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Canon Powershot A450 System MAP
Canon Powershot A450 Quick Start

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nazia 5:06pm on Friday, October 8th, 2010 
its wonderful camera
sughianto 9:35pm on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 
Perfect!!!! Exactly what I wanted, recieved it in time stated. Well worth the money, good quality & condition! Very pleased with my purchase.
laurentL 7:10am on Friday, September 3rd, 2010 
The canon digital power shot A450 camera is the latest innovation from the old camera I was using sometimes ago.
n1L 7:13pm on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
Beware the Amazon contract Gobbledegook!!! This item became available on Amazon on the 22nd May 2008 for around £60.
jrzy 11:18am on Friday, May 28th, 2010 
Beware the Amazon contract Gobbledegook!!! This item became available on Amazon on the 22nd May 2008 for around £60. Perfect!!!! Exactly what I wanted, recieved it in time stated. Well worth the money, good quality & condition! Very pleased with my purchase.
underthing 8:07pm on Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 
Canon A450 is the A420 before the generation of alternative models, the main improvement is the upgrading of CCD pixels.
laduerksen 6:01pm on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 
cannon proudly introduce the Canon PowerShot A450 which is an update to the A420. And look forward to what Canon has done by then. This camera have all you need if you are, or wish to be. Canon PowerShot A450 has been designed with ease of use firmly in mind. Key controls and buttons are intuitively positioned for fast.

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The Components Guide Preparations Shooting

Photo of PowerShot A460

Playback/Erasing Menus and Settings Printing
Downloading Images to a Computer

Basic Camera User Guide

Please Read This First
This guide explains how to prepare the camera and use its basic features.




Flowchart and Reference Guides
The following guides are available. Refer to them as necessary according to the flowchart below.
For information on included items and items sold separately System Map
The Components Guide Preparations Installing the batteries and memory card Setting the date, time and language Shooting Playback/Erasing Menus and Settings
Basic Camera User Guide (This Guide) Read this first.
Handling precautions, references to the various shooting and playback functions
Advanced Camera User Guide


Direct Print User Guide
Installing the software Downloading images to a computer Using the software
Basic Camera User Guide (This Guide)
Software Starter Guide ZoomBrowser EX/ ImageBrowser Software User Guide PDF manuals available on the Canon website. Imaging/informatione.html
You may not be able to achieve the full performance of this camera with the included memory card.
In this guide, the Basic Camera User Guide is called the Basic Guide, and the Advanced Camera User Guide is called the Advanced Guide.

The Components Guide

Front View

def b a c g h i

Attaching the Wrist Strap
a Wrist Strap Mount b Speaker c Flash (p. 13) d AF-assist Beam (Advanced Guide p. 20) e Red-Eye Reduction Lamp (p. 14) f Self-Timer Lamp (p. 16) g Microphone (Advanced Guide p. 54) h Viewfinder Window (Advanced Guide p. 17) i A/V OUT (Audio/Video output) Terminal (Advanced Guide p. 62) j Lens In order to avoid dropping the camera, wear the wrist strap when using the camera.

Back View

e f g h i
aLCD Monitor (Advanced Guide p. 12) bViewfinder (Advanced Guide p. 17) cDIGITAL Terminal (p. 27) dDC IN (power input) Terminal (Advanced Guide p. 89) eTerminal Cover fMemory Card Slot / Battery Cover Lock (p. 5) gMemory Card Slot / Battery Cover (p. 5) hDate Battery Cover (Advanced Guide p. 92) iTripod Socket The LCD monitor may be covered with a thin plastic film for protection against scratches during shipment. If so, remove the film before using the camera.


a b c d

i j k l

a Indicators (p. 4) b Mode Dial (pp. 8, 18) c Shutter Button (p. 8) d Power Button (p. 8) e DISP. (Display) Button (Advanced Guide p. 12) f MENU Button (p. 21, Advanced Guide p. 19) g FUNC./SET (Function/Set) Button (p. 20, Advanced Guide p. 18) h (Print/Share) Button (pp. 22, 30) i (Macro)/ (Infinity)/ Button (p. 15) j (Telephoto while shooting) / (Magnify in playback mode)/ Button (p. 12, Advanced Guide p. 50) Button (p. 13) k (Flash)/ l (Wide Angle while shooting) / (Single Image Erase) / Button (p. 12, p. 19, Advanced Guide p. 28)


The camera indicators will light or blink under the following conditions. Never do the following while the indicator blinks green. These actions may corrupt image data. Shake or jolt the camera Shut off the power, or open the memory card slot/battery cover Upper Indicator Green: Ready to shoot (camera beeps twice)/when connected to a computer Blinking Green: During camera startup/image recording/reading/ erasing/transferring (when connected to a computer/printer) Orange: Ready to shoot (flash on) Blinking Orange:Ready to shoot (camera shake warning), charging flash Lower Indicator Yellow: Macro mode/Infinity mode Blinking Yellow: Focusing difficulty (camera beeps once)


