are the same.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.
Viewing Window Lid(s) (P/Ns Left 21707, Right 21708) Lid Handle Baking Chamber Motor Housing Power Cord Power Plug Control Panel Air Vents Pan Handle Kneading Blade (P/N 21704) Bread Pan (P/N 21703) Drive Shaft


C. MENU Press to select the type of bread and combination of your choice. The selected cycle automatically assigns the time needed to complete the process. D. COLOR Press to select the desired crust color. Choose from Light, Medium or Dark. The Bread Baker is preset for medium. E. LEFT/RIGHT Press to select which pan you would like to use. You can choose to use the left pan only, right pan only, or both pans. NOTE: If you choose to use only one side, both drive shafts will turn, but only the side you have chosen to bake in will heat. F. MODE SELECT Press to select desired bread making time mode. The arrow will point to the selection. When making bread, choose from the following time modes: Basic, Rapid or Fast Bake. Choose Dough mode for making dough, or Special mode for Jam, Quick Bread, Cake and Bake. G. START/STOP Press to start operation or begin Timer countdown for delayed completion. To stop operation or to cancel a Timer setting, press and hold until you hear a beep. NOTE: Do not press STOP when checking the progress of bread.

NOTE: Please peel off the plastic sticker on Control Panel before use. When using the touchpad controls, be sure to press the pad until you hear a beep. A. Display Window Shows the mode selected. Shows the menu number(s) selected. Shows the crust color selected. Shows minute-by-minute bread making countdown. Shows delay baking time selected. B. TIMER Use Timer to delay baking. Press and buttons to set Timer for delayed completion. The time will decrease or advance in 10minute increments. Press and hold buttons for faster movement. Timer is not available on some cycles; please check the Bread Baker Cycle Times, page 21.


Before using the Breadman for the first time, carefully read all of the instructions included in this manual. With your new Breadman Cool Touch Automatic Bread Baker: You can use commonly available pre-packaged bread mixes. Follow the instructions on the package. You can bake a loaf of bread from scratch. See the recipes included with your Breadman Cool Touch Automatic Bread Baker for lots of tasty options. There are also many bread machine cookbooks available at bookstores nationwide. You can make dough for rolls or shaped loaves youll bake in your own oven. Use the Dough Mode to do the mixing and kneading for you, then shape, proof and bake it in the Breadman Cool Touch Automatic Bread Baker, or in a conventional oven. You can make Quick Breads, jam and pasta dough too! Inserting and Removing the Bread Pan Insert the Bread Pan into the Oven Chamber. Press down until it locks into place. Remember to attach your Kneading Paddle FIRST, then add the ingredients BEFORE inserting the Bread Pan into the Oven Chamber. When you remove the Bread Pan after Baking, BE SURE TO WEAR OVEN MITTS to prevent burning. Hold the Handle and lift the Bread Pan up and out of the Bread Baker. Remove the loaf by turning the Bread Pan upside down and shaking gently, then check to see that the Kneading Paddle is removed from the loaf. If it is stuck in your bread, use a non-metal utensil to gently remove it, taking care not to scratch the Kneading Paddle.
Operating Tips Use oven mitts when working with bread or any part of the Breadman that is hot from baking. Wipe off crumbs and clean the Breadman, as needed, after baking. Unplug the Breadman Cool Touch Automatic Bread Baker when you are not using it. It is normal for the Viewing Window to collect moisture during the Rise Cycle. As your food bakes, the moisture soon will evaporate so you can watch your breads baking progress. Do not touch the Viewing Window during use. The Viewing Window gets very hot. Dont open the Lid during Baking. This causes baked products to bake improperly. Dont unplug the Breadman during Kneading or Baking. This will stop the operation. Your Breadman features Instant Recall Power Failure Back-Up. If the electricity in your home goes out, the Breadman Cool Touch Automatic Bread Bakers memory stores the active program for up to 15 minutes. NOTE: Power Failure Back-Up does not cover surges. If you experience frequent surges, please use a surge protector. If your power is out for longer than 60 minutes, and if you are using any dairy products, perishables or meats in your bread, for health, sanitary and other considerations, you should discard the contents of the recipe and start again with new fresh ingredients.


Power Failure Back-Up
To protect young children, keep the Breadman out of their reach when youre not there to supervise especially during the Kneading and Baking Cycles. Use the Breadman on a flat, hard surface. Dont place it near a flame or heat, or on a soft surface (such as carpet). Avoid placing it where it may tip over during use. Dropping the Breadman could cause it to malfunction. To avoid burns, stay clear of the Steam Vent during Kneading and Baking. Also, do not touch the Viewing Window it gets very hot. ALWAYS HANDLE THE HOT BREAD PAN WITH A POT HOLDER OR OVEN MITT. After baking, wait for the Breadman to cool down before touching or cleaning the Bread Pan or internals of the Breadman without oven mitts. Never use metal utensils with the Breadman. These can scratch the non-stick surface of the Bread Pan. Avoid electric shock by unplugging the machine before using a damp cloth or sponge to wipe the interior of the Baking Chamber. Never use the Bread Pan on a gas or electric cooktop, on an open flame or in a microwave oven. Avoid covering the Steam Vent during Kneading and Baking Cycles. This could cause the Breadman to warp or discolor. Always make sure the Kneading Paddle is removed from the bread prior to slicing.

Bread Baking Time Modes

Your new Bread Baker has three baking time modes Basic, Rapid and Fast Bake. Basic Rapid Fast Bake Choose Basic mode for bread in less than 3 hours. Basic mode uses the least amount of yeast. Use this mode for bread in less than 2 hours using specially developed recipes. Rapid mode uses QuickRise yeast. Select Fast Bake mode for bread in less than 1 hour using specially developed recipes. Fast Bake mode uses QuickRise yeast.
Menu Your new Bread Baker has four types of bread menus 1 White, 2 Sweet, 3 French, 4 Wheat. You can choose to make two different types of bread at once (within the same baking time mode), the same type of bread in both Bread Pans or only one loaf of bread at a time. 1 White The White setting is used for breads that primarily use white flour, but some recipes may include small amounts of whole wheat flour. This setting has the minimum number of rising cycles and the shortest overall time until baking is completed. Use this setting for recipes that use additional sugar or added sweet ingredients such as raisins or dried fruit. Baking temperature is reduced to prevent burning and a longer rise cycle gives the loaves a light, airy texture. Traditionally, French bread has a crispier crust and lighter texture than basic breads. Recipes usually do not include butter, margarine or milk. The Wheat setting is used for recipes with significant amounts of whole wheat or rye flour, oats or bran. The setting has a longer rise cycle to allow heavy wheat and grains to expand. Generally, whole wheat and multi-grain breads are shorter and denser than basic, French or sweet breads.

Measuring Your Ingredients
The most important step when using your Bread Baker for making bread is measuring your ingredients. It is very important to measure each liquid and dry ingredient accurately. For best results, add ingredients into the baking pan in the order given in each recipe. Liquid Measurements: Use transparent plastic or glass liquid measuring cups to measure all liquid ingredients. Place the cup on a horizontal flat surface and view markings at eye level. The level of the liquid must be aligned to the appropriate mark of measurement. A guesstimate is not good enough, as it could throw off the critical balance of the recipe. Dry Measurements: Dry ingredients must be measured using standard size dry measuring cups. These cups are available in various sizes. Gently spoon dry ingredients into the measuring cup and level off with a knife. Do not scoop or tap measuring cup, as this will pack the ingredients. This extra amount could affect the balance of the recipe. Do not sift flour in bread making. When measuring small amounts of dry or liquid ingredients (i.e. yeast, sugar, salt, dry milk, honey or molasses), a standard measuring spoon must be used. Measurements must be level, not heaping. The Breadman Bread Baker produces delicious baked goods with ease. This marvelous machine asks only that you carefully follow the recipe instructions. In most cooking, a pinch of this and a dash of that is fine, but this is not the case for automatic Bread Bakers. Using this Bread Baker requires that you accurately measure each ingredient.


