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colyo 10:01am on Sunday, October 31st, 2010 
High quality pictures. Easy to use. Great overall value. Easy To Use","Fast / Accurate Auto-Focus","Fast Shutter Speed","Good Image Quality".
dazret 9:52am on Sunday, October 24th, 2010 
This is by far the best camera I have ever owned..It makes an amateur look good. I had been thinking of up-grading to an SLR digital camera and quite liked the "Rebel" for its looks and ease of use.
putmanh 9:36am on Sunday, September 12th, 2010 
Love it I bought one for my photo journalist sister Easy To Use,Good Image Quality,Nice pictureseasy to use Camera is easy to learn, takes great pictures Battery life excellent,Easy To Use,Fast / Accurate Auto-Focus,Fast Shutter Speed,Good Image Quality.
omorin 4:27am on Thursday, August 26th, 2010 
Get yourself a 58mm B+W UV filter to protect the expensive lens from damage. Great camera. Pictures are so much better than point n shoot None I like this camera alot so far, I highly recommended to entry level DSLR people since the price is good and shooting is also well done.
royfeldman 12:01pm on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 
This has been a great buy for me- I shoot landscape, great micro photos, portraits turn out wonderful, action shots are great as well. Picture perfect. Have had several people comment on the sharpness of the picture and all the details in the photo.
onisbnlhkonis 12:07am on Monday, June 21st, 2010 
I have been into photography for about a year now and have been using this camera for many different types of shots. My husband and I could not be happier with this camera. We immediately purchased the 300mm lens and went on a camping trip. I love this camera for all of the features that it represents. It is really so easy to use and set up that I was ceratinly surprise. this camera is simply amazing!, if you want to take crystal clear pictures and learn how to snap shots like a professional id def.
johnbobjamesson 11:07pm on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
Good camera for the price I love this camera, but the reviews were right about the auto focus not being very good. Canon REBEL XS I love the package, it is a great deal and I am enjoying my camera every day. I am especially fond of the bag that came with it.
ReneL 6:33am on Monday, June 14th, 2010 
great camera I was informed to buy this camera without a lens because the lenses available to purchase are much better. I bought the 50mm lens.
BlowJane 12:11pm on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 
This is an absolute MUST for everyone looking to get a new Camera! ...BUT, the price is a little to high in my opinion.
Eagle 2:42am on Thursday, May 13th, 2010 
I bought this camera for my son who wants to pursue a career in photography. He LOVES it! The best camera I ever could buy for the price & ease of use. Easy To Use,Fast / Accurate Auto-Focus,Good Image Quality,Good Image Stabilization.
bnelson 10:48am on Friday, March 26th, 2010 
For the casual non professional, this camera ...  SLR, lots of features, great photo quality Too big & cumbersome. I always leave it behind REAL LIFE PHOTO TAKING. AT THE TIME IN 2009, ...  VERY GOOD CAMERA FOR A AVERAGE USER. NO FUSS BUT NO LSD NO LSD. TOO LITTLE FOR THE MONEY

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High Quality, Low Cost, Multi-Purpose Camera.
Versatility, Exceptional Performance And Value M
Just one look at Canons VIZCAM 1000 is enough to convince you that this is no ordinary camera. The unique design of this product is enhanced by a rugged 3 axis positioning arm that rotates a full 180 degrees at the base and at the camera head. This allows the user to take advantage of an infinite number of camera shots and angles, not available with lesser quality cameras. With the multitude of positioning possibilities, and it's enhanced features, the VIZCAM 1000 can be used for viewing portraits or documents, giving presentations, videoconferencing, distance learning, and even capturing images into a computer via your current digitizer. Weighing approximately 5 Ibs, the VIZCAM 1000 can be carried easily from one location to the next making this product ideal for application sharing.
Vizcams durable 3-axis articulated arm firmly holds its position use after use for consistently stable, motion-free imaging.
In Distance Learning and Education.
Its great for sharing work and collaborating on new projects. Thats an important part of what we do and Vizcam helps us do it better. Visual aids help students explain and understand better. It makes them better communicators. Yvonne Marie Andres, President and Director of Curriculum for The Global Schoolhouse
In Video Production/Business
With the VIZCAM and our video digitizer, we are able to import 2-D and 3-D images into our computer for video productions. Capturing images is a snap now since we can adjust the VIZCAM to virtually any position we want. The VIZCAM saves us time and is more effective than a conventional scanner because the images are captured instantly, can be framed tighter, and require less retouching. We have definitely saved valuable production time using the VIZCAM, and in our business, time is money. Fred Heidingsfelder, Fred Heidingsfelder & Associates, Pittsburgh, PA.
akes Canons Vizcam 1000 The Camera of Choice.

In Multimedia/Internet.

