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brenston 6:37pm on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 
To start off DO NOT PURCHASE FROM CARDO ESPE...  I find nothing good about this item Service, sound Looking for a Bluetooth headset I could use d...  small and comfortable ; quiet in low ambient noise noisy at speeds ; fiddly to put on I have read the other reviews on this headset and the ones that say its terrible I just find hard to beleive.
Vikingdj 8:55pm on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 
I have read the other reviews on this headset...  Comfortable with good sound and alot of options Have not found any of my own
vivirescorrer 3:38am on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 
Contacted manufacturer...awaiting response Plugged in to charge,Indicator lights,Charged 5+ hours,still will not turn on.
Setubalano 8:31pm on Monday, August 30th, 2010 
Microphone lets in lots of ambient noise ; forget talking outside or in a car, it sounds like a wind tunnel
nicolargo 12:39am on Friday, August 13th, 2010 
Looking for a Bluetooth headset I could use driving in my convertible, I researched and bought several last summer. This headset is OK. The main beef I have with it is that the "noise cancelling" is actually a noise gate.
internetworld7 3:01pm on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 
I cannot compare with any other bluetooth devices because this is the first one that I have had but I did a lot of research on bluetooth devices befor...
rawat 7:17am on Sunday, June 13th, 2010 
Great service. Product is good but i would suggest improving it by making the cord longer or not as springy. Cardo Blutooth I owned a Cardo product previously and really liked it. Because it has no batteries in the ear piece, it is very light on your ear.
alex709 9:35pm on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 
I have owned three other ear pieces and finally one that is enough. I can even use it while driving with windows down and still have a conversation.
reghjghj 12:31am on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 
familiar with this brand name I previously owned a Cardo Systems bluetooth headset and somehow I lost it!! Just to see what would happen. Cardo Scala headset review worked well with my cell phone and Tomtom rider.

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INTRODUCTION This quick guide will assist you with the use of the scala700 headset. For more detailed information please download the User Manual from our website at Before using the scala-700 we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Bluetooth functionality of your cellular phone. See the User Manual for safety information.
IMPORTANT: Please visit to check whether your particular cellular phone has any Bluetooth related bugs that may affect its operability with your headset.


Wheel USB Charging Jack Speaker
Control Button Ear Loop Status Light
BEFORE USING 1. Make sure that the headset is fully charged for at least four hours before initial use. 2. To charge the headset, plug the charger into the headsets Charging Jack, which is located just below the Wheel. 3. While charging, the red Status Light illuminates. When charging is completed the light will turn off. NOTE: Plugging in the charger turns off the headset. You must turn on the headset after charging. When plugging the headset into the charger, it may take up to 15 seconds before the red Status Light turns on. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS All headset functions are controlled either by: Pressing the Control Button either for a short period of less than a second, or a long period of over three seconds, Or Moving the Wheel up or down, or by pressing it inwards.
TURNING THE HEADSET ON FOR THE FIRST TIME In order for your headset to work with your cellular phone, they must first recognize each other. This process is called pairing, and only needs to be performed once for each phone. 1. To initiate pairing, press the Wheel for at least 8 seconds while the headset is turned off. The Status Light will flash red and blue indicating that the headset is in pairing mode. 2. Turn on your phone and make sure that its Bluetooth function is activated. 3. Search for Bluetooth devices on your phone by following the phones instructions. 4. After a few seconds the phone will list the scala-700 as a discovered device. Select it and follow your phones instructions to accept the pairing. 5. When prompted, enter 0000 (four zeros) as your PIN or passkey. 6. Your phone will confirm that pairing has succeeded. Note: If pairing is not completed within two minutes the headset will return to standby mode.
You can enter pairing mode at any time by pressing the Wheel for at least 8 seconds while the headset is turned off Your Headset can pair with up to eight phones, and will automatically connect to the last phone connected to the Headset. To connect to a different phone go to the Bluetooth menu of the active mobile phone and disconnect the Headset. Now go to the Bluetooth menu of the desired phone and connect the Headset to this phone. ATTACHING THE HEADSET TO YOUR EAR Attach the Headset to your ear using the Ear-Loop. Insert the pin of the Ear-Loop to a suitable depth so that the speaker fits snugly into your ear (hovering above your ear canal), then bend the flexible bow of the Ear-Loop to produce a snug but comfortable fit. SWAP BETWEEN TWO ACTIVE MOBILE PHONES The scala-700 allows you to swap, i.e. to alternately use one among the last two phones to which it has been connected. While both phones are turned on and the headset is on standby, doublepress the wheel. Now the Headset will switch to the second phone. Each time you double-press the wheel, the alternate phone connects to the Headset.