Creating Your Own Yeast Breads: Even the most inexperienced baker can achieve the satisfying experience of baking a loaf of bread. All of the mystery and hard work is gone. Inside this talented machine with a computer brain, dough is mixed, kneaded, proofed and baked without you being present. The Bread Baker will also prepare dough for you to shape and bake in a conventional oven. The recipes included in this book were developed for this machine. Each recipe features ingredients that best compliment a particular loaf of bread and each was tested in our machines. It is extremely important not to exceed the amount of flour specified in each recipe, approximately 24 - 22 cups, or an unsatisfactory baking performance could result. When using your own yeast bread recipes to bake an old favorite, use recipes in this cookbook as a guide for converting portions from your recipe to your Bread Baker.


Special Glazes for Yeast Breads: Give your just-baked bread a professional finish. After glazing, generously sprinkle with your choice of poppy, sesame or caraway seeds, if desired. Select one of the following special glazes to enhance your bread. Egg Glaze: Beat 1 large egg and 1 tablespoon of water together, brush generously over dough. Note: Apply to breads just before baking. Melted Butter Crust: Brush melted butter over just-baked bread for a softer, tender crust. Milk Glaze: For a softer, shiny crust, brush just-baked bread with milk or cream. Sweet Icing Glaze: Mix 1 cup sifted icing sugar with 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk until smooth to make a consistent glaze. Drizzle the glaze over raisin bread or sweet breads when they are almost cool. Bread Mixes and Other Recipe Books: You can use prepackaged bread mixes or other bread machine recipes in your Bread Baker. Follow package or recipe directions for making 1 lb. loaves. Do not exceed the bread pan capacity. Checking Dough Consistency: Although the Bread Baker will mix, knead, and bake bread, it is absolutely necessary that you learn to recognize the condition of your dough. The ratio of flour to liquid is the most critical factor in any bread recipe, yet most easily remedied. After five minutes in the knead stage, open the machine to check the doughs consistency. The dough should be in a soft, tacky ball. If it is too dry, add liquid 1-3 teaspoons at a time. If it is too wet, add 1/2 - 1 tablespoon of flour at a time. High-Altitude Baking: In high-altitude areas (over 3,000 feet) dough tends to rise faster as there is less air pressure. Therefore, less yeast is necessary. For more information or High Altitude Baking guides contact: Colorado Cooperative Extension Resource Center Toll free: (877)692-9358 E-mail: Website: www.ext.colostate/edu In dry climates, flour is drier and requires slightly more liquid. In humid climates, flour is wetter and will absorb less liquid. Therefore, slightly more flour is required.

9. After 5 minutes of kneading, check the dough ball. It should be slightly tacky to the touch. Add more water or flour if necessary. At this time, use a rubber spatula to push down any dough or flour that may be on the sides of the Bread Pan. When the beeper sounds, the bread has finished baking and the keep warm cycle will start. Press STOP and use oven mitts to carefully remove the Bread Pan at any time during the keep warm process.

10. 11.

CAUTION: THE BAKING CHAMBER, BREAD PAN, KNEADING BLADE AND BREAD WILL BE VERY HOT. USE OVEN MITTS. 12. Turn Bread Pan upside down and shake several times to release the bread. Do not use metal utensils inside the Bread Pan or bread machine. Remove the Kneading Blade and allow loaf to cool standing upright on wire rack approximately 20-30 minutes before cutting. 13. If bread loaf does not easily release from pan, allow it to sit on a heat resistant surface 5 minutes, then remove. When the bread has completely cooled, approximately 1 hour, store in an air tight container. 14. UNPLUG UNIT BEFORE CLEANING. DO NOT IMMERSE THE BREAD PAN IN WATER, see CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS.

Egg Bread

egg, room temp. + enough water 80F/27C to = oil sugar salt dry milk bread flour Red Star active dry yeast Use Basic mode and 1 White menu 1 lb. 1 p cup + 1 TBL 1 TBL 4 tsp 1 tsp 2 TBL 2 cups + 2 TBL 12 tsp

Fat Free White Bread

water 80F/27C applesauce sugar salt dry milk bread flour Red Star active dry yeast Use Basic mode and 1 White menu 1 lb. p cup 1 TBL 12 TBL 1 tsp 1 TBL 24 cups 14 tsp

Corn Bread

egg, room temp. + enough water 80F/27C to = oil sugar salt dry milk bread flour corn meal Red Star active dry yeast Use Basic mode and 1 White menu 1 lb. 1 p cup + 1 TBL 2 TBL 2 TBL 1 tsp 4 cup 2 cups 4 cup 12 tsp

Potato Bread

egg, room temp. + enough water 80F/27C to = oil sugar salt dry milk white pepper instant potato buds green onion tops, chopped bread flour Red Star active dry yeast Use Basic mode and 1 White menu 1 lb. 1 p cup 2 TBL 4 tsp 1 tsp 2 TBL 8 tsp 4 cup 1 TBL 2 cups + 2 TBL 12 tsp

Jalapeo Bread

water 80F/27C oil canned whole kernel corn, well drained jalapeo peppers, well drained sugar salt bread flour corn meal fresh cilantro, chopped Red Star active dry yeast Use Basic mode and 1 White menu 1 lb. 2 cup 12 TBL 2 cup 2 TBL 1 TBL 2 tsp 2 cups 3 cup 2 tsp 12 tsp

Hearty Nut Bread

water 80F/27C oil molasses salt oatmeal, regular or quick whole wheat flour bread flour walnuts, chopped* Red Star active dry yeast *Add at the beep Use Basic mode and 2 Sweet menu 1 lb. 1 cup 2 tsp 3 TBL 1 tsp 3 cup l cup 13 cups l cup 1p tsp
Cinnamon Raisin Nut Bread
water 80F/27C oil cinnamon dark brown sugar salt dry milk bread flour raisins* nuts*, chopped Red Star active dry yeast *Add at the beep Use Basic mode and 2 Sweet menu 1 lb. p cup 1 TBL 2 tsp 12 TBL 1 tsp 1 TBL 24 cups 3 cup 3 cup 1p tsp

Honey Granola Bread

water 80F/27C oil honey salt dry milk bread flour granola cereal Red Star active dry yeast Use Basic mode and 2 Sweet menu 1 lb. p cup + 2 TBL 2 TBL 2 TBL 2 tsp 2 TBL 22 cups l cup 12 tsp

Dill Bread

egg, room temp. + enough yogurt 80F/27C to = oil sugar salt bread flour dried dill weed dehydrated onion Red Star active dry yeast Use Basic mode and 2 Sweet menu 1 lb. 1 p cup + 3 TBL 1 TBL 4 tsp 1 tsp 2 cups 12 tsp 2 tsp 12 tsp

Cranberry Nut Bread

water 80F/27C oil sugar salt dry milk lemon peel bread flour dried cranberries or dried cherries* walnuts, chopped* Red Star active dry yeast *Add at the beep Use Basic mode and 2 Sweet menu 1 lb. p cup 1 TBL 12 TBL 1 tsp 1 TBL 1 tsp 24 cups 3 cup 4 cup 1p tsp

Sweet Walnut Bread

water 80F/27C oil salt dry milk sugar bread flour walnuts, chopped* Red Star active dry yeast *Add at the beep Use Basic mode and 2 Sweet menu 1 lb. p cup 1 TBL 1 tsp 1 TBL 12 TBL 2 cups 3 cup 12 tsp

French Bread

1 lb. water 80F/27C p cup + 2 TBL oil 1 TBL sugar 1 TBL salt 1 tsp bread flour 24 cups Red Star active dry yeast 14 tsp Use Basic mode and 3 French menu or Regular Dough mode and 2 Dough menu for hand shaping Hand Shaping 1. 2. Place dough on a lightly floured surface. Let dough rest for 5 minutes. Cut dough into halves. Roll each portion into a long rope and place in trough of a lightly greased, double trough baguette pan (maximum 3-inch wide trough) or on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Glaze each baguette with white egg. Slash 5 times diagonally with a very sharp knife or pair of scissors. Place in a warm, draft-free spot to rise until doubled in size, about 45 to 60 minutes. Glaze unslashed portions again with egg white. Bake in preheated 400F/295C oven for 25 to 30 minutes or until deep brown.

Divide dough into 2 parts. On lightly floured surface, roll or pat dough into a 12-inch circle. Place on greased pizza pan. Spread/sprinkle with favorite pizza toppings. Bake at 425F/218C for 20 minutes or until toppings are bubbling and/or melted.
Pizza Crust Variations 1. Substitute 2 to 1 cup whole wheat flour for same amount of bread flour. 2. Add 1 tablespoon crushed herbs (oregano, Italian spices, etc.) to ingredients just before adding oil. 3. Add 1 cup grated or shredded cheese (Parmesan, Romano, Cheddar or pepper jack) to ingredients just before adding oil.