1. Installing the batteries.
1. Slide the memory card slot/battery cover lock (a) and press down while opening the cover (b). 2. Insert the batteries. a
Positive end (+) Negative end ()
See the Advanced Guide: Battery Handling (p. 83).
2. Inserting the Memory Card.
1. Insert the memory card until it clicks into place. 2. Close the memory card slot/battery cover (a), pressing down and sliding it until it clicks into place (b).
Ensure that the memory card is correctly oriented before inserting it in the camera. It may damage the camera, or the camera may not recognize the card, if it is inserted incorrectly.

See the Advanced Guide: Handling the Memory Card (p. 85). See the Advanced Guide: Formatting Memory Cards (p. 25).
To Remove the Memory Card
Push the memory card with your finger until the memory card clicks and then release it.
You can use SD memory cards, SDHC memory cards and MultiMediaCards with this camera. These cards are collectively called memory cards in this guide.

First Time Settings

Setting the Date/Time
b c 1. Press the power button (a). 2. Use the or button to select an item and the or button to change its value (b). 3. Confirm that the correct time is displayed and press the FUNC./SET button (c). The date and time can also be set in the Set up menu (p. 21). The date/time setting screen will appear when the camera power is turned on for the first time, or when the capacity of the lithium date battery is depleted.
See the Advanced Guide: Replacing the Date Battery (p. 92).
Setting the Display Language
1. Turn the mode dial to (playback) (p. 18). 2. Hold down the FUNC./SET button and press the MENU button. 3. Use the , , or button to select a language and press the FUNC./SET button. The display language can also be set in the Set up menu (p. 21).


1. Press the power button.

Power Button

The start-up sound will play and the start-up image will display in the LCD monitor. Pressing the power button again turns the power off. Pressing the power button while pressing and holding the DISP. button will turn on the mute setting which will DISP. Button mute all sounds except for warning sounds.
See the Advanced Guide: Using the LCD Monitor (p. 12). See the Advanced Guide: Power Saving Function (p. 17). See the Advanced Guide: Set up Menu (p. 21).

2. Turn the mode dial to

3. Aim the camera at the subject. 4. Focus and shoot.
1. Press the shutter button halfway to focus. When the camera focuses, the camera beeps twice and the indicator lights green (orange when using the flash). Also, the AF frame appears in green on the LCD monitor at the point where the camera is focused.

2. Press the shutter button fully to shoot. The shutter sound will play and the image will record. The indicator will blink green while the image is recorded to the memory card.
See Indicators (p. 4). See the Advanced Guide for the various shooting methods available.
Reviewing an Image Right After Shooting
After a shot is taken, the image appears in the LCD monitor for approximately 2 seconds. You can continue to display images regardless of the review duration setting with the following procedures. Keeping the shutter button pressed after a shot. Pressing the FUNC./SET or DISP. button while the image is displayed in the LCD monitor. To stop displaying the image, press the shutter button halfway.
See the Advanced Guide: Review (p. 20). See Erasing (p. 19).
Selecting a Shooting Mode
1. Turn the mode dial to the desired mode (a).

, or modes

or button (c). 1.Press the FUNC./SET button (b). 2.Select a shooting mode using the 3.Press the FUNC./SET button (d).

Shooting Modes

The camera automatically selects settings.

Auto Manual

Allows you to select settings yourself, such as the exposure compensation, white balance, My Colors or ISO speed.


Super Macro
Allows you to approach closer than in Macro mode to take larger close-ups. At maximum wide angle, the distance from the end of the lens to the subject can range from cm (0.3 2.0 in.). See the Advanced Guide (p. 28)


Produces a soft effect when photographing people.

Night Snapshot

Allows you to take snapshots of people against twilight or night backgrounds by reducing the effects of camera shake even without using a tripod.


Allows you to capture subjects that move around, such as children and pets, without missing photo opportunities.


Prevents camera shake and maintains the subject's true color when shooting under fluorescent or tungsten lighting.

Special Scene

Shoots trees and leavessuch as new growth, autumn leaves or blossoms in vivid colors.
Shoots without a blue tinge and without making people appear dark against a snowy background.
Shoots without making people appear dark near water or sand where reflected sunlight is strong.


Captures fireworks in the sky sharply and at optimal exposure.

Shoots a movie when you press the shutter button. You can set it to the (Standard) or (Compact) mode, which is convenient for email attachments.
See the Advanced Guide (p. 32).
The shutter speed is slow in mode. Always use a tripod to avoid camera shake. In , or mode, the ISO speed may increase and cause noise in the image depending on the scene being shot. In mode, shoot with the subject more than 1 m (3.3 ft.) away from the front of the lens.

