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yvesb 9:49am on Friday, October 22nd, 2010 
I use the machine mostly to print pictures and mail. It is very quick and efficient. Compact Design,Easy Setup,Easy To Use,Fast Print Time,Reliable Sale price combined with a $25 coupon, how could I go wrong? Have had several Canon Pixma printers and never disappointed! Compact Design.
dil 8:19am on Thursday, August 19th, 2010 
I bought this printer to replace my all in one HP that has a failed scanner. Wireless setup was fast and easy and the documents are crystal clear. I did lots of research and this Canon printer model came out on top every time. I love it! The WiFi feature has neatened up my workspace, as well.
bob_hymee 8:22am on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 
Great all in one pinter. For some reason my brother laser suddenly stopped working. Black Friday rolled in and best buy was selling this for $50.
Krylloan 2:48pm on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 
This printer is nice.I like this because of not only its prize but its looking,good working as well as i will get its any where. This printer is nice.I like this because of not only its prize but its looking,good working as well as i will get its any where.
peterthebike 5:18pm on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 
Simple wireless install, prints very quickly, scanns perfectly, so far very pleased. Compact Design,Easy Setup,Easy To Use,Fast Print Time
DerMcCarthy 8:17am on Thursday, May 6th, 2010 
I've only had the printer a month, but I think it's great! I get goreous photo prints. Fantastic range of printing, medium quality to fine prints. The PIXMA MP560 is energy efficient as well as reasonably priced.
Shari 5:19am on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 
Some say footprint too large. Come on, you're replacing a printer AND a scanner. For me, I replaced three items - a B&W laser, a color ink jet. Everyday printing on small scale. Easy Setup","Easy To Use","Fast Print Time","Reliable

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smallformat 02*2006

power pack


Do you need to get your hands on a new one? Youd better hurry before word gets around that in the future many cameras will be little more than museum pieces. The times of the sweet little Agfa Microflex, Canon AF 310 XL and XL-S , the itty-bitty Eumig Mini 3 and 5 or the imposing Zeiss Ikon ES8 are over. They were all designed to accept only A S A 40 and 160 cartridges good old Kodachrome 40 and Ektachrome 160. Their automatic exposure controls cant be adjusted manually, either. On these pages you will find some marvelous models that will be worth gold in the future.

The all-rounders

Cameras that allow manual ASA control are nicely positioned now: Beaulieu 2008, 3008, 4008, 5008, 6008, 7008, 9008 , Leicina Special and also the Lomo 215. A used Beaulieu 4008 ZM II or IV goes for about 350 to 400 on eBay, while a Leicina Special sells for 450.

Good automatic models

These cameras offer a wide range of automatic ASA settings and correctly read the notches on common ASA 50, 64 or 100 cartridges: The Canon 814 XL-S can be had for as little as 120 on eBay, the Canon 1014 XL-S for 350, the Nikon R10 runs around 300, and a top of the line Single-8 Fujica ZC 1000 can be had for about 400.

The has-beens

These handle only ASA 40 or 160 film. Manual adjustment is out of question, so this is the end of their shooting life. Its a shame about these nice pieces: the Agfa Microflex, Canon AF 310 XL and Eumig Mini 3 and 5.