9 bagels water 80F/27C p cup sugar 2 TBL salt 1 tsp bread flour 2 cups Red Star active dry yeast 24 tsp Use Dough mode and 4 Bagel menu boiling water 3 qts barley malt syrup 1 TBL 1. 2. 3. Bring 3 quarts water to boil in a large pot. Stir in 1 tablespoon barley malt syrup. Place dough on a lightly floured surface. Let dough rest for 5 minutes. Cut dough into 9 equal pieces. Roll each into a smooth ball. Flatten balls and poke a hole in the middle of each with your thumb. Next, twirl the dough to enlarge the hole and even out the dough around it. Cover bagels with a clean cloth and let rest for 10 minutes. With a large metal spatula, carefully transfer bagels to boiling water, three at a time. Let boil for 1 minute, turning bagels over midway. Remove bagels from water with a slotted spoon and drain briefly on a clean towel. Transfer drained bagels to baking sheets, four to five bagels per sheet. If desired, glaze tops of bagels with egg white and sprinkle with poppy or sesame seeds, coarse salt and/or reconstituted dry onions. Bake bagels in preheated oven at 375F/190C for 20 to 25 minutes, or until well-browned.


Use the basic recipe provided here as a guide to making a variety of jams using the Specialty Jam setting on your Bread Baker. For other fruit-flavored jams, substitute the desired fruit for the strawberries. Do not double recipe unless you plan to use both Bread Pans. Using a larger amount of ingredients may cause the mixture to boil over. Watch jam making process carefully. If mixture begins to boil over the pan into the baking chamber, stop the machine immediately. Allow machine to cool and clean thoroughly. If you find that the finished jam is not thick enough, repeat the Jam setting.


7. 8. 9. Use a measuring spoon to measure the baking powder and baking soda; level off with a straight edge of a knife and add to the pan. Place the Bread Pan into the machine and close the Lid. Select Special mode and 3 Cake menu. Press START. After 4 minutes of the kneading process, the cake should be manually stirred. Using a plastic or rubber spatula, scrape down the sides to the bottom of the pan while the blade is stirring. When the beeper sounds, the bake cycle is complete. Use oven mitts to carefully remove the pan and place on a flat heat-resistant surface. Use a thin, rubber or plastic spatula and gently loosen the cake from the sides of the pan. Allow cake to remain in the Bread Pan on a cooling rack for 10 minutes. Using oven mitts, carefully turn pan upside down and shake in an up and down motion to release the cake. Remove Kneading Blade from bottom of cake if necessary. Prepare frosting by blending cream cheese, butter and orange extract in a bowl with an electric mixer until creamy. Stir in powdered sugar and pecans until well-blended. Frost cake. Store in refrigerator.

Pound Cake

egg, room temp. + 1 lg enough milk 80F/27C to = l cup butter, melted 1 TBL vanilla extract 1 tsp vanilla cook & serve pudding & pie filling 4 cup Jiffy one layer yellow cake mix 1pkg Use Special mode and 3 Cake menu Frosting vanilla cook & serve pudding & pie filling 4 cup milk p cup powdered sugar 1 cup Boil pudding, milk and sugar. Cook until thick. lemon extract 12 tsp yellow food coloring 2 drops Stir in extract and coloring and frost cooled cake.

Poppy Seed Pound Cake

1 lg egg + 1 lg yolk + enough milk 80F/27C to = p cup oil 3 cup butter extract 12 tsp almond extract 12 tsp orange extract 12 tsp all-purpose flour 12 cups salt 2 tsp sugar p cup + 2 TBL poppy seeds 12 TBL baking powder 1 tsp Use Special mode and 3 Cake menu At the end of the cycle, select the Bake menu and bake approximately 10 more minutes. Place warm cake in dish with sides. Immediately prepare glaze.
Glaze frozen concentrated orange juice, thawed* sugar Heat juice until sugar dissolves. butter flavoring almond extract orange extract

4 cup 2 cup 12 tsp 12 tsp 1 tsp
Remove from heat and stir in flavorings and extracts. Allow to cool 15 minutes. Poke holes in top of warm cake with a toothpick and pour glaze over top. *Frozen concentrated lemonade, thawed, may be substituted.

Chocolate Pudding Cake

egg, room temp. + 1 lg enough milk 80F/27C to = l cup butter, melted 1 TBL chocolate cook & serve pudding & pie filling 4 cup Jiffy one layer Devils Food cake mix 1 pkg Use Special mode and 3 Cake menu Topping chocolate cook & serve pudding & pie filling mix milk powdered sugar

4 cup p cup 1 cup

Boil pudding, milk and sugar. Cook until thick. Frost cooled cake.

Butter Cake

eggs, room temperature 2 lg butter, melted 4 cup water 80F/27C 3 cup butter extract 12 TBL vanilla extract 12 tsp almond extract 2 tsp salt 8 tsp all-purpose flour 1 cup sugar p cup almonds, sliced 4 cup baking powder p tsp baking soda p tsp Use Special mode and 3 Cake menu Frosting cream cheese, room temperature 3 TBL butter, softened 2 TBL almond extract 1 tsp powdered sugar 12 cups Blend together cream cheese, butter, extract and sugar with electric mixer until creamy. almonds, sliced 4 cup
Stir in almonds and frost cooled cake. Store in refrigerator.
The Bake cycle may be used to finish baking a cake, quick bread or gluten-free bread. Use a toothpick to see if the food is done. If it is not done, use the Bake cycle that is preset for one hour to finish baking. Check often to see if it is done. Use Special mode and 4 Bake menu


Quick breads are made with baking powder and baking soda that are activated by moisture and heat. The batter is mixed only long enough to blend all the ingredients, then baked immediately. For perfect quick breads, it is suggested that all liquids (water, milk, eggs, oil, butter) be placed in the bottom of the Bread Pan, with dry ingredients on top. After securing the Bread Pan in the machine, select the Special Mode and 2 Quick Bread menu setting. During the initial mixing of quick bread batters, dry ingredients may collect in the corners of the pan. It will be necessary to help the machine mix to avoid flour clumps. If so, use a rubber spatula. When the cycle is complete, the machine will beep. Before removing pan from Bread Baker, test bread for doneness by inserting a toothpick or cake tester into the center top. Remove the toothpick. If the quick bread is done, the toothpick will come out clean. However, if there is batter on the toothpick, set the machine on Bake setting to continue baking additional time as needed. Check bread after 10-minute increments. Depending on the size of loaf and moistness of the batter, 10-30 additional minutes may be necessary. Note: The complete Bake setting is 60 minutes. The Bread Baker will indicate 1:00. When baking is complete, remove the pan from the machine and allow the bread to remain in the pan on a cooling rack for 10 minutes to set. Quick breads are more fragile than yeast breads. They must set in the pan before unmolding to allow the steam to subside and the interior of the loaf to become more firm. Use a thin, rubber or plastic spatula and gently loosen the quick bread from the sides of the pan. Remove the bread from the pan and cool on a wire rack before slicing.