Using the Zoom

1. Press the


You can adjust the zoom for the following focal lengths in 35mm film equivalent terms. PowerShot A460: mm PowerShot A450: mm
Telephoto: Zooms in on the subject. Wide Angle: Zooms out from the subject.

Using the Flash

button to cycle through flash settings.

(Auto) (On) (Off)

See Setting the Red-Eye Reduction Function (p. 14). See Setting the Slow Synchro Function (p. 14).

option cannot be set in

(Auto) mode.
See the Advanced Guide: Functions Available in Each Shooting Mode (p. 112). See Selecting a Shooting Mode (p. 10).
You are recommended to shoot with the camera attached to a tripod or other device if the camera shake warning icon ( ) appears. When the LCD monitor is on and flash recharging begins, the indicator blinks orange and the LCD monitor turns off. When recharging ends, the indicator turns off and the LCD monitor turns on. The time required for flash recharging will change depending on usage conditions and remaining battery power.
Setting the Red-Eye Reduction Function
You can set whether the camera automatically fires the red-eye reduction* lamp when the flash fires.
* This function reduces the red appearance of eyes when they reflect light back from the flash.

(Rec.) Menu



See Menus and Settings (p. 21).

* Default setting.

Setting the Slow Synchro Function
The flash timing is adjusted to slow shutter speeds. This reduces the chance that only the background will appear dark when a person is shot against a twilight background or night scene, or when an interior shot is taken. 1. (Rec.) Menu (Slow Synchro)


Slow Synchro cannot be set in
When [Slow Synchro] is set to [On], camera shake may become a factor. Use of a tripod is recommended.

Shooting Close-ups (Macro)/Infinity Shots

button to turn off the

To cancel the macro mode, press the or display.
See the Advanced Guide: Shooting Magnified Close-Ups (Super Macro) (p. 28)
Use this mode to shoot close-ups of flowers or small items. Image Area at Minimum Focusing Distance from End of Lens to Subject Maximum wide angle setting: 53 x 40 mm (2.0 x 1.5 in.) Minimum focusing distance: 5 cm (2.0 in.) (PowerShot A460) Maximum telephoto setting: 66 x 50 mm (2.6 x 2.0 in.) Minimum focusing distance: 25 cm (9.8 in.) (PowerShot A450) Maximum telephoto setting: 77 x 58 mm (3.0 x 2.3 in.) Minimum focusing distance: 25 cm (9.8 in.) Use this mode when the distance from the end of the lens to the subject is 3 m (9.8 ft.) or greater. Shooting


Use the LCD monitor to compose close-ups in macro mode since images composed with the viewfinder may be off-center. Confirm that you are within range when using the builtin flash (Advanced Guide p. 96). The mode cannot be set in (Auto) mode.

Using the Self-Timer

1. FUNC. Menu

* (Drive Mode)

See Menus and Settings (p. 20).
When the shutter button is pressed fully, the self-timer lamp will blink. When using red-eye reduction, the self-timer lamp will blink and then stay lit for the last 2 seconds. To cancel the self-timer, follow step 1 and select.
10 sec. Self-Timer: Shoots 10 sec. after you press the shutter button. 2 sec. before the shutter releases, the self-timer sound and lamp will speed up. 2 sec. Self-Timer: Shoots 2 sec. after you press the shutter button. The self-timer sound beeps quickly when you press the shutter button and the shutter releases 2 sec. later. Custom Timer: You can change the delay time (010*1, 15, 20, 30 sec.) and number of shots (110*2) (p. 17). When [Delay] is set to 2 or more sec., the self-timer sound begins to beep 2 sec. before the shutter releases. When [Shots] is set higher than 1, the self-timer sound only beeps before the first shot. *1 Default setting. *2 Default setting is 3 shots.
This setting cannot be set in some shooting modes.
Changing the Delay Time and Number of Shots ( )
1. FUNC. Menu (Drive Mode) (Custom Timer).
2. Press the MENU button. 3. Select [Delay] or [Shots] using the change the settings using the or the FUNC./SET button.
or button and button, then press
If the [Shots] option is set to 2 or more shots, the following occurs. - The exposure and white balance are locked at the settings selected for the first shot. - If the flash is used, the interval between shots lengthens because the flash must charge. - The interval between shots may lengthen when the built-in memory of the camera fills. - Shooting will automatically cease if the memory card becomes full.


1. Turn the mode dial to

(playback) (a).

The last recorded image will display. a If you have played back images between shooting sessions however, the last image viewed will display (Resume Playback) instead of the last recorded image. If the memory card has been switched, or the b images on the memory card have been edited with a computer, the newest image on the memory card appears.