DESIRED RESULT: Turn on the headset Turn off the headset Answer a call REQUIRED ACTION: Press the Wheel steadily for at least 3 seconds Press the Wheel steadily for at least 3 seconds Short press the Control Button NOTE: Wait until you hear the incoming call on the headset (not only on the phone) before pressing the Control Button Long press the Control Button Short press the Control Button Move the Wheel up by steps. When you hear a beep, it is at maximum. Move the Wheel down by steps. When you hear a beep it is at minimum. During a call, short press the Wheel inwards During a call, long press the Control Button During standby, short press the Control button and state the name of the person you wish to call (after a tone is heard). Note that your mobile phone must support the voice dial feature. Short press the Wheel During an active call and one call on hold or waiting, short press the Wheel. During an active call and one call on hold, long press the Wheel
Reject an incoming call Terminate a call Increase the volume Decrease the volume Mute/Un-mute Transfer a call to the phone Voice Dial
Redial Accept call waiting or swap between calls Conference call

FUNCTIONS (continued)

DESIRED RESULT: Locate the headset (Buzzer Function) REQUIRED ACTION: Activate the Buzzer as follows: Dial a call with the mobile phone and press Send/Talk. While the call is in progress, begin pressing the mobile phone volume buttons up, then down repeating the up/down sequence four or more times. The headset will start buzzing. In standby, simultaneously press the Wheel and the Control button for at least 3 seconds.

Lock/Unlock buttons

BATTERY MONITOR To check the status of the headsets battery, press the Control Button for at least 7 seconds while the headset is on Standby position. The Status Light will flash for 2 seconds as follows:
Blue Red and Blue Red Fully charged Medium charge Weak charge
DISABLING / ENABLING THE STATUS LIGHT To disable/enable the Status Light, while the Headset is on Standby, move the Wheel down and hold for at least three seconds. The Status Light will stop/begin flashing, depending on whether you are disabling/enabling the Status Light.
CHANGING THE WHEEL ORIENTATION When changing volume, the default configuration of the headset is for it to be worn on the right ear. This means that clicking up on the Wheel towards the small + sign on the headset increases the volume one step at a time, while clicking down towards the - sign on the headset decreases the volume one step at a time. If you wear the headset on your left ear, this headset allows you to change the Wheel orientation from right to left ear, so that pressing the Wheel up still increases the volume, and pressing down decreases the volume. In order to set the headset for left ear orientation: Power on the Headset by pressing and holding the Control button while pressing in and holding the Wheel for 4 seconds. Once you see 3 blue flashes, the headset is powered on and you may release the buttons. NOTE: The headset will revert to its default right ear configuration once it is turned off. In order to regularly use the headset in left ear configuration, always turn on the headset using the Control + Wheel procedure above. NOTE: If you choose to wear the headset on your left ear but do not with to change the Wheel orientation, the Wheel will function in the reverse order, i.e. turning down will increase volume, turning up will decrease volume.
LOCATE THE HEADSET (Buzzer Function) The scala-700 allows you to locate the headset by activating a buzzer. Activate the Buzzer as follows: Dial a call with the mobile phone and press Send/Talk. While the call is in progress, begin pressing the mobile phone volume buttons up, then down, repeating the up/down sequence four or more times. The headset will start buzzing. STATUS LIGHTS The Headset uses the following Status Lights to display its status