Muffin Quick Bread

butter, softened 1/2 cup sugar 6 TBL salt 4 tsp eggs 2 lg dry milk 2 TBL vanilla extract 1/2 tsp all-purpose flour 11/4 cups baking powder 2 tsp Use Special mode and 2 Quick Bread menu

QUICK BREADS (continued)

Raisin Quick Bread
butter, softened 1/2 cup sugar 6 TBL salt 1/4 tsp eggs 2 lg milk 1/4 cup vanilla extract 2 tsp raisins 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 11/4 cups baking powder 2 tsp Use Special mode and 2 Quick Bread menu
General Performance and Operation Questions and Answers Symptom What should I do if the Kneading Blade comes out with the bread? Why does my bread sometimes have some flour on the side crust? Why isnt the dough mixing? I can hear the motor running. How long does it take to make bread? Possible Solution Remove it with a crochet hook or the end of a mixer beater before slicing the bread. Since the blade can be separated from the pan, it is not a malfunction if it comes out in your bread. Your dough may be too dry. Next time, check your recipe and measuring. You may need to add more liquid, 1-3 teaspoons at a time. After 5 minutes of kneading, use a rubber spatula to scrape down the sides of the pan to mix in all the ingredients. You can simply trim off that portion of the outer crust. The Kneading Blade or Bread Pan may not be inserted properly. Make sure the Bread Pan has clicked into place.
See Bread Baker Cycle Times, page 21.
Why cant I use the Timer when baking with fresh milk? If the power goes out in the middle of a cycle, will my Bread Baker finish baking bread or making dough? Why do I have to add the ingredients in a certain order? When setting the Timer for morning, why does the machine make sounds late at night? What size loaf does the Bread Baker make? The Kneading Blade is stuck in the Bread Pan after baking. How do I get it out? How many watts is my Bread Baker? Can I wash the Bread Pans in the dishwasher? Milk will spoil if it is left sitting in the machine too long. Perishable ingredients, such as eggs and milk, should never be used with the Timer feature. If the power failure is no more than approximately 15 minutes, the Bread Baker resumes the cycle where it left off and will finish baking bread or making dough.
This allows the Bread Baker to mix the ingredients in the most efficient manner possible. When using the Timer, it also keeps the yeast from combining with the liquid before the dough is mixed. The machine must start operation several hours before the bread will be ready. These sounds are made by the motor when kneading the dough. It is a normal operation, not a malfunction.

Your Bread Baker makes two 1-pound loaves of bread. This size is referred to as Regular in some Bread Baker recipe books. If the Kneading Blade gets stuck, pour hot water into the Bread Pan. Rotate the Kneading Blade to clean under it, then remove blade and clean inside. See Cleaning and Storing, pages 19-20. Please refer to the rating label on the machine. No. The Bread Pans and Kneading Blades must be washed by hand. Do not immerse the pans in water.
What will happen if I leave the finished bread in the Bread Baker? Why did the dough only partially mix? The Keep Warm cycle will keep it warm and prevent it from becoming soggy for 1 hour. If the bread is left in the pan after 1 hour, it may start to become soggy. Check to make sure the Kneading Blades and Bread Pans are inserted properly. Also, check the dough consistency. After 5 minutes of kneading, check dough. If too dry, add liquid. If too moist, add flour. Only add 1/2 to 1 tablespoon at a time. The yeast could be old or expired or, possibly, no yeast was added at all. Check to see if your yeast is fresh. Also, monitor the dough consistency. After 5 minutes of kneading, check dough. If too dry, add liquid. If too moist, add flour. Only add 1/2 to 1 tablespoon at a time. The maximum length of delay is approximately 13 hours for Basic or Rapid setting. See Using The Timer, page 18.
Why didnt the bread rise?
Why cant the delayed Start/Finish be set for more than 13 hours? Why cant I operate the machine when the Display Window shows E00 or E01? How will I know when to add fruits and nuts to the bread? My baked bread is too moist. What can I do?
If the temperature in the Baking Chamber is higher than 122F/50C, the Display Window will show E01. If the temperature is lower than 14F/-10C, the Display Window will show E00. Let the machine cool down or warm up before you make bread. When it is time to add ingredients, such as fruits or nuts the Bread Baker will beep. If it is more convenient for you to add them at the start, you will still have acceptable results. However, the added ingredients may be broken apart during kneading. See Bread Baker Cycle Times, page 21. Humidity may affect the dough. After 5 minutes of kneading, check the dough consistency. If it appears too moist, add more flour, 1/2 to 1 tablespoon at a time. For best results, remove the baked bread from the pan soon after the baking is completed.
Ingredients/Recipes Questions and Answers Symptom Why do I get air bubbles at the top of the bread? When using raisins, the Bread Baker crushes them. How can I avoid this? Why does my bread rise and then collapse or crater? Can I use my favorite bread recipes (traditional yeast bread) in my Bread Baker? Why do the loaves vary in height and weight? The whole wheat and multigrain breads are always shorter. Am I doing something wrong? Possible Solution This can be caused by using too much yeast.

Add raisins, nuts etc., at the Fruit and Nut Beep. For best results, use dry raisins. Also, check your dough consistency 5 minutes into kneading. If the dough is too dry, it will not incorporate the raisins easily. The bread may be rising too fast. To reduce the rate of rising, reduce the amount of water and/or increase the amount of salt and/or decrease the amount of yeast. Yes, but you will need to experiment to get the right proportion of ingredients. Become familiar with the bread baker and make several loaves of bread from recipes provided before experimenting. Never exceed a total amount of 21/2 cups flour. Use the recipes in this book to help determine the ratio of flour to liquid and amounts of yeast, sugar, salt and fat to use. No, it is normal for whole wheat and multi-grain breads to be shorter and more dense than basic or French breads. Whole wheat and rye flours are heavier than white bread flour; therefore, they dont rise as much during the bread making process. They also typically have added ingredients, such as oats, bran, nuts and raisins, which contribute to the shorter height and more dense texture.
Warranty: This Breadman product is warranted by Salton, Inc. to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of (1) year from the original purchase date. This product warranty covers only the original consumer purchaser of the product. Warranty Coverage: This warranty is void if the product has been damaged by accident in shipment, unreasonable use, misuse, neglect, improper service, commercial use, repairs by unauthorized personnel, normal wear and tear, improper assembly, installation or maintenance abuse or other causes not arising out of defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty is effective only if the product is purchased and operated in the USA, and does not extend to any units which have been altered or modified or to damage to products or parts thereof which have had the serial number removed, altered, defaced or rendered illegible. Wear and tear for the Bread Pans and Paddles is not considered a manufacturers defect. Implied Warranties: ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES WHICH THE PURCHASER MAY HAVE ARE LIMITED IN DURATION TO ONE (1) YEAR FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Warranty Performance: During the above one-year warranty period, a product with a defect will be either repaired or replaced with a reconditioned comparable model (at our option) when the product is returned to the Repair Center, or the purchase price refunded. The repaired or replacement product will be in warranty for the balance of the one-year warranty period and an additional one-month period. No charge will be made for such repair or replacement. Service and Repair: Should the appliance malfunction, you should first call toll-free 1 (800) 233-9054 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Central Standard Time and ask for CONSUMER SERVICE stating that you are a consumer with a problem. Please refer to model number TR2828 when you call. In-Warranty Service (USA): For an appliance covered under the warranty period, no charge is made for service or postage. Call for return authorization 1 (800) 233-9054. Out-of Warranty Service: A flat rate charge by model is made for out-of-warranty service. Include $15.00 (U.S.) for return shipping and handling. We will notify you by mail of the amount of the charge for service and require you to pay in advance for the repair or replacement. For Products Purchased in the USA, but Used in Canada: You may return the product insured, packaged with sufficient protection, and postage and insurance prepaid to the USA address listed below. Please note that all customs duty / brokerage fees, if any, must be paid by you and we will require you to pay the cost of customs duty / brokerage fees to us in advance of our performing any service. Risk During Shipment: We cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage during incoming shipment. For your protection, carefully package the product for shipment and insure it with the carrier. Be sure to enclose the following items with your appliance: any accessories related to your problem, your full return address and daytime phone number, a note describing the problem you experienced, a copy of your sales receipt or other proof of purchase to determine warranty status. C.O.D. shipments cannot be accepted. To contact us, please write to or call: Salton, Inc. P.O. Box 7366 Columbia, MO 65205-(800) 233-9054 E-mail: Limitation of Remedies: No representative or person is authorized to assume for us any other liability in connection with the sale of our products. There shall be no claims for defects or failure of performance or product failure under any theory of tort, contract or commercial law including, but not limited to negligence, gross negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty and breach of contract. Repair, replacement or refund shall be the sole remedy of the purchaser under this warranty, and in no event shall Salton be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Legal Rights: This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. For more information on Salton products: visit our website:, or P/N 61179 Printed in China To return the appliance, ship to: Attn: Repair Center Salton, Inc. 708 South Missouri Street Macon, MO 63552

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If any parts are missing or defective, DO NOT return this product. Please call our Consumer Service Department for assistance.
800-233-9054 MondayFriday 8am5pm CST

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If, after reading this instruction booklet, you still have questions about using the Breadman Corner Bakery Bread & Dessert Maker, please write or call: Salton, Inc. P.O. Box 7366 Columbia, MO 65205-7366 1-800-233-9054 MondayFriday 8am5pm CST
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Get more rewards every time you use your Bay Federal Credit Union Business Visa Credit or Check Card!