2. Use the

or to view (b).
button to display the image you wish
Use the button to move to the previous image and the button to move to the next image. Holding the button down advances the images more rapidly, but shows them less clearly.
See the Advanced Guide for the various playback methods available.


1. In the playback mode, use the
or button to select an image to button erase (a) and press the (b).
2. Confirm that [Erase] is selected
and press the FUNC./SET button (c).
To exit instead of erasing, select [Cancel].
Please note that erased images cannot be recovered. Exercise adequate caution before erasing an image.
See the Advanced Guide: Erasing All Images (p. 63).


Menus and Settings
Settings for the shooting, playback or print modes or such camera settings as the date/time and sounds are set using the FUNC., Rec., Play, Print or Set up menu.

FUNC. Menu

This menu sets many of the common shooting functions. a b e
This example shows the FUNC. menu in
aTurn the mode dial to , , or. bPress the FUNC./SET button. cUse the or button to select a menu item. Some items may not be selectable in some shooting modes. dUse the or button to select an option for the menu item. You can select further options with the MENU button for some options. After selecting an option, you can press the shutter button to shoot immediately. After shooting, this menu will appear again, allowing you to adjust the settings easily. ePress the FUNC./SET button.
See the Advanced Guide: Menu List (p. 20).
Rec., Play, Print and Set up Menus
Convenient settings for shooting, playback or printing can be set with these menus. (Rec.) Menu (Set up) Menu e

b You can switch

between menus with the or button when this part is selected.
This example shows the Rec. menu when in mode. In playback mode, the Play, Print and Set up menus display.
a Press the MENU button. b Use the or button to switch between menus. You can also use the zoom lever to switch between menus. c Use the or button to select a menu item. Some items may not be selectable in some shooting modes. d Use the or button to select an option. Menu items followed by an ellipsis (.) can only be set after pressing the FUNC./SET button to display the next menu. Press the FUNC./SET button again to confirm the setting. e Press the MENU button.

Connect the camera to a direct print compatible printer*1 with a cable and simply press the button on the camera.
1. Connect the camera to a direct print compatible printer
and turn on the printers power.

Canon Brand Printers

Compact Photo Printers *2 (SELPHY Series)


Interface Cable
PIXMA Series Bubble Jet Printers
*1 Since this camera uses a standard protocol (PictBridge), you can use it with other PictBridge-compliant printers in addition to Canon-brand printers. *2 You can also use the CP-10/CP-100/CP-200/CP-300 card photo printers.
2. Turn on the power in playback mode and confirm that
, or is displayed in the upper left of the LCD monitor (a).
The button will light blue. The displayed icon will vary according to the printer model. will display for movies.
3. Select an image to print using the

and press the

button (b)

button (c).

button will blink blue and printing will start.
See the Advanced Guide: Setting the DPOF Print Settings (p. 64). See the Direct Print User Guide. See the user guide for your printer.
The following methods can be used to download images recorded by the camera to a computer. Some methods, depending on the OS used, may not be available. Please read System Requirements (p. 25) in advance.
Camera to Computer Connection
Supplied Software Downloading Method OS Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Mac OS X Install It Computer Procedure Camera Procedure Do Not Install It Computer Procedure
Computer System Requirements Connecting the Camera to a Computer Downloading Images to a Computer
Basic Guide (p. 25) Software Starter Guide Basic Guide (p. 27) Software Starter Guide

Basic Guide (p. 27)

Basic Guide (pp. 28, 29) Software Starter Guide
Using a Memory Card Reader
A memory card reader can be used with all the operating systems listed above. See the Software Starter Guide for details.

System Requirements

Please install the software on a computer meeting the following minimum requirements.


OS Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Windows XP (including Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2) Windows Vista The above OS should be pre-installed on computers with built-in USB ports. Windows 2000/Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000/Windows XP Windows Vista USB Canon Utilities - ZoomBrowser EX - PhotoStitch Canon Camera TWAIN Driver 200 MB or more 40 MB or more 25 MB or more Pentium 500 MHz or higher Pentium 1.3 GHz or higher 256 MB or more 512 MB or more Downloading Images to a Computer

Computer Model CPU RAM Interface Free Hard Disk Space


1,024 x 768 pixels/High Color (16 bit) or better


OS Computer Model CPU RAM Interface Free Hard Disk Space Display Mac OS X (v10.3 v10.4) The above OS should be pre-installed on computers with built-in USB ports. PowerPC G3/G4/G5 or Intel processor 256 MB or more USB Canon Utilities - ImageBrowser - PhotoStitch 200 MB or more 40 MB or more
1,024 x 768 pixels/32,000 Colors or better
Preparing to Download Images
Ensure that you install the software first before connecting the camera to the computer.

