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Canon MD140 Digital Camcorder & Video Recorder, size: 6.6 MB
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Part Number: ST65_MD140-NB-2LH_40
UPC: 00185894428397
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dirty911 1:35am on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 
Camera battery good value. This battery is very good, and will do all you ask of it. WHY pay more for the brand name? canon NB - 2L extra Batteries You can never have enough spare batteries and these batteries perform as well as the canon supplied batteries.

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Product specifications: Canon Digital Camcorder MD140
Canon Digital Camcorder MD140

Video System CCD

Recording Medium Type Total pixels Effective Pixels: Movie
MiniDV 1/6" Interlaced 800,000 pixels 4:3: 400,000 pixels 16:9, IS OFF:540,000 pixels 16:9, IS ON: 440,000 pixels
Effective Pixels: Still Filter Optical Zoom Digital Zoom Focal length 35mm Equivalent Focal Length

Image Processor LCD

Viewfinder Minimum illumination

AE Mode

Backlight Compensation White balance
Shutter speed Digital Effect
Image Quality Adjustment Custom Key Still Image
Time base corrector Self timer REC. review/REC. search Recording mode
530000 pixels Interlaced Color Correction 35x 1000x / 105x (selectable) 2.6 to 91mm 4:3: Approx 49.8 - 1743mm 16:9, IS OFF: Approx 40.8 - 1428mm 16:9, IS ON: Approx 45.3 - 1586mm CARD: 43.6 - 1526mm Maximum aperture f2.0 to f5.0 Minimum focusing distance 10mm Image Stabilizer Electronic Filter diameter N/A Wide Attachment NO Image Processor DIGIC DV Screen size 2.7 inch, widescreen LCD Pixels 112,000 pixels Manual adjustment Brightness Multi image screen NO Screen size 0.35" widescreen colour LCD Pixels 114,000 pixels Minimum Lux. 2 lux (in Night Mode) Night Mode YES Super Night Mode NO Auto/Manual YES Control Joystick operation Manual Focus Assist NO Program AE 10 Easy, Program, Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, Fireworks Backlight Compensation NO Type TTL Auto YES Set/Preset YES Lock NO Maximum 1/2000th sec. Slow 1/6th sec. Fade Auto Fade , Wipe, Corner Wipe, Jump, Flip, Puzzle, Zigzag, Beam, Tide Effect Black & White, Sepia, Art, Mosaic, Ball, Cube, Wave, Color Mask, Mirror Image Effects Vivid, Neutral, Soft Skin Detail Custom Functions NO Custom Key NO Capture image size 1024 x 768, 640 x 480 Continuous shooting mode NO Auto Exposure Bracketing NO Simultaneous Photo Recording YES Selecting AF Frame Function YES Histogram NO Photo Button YES Time base corrector NO Self timer 10 sec 2 sec with wireless remote REC. review/REC. search YES LP mode YES Extended Recording mode (ELP mode) NO Progressive recording 25P Cinema Mode (CINE mode) Still image Date Editor Multi Media Card NO NO NO YES YES
Search Editor Memory Card
Secure Digital Card Movie Recording System


Light-up button Quick Start Accessory shoe Built-in Video light Built-in Flash PC Connection kit
Wireless controller Analogue Digital Converter Battery Pack


Manual Rec. level control Audio Dubbing Headphone Microphone USB DV Direct Print Analogue-in AV S-video Component HDMI LANC HD-SDI / SD-SDI output Timecode I/O (switchable) Gen lock input Built-in charger Light-up button Quick Start Accessory shoe Built-in Video light Built-in Flash Digital Video Solution Disk DV Network Solution Disk Application software USB cable Wireless controller Analogue Digital Converter Type Battery included in the kit Long life Battery Longer recording time- a) W x H x D Weight
SD / SDHC Motion JPEG PCM Digital Stereo (Tape): 16-bit 2ch (48kHz) 12-bit 4ch (32kHz) Card: 16-bit 1ch (16kHz) NO YES NO NO YES YES (In/Out) YES (PictBridge) NO YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO YES YES NO NO NO YES (v24) NO NO YES YES NO Lithium-Ion BP-2L5 BP-2L14 5h 57 x 92 x 119 mm 380g
Disclaimers a) using above optional long life BP Specifications are subject to change without notice


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