What is

Bay Federal Credit Union is proud to bring you a very unique program that rewards you for using your Bay Federal Business Visa Credit or Check Card. Every time you use your enrolled card, you earn points that you can redeem for travel, merchandise, gift cards, and much more. Unlike other reward programs you are in control and have countless options!
You are already enrolled! Earn one point for every two dollars of eligible net retail purchases with your Business Check Card for signature transactions Earn one point for every one dollar of eligible net retail purchases with your Business Credit Card Use your points for thousands of items Merchandise Travel Gift Cards Downloadable instant rewards: music, ringtones, books and magazines Charitable Donations HOW DO I EARN POINTS? Simple! Just keep using your credit union issued card for all your purchases office supplies, travel expenses, gas stations, restaurants anywhere your card is accepted! HOW DO I REDEEM POINTS? Log in to BayFedOnline through our website at or by calling 1-877-7BAYRWD (1-877-722-9793).
Merchandise Choose from electronics, home dcor, sports and leisure. this brochure includes only a sample of the hundreds of items available on our web site. Special Bonus Rewards are also available online! Travel This is amazing! Apply your points to pay for all or a portion of any travel. You can choose a Travel Package, call our Travel Agency, use our Online Booking Engine, or book anywhere and use the Travel Rebate System to receive a credit to your account! This is the ultimate in travel redemption flexibility. Visit the website by logging in to BayFedOnline at or call our Service Center at 1-877-7BAYRWD (1-877-722-9793) for more information. We let you travel your way! Gift Cards Redeem gift cards at your favorite places to shop and dine. Visit places like The Home Depot, Circuit City, GAP, Olive Garden, Barnes and Noble, Eddie Bauer, AMC Theatres, the list goes on and on. Online gift certificates are also available choose from,,,,, and many more! Downloadable Music and Ringtones We have partnered with Puretracks, a leading provider of downloadable tunes, to offer you an extraordinary opportunity to use your Points to buy downloadable tunes. Puretracks will play in all sorts of portable music devices including versions of the Apple iPods, CD players, and many MP3 players. Weve also partnered with, to bring you one of the largest selections of ringtones on the web! Downloadable Audio Books and Magazines has more than 27,000 best-selling digital audiobooks, radio shows, audio versions of popular magazines, newspapers, and more. Download the programs in minutes and listen using your iPod, Palm OS handheld, Pocket PC, Creative MuVo, PC, or Mac. Charitable Donations We also give you the option to donate your points to Childrens Miracle Network. This non-profit organization is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children by raising funds for childrens hospitals across North America. Each year the 170 Childrens Miracle Network hospitals provide the finest medical care, life-saving research and preventative education to help millions of kids overcome diseases and injuries of every kind.


How do I view my account online? Go to, log in to BayFedOnline, and click on the BayREWARDS link. While online, you can enter your email address to receive a monthly e-statement notification that will include a link to a summary of your points as well as bonus point offers. How can I check my point total? Your point summary is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can check your points on the website or by calling the BayREWARDS Service Center at 1-877-7BAYRWD (1-877-722-9793). How often are my points updated? Points are credited to your account monthly, so it may take up to 45 days for points to be applied to your account. You can receive a monthly e-statement by visiting the website. What is the minimum amount of points I can redeem? BayREWARDS Points can be redeemed for as little as 2,500 points for merchandise and travel. Downloadable rewards may be redeemed for as little as 750 points. Is there a limit of points I can earn? You can earn up to a maximum of 100,000 points in a year. Do the points ever expire? The points are good for three years from the end of the calendar year in which they are earned. What is the best way to redeem my points? Our website is the best way because your order is instantly received and you have many more merchandise and redemption opportunities. Music, ringtones, books, and most of the gift certificates are only available online, and they cannot be ordered through the Service Center. How do I redeem points for merchandise, gift cards, and downloadable music, ringtones, and books? You can do all of your redemptions online. Select any item in the program brochure or from the hundreds more available on the website and compare your available points with the number needed for the item you want. Downloadable rewards can be received instantly. If you do not have internet access, you can call the BayREWARDS Service Center at 1-877-7BAYRWD (1-877-722-9793). A Redemption Specialist will be happy to assist you.

How do I redeem points for travel? Redeeming your points for travel is easy. Simply go online and use our Online Booking Engine, explore U-Choose to apply your points to pay for all or part of your trip, or take advantage of one of our Travel Packages. If you dont have web access, call our Service Center toll-free at 1-877-7BAYRWD (1-877-722-9793) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why is there a reduction of points? If you returned purchased merchandise, the points are removed from your account which will result in a reduction of your points. In rare instances, it could actually give you a negative point balance. Why cant I access my account online? If your account is less than 60 days old, you may have to wait a brief period to get into the system. If your account is more than 60 days old and you are still having difficulty, please call the BayREWARDS Service Center at 1-877-7BAYRWD (1-877-722-9793). Who do I call for more information? 1-877-7BAYRWD (1-877-722-9793) our representatives are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

2,500 POINTS

Coby Portable CD Player TB-CX-CD114SLV Slim, personal CD player for on-the-go use. Programmable track memory and repeat, random, skip, and search functions. Features Digital Bass Boost sound system, Digital-to-analog converter and Automatic power off. Magnacraft 4 x 30 Binoculars RN-SPBIN4302 These compact binoculars are ideal for indoors or out. Comes with a neck strap, center wheel focus, hinged barrels, lens polishing cloth and comfortable rubber eye cups. Each includes a carrying case with a belt loop. Now youll never miss a move! Alex Navarre Rosewood Pen & Pencil Set RN-GFWPP Gorgeous Rosewood Pen Set from the Hanover Collection by Alex Navarre. Heirloom quality. Matching wood box. Club Fun Stadium Seat RN-SPSEAT Make every ball game pass with the blink of an eye. Opens for two people33 1/3 x 17Fully padded. 600D oxford nylon seat for maximum durability. Case Logic Litter Chute DBL-ATB-10 BLACK Keep your car litter-free. Attach anywhere in car or van with exclusive attachment system. Self-closing lid keeps litter contained. Opens at bottom for easy litter removal. Slitzer 8 pc Jumbo Steak Knives RN-CTSZ8 Perfect for guests or just keep to yourself. Slitzer 8 pc Jumbo Steak Knives with half serrated full tang stainless steel blades and polypropelyene handles. GE Corded Slimline Telephone with Call Waiting, Caller ID DBL-29267GE1 Store all your important phone numbers with this great GE phone. It features 50-name and number caller ID memory with call waiting caller ID (activation required), new call indicator, 10-number speed dial and dial back function, and handset and ringer volume control. Philips 4-Device Universal Remote DBL-PM-435S Now you can operate your TV, VCR, DVD, and satellite with this universal remote control by Philips. It features dedicated DVD keys and advanced satellite functions, extensive code library with code search set up, battery save function and permanent memory retention. Uses 2 AAA batteries. Rawlings Junior Size Football, Michael Vick Signature RN-MV7BJPT Grab this Michael Vick autographed football, imprinted with the #7 and make your own excitement! This durable composite leather football has five panel technology. Includes a pump and tee. Go long!