Status Light Status None 3 blue flashes 3 red flashes Alternating Red/blue flashes 1 blue flash every 3 seconds 2 blue flashes every 3 seconds 1 red flash every 3 seconds 2 red flashes every 3 seconds Steady red Headset is off or Status Light is disabled Powered on successfully Powered off successfully Pairing mode Standby No call in progress Call being initiated or in progress Standby and battery is low Call being initiated or in progress and battery is low Headset is being charged
AUDIO TONES With the exception of the actions described in the following table, all actions are followed by a single tone to confirm that the headset has accepted the action.
Action Mute Volume up Volume down Locate the headset Tone On/off tone and mute reminder tone every 20 seconds Tone on maximum volume Tone on minimum volume Buzzing
TROUBLESHOOTING Note: For most problems, it is recommended as a first step that you turn the headset off for 20 seconds and then on again. If this does not help, try pairing the headset and phone again.

Problem Action

Pairing fails
1. Delete scala-700 from your paired device list in your phone (if it is listed). 2. Turn off the mobile phone and headset. 3. Take the battery out of the phone and put it back. 4. Repeat the pairing process as described in TURNING THE HEADSET ON FOR THE FIRST TIME section above. 9
Cant answer phone calls or (Assuming your mobile phone supports perform voice dialing Voice Dialing) : 1. Make sure your headset is turned ON and in standby mode while the blue light indicator flashes slowly. 2. Verify that the Bluetooth function on your phone is set to ON. 3. Verify that the scala-700 is the correctly paired headset to your mobile phone (refer to the phone manual). 4. Link the headset to the phone as described above. 5. Check Definitions or Settings on your mobile phone. 6. Perform the pairing process and check again. Battery does not provide at least six hours of talk time. Make sure your headset is fully charged. Charging time is up to 3 hours for an empty battery. When fully charged and charger is connected to headset, the red light indicator turns off. 10

NOTE: You may have compromised the batterys capacity if you did not fully charge it prior to initial use. Red Status Light does not light steady when charger is connected. 1. Make sure the Charging Jack is firmly plugged in. 2. Disconnect the Charging Jack, wait a few seconds and plug it back in. 3. When the headset is fully charged, the red light turns off. 1. Possibly caused by nearby interference 2. If you have a GSM phone and your headset is too close to the phone, interference may occur. 3. Headset and mobile phone are more than 30 ft. (10m) apart or there are major obstacles such as concrete walls between the Headset and mobile phone (e.g. concrete walls or similar). Your headset is probably in key lock mode. Unlock the headset as described in the guide above. 11

Bad sound quality

I press the buttons and nothing happens
SUPPORT We strongly suggest that you download from our website the most updated version of the comprehensive User Manual. For additional information visit our website at, or call us at: Toll-free USA: 1-800 488-0363 Europe: +450-36819
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Helmet clamp (subject to the version purchased: Boom or Corded Microphone)

Two speakers

MP3 Jack (back of clamp)
Wall charger plug USB adapter cable Allen wrench Velcro pads MP3 cable Glue plate Pre-moistened Towlette Carry pouch Microphone sponges Flat sponge for full-face helmets and round sponge for open helmets User Guide
Noise canceling microphone

Sliding Panel

Flexible Boom
The scala rider G4 is also available in a cord-mounted microphone version to better fit certain full-faced helmets with tight chin sections. IMPORTANT:

Flip-up antenna

scala rider G4 unit
Volume Up/ Forward Mobile Button Phone Volume Button Down / Rewind Button
The scala rider G4 has been certified as waterproof and dustproof (IP67) and is designed for use under moderate rain or snow conditions. However, the cover lid protecting the Charging Jack should be kept tightly closed at all times to prevent moisture from entering the device.