Items to Prepare

Camera and computer Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk supplied with the camera Interface cable supplied with the camera

1. Install the software.

1. Place the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk in the computers CD-ROM drive. 2. Click [Easy Installation]. Follow the onscreen messages to proceed.
3. When the installation is complete, click either the [Restart] or [Finish] button that appears. 4. Remove the CD-ROM from the drive when your normal desktop screen appears.
The window to the right will appear when you double-click the icon in the CDROM. Select [Install] and follow the onscreen messages to proceed.
2. Connecting the camera to a computer.
1. Use the supplied interface cable to connect the computers USB port to the cameras DIGITAL terminal. Slip your fingernail under the edge of the cameras terminal cover, lift it open and plug the interface cable in all the way.
USB Port DIGITAL Terminal
2. Turn the cameras mode dial to (playback) and turn on the power. The camera and computer will be able to communicate.
Always grasp the sides of the connector when disconnecting the interface cable from the cameras DIGITAL terminal.
If the Digital Signature Not Found window appears, click [Yes]. The USB driver will automatically finish installing onto the computer when you attach the camera and open a connection.
A window allowing you to set the preferences will appear when a connection is established between the camera and computer.
1. Select [Canon CameraWindow]
and click [OK] (first time only).
If the window to the right does not appear, click the [Start] menu and select [All Programs] or [Programs], followed by [Canon Utilities], [CameraWindow], [PowerShot - IXY - IXUS - DV 6] and [CameraWindow].

2. Download the images.

Download the images using the camera or the computer. By default, the downloaded images are saved into the [Pictures] or [My Pictures] folder.
Downloading Images Using the Camera (p. 30).
Downloading Images Using a Computer. By default, all images that have yet to be downloaded will download. You can set the type of image to download and the destination folder.
Thumbnails (small versions) of the downloaded images will display in the ZoomBrowser EX Main Window. By default, the downloaded images are saved into subfolders according to their shooting dates.
The following window will appear when you establish a connection between the camera and computer. If it fails to appear, click the [Canon CameraWindow] icon on the Dock (the bar which appears at the bottom of the desktop).

1. Download the images.

Download the images using the camera or the computer. By default, the downloaded images are saved into the [Pictures] folder.
Downloading Images Using the Camera (p. 30). Downloading Images Using a Computer. By default, all images that have yet to be downloaded will download. You can set the type of image to download and the destination folder.
Thumbnails (small versions) of the downloaded images will display in the ImageBrowser Browser Window. By default, the downloaded images are saved into folders according to their shooting dates.
Downloading Images Using the Camera (Direct Transfer)
Use this method to download images using camera operations.
Install the supplied software and adjust the computer settings before using this method for the first time (p. 26).
All Images New Images Transfers and saves all images to the computer. Transfers and saves to the computer only the images that have not been previously transferred.
Transfers and saves to the computer only the DPOF Trans. Images images with DPOF Transfer settings (Advanced Guide p. 67). Select & Transfer Transfers and saves single images to the computer as you view and select them. Transfers and saves single images to the computer as you view and select them. The transferred images display as the background on the computer desktop.


1. Confirm that the Direct Transfer
menu is displayed on the cameras LCD monitor.
The button will light blue. Press the MENU button if the Direct Transfer menu fails to appear.

All Images/New Images/DPOF Trans. Images

2. Select

, or button.
The images will download. The button will blink blue while downloading is in progress. The display will return to the Direct Transfer menu when the download is complete. To cancel the download, press the FUNC./SET button.
Select & Transfer/Wallpaper
or , and press the FUNC./SET button). (or the FUNC./SET button).
The images will download. The button will blink blue while downloading is in progress. Images can also be selected during index playback (Advanced Guide p. 51). Press the MENU button to return to the Direct Transfer menu.

button (or the button

3. Select images to download and press the
Only JPEG images can be downloaded as wallpaper for a computer. On the Windows platform, the files are automatically created as BMP images. The option selected with the button is retained even when the cameras power is turned off. The previous setting will be in effect the next time the Direct Transfer menu is displayed. The image selection screen will appear directly when the [Select & Transfer] or the [Wallpaper] option was last selected.

Safety Precautions

Be sure to read, understand and follow the safety precautions below when using the camera, in order to prevent injury, burns or electrical shock to yourself and others. Be sure to also read the safety precautions listed in the Advanced Camera User Guide.


Do not trigger the flash in close proximity to human or animal eyes. Store this equipment out of the reach of children and infants. Avoid dropping or subjecting the camera to severe impacts. Do not touch the flash portion of the camera if it has been damaged. Stop operating the equipment immediately if it emits smoke or noxious fumes. Do not handle the power cord if your hands are wet. Do not use batteries which are not specified for this camera. The compact power adapter output terminals have been designed exclusively for this equipment. Do not use them for other products.