5,000 POINTS

Dirt Devil Scorpion Hand Vac TB-08220 A powerful helper. Great for clean-ups in the workshop, house or car. Quick Flip crevice tool cleans tight spaces fast. Attachments include hose, dusting brush and shoulder strap. 16 foot power cord. Magnacraft 10x50 Binoculars with Rubycoated Lens RN-SPBIN1050 Heres the scene. Youre watching your favorite team (and favorite player) play soccer, but you couldnt get good seats up close. What do you do? Have these binoculars ready at all times and youll feel like youre on the field with the players. The ruby red coating assures a sharp, clear, untinted view even on water or snow. The powerful magnification will not let you miss a single action on the field, on stage, or if youre a people watcher, in the crowd! They have dimpled rubber finger rests on top and indented rubber thumb groove on each barrel to guarantee a sure grip. Barrels measure 7-7/8 long. Each binocular features center wheel focus and comes with a deluxe padded Velcro closure carrying case, neck strap and 4 lens covers. Embassy Soft Sided Briefcase RN-BCBBC Youre ready for the meeting on the go with this multi-faceted briefcase. Features three zippered pockets and dividers. Padded front pocket unzips to reveal a mini office with enough room for pens, credit cards, cell phone, pads and calculators. Body of bag measures 16x11x3 inches and will easily hold a 16 inch laptop. Proctor-Silex Single Serve Pod Coffeemaker PSA-42114 Enjoy the convenience of Pod-brewed coffee. Brews with pods or ground coffee, pod holder fits all coffee & tea podseven 2 pods at once, permanent filter included for ground coffee, dishwasher safe removable parts, On indicator light and automatic shutoff. Citizen Personal Portable CD Player w/ Digital AM/FM Tuner DBL-JXC-D589 Take your CDs with you wherever you go. This unit has 20-track programmable memory, a digital AM/FM tuner, 60-second anti-shock protection, bass boost system, and LCD display with battery recharge capability. Includes car kit, AC adapter & headphones. Revlon MicroDermabrasion System PSA-RVS1800PK3 This amazing facial care system helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revealing healthy and younger looking skin in minutes. Uses the same Aluminum Oxide Crystals as Dermatologists to gently exfoliate. Includes Rechargeable Resurfacing Appliance, MicroDermabrasion Cream, Hydrating Facial Cream, Alcohol-Free Toner, Application Sponges, Large and Small Pore Refiners, Cleansing Brush. Tail-R-Made Synthetic Leather Round Pet Bed (Medium) TB-49554 Let your best friend sleep in comfort. This synthetic leather round pet bed is 36 & has 100% rayon flocking & 100% polyester backing. The bottom is brushed polyester/cotton. It has a removable cover that is machine wash & dry. The inner is 100% polyester fiberfill & cedar chips for freshness. Steren 16 Laser Level DBL-203-606 Never have a crooked picture again. It projects a red laser dot or line and is perfect for the home carpenter. Tripod mount.

7,500 POINTS

TFX Stainless Steel Watches Mens: SJM-36B04 Ladies: SJM-36M00 Sleek and sophisticated. These beautiful stainless steel watches feature white dial with markers, sweep second hand, date calendar and is water resistant to 0 meters/100 feet. Simply stated: timeless beauty. Maxell 12 Watt Computer Speaker System RN-MAXFPS-1 Get the sound you want from your computer. Mount these on the wall or put them on the shelf, they have a very small footprint. Three inch subwoofer and two flat panel speakers for 12 watts RMS total power! Features 3D natural sound and cloth grills. Remote included. Coby CD Phone Clock Radio TB-CD-RA195 The perfect night table companion. CD player w/dual alarm clock radio with 2.4 GHz caller ID telephone features top loading CD player w/programmable track memory, AM/FM stereo radio and a 2.4 GHz cordless 70 memory caller ID phone. Includes AC adapter & wall mounting bracket. Hamilton Beach 5.5 Oval Slow Cooker PSA-33160 The perfect over-size for large family meals. Removable, stain proof oval stoneware crockery, keep warm setting, oval shape fits a 6 lb. beef roast, 6 lb. chicken and 3 lb. pork ribs. With Portable design, Lid Latch strap and easy-grip handles, tempered-glass lid, wraparound, even heat, 50 easyprep recipes. 330 watts 120V/AC. Coby AM/FM Digital Radio with Arm Band PSA-CX96 Working in the yard? Exercising? This Coby digital radio is an ideal companion. Digital AM/FM Tuning System with DBBS-Dynamic Bass Boost System, 20 Preset Stations (10 AM, 10 FM), Built-in Digital Clock, Lightweight Stereo Earphones Included, Detachable Arm Band. Requires 2 x AAA Size Batteries (Batteries not Included) Rumford Gardener 15 PC. Garden Set TB-AMW5000 This 15 piece garden tool set comes with a handy molded case. The tools have hardwood handles to last and are made of stainless steel. All you need now is the garden! Omaha Steak Top Sirloins TB-628U From the top name in fine steaks. Six 6 oz. top sirloins are naturally lean and taste like nothing you have ever tried. With a minimum of waste, these steaks have the texture steak lovers want and are delivered right to your door, ready to grill. Nostalgia Electrics Movietime Popcorn Maker PSA-OFP-501 This old-fashioned movie time popcorn maker is just plain fun! A classic style that makes delicious, light, fluffy fat-free popcorn! It uses hot air, not oil, to pop the kernels and is easy to use and clean!

10,000 POINTS

Chef Secret 7pc Stainless Steel Cookware RN-KTGL72 Enjoy the quality cooking and quick cleanup of stainless steel. Tubular stay-cool stainless steel handles with easy to clean smooth, hard finish 18/8 surgical stainless. Completely dishwasher safe. Includes: 1qt covered saucepan, 2qt covered saucepan, 5.5qt covered roaster, 9-1/2 skillet. Cobra 2-Way Radios PSA-PR5000-2DXVP Perfect for staying in touch while adventuring, moving, or going to the game. These powerful units have 15 Mile Range, 22 Channels, 38 Privacy Codes, 3 Watt/.05 Watt, Backlit LCD Display, Key Lock, Call Alert, Roger Beep, Scan Function, Water Resistant, VOX, 10 Channel Memory. Combination Speaker/Mic Jack and Wall Charger Jack. Rechargeable Batteries and 2 Port Desktop Charger included. JWin MP3/CD Boombox with AM/FM Radio DBL-JX-CD552 Get every Boombox feature available! The JWin features a convenient top loading CD player with MP3-CD, CD-R/RW playback. The digital AM/FM tuner with a blue backlit multi-funtion LCD for exact station tuning and BBS. Homedics Body Scale PSA-SC535 The perfect scale for keeping an eye on your healthy goals. This top of the line body scale uses BIA technology to measure body composition. It has up to 10 individual user IDs. 7 memory functions, large LCD display with a weight capacity of 350 lbs. GE Digital Cordless Phone DBL-25825GE3 With Digital Answering System never miss another call. This digital messaging system has the perfect combination of functions with 3 mailboxes and voice time/day stamp, call-waiting caller ID with 40-nameand-number memory in base and handsets. Lighted keypad, backlit color LCD, handset volume control and polyphonic ring tones. Oregon Scientific Digital Camera PSA-DS6300 Snap away! Capture all the memories you encounter with the Oregon Scientific Digital Camera. Features 1.5 color TFT display, 16 MB internal memory, builtin flash, 4x digital zoom, SD Card Slot for memory expansion and USB interface. Coby DVD Home Theater System TB-DVD437 For the complete home theater experience. The Progressive Scan DVD Player, Super Slim Design, Plays DVD/MP3/CD/CD-R and CD-RW, Compatible with PAL/NTSC, Multiple Subtitles/Viewing Angle, Convenient on Screen Display, Zoom Operation, Parental Lock Control, FCC Approved and EL Listed, High Output 3-Speaker System, High Performance Amplifier with Separate Volume, Bass Control, Two Wide Range Satellite Speakers, Dedicated Subwoofer Coby System is the way to go.