Silicone cover
Channel A Button Connect to Rider A MP3 Button Charging Jack & Software download port
Channel B Button Connect to Rider B FM Radio Button
Make sure that the G4 unit is fully charged for at least four hours before initial use. Open the silicone cover protecting the Charging Jack and Software Download Port. Insert the USB cable to the wall charger and insert the other end of the cable to the headsets Charging Jack. While charging, the Red Light turns on. When charging is complete, the Red Light will turn off.
Your wall charger and USB adaptor cable serve two purposes: 1. Charging the G4 from any A/C wall socket or from a USB port on your computer (charging time from computer takes longer). 2. Downloading software upgrades from any PC running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. (see section 4.4 for details).
4.2 SETTINGS CUSTOMIZATION: The G4 offers various customizable settings which allow you to personalize the device based on your preferences. Among these settings, you can: Enable/Disable Spoken Status Announcements which provide your connectivity status, i.e. whether you are in mobile phone or intercom mode, and confirm changes of such modes. By default the feature is ON. Set custom AGC and VOX sensitivity levels suited to your specific riding style and conditions. NOTE: G4 settings can be customized in two ways:

1. Use the enclosed Allen Wrench to remove both Allen screws and release the Helmet Clamps back plate. 2. Determine the location on the helmet where the Helmet Clamp must be attached. 3. Adjust the Helmet Clamps location on the Helmet so that the microphone is located opposite the center of your mouth. You may need to reposition the Clamp repeatedly until you identify the best spot. (Be sure to clean the selected area prior to the gluing process). 4. Use the pre-moistened Towlette to clean the helmet area where you want to install the Glue Plate. Allow to dry thoroughly. 5. Peel the foil cover from the Glue Plates adhesive pad. 6. Place the Glue Plate into position according to #3. Press firmly 15 seconds on all 3 parts of the Glue Plate. 7. The adhesive pad bonds to full strength over the next 24 hours. Therefore we recommend not using the G4 during this 24 hour period. 8. Fasten the Clamp to the Glue Plate using the Allen screws that were previously removed. If you have purchased a helmet clamp version with the corded microphone, please proceed as follows:
5.2 ATTACHING THE CORDED MICROPHONE TO A FULL-FACED HELMET If you are using the corded microphone version, you must first make sure your helmet clamp is attached to your helmet as described in previous section (5.1). Clean the exact spot on the internal padding of the helmet, opposite your mouth, where the microphone will be placed. a. Peel the foil cover from the adhesive Velcro pad and place the Velcro pad on the chosen location opposite your mouth. b. Attach the microphone to the Velcro, as shown in photo. c. When done, tighten the screws of the clamp. 5.3 POSITIONING THE MICROPHONE AND SPEAKERS The microphone must be positioned in front of Speaker A the center of your mouth as detailed above. Attach the speakers to the Velcro inside your helmet, opposite your ears (short speaker Speaker B cord for left ear & long speaker cord for right ear). Use the supplied Velcro pads if needed. Cable Using two speakers inside the Speaker B helmet may be prohibited in certain jurisdictions. If this is the case, you should tuck away the long corded speaker underneath the helmet padding as follows: Speaker B Lead the speaker cord [B] alongside the rim of the padding to the right side and then back to the left side, near speaker [A]. Then place the speaker [B] underneath the padding.
Speaker A scala rider G4 7
NOTE: For best audio results, make sure that both of your speakers actually touch your ears. Please visit us at for other useful tips.
Multiple Device Connectivity (MDC) with Bluetooth compatible Devices
5.4 ATTACHING AND REMOVING THE G4 FROM THE HELMET CLAMP ATTACHING: Slide the G4 sideways (i.e. horizontally) along the sliding panel until a clicking sound indicates that it is locked in place. REMOVING: Your G4 can be removed for charging or storage by sliding the G4 sideways.

slide G4 sideways

Mobile phone & A2DP connectivity Driver-to-Passenger Full Duplex Intercom Connection scalariderG4 or other scalarider headset

Built-in FMradio

MP3 player Driver-to-Passenger Full Duplex Intercom Connection
Up to 1 mile / 1.6 km Bike-toBike Intercom range between 3 separate bikers or 2 couples on 2 motorcycles