The VIZCAM 1000 is a multipurpose camera, and is great for our applications in the office or on the road. I spent a lot of time exploring its features and found you get very high quality results with the VIZCAM since you have the ability to adjust everything from the aperture to the shutter speed. The VIZCAM has made product shots a breeze. For example, if you had wanted to scan a product box, youd have a really difficult time doing that with a conventional flatbed scanner. With the VIZCAM you can position the camera to take just the shot you are looking for. Brian Hoshi, Sales Engineer for Macromedia

In Telemedicine.

One important application concerns medical reviews and all these requirements for fraud and abuse. In order to minimize that possibility, documentation is the most important of any medical office. When the patient is in the examination room we use the VIZCAM to record the visit for Medicare, Medicaid, Medi Cal, PPOs, and HMOs. Its a better means of documentation than just relying on the doctors notes. Dr. Ahmad Moradi, G4 Inc.
While it may not look like your typical presentation/document camera, Canon's VIZCAM provides the same high quality resolution (450TVL) as the larger document cameras, with great features and a compact portable design, making it an exceptional value. Simply plug it into any video monitor for instant sharp images, or, import images into your computer with your digitizing board.

In Presentations.

Vizcam Features:
Provides high-resolution imaging of 450 TVL. 3-Axis articulated arm offers infinite positioning possibilities. Captures chromes/X-rays, slides and transparencies with optional lightbox.
The VIZCAM serves exactly the purpose we needed. Most business systems have these very large, very cumbersome document stands that take up half of a desk. What we really needed was something much more flexible, much smaller, and more compact. We went with VIZCAM, and it has met that objective superbly. Terry Forkner, Solutions Consultant, Ameritech

In Videoconferencing.

Displays color video images of 3-D objects, documents, and photographs. High quality optics and armature. Macro viewing, as close as 5/16. Unique negative/positive image conversion feature displays positive images from film. Lightweight (about 5 lbs.), yet built to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use.


Pickup Device: Total Pixels Effective Pixels Horizontal Resolution Vertical Resolution Synchronization White Balance Electronic Shutter Speed Gain Control Negative Conversion 1/4 CCD 410,000 380,(V) x 768(H) 450 TV lines (at Center) 350 TV lines (at Center) Internal Synchronization (2:1 interlaced) Auto or Manual Adjustment 1/60, 1/100 Auto/Lock Available


Pan Angle Tilt Angle Rotatable Camera Head Plus or minus 90 degree, pivot on the base 3 joint arm Greater than 180 degrees


Min: Max: Postage Stamp Size Letter Size (8 1/2 x 11)


Power On/Off Switch White Balance Adjust Knob Auto White Balance On/Off Negative/Positive Switch Audio mute On/Off AGC Lock (On/Off) Electronic Shutter Switch Black Seesaw Switch Volume Knob Alternative On/Off Control Alternative On/Off Control Alternative On/Off Control Alternative On/Off Control Slide Switch


Video Signal Composition Video Output Impedance Video Output Signal Level Stereo Audio Output Impedance (R,L) NTSC standard color video signal: RCA pin jack (yellow) Y/C separate signal: S (Y/C separation) terminal 75 Ohms 1Vp-p (luminance signal) (Audio Mute switch available) 1 k ohm approximately RCA pin jack


Power Lamp White Balance Audio Mute AGC Lock (On/Off) Green Led Green Led Green Led Green Led
Microphone Input Input Impedance Minijack 3.5mm 5 k ohm approximately (No microphone power)
Input Power Power Consumption 12 VDC AC adapter PA-V6 120VAC/60Hz 7W
Focal Length Focus Normal Aperture Ratio Zoom Iris Control 2.9 mm Manual (8mm ~ infinite) F2.8 Fixed Manual (F2.8 ~ F16)


Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Stored Dimensions Weight 41 F -95 F 20%-85% 6(w) x 15(H) x 8.5(D) Approximately 5 Ibs. AC adapter (PA-V6) x1 Pin Cable x1 UL1310 (only for AC adapter) FCC Class B


Accessories Nominal Angle of View (Designed Value) Horizontal 63 degree 39' Vertical 49 degree 56' Diagonal 75 degree 33' Certification RF Emission
Power On/Off AGC Lock On/Off Lock the image brightness level or adjust brightness automatically. Negative/Positive Button - Negative film material can be converted and viewed as a positive image when captured with the camera with the negative/positive switch active. Electronic Shutter Switch Is utilized if there is problems with screen flicker. The switch should be set to the appropriate power frequency where the camera is installed. - In areas with 60 Hz power: Set the selector to 1/60. (US users should leave the switch set to 1/60). Auto White Balance Button (On/Off) - The auto white balance feature of the camera will automatically try to produce accurate color reproduction - In areas with 50 hz of images being captured. Basically the camera will try its best to power: Set the selector accurately reproduce clear accurate whites, reds, blues, and greens. to 1/100. White Balance Adjust Knob Due to variable lighting conditions it might be best to manually adjust the white balance to reproduce clear accurate color reproduction. By placing the Auto WB in the off position the user can then manually adjust for correct color reproduction.