15,000 POINTS

Coby 7 Digital Photo Frame w/MP3 Player PSA-DP772 Relive your memories with the Coby 7 Digital Photo Frame. It allows you to display multiple images simultaneously. You can create a photo slide show with music to create the ideal digital story telling experience. The sleek photo frame includes SD, MMC, xD, and CF Card Slots. Makes the perfect gift, especially when preloaded with memories! Swiss Gear 3-Pole Sport Dome Tent TB-SG33012 Your outdoor home is up in a jiffy. This 7x7 sport dome tent sleeps three. Features Rain Shingle floor protector, flex style door, 2 windows w/inside zip storm flaps, gear loft/organizer, e-port, shock-corded fiberglass frame, zippered duffel carry bag. Swiss Gear Mummy Bag Temp Rating:0 TB-SG11081 Never be out in the cold. Filled with 56 oz. nonallergenic Swiss-Therm Elite polyester for a Zero Temp Rating. High count double diamond rip-stop and polyester shell. Double layer, offset quilt construction and contoured hood with drawstring. Insulated 5 internal shoulder collar with drawstring and 3 full-length weather-strip draft tube. Large foot includes zipper for additional ventilation control and is fleece lined for extra comfort. Ping Putter HE-ANSER G51 Numerous advancements, including a dual durometer face and new alignment features, set the G5i putter apart from the rest. The new insert design features a soft perimeter injected with a high durometer impact surface for optimal feel and sound. The insert cavity is precision machined to ensure consistency. Inertia increases average 10 percent across the new line and are due to redistribution of weight resulting from the addition of thru holes and sole cavities. Hamilton Beach Indoor/Outdoor Grill PSA-31605A The most versatile grill youll ever find. Family size (125 sq. in.). Variable heat settings and completely dishwasher safe. Grate drains grease away from food. Nonstick grilling surface. Approved for indoor/ outdoor use. Cool-touch handles and power on light. Breadman Breadmaker SAL-TR2828 Make bread the way you want it! Makes two 1 lb. horizontal loaves of bread at the same time, 45minute Super Rapid Start-to Finish bread, programs include Basic, French, Sweet, Whole Wheat, Dough, Jam and Quick. Wake-up to fresh bread with a 13 hour delay timer. Recipes include: Gluten Free Bread, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Fat-Free Bread, Gourmet Breads, Jam and many more! Lorex 2.4 GHz Wireless B/W Observation System with 5 Monitor DBL-SG-6333 Keep your home or office secure or use this for the babys room. This great observation system connects to your VCR or DVR via RCA cables and features one-way audio for monitoring. The black and white camera and 4-channel receiver are weather resistant and has automatic IR illumination for video in low light conditions. Up to 300 operational distance. Includes: camera, monitor, 2 AC adapters, RCA cables, and mounting bracket. jWIN iLuv iPod Portable Speaker System DBL-I552 BLK This fantastic system showcases iAura acoustic technology with powerful built-in speakers for depth and clarity. Other features include multi-function LCD with white color backlight, AM/FM digital PLL tuner, precision dial control for tuning and volume, USB connection for Shuffle compatibility, line output, and 3.5mm headphone jack. Also includes remote control, AC adapter, and external AM antenna.

25,000 POINTS

Garmin Etrex Legend 12-channel GPS DBL-010-00256-00 Detailed base-map of U.S. highways and roads. Accepts 8MB of downloadable map detail from MapSource CDs. High contrast LCD screen. 500 waypoints with icons. Automatic track log & 20 reversible routes. RS232 interface allows database expansion. Operates up to 18 hours with 2 AA batteries (not included). Panasonic DVD/VCR Combo Player PSA-PVD4745S Progressive scan. Built-in DTS and Dolby Digital decoders. Virtual surround sound. Multi-format playback (DVD-R, CD-R/RW, WMA, MP3, JPEG, VHS). CompositecomponentS-Videodigital audio outputs. DVD high speed- smooth motion scan DVD auto switching field/frame still. Home theater ready. 4 head Hi-Fi stereo VCR. Universal remote control. Sony 16 Device Universal Remote with Customizable LCD Screen LPN-RM-AX4000 Control all your entertainment and more with just one device. Control up to 16 components. Illuminated touch-screen LCD with dot matrix area and adjustable brightness. TiVo/DVR functionality. Receives and stores signal commands from all remotes. Program remote signals of non-AV products: air conditioners, controlled lighting, etc. Transfer your personalized settings with a USB cable connected to your computer. Uses 4 AA batteries. Includes PC software and USB cable. Panasonic 2GB MP3 Player with up to 75 hours of Playback PSA-SVMP020A Download all your favorite tunes into this 2GB capacity MP3 player with surround system technology. It plays MP3 and WMA and supports PlaysForSure Download and Subscription Modes. The ultra-compact design features Large 2-line Backlit LCD Display, D.sound technology, and up to 75 hours battery life with just 1 AA alkaline battery! The drag-and-drop file transfer makes transferring simple. Includes stereo earphones, USB cable, and 1 AA alkaline battery. SKYFi3 XM Receiver with Car Kit DBL-SA10271 Join the satellite radio revolution with the SKYFi3 XM receiver and car kit. Automatically records last 30 minutes of an XM station. 5-line text display on large screen. Personalized program planning, sports, and stock ticker. Preview allows you to view songs and artists on other channels. Includes: remote, receiver, docking cradle, antenna, cassette adapter, car adapter and mounting accessories. Compact 4-11/16 W x 2-15/16 H x 1-1/2 D size. Delsey Privilege III Triad 4pc Nested Set Fire Red TB-64104RD This four piece nested set includes a 28, 25 and 21 expandable upright as well as a personal shoulder tote and is made of denier polyester with a rugged steel frame. Cases feature an EVA foam backed front for protection and a pristine appearance. The set also boasts a fully-lined printed interior for garment protection. Jack Georges Madison Avenue Tote TB-3902BK This black, ultra lightweight, top-zip, laptop compatible business tote is hand crafted from durable scratch resistant Italian leather. Features easy access organizer, nickel hardware, adjustable shoulder straps and padded laptop compartment.

35,000 POINTS

Sony Hi8 Camcorder HE-CCD-TRV128 The name Sony is synonymous with quality video and audio Hi8 video recording. Features 2.5-inch SwivelScreen LCD monitor, 20x optical and 990x digital zoom. Built-In Light and NightShot Plus 0 Lux Recording make night recording a breeze. Coby 20 Color TV w/Built in DVD Player TB-TVDVD2050 Just right for any place where a small TV is needed. You dont have to sacrifice quality for having a smaller TV. Rear A/V & DVD component inputs. Digital Comb Filter improves picture quality. 5 watt stereo audio, for clear crisp sound. Panasonic 5 Megapixel Digital with 6x Optical Zoom PSA-DMCLZ3S Snap up to 5 consecutive shots at 3 frames per second and see why Panasonic is a top name in digital cameras. The MEGA Optical Image Stabilizer helps eliminate blurry pictures. Other amazing features include, High Sensitivity Mode (1) (up to ISO 1600), Widescreen 16:9 mode for panoramic images, 6x Optical Zoom in a Compact Body, and two convenient power sourcesalkaline or rechargeable batteries. It has a built-in memory so you can take photos even when you dont have an SD Memory Card. What are you waiting for? Hamilton Beach Electrics Stand Mixer (400 watts) PSA-63222 The mixer boasts a powerful 400W motor, 4.5-quart brushed stainless-steel mixing bowl, with handle and three mixing attachments: a flat beater, dough hook, and wire whisk to mix any type of batter you can throw at it. Twelve speeds adjust from low to high, for different mixing chores, plus an electronic speed sensor maintains a constant speed even if the consistency of the batter changes. 4 GB iPod Nano APL-NANO Take in the brilliant color display. Run your thumb around the click wheel. Put on the earbuds and turn it up! It holds up to three days worth of music. It plays for up to 14 hours between battery charges. It carries your photos, podcasts and audio books. It syncs seamlessly with iTunes. It connects to a host of iPod accessories. Simply put, iPod nano is 100percent iPod. And then some. 80-Hour TiVo Series2 DVR with 1-Year Subscription PSA-TCD5400801YR Get out and do, come in and watch! Get all the entertainment you care about with a TiVo box and easy-to-use TiVo service. You can pause, rewind and slo-mo live TV. Find the programs that you want with TiVos WishList searches. Record every episode of all your favorite shows, minus the repeats. Works with any TV set up: antenna, satellite, cable, digital cable, combinationseven rabbit ears. Garmin GPSMAP-60 Hand-Held GPS Unit DBL-010-00322-10 The most powerful handheld GPS unit ever made with 24MB internal memory stores map detail, 10,000 track points, 500 waypoints and 50 routes. Clear grayscale with LED backlight. Automatic routing. Calendar feature provides sunrise/sunset times and best hunting and fishing times. Compatible with MapSource CitySelect and 24K Topo software. IPX7 waterproof. Uses two AA batteries. Includes built-in Americas basemap, PC/USB cable, wrist strap and belt clip.