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Points: 46,740 (Code: 006) Dimensions (WxHxD) 2.1 x 3.5 x 5 in. (154 x 90 x 128mm) Audio Recording system Dolby Digital 2ch (AC-ch) Image Sensor 1/6-inch CCD, 1.07 Megapixels Lens f = 2.6 - 91 mm, f/2.0 - 5.0, 35x Power Zoom Viewfinder 27 - inch TFT Colour LCD Screen 2.7 - inch TFT Colour Recording Media DVD-R/-RW/-R DL

Jamo A102HCS5

Match wavelength with the best
Points: 59,520 (Code: 007) The system consists of two A102 satellite front speakers, two A102 satellite surround speakers, a A10 CEN center speaker and a powered SUB 200 subwoofer Magnetic shielding Auto On/Off


Make some time for play
Points: 60,310 (Code: 008) Media type: BD-ROM, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM Cell Broadband Engine 256 MB integrated memory NVIDIA RSX output Video adapter memory of 256 MB installed Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11 connectivity Includes Spiderman 3 Blu-ray disc movie
Canon EOS 400D with 1GB card
Bring out the professional in you

Points: 93,600 (Code: 009) First DSLR camera equipped with the new EOS Integrated Cleaning System - Canons comprehensive measures to minimise the effects of dust on images 10.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor and powerful DIGIC II Image processor Canon EF lens mount, compatible with over 60 Canon EF and EF-S interchangeable lenses for endless photographic possibilities Includes an extensive range of accessories such as the acclaimed E-TTL II flash metering system to match users growing needs

Philips - 42 LCD TV

Experience life bigger than it is
Points: 1,75,110 (Code: 010) Uses Pixel Plus technology to produce breathtaking natural pictures Incredible Surround Sound dramatically magnifies the sound field Integrated digital tuner, with a wide selection of free-view channels without the need of an additional receiver
Bose Lifestyle 38 DVD Entertainment System
Introducing the new Lifestyle 38 DVD home entertainment system from Bose
Points: 3,63,200 (Code: 011) Direct/Reflecting cube speaker arrays Acoustimass module Horizontal center-channel speaker Lifestyle media center VS-2 video enhancer ADAPTiQ audio calibration system evaluates your rooms acoustics and where your speakers are placed uMusic Intelligent Playback system to digitally store up to 200 hours of your music 1080p over HDMI
Cross Century II Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen
Let your writing speak for you
Points: 3,140 (Code: 012) Ball-Point pen with Selectip rolling ball Available in Silver Blue lacquer
Ray Ban Aviator Series Large Metal II
For people with impeccable style
Points: 7,850 (Code: 013) Polarized lens for better protection against the sun Metal rims that will never go out of fashion
Mont Blanc Classic Line Belt
Make a lasting subtle impression
Points: 26,860 (Code: 014) Full grained calf leather 3 x 120 cm strap Polished Palladium-plated round shaped box buckle with a Mont Blanc signet Reversible
Mont Blanc Elegance Cuff Links

Understated Elegance

Points: 32,480 (Code: 015) Platinum-plated round cuff links Black onyx inlay
Tissot T Touch with Steel
Explore without getting lost
Points: 64,280 (Code: 016) Unisex, watch-cum-thermometer-cum-barometercum-altimeter-cum-compass-cum-chronographcum-alarm Water resistance of up to 30m Glass-tactilis sapphire crystal Hour indicators-index Bracelet-stainless steel grey Movement caliber - e 40.305 quartz

Omega Speed Master

Style at the flick of the wrist
Points: 2,46,390 (Code: 017) Scratch resistant sapphire in a case of stainless steel Fold-over-with-push-button clasp Includes tachometer Water resistance of 330 feet
Tag Heuer Carrera CV 2011
To keep up with your fast-paced life
Points: 2,96,530 (Code: 018) Stainless steel design Chronograph, date indicator, luminous, stopwatch, tachymeter, water resistant, scratch resistance
Relaxation & Wellness

OSIM u-Papa

Power Drum Massager
Points: 31,020 (Code: 019) Intense taiko strength drum-massage penetrates deep into your muscle layers easing away all aches and strains Symmetrical 6 point stimulation for deep tissue relief in the back, hips, thighs, calves and feet Customise the massage to your need

La-Z-Boy Recliner

For those deserving the best in comfort
Points: 94,340 (Code: 020) Rolled arm design Smooth back design with chaise seat