manufacturer model





Agfa Agfa Agfa Agfa Agfa Agfa Agfa Agfa Agfa Agfa Agfa Agfa Argus Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer
MICROFLEX 100 sensor MICROFLEX 200 sensor MICROFLEX 300 sensor MOVEXOOM 6 MOVEXOOM 10 MOVEXOOM 6 sound MOVEXOOM 10 sound MOVEXOOM 2000 MOVEXOOM 3000 MOVEXOOM 4000 (synchro sound) MICROFLEX 300 sensor MOVEX SV automatik Showmaster 822 A 508 A 512 C 104 C 104 XL C 107 XL C 108 C 109 XL C 14 C2A C2B C4 C 5 XL makro C 500 XLM C 505 XL C6 C 700 XLM C8 C 900 XLM C Royal 10 E C Royal 10-zoom C Royal 6 E C Royal 6-zoom C Royal 8 E makro mini S S 103 XL sound S 105 Xl sound
and and and and and and and and and and 40 and 160
Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Bauer Beaulieu Beaulieu Beaulieu Beaulieu Beaulieu Beaulieu Beaulieu Beaulieu Beaulieu Beaulieu Beaulieu Bell & Howell Bell & Howell Bell & Howell Bell & Howell Bell & Howell Bell & Howell Bell & Howell Bell & Howell Bell & Howell Bell & Howell Bell & Howell Bell & Howell Bentley Bolex Bolex Bolex Bolex Bolex Bolex Bolex Bolex Bolex
40 and and 160 keine Angabe keine Angabe 40 and 160 keine Angabe 40 and 160 keine Angabe 40 and 40 and 40 and 25160
S 108 sound S 307 XL S 360 XL S 709 XL microcomputer S 715 XL microcomputer 1008 XL 1028 XL S 4008 ZM ZM II 5008 S 6008 PRO 9008 PRO 9008 S Automatic 2008 S Control 2008 S 1222 A 1225 AF 1225 XL 1226 macro 1239 XL 1239 XL macro 2123 XL 2124 XL 2146 XL 2148 MS 30 MS 45 B3 7,5 Macrozoom 150 Super 155 Macrozoom 160 Macrozoom 233 compact S Macrozoom 350 Macro Compact 430

40 and and 10400 10400

40, 160, 400
40, 160, and and and and 160 40160
525 XL 550 XL sound 5122 sound macro-zoom Braun, Carl Compact 350/500 Macro Braun, Carl Compact 500 Canon 310 XL Canon 312 XL-S Canosound Canon 318 M Canon 514 XL Canon 514 XL-S Canosound Canon 814 XL-S Canosound Canon 1014 XL-S Canosound Canon AF 310 XL (-S) Canon AF 514 XL-S Canosound Canon Auto Zoom 318 M Canon Auto Zoom 518 Canon Auto Zoom 518 SV Canon Auto Zoom 518-2 Canon Auto Zoom 814 (E), 1014 E Canon Auto Zoom 1218 Canon AZ 318 M Canon AZ 512 XL Electronic Canon Zoom 250 Carena 756 Carena 758 Carena 7510 Carena ZOOMEX 7710-IM Chinon 20 PXL Chinon 30 AF XL Chinon 30 RXL Chinon 60 XL Autofocus Chinon 60 SM XL Chinon 60 RXL Chinon 100 SXL direct sound Chinon 107 SXL direct sound Chinon 200/8 XL Pacific

Bolex Bolex Bolex

40 and 160 40, 64, 100, 160 40, 64, 100, 160 40, 160, 250 40, 160, 250 40, 160, 250 40, 160, and 160 40250
40, 64, 100, 160, 40, 64, 100, 160, 40, 64, 100, 160, 40 and 3
The demise of Kodachrome 40 presented filmmakers with a successor from The House of Kodak with a different exposure speed. Instead of ASA/ISO 64 , the new material is rated ASA/ ISO 64. Unfortunately, this cartridge speed notch is not recognized and read by all cameras. Some Super 8 equipment requires manual exposure compensation, if possible. Other cameras simply do not accept Ektachrome 64T (E64T) at all, unless one is ready to accept overexposure by 2/3 of an f-stop. For these cameras, there is just one option at hand Fuji Velvia film, sold as Cinevia by GK-Film or by Wittner as Wittnerchrome V50D. This material provides good results even at ASA/ISO 40 , although the emulsion is in fact intended for ASA/ISO 5 0. If youre considering E64T or Kodaks 100D stock (ASA/ ISO 100 ), you should carefully study the contents of this table. Those few cameras that do not even try to read the film speed from the cartridge are at the front of the class. In the ever-shrinking narrowgauge film world, cartridges are often loaded