push G4 with your thumb

5.5 USING THE FLIP-UP ANTENNA The flip-up antenna allows you to achieve the maximum intercom range between bikers. To open the antenna, simply press gently against the protruding tab (at the tip of the antenna) towards the direction of the helmet. The internal spring will then cause the antenna to flip up. To close the antenna, just push it back into its horizontal state until it is locked in place.
NOTE: The sole purpose of the antenna is to increase intercom range between bikers. There is no need to open it when using your mobile phone, FM Radio or MP3 Player but you can do so without concern. 8 scala rider G4
Thanks to MDC technology the G4 offers parallel connectivity as follows*: Intercom with up to two other scala rider units Bluetooth enabled Mobile Phone / GPS device A2DP enabled MP3 Player or A2DP Adapter
NOTE: If you plan to use your mobile phone while using a Bluetooth GPS device, then you should pair your mobile phone to the GPS and not to the G4. * see restrictions under 9.10 b
6.1 MOBILE PHONE To use your mobile phone with the scala rider G4, you must first pair the G4 to your mobile phone. Pairing is a one-time process. Once the G4 is paired to a specific mobile phone, they will remain paired and automatically recognize each other whenever they are within range. If the connection between the phone and G4 is lost, tap the Mobile Button on your G4 to reconnect the devices. PAIRING THE G4 TO A BLUETOOTH MOBILE PHONE: 1. Turn on your phone and make sure its Bluetooth function is activated. Turn on your G4 by pressing the Mobile Button for at least four seconds resulting in three blue flashes. 2. With the G4 turned ON, press and hold the Mobile Button for at least six seconds until the Red and Blue Lights begin rapidly alternating. 3. Search for Bluetooth devices on your phone by following the phones instructions. Consult your phones User Manual for more information. 4. After a few seconds the phone will list scala rider G4 as a discovered device. Select it and follow your phones instructions to accept the pairing. 5. When prompted, enter 0000 (four zeros) as your PIN or passkey. 6. Your phone will confirm that pairing has succeeded and the G4 will begin flashing slowly in Blue.

12 scala rider G4

5. Tap the CHANNEL B button within 20 seconds of finding the station to save the current station. 6. If you dont save the station, the Radio will exit search mode without saving the current station. You can still continue to listen to the current unsaved station. Tapping the CHANNEL B Button in this case will move to the next saved station.
NOTE: Press CHANNEL B button during radio Scan to Fast Save the current station directly into the Preset Channel number you were last listening to.
Automatic Radio Tuning: Automatically search for and find 6 new on the go radio stations with one button press. This feature makes finding new stations fast and easy by creating a temporary list of on the go radio stations. While the radio is on, press and hold the Volume Down Button for 6 seconds, and the G4 will search upwards from the current frequency and store the next 6 FM stations it discovers as on the go stations. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish, searching for the next 6 FM stations each time. Now you can cycle through these stations by tapping the CHANNEL B button.
NOTE: These 6 temporary on the go stations cannot be saved and do not replace the permanent Saved Radio Stations you may have set using the Saving a selected station procedure. Turning OFF and ON the G4 will clear out your Automatic Radio Tuning stations, and restore the original saved radio stations.
7.2 CABLE CONNECTING YOUR MP3 PLAYER OR OTHER EXTERNAL AUDIO SOURCES Using the auxiliary line-in port for cable connectivity The G4 has an auxiliary jack which allows you to connect nonBluetooth audio sources, such as MP3 players (with 3.5 mm - 1/8 stereo jacks) to the G4 by using the enclosed cable. 1. Make sure the G4 is on Standby mode, flashing slowly in Blue. 2. Connect the MP3 cable to your MP3 player/audio sources Jack and insert the other end of the cable into the MP3 /Aux Jack Auxiliary Jack. 3. Operate the MP3 Player device by using its own buttons as usual (FF/REW/ PLAY/PAUSE). Volume can be adjusted through the MP3 Player or the Volume Buttons of the G4. Any other audio connection will automatically mute the MP3 Player. The audio signal will return only when the G4 is once again in Standby mode.