50,000 POINTS

Samsonite 5 Piece Luggage Set SAM-ANNAPOLIS II The only luggage you will ever need from a name you trust. Rugged 1200 Denier Polyester. Five pieces nest within for easy storage. Includes tote, duffel, and 21, 25, and 28 uprights. Canon Pixma Premium Photo Printer DBL-IP6600D Now have glorious digital photos just like they came from the developer. The Pixma has 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution. The 6-tank ChromaLife 100 ink system quickly produces beautiful, long-lasting prints in all sizes from credit card to legal. PictBridge and IrDA compatible. Optional Bluetooth adapter. Includes 6 ink tanks, Canon Photo Paper Pro for borderless 4 x 6 printing, sample pack, power cord, and software. Coby 10 Drop Down LCD TV TB-KTFDVD1070 Enjoy watching a movie or listening to music while spending time in the kitchen. Features a 10 widescreen color display, swivel screen for optimal viewing, built-in AM/FM digital tuner, convenient on screen display, and remote control. Wenzel Deluxe Camping Package TB-36414 Ideal for family outings. The Deluxe Camping Package includes a 3-room family dome tent that sleeps 6-7, 2 mummy sleeping bags, 1 queen size self-inflating airbed, 1 gas tabletop grill, 1 U tube fluorescent lantern and 1 portable picnic table. Waterloo 6-Drawer Tool Center with Parts Bin (26.5x14x45) TB-ML-426P3 Keyed-alike chest and cabinet for convenient locking of both units. Chest bolts to cabinet for extra security. Tools: keep them locked and youll keep them forever! Samsung Hi-Def Conversion DVD+VCR Recorder PSA-DVDVR335 Samsung has made converting your videos to DVDs simple. This slim design converter features 720P//1080i Hi-Def Conversion, DV input, Super Multi-Recording, Enhanced Video Quality (EVQ), 4 head VCR, and single hookup connectivity. Technology at its best! Coby 15 LCD HDTV w/DVD Player TB-TFTVTFT LCD HD-Ready TV/Monitor. This 15 LCD Color Display has NTSC and ATSC Tuners. HDTV Ready (accepts HDTV signals up to 720p) AV connections for use with home theater systems. Full range stereo speakers (5W x2). V-Chip parental control.

75,000 POINTS

DVD Home Theater System PSA-SCHT740 Enjoy all your home entertainment on this 1000 Watt Digital DVD Home Theater System by Panasonic. The 5 disc DVD changer features MP3, JPEG, WMA, VCD, and SVCD playback and quick start CD mode for fast disc access. Enjoy advanced progressive scan with 4:4:4 video processing. Other features include DVD Audio, Dolby Digital, dts 5.1 surround sound decoders, auto and manual zoom modes, and front speakers including speaker stands. ENERGY STAR Compliant. Escalade/Harvard XP1000 Soccer Table TB-GO1881W Have hours of play in a small space. Forget video games. Play foosball! This beautiful addition to your game room features a 15 red teakwood laminate apron and 5 square legs with 2 crossbars and levelers for extra stability and level play. It has 5/8 chrome-plated solid steel rods with octagonal wood handles for fast action and 26 ultra-durable players with 3 goalie defenders. Includes 2 chrome-plated cup holders, 4 soccer balls and side-mounted ball return. Assembled table size: 54-L x 30-W x 34-H. Milwaukee Sawzall PSA-0719-22 Simple home improvements and remodeling are easy with this 18 volt Sawzall. It cuts up to 72 2x4s on a single charge! Powerful motor easily handles all Sawzall applications including 1 inch stroke length for aggressive cutting. Blade clamp accepts universal 1/2 inch shank Sawzall blades without the need of a hex key. An essential tool for any DIY homeowner or construction professional. Kit includes: 2.4 amp-hr. 18v battery, charger, two blades, and an impactresistant carrying case. Panasonic 6 MegaPixel Digital Camera PSA-DMCFZ7S Enjoy great pictures with this Panasonic 6 megapixel digital camera. The MEGA Optical Image Stabilizer helps eliminate blurry pictures. It features a High Sensitivity Mode which is perfect to help prevent motion blur. MEGA BURST Consecutive Shooting allows you to snap up to 14 consecutive shots at a swift 3 frames per second in Standard mode. Other features include flexible manual focus and 2.5diagonal LCD and High-Resolution EVF. Samsung 20 LCD TV, NTSC Tuner PSA-LNR2050 Enjoy high resolution TV with this versatile Premium Samsung LCD Panel. ED-Grade 1024(H) x 768(V) Pixel Resolution. Standard Aspect Ratio. 400:1 Contrast Ratio. 450 cd/m2 Brightness. NTSC Stereo Tuner Built-In181 Channels. Digital Comb Filter. Stand/Wall Mount IncludedVESA Compatible (75m x 75mm). Built-in Power Adapter. Built-In Side Speakers. MTS/SAP Stereo Sound. Component Video Input (Y,Pb,Pr) 480i/480p. S-Video and Composite Video Input. PC (RGB) Input.

The BayREWARDS website can be found by logging in to BayFedOnline at www.bayfed. com and clicking on the BayREWARDS link. The BayREWARDS service center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached by calling 1-877-7BAYRWD (1-877-722-9793). BayREWARDS points accrue at a rate of one (1) point for every two U.S. dollars ($2) of eligible net retail purchases with your participating Bay Federal Business Check Card for signature transactions and one (1) point for every one U.S. dollar ($1) of eligible net retail purchases with your participating Bay Federal Business Credit Card. Unless otherwise specified, you can earn a maximum of 100,000 points annually. Points do not accumulate on ATM fees, cash advances, convenience checks, balance transfers, fees or adjustments. When merchandise purchased with your Bay Federal Credit Union Business Credit or Check Card is returned, your points will be reduced by the point value of the return. Bay Federal Credit Union may also elect, from time to time, to reward BayREWARDS points for using additional products and services of the credit union. Notifications of these point earning opportunities will appear on your monthly e-statement, yearly mailed statement, on the website, or by calling the service center. All accounts that are past due, overdrawn, or over established limits will not be permitted to redeem points or receive credit. If your account is closed, all BayREWARDS Points will be forfeited. BayREWARDS Points can be redeemed for as little as 2,500 points for merchandise and travel. Downloadable rewards may be redeemed for as little as 750 points. Most gift card rewards are only available on the website and cannot be obtained through the service center phone line. To redeem your points for travel, visit the website or call the service center. You can redeem your points for a flight via our online booking page, for a Travel Rebate Certificate, or for a travel package. Restrictions may apply; see website or call for details. BayREWARDS Travel Certificates may be applied toward any travel accommodations or services purchased with your Business Credit or Check Card. Usage is limited to the account holder(s) identified on the Certificate. Certificates have no cash value and no cash refunds or credits will be given if the value of the travel service is less than the value of the Certificate. The issuer assumes no liability for dollars paid by the account holder over and above the reward value redeemed. BayREWARDS Points can be used to order merchandise and gift cards described on the website or in the current brochure. The website and brochures are revised periodically and sometimes items from prior website listings and brochures may not be available to order. You may select merchandise from any level as long as you have the necessary number of points posted to your account. BayREWARDS Point requirements are subject to change from time to time and items may be substituted at any time. Should an item be discontinued, it will be replaced with merchandise of equal or greater value or you will be advised so that you can make an alternate selection. UPS or Parcel Post will usually deliver your merchandise within 2 - 4 weeks. Shipments cannot be made to a post office box, APO address, or outside the United States. Merchandise can only be exchanged in the event that it arrives in defective or damaged condition. Items must be returned within 30 days of receipt. Be sure to note any exceptions, damages, or shortages on the delivery receipt before signing to accept the shipment. Instructions on how to return defective or damaged items are included with your merchandise. Points that are not redeemed within a three-year period will be forfeited. BayREWARDS points cannot be transferred or combined. BayREWARDS points are not transferable to other frequent traveler or merchandise programs. Bay Federal Credit Union is not responsible for inaccuracies in point accrual due to computer error, late or incorrect data submissions, lost Certificates, or any loss incurred that may arise in connection with the use of these services. Bay Federal Credit Union is not responsible for the performance by any merchant, service provider, or common carrier. Any and all taxes and gratuities on points, accommodations, or services in connection with the BayREWARDS Program will be the responsibility of the cardholder. This Program is void where prohibited by federal, state, or local law. Bay Federal Credit Union reserves the right to alter, change, or terminate the BayREWARDS Program at any time with or without notice. The Issuer also reserves the right to disqualify individual account holders who violate the Program Rules. You agree to hold CO-OP Network totally harmless if Bay Federal Credit Union fails to meet its contractual and other obligations to you which results in the Program being interrupted or terminated prior to you having the opportunity to redeem your points. Also, you agree to hold CO-OP Network and Bay Federal Credit Union harmless if a vendor files for bankruptcy, or otherwise goes out of business, after you have redeemed your points for a reward from the vendor but before you are able to use the reward. Your use of your account following receipt of these Rules will indicate your agreement to these Rules.



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