with a different speed material than the cartridge notch might indicate (since the carts are often obtained from other sources). Devices marked with 1 offer manual ASA speed adjustment. Great! The field is led by the Leicina Special, which can accept any material between ASA 10 and 1000. The impact of farsighted and well thought out engineering becomes apparent over time. To our knowledge, cameras marked with 2 function correctly with ASA 64. They read the value automatically from the speed notch. This information comes either from the cameras instruction manual or its mention in the super8wiki on the Internet (see box). Anyone can record their cameras E64T compatibility there, as long theyre sure of its specifications. If your camera is rated 3, it reads read ASA 40 instead of ASA 64 and the exposure needs to be set 2/3 of an f-stop lower than that measured by the built-in light meter. One must always take this adjustment into consideration before shooting to be honest, it's just too much to
think about! Whether the exposure adjustment is always remembered is a different matter. If not, then perhaps a previously set value has been used. Not that easy, all this. therefore Fuji Velvia may be your best bet! Those rated 4 do not even offer integrated exposure meters. These are mostly cheap flops, designed for use with Kodachrome. Nobody is going to be happy with them today because the updated film is expensive and shouldnt be wasted on senseless experiments. Models with a 5 next to their name do not measure exposure through the lens (TTL) but use a secondary light metering system, something we consider so technically ingenious that it would be a shame to not to highlight them. The Eumig Nautica is a fine underwater camera and the Canon 310 XL is a Super 8 night owl. They simply need an ND 2.0 neutral density filter positioned in front of the light meter. You will have to build it yourself, but those of us who love our cameras may well attempt to do just that. Any of the worlds common cameras
Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Chinon Cosina Cosina Cosina Cosina Cosina Cosina Cosina Cosina Cosina Cosina Cosina Elmo Elmo Elmo Elmo

that use non-TTL light meters and are unable to read ASA 64 do not receive a 5 rating. They have slipped into the next category. A 6 means sit down. The useful life of these models is finished if you wish to use Ektachrome 64 T (T stands for tungsten; artificial light) or Ektachrome 100D (D stands for daylight). These movie cameras are either unable to read ASA 64 or 100 with little or no way to correct overexposure, or they work with external metering that cannot be modified. A7, on the other hand, is a good rating! It denotes universal Single-8 cameras that are able to read many film speeds. Beside standard Fujichrome Single-8 R 25 N (daylight, ASA 25 ) and RT 2 00N (artificial light, ASA 100 ), www.retro8. com also offers Fuji Velvia at ASA 50. Just remember that the film is packed in conventional RN25 N cartridges, though. Therefore, the film speed notch on the cartridge has been drilled out with the intent of enabling automatic exposure setting on most cameras. The Single-8 car-
tridge can only hold 12 m of Fuji Velvia. The film is on an acetate base; standard Single-8 film is polyester and 30 % thinner. A cartridge usually accepts 15 m of this film. Those marked 8 are a disappointment! There are a few Single-8 cameras that recognize the film speed by a plastic slat positioned on the cartridge underneath the recess for the film pressure plate. Each Single-8 cartridge is therefore equipped with two identification marks for film speed (what an extravagance!) The ASA value is set depending on the position of the slat. Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the position of the slat after manufacture. Sadly, there are some cameras that read only this slat. This prevents the Fujica AX100 and the C100 from being able to use Velvia film in a Single-8 cartridge. The Elmo 8S - 600 and Elmo 8S -800 offer the possibility of adjusting exposure manually a laborious process. In summary, we discover that more than a half of all Super 8 cameras are not suitable for
Further information: _8_EKTACHROME_64T _motion_picture_ film_exposed_in_old_cameras mm/super8 _35.html the new E64T because instead of ISO 64 they read ISO 40 , requiring laborious correction (if possible at all). We have applied more stringent assessment rules for this characteristic than the wiki index, which also categorizes cameras with EE lock (f-number stop), a backlighting button or external measurement as acceptable. We believe, however, that this is so impractical that nobody should be expected to use a camera this way. Instead, one should consider buying a new camera, which can be done at extremely reasonable prices these days, or one should work with GK Films Cinevia or Wittnerchrome V50D definitely a better option.



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