NOTE: While listening to your MP3 player, the VOX feature is disabled.
Terminate a call Voice Dial
Tap the Mobile Button during a call, or let the other party terminate the call During Standby, tap the Mobile Button and pronounce loudly the name of the person you wish to call. This feature is supported only by mobile phones that include the Voice Dial feature During Standby, tap the Mobile Button twice Tap the CHANNEL A button while on a phone call Tap the CHANNEL B button while on a phone call
Redial Add/Remove CHANNEL A to/from phone call Add/Remove CHANNEL B to/from phone call
When the G4 is on an active phone call, any Intercom call request will be automatically rejected. Once the phone call is terminated, you can initiate and accept Intercom calls. STATUS LIGHTS
LED Indication None 1 blue flash every 3 seconds 2 blue flashes every 3 seconds 1 red flash every 3 seconds 2 red flashes every 3 seconds Solid red Status G4 is off Standby No call is in progress Call is in progress / FM Radio or Music is ON Standby - Battery is low Low battery while a call is in progress or FM Radio or Music is ON Charging
Answer a call Reject a call Tap the Mobile Button or speak loudly any word of your choice during an incoming call Remain silent for 15 seconds, or press and hold the Mobile Button for 3 seconds during an incoming call


9.1 INTRODUCTION The G4 provides you with an impressive Bike-to-Bike Intercom range by simply flipping up the antenna. The Flip-up antenna allows you to maximize intercom range with Flip-up Antenna other bikers at up to 1mile / 1.6 km for extended range (subject to terrain). The antenna is also useful when riding in dense urban environments that may affect the transmission quality. You may keep the Flip-up Antenna open when not using the intercom, even though there is no particular need to do so. To set up one or two Intercom Bluetooth connections, you must first pair your G4 with the other devices. In this manual such other devices will be referred to as CHANNEL A and CHANNEL B respectively. Pairing is a one-time process. Once completed, the G4s will remain paired and automatically recognize each other whenever they are within range. For details on Intercom use with other scala rider units, please refer to section 9.11 below The G4 has two Intercom channels available for multiple intercom connections. Therefore, your G4 can communicate simultaneously with up to two other G4s. If one of these other G4s is connected to yet another G4, then all four participants can enter into a 4-way conference mode (see section 9.10c below).

9.2 BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY The G4 can also conduct Intercom communications with earlier scalarider models in different configurations and you can always change your preferences. There are other scalarider models available that your G4 can connect to, and each of these connections comes with specific characteristics and / or limitations. In terms of range, Intercom communications between your G4 and another scala rider unit is limited to the distance of the lesser-range device. For example, connecting your G4 with a Q2 pro unit will enable intercom distances of up to 2,300 ft / 700 m, which is the maximum rated distance the Q2 pro can achieve. In the section below you can find out how to pair your G4 with other scalarider models. In addition, the G4 is also fully compatible with the Schuberth SRC-System. For details, visit 9.3 BEFORE STARTING THE INTERCOM The G4 has two buttons designated for quick connection to two other units. These other units are referred to as CHANNEL A and CHANNEL B. In the following sections you will also learn how to add a third participant and conduct an intercom conference.
Channel A Button 14 scala rider G4

Channel B Button

Since the G4 can be paired with all models in the scalarider family, we recommend that you first pair it according to your preferred configuration and then change or modify as often as you wish later, when the need arises. For example: If you typically use the intercom to communicate with two friends who both use G4 units, then you should pair it as described below in section 9.10 b. Therefore, please select your initial pairing preference from the following options in the table below and then refer to the pairing procedure as described in the respective section of this manual. When done, return to the explanations in section 9.4 Initiate Intercom Calls. Select your preferred Pairing Option
UNITS TO BE PAIRED Your G4 with another G4 Your G4 with a Q2/Q2 pro Your G4 with one earlier scalarider model Your G4 with two other G4 units Your G4 with one G4 and one Q2/Q2 pro unit Your G4 with two Q2/Q2 pro units Your G4 with one G4 and one other scalarider model Your G4 with one Q2/Q2 pro and one other scalarider model Your G4 with two other scalarider models Your G4 as part of 4-Way intercom call configuration GO TO SECTION 9.10 a 9.11 a 9.11 b 9.10 b 9.11 c 9.11 c 9.11 c 9.11 c 9.11 c 9.10 c
Now that you have completed the pairing process, you can start using the intercom. If you havent done so yet, please refer to the table above and complete your preferred pairing configuration before you proceed with this section. There are two ways to start an Intercom call with devices that are paired to your scala rider G4 (make sure you are in Standby mode): VOICE CONNECT: Preferred for relatively brief conversations as it takes the channel into standby mode after 30 seconds of silence. Start talking loudly Once you start talking loudly, an Intercom call will be established with both paired devices, CHANNEL A and CHANNEL B (if both are available). The Intercom call will stay on until all participants remain silent for 30 seconds. (applicable for 2-way communication). CHANNEL BUTTON CONNECT: Preferred for extended conversations as it leaves the channel open and active. Single tap the CHANNEL A Button to add or remove CHANNEL A from an Intercom call. Single tap the CHANNEL B Button to add or remove CHANNEL B from an Intercom call.