Audio Mute On/Off When an auxiliary microphone is connected to the camera the sound can be active or muted.
For purchase and technical assistance call 516-328-5960. For literature and the dealer nearest you, call 1-800-OK CANON. E-mail us at:
Visual Communication Systems Division
All specifications subject to change without notice. Canon is a registered trademark of Canon, Inc. 1997 Canon USA, Inc.


An Innovative New Product for Visual Communications.


Business Training & Presentations DTVC Distance Learning Tele-Medicine Image Acquisition


Canon U.S.A., Inc. has brought the ability to display and capture high quality visual images to the desktop with the introduction of the light weight VIZCAM. The newest member of Canons line of document cameras, the
VIZCAM features a three-axis articulated camera mounting arm and


CAMERA Pickup Device: Total Pixels Effective Pixels Horizontal Resolution Vertical Resolution Synchronization White balance Electronic Shutter Speed Auto Gain Control Negative conversion OUTPUT SIGNALS Video signal composition Video output impedance Video output signal level Stereo audio output Impedance (R,L) STEREO AUDIO INPUT SIGNALS Microphone input Input impedance LENS Focal length Focus Normal aperture ratio Zoom Iris control VIEW ANGLE Nominal angle of View (Designed value) 2.9 mm Manual (8mm ~ infinite) F2.8 Fixed Manual (F2.8 ~ F16) 1/4"CCD (Interline Transfer Type) 410,000 380,000 492(V) x 768(H) 450 TV lines (at Center) 350 TV lines (at Center) internal synchronization (2:1 interlaced) Auto or Manual adjustment 1/60, 1/100 Auto/Lock Available
rotational camera head capability [over 180 degrees] to provide flexibility and stability in image presentation and acquisition. The VIZCAM can be used to display color video images of actual three dimensional objects, documents, photographs, slides and transparencies on any NTSC video device, such as a television monitor, video projector or VCR. Images can be output to a color video printer for hard copy prints or input to a computer utilizing a video capture or frame grabber card. The VIZCAM's compact design includes a unique articulated three-axis arm for complete versatility in camera positioning and viewing angle. Each arm can be independently adjusted for consistently stable, motion free, document imaging. With a simple adjustment of the rotatable camera head, the VIZCAM can change from a document camera to a portrait camera for person to person communications via desktop videoconferencing or collaborative computing. The small footprint (6") allows for convenient positioning next to the computer.
The VIZCAM's optical quality glass lens with manual focus and iris control offers a wider viewing angle than other desktop cameras (63 degrees). It can display images from a full 8 1/2" x 11" letter size document to an object or image the size of a postage stamp. The VIZCAM delivers 450 lines of horizontal resolution for sharp clear images and the camera provides a panning angle of plus or minus 90 degrees to eliminate the need to reposition documents for viewing.
NTSC standard color video signal: RCA pin jack (yellow) Y/C separate signal: S (Y/C separation) terminal 75 Ohms 1Vp-p (luminance signal) 1 k ohm approximately: RCA pin jack (white)+ (Audio Mute switch available)
minijack 3.5mm 5 k ohm approximately (No microphone power)
Horizontal Vertical Diagonal
63 deg 39' 49 deg 56' 75 deg 33'
The user- friendly control panel of the VIZCAM is conveniently located for ease of use. Controls for auto/manual white balance, negative/positive image conversion, stereo audio input/output, audio muting, electronic shutter speed settings and Automatic Gain Control are easily accessible at the base of the VIZCAM. For videoconferencing / codec applications, a manual overide switch is provided for all automatic functions resulting in more stable and faster compressed video transmission. Connectivity of color video output located at the rear of the base unit consists of a standard composite or S-video signal. Additional microphone input and audio line out is available as well. The unit is powered by a 12 VDC/117VAC adapter.

MOVABLE CAMERA ANGLE Pan angle Tilt angle Rotatable camera head DOCUMENT SIZE min: max: CONTROL SWITCHES Power on/off switch White Balance adjust nob Auto white balance on/off Negative/Positive switch Audio mute on/off AGC Lock (on/off) Electronic Shutter Switch DISPLAY LAMPS Power lamp White Balance Audio mute AGC Lock (on/off) POWER Input power Power Consumption OTHER SPECIFICATIONS Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Stored Dimensions Weight Accessories Certification RF emission
Plus or minus 90 degree, pivot on the base 3 joint arm Greater than 180 degrees
Postage Stamp size Letter size (8 1/2" x 11")
Black seesaw switch Volume nob Alternative on/off control Alternative on/off control Alternative on/off control Alternative on/off control Slide Switch
Green Led Green Led Green Led Green Led
12 VDC AC adapter PA-V5 120V+/-10% polarity: outside (-) 7W
41 F ~95 F 20%~85% 6"(w) x15"(H)x8.5"(D) approximately 5.1 lbs. AC adapter (PA-V5) x1 Pin cable x1 UL1310( only for AC adapter) FCC Part 15 Subpart B, Class B
VIZCAM in document position
*Product specifications subject to change without notice.



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