OSIM Noro Melody

Total relaxation for your body, mind and soul
Points: 2,23,200 (Code: 021) Music and Massage - The perfect combination 4 manual massage programme for complete indulgence Instant relief for your calves and feet
Entertainment & Home Accessories
Akira Kurosawa Collectors Box Set
Because any cinema collection is incomplete without Kurosawa
Points: 3,540 (Code: 022) The 5 films: Seven Samurai, Throne Of Blood, Red Beard, High And Low, Yojimbo 5 masterpieces from Oscar winning director A must have, first time ever collection in India packaged in an elegant box set Films have won 60 awards and 18 nominations worldwide
Hourglass Accessories at Work and Home
Reflection of your personality and taste
Points: 5,210 (Code: 024) Form and function merge with strength and durability in steel and varied raw materials to create the perfect combination of innovative style and design Art in steel at home
World Cinema Collectors Box Set
The Greatest, The Classiest Simply The Best Cinema
Points: 6,680 (Code: 025) The 10 films: Bed and Board, Shoot The Piano Player, Dead Man, Down By Law, Wild Strawberries, Summer Interlude, End Of Violence, Infernal Affairs, Infernal Affairs 2, Infernal Affairs 3 The Directors: Francois Truffaut, Ingmar Bergman, Jim Jarmusch, Wim Wenders, Wai Keung Lau & Sui Fai Mak

OSIM u-Sonic

Add more sparkle to your accessories
Points: 9,630 (Code: 026) Cleans jewellery, glasses, watches and other small items without cleaning solutions or scrubbing Employs the use of ultrasonic wave energy technology and water Environmentally friendly, sleek, compact and energy efficient with an automatic timer

La Opala Dinner Set

Add elegance to every meal
Points: 14,380 (Code: 027) Hand-painted dinner sets comprising 23 pieces: 6 full plates, 6 quarter plates, 6 soup bowls, 2 medium serving bowls with lids, 1 round rice plate Convenient for everyday use as it is made of microwave-safe, chip-resistant and 100% recyclable material

Artdinox Bar Accessories

Art that can be appreciated by a select few
Points: 17,540 (Code: 028) Stainless steel in matte finish Redefine staid accessories with a touch of newage design

8 GB iPod

Get your music to dance to your tune
Points: 18,900 (Code: 029) Larger, brighter display with the most pixels per inch of any Apple display iPod Nano stirs up visual effects from the outside in-up to 5 hours of video or up to 24 hours of audio on a single charge Anodized aluminum top and polished stainless steel back

Artdinox Dinner Set

Serve food with panache as an accompaniment
Points: 28,170 (Code: 030) Light-weight stainless steel serving dishes, bowls and trays, as well as cutlery in a sleek matte finish Trendy, elegant designs in combinations of steel and ceramic, and steel and glass

30 GB iPod

Food for your soul
Points: 30,910 (Code: 031) Stores up to 7,500 songs, 20,000 photos, or 75 hours of video playback 2.5-inch (diagonal) colour LCD with LED backlight Up to 14 hours of music playback, up to 3 hours of slideshows with music, up to 2 hours of video playback Comes with ear-bud headphones and USB cable Compatible with Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 or later, or Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 2 or later
Flying Returns - Indian Airlines
Gift code: L102 Convert your Rewards Plus points to Add-on Mileage Points (AOMPS). Add these AOMPS to your tally of FR mileage points & redeem them for Free tickets 1.2 Reward Plus point = 1 AOMPS

JP Miles - Jet Airways

Gift code: JA1P Convert your Rewards Plus points to JP Miles Redeem these JP Miles for free flights on Jet Airways / Jet Airways Konnect / Jet Lite and 21 airline partners of JetPrivilege, the frequent flyer programme of Jet Airways. 1.2 Reward Plus point = 1 Jet Privilege Miles
King Miles - Kingfisher Airlines
Gift code: KF1P Convert your Rewards Plus points to King Miles Add these miles to your tally of King Miles mileage points & redeem them for Free Tickets. 1.2 Reward Plus point = 1 King Mile
The Platinum Indulgence Rewards- Programme Details
The Standard Chartered Platinum Indulgence Rewards programme is open only to Standard Chartered Platinum Elite Cardmembers. This rewards programme will not be available to other Credit Cards of Standard Chartered Bank unless otherwise communicated in writing by Standard Chartered Bank The scheme will remain open till such time as may be terminated by Standard Chartered Bank at its sole discretion Offers against all products and services featured in the catalogue are valid for limited period and Standard Chartered Bank reserves the sole right to exclude these in subsequent editions of the catalogue if any No accumulation or carry over or redemption of reward points will be permissible, if on the relevant date any Card in the Card account be it a Primary, Supplementary, Multiple or any other Card has been withdrawn or closed or cancelled or reinstated or is liable to be cancelled / withdrawn or if the Standard Chartered Card account is a delinquent account or if there is any breach of the terms and conditions of the Cardmembers agreement. The reward points will lapse in the event that such a Card account is closed either voluntarily by the Cardmember or by Standard Chartered Bank at its discretion whether or not the Cardmember dues are cleared. Should the Card account be reinstated, either by the Cardmember or by Standard Chartered Bank, the Cardmember will not get the benefit of any points accrued prior to cancellation or withdrawal or closure of the Card account In the event of voluntary closure of the Standard Chartered Platinum Elite Card by a Cardmember, the Reward points that are in the Card Account can be redeemed within a month of such closure. Failure to redeem these points within a month of closure will lead to the Reward points automatically lapsing Redemption Points accrued can only be redeemed by the Primary Cardmember and not by a Supplementary Cardmember Cardmembers need to have a minimum of 500 Reward points whenever or 1st time they wish to redeem their Platinum Reward points The Platinum Reward points are redeemable only against products, vouchers or services featured in the Platinum Rewards catalogue and against any other products, vouchers or services as intimated from time to time by Standard Chartered Bank under the Platinum Indulgence Rewards programme All products featured in the Platinum Indulgence Rewards catalogue are subject to availability of the goods and supplier warranty restrictions at the time of redemption. Standard Chartered Bank gives no warranty (whether expressly or implied) whatsoever with respect to product / services acquired under the Platinum Indulgence Rewards programme either directly through the Platinum Rewards programme or through other partner loyalty programmes. In particular, Standard Chartered Bank gives no warranty with respect to the quality of goods acquired or their suitability for any purpose The gift article would be addressed to the customers name and mailing address as on the Standard Chartered Bank records. The customer is expected to receive the consignment at the mailing address. Standard Chartered Bank is not liable for loss or damage of goods in case of the customer not being available in person to receive the gift article Redemption orders from Standard Chartered Platinum Elite Cardmembers once given to Standard Chartered Bank cannot be cancelled or withdrawn or changed On redemption, the reward points would automatically be subtracted from the accumulated points in the Standard Chartered Cardmember account Goods will reach the Primary Cardmember within 4-6 weeks of receipt of the order on a best effort basis. Notwithstanding the same, Standard Chartered Bank will not be held liable for any delay beyond this time period All products / vouchers are subject to availability and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis Orders will be fulfilled in the order in which they are received and accepted by Standard Chartered Bank Cardmember is solely responsible for any govt tax, duties or other charges imposed by law in any country in respect of the programme, participation in the programme and any points converted or acquired or any other transaction within the programme Pictures or any artwork shown in the Platinum Indulgence Rewards catalogue is only indicative of the rewards. Actual reward may vary This agreement is only for participation in Standard Chartered Platinum Indulgence Reward programme and does not in any way waive, amend or override any of the Terms and Conditions of the existing Cardmember agreement with Standard Chartered Bank. All such Cardmember Terms and Conditions continue to remain in full force To avail the holiday at Cliveden House Cardmember would have to intimate Standard Chartered Bank atleast 3 months in advance and is subject to availability



DEH-P8000R P2B98XV DVD-HR730 Blade HT-DDW750 S5000 DT 250 GR-S392QVC Mitsubishi P93 Price XBM1228 SL3242FX-PRO Laserjet 2400 Sunbeam 2346 CDX-GT430U EWF1435 MZ-E25 WFM-90 PRO 9500 SC-PM32DB GK1000 RD-100 40006 Satellite A70 GN 9330 HT-IS100 Velo 8 Psae0 630-CI Citroen C1 REX T6 Asus P5QC AX-5103 KX-P2130 DSC-W150 B Watch B873 Playstation 3 LE46F86BD WD3200H1q-00 GR-282MF Digital Camera ER-2301 312SC WIL 125 DSC-T7 Supplement WD 7105 MHC-RG66T Joybee 125 LE40M5 Q1435V Dmczs7 Phone FW-C700 34 SGH-E420 T4350 Realis SX60 TNT100-120 MS7157C NC2400 Memory Card RL44ecps P-3000 Drivers FWD-40LX2F Series 8001 E Trap BO4901 MC-8084NLC Tx9000A OT-E157 M430TR Auto 2 Carlo MP34 CQ-C9800N LE23R86WD SX-AX7 TX-36PL35P Photosmart M437 User Guide MS8147C Alert 2 Instructions Simon 3000V PDP-615EX Pp4018 RP-201 DS607 60 CT-4 MDR-ED12LP BKF 404 VF2058 CDX-FM657 LA32C350 VP-9000 FDS200 DSC-F1 DMX-50 DES-3018 Taiwan Battery DEH-P9650MP Software Download Review SF-505 Cisco 7941 ICF-CD855 TS-WX22A


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