NOTE: While the Intercom is on, the Redial and Voice Dial functions will be disabled.
9.5 RECEIVING INTERCOM CALLS Once another paired device tries calling you via intercom, the call will begin almost instantly.
NOTE: The G4s preset priority modes have been set in a way to avoid incoming intercom calls from interrupting mobile phone calls and GPS instructions in progress. In such case the intercom caller will hear a busy signal and you will hear two beeps, indicating that an intercom caller is trying to page you. (see section 4.3 for details on audio priorities of paired devices). scala rider G4 15
9.6 VOICE CONNECT FEATURE (VOX) The G4 offers VOX technology for safe and hands-free operation of some key functions. For incoming calls, just pronounce loudly any word (e.g. hello). To reject an incoming call, remain silent for about 15 seconds. To reject an Intercom call remain silent for 30 seconds.
NOTE: The Enable/Disable Voice Connect feature affects only the Intercom functionality.
ENABLE/DISABLE VOX can be done via the PC software and directly on your G4 via the Settings Customization Voice Menu (see section 4.2). 9.7 RESET PAIRING (RESTORING THE ORIGINAL DEFAULT CONFIGURATION) This section is only relevant once you have completed a pairing process You can delete all of your paired devices at any time as follows: 1. With the G4 turned ON, press and hold the Mobile Button for at least six seconds until the Red and Blue Lights begin rapidly alternating. 2. Press and hold the Volume Up Button for three seconds. 3. The Red and Blue Lights will flash five times simultaneously and then the G4 will turn off, confirming that Reset was successfully completed. 9.8 NOTEWORTHY ISSUES a. Connecting the G4 to other units To pair your G4 to other scala rider models, please refer to section 9.10 c below. b. Busy Status (When using a G4) When attempting an Intercom call with a device that is already on a Phone/GPS/Intercom call, you will hear two beeps indicating the other device is busy.

16 scala rider G4

c. Automatic Reconnection of the Intercom If the G4 and another paired unit go out of range and disconnect from each other, the G4 will immediately try to reconnect to the other unit. You can manually reconnect the intercom call while the G4 is in Standby mode by pressing the CHANNEL A or the CHANNEL B Button to connect to the respective lost connection. d. Conference Mode Limitations Whenever you enter the Intercom Conference mode among three or even four participants (including yourself), the participants who maintain simultaneously two active connections will not be able to receive mobile phone calls or GPS messages as long as the conference call is in progress (see details in sections 9.10 b and 9.10 c) 9.9 TROUBLESHOOTING THE INTERCOM First, make sure your microphone is located properly in front of the center of your mouth. The G4 is designed for use in loud environments. Therefore, you should test the Intercom functionality only in a noisy environment, such as next to an idling motorcycle and not indoors. Please also verify that the G4s were paired together properly by following the instructions in the relevant Setup sections. 9.10 USING THE G4 FOR INTERCOM WITH OTHER G4 UNITS PAIRING LED INDICATION FOR INTERCOM CHANNELS

Passenger 2 is paired to Driver 1 and to Passenger 4 Passenger 4 is paired to Driver 3 and to Passenger 2
IMPORTANT: Since both Passengers each use two Bluetooth connections during the conference mode, they will both be disconnected from their mobile phones until the conference mode is terminated. Upon termination, both Passengers will automatically re-connect to their mobile phones. Both Drivers 1 and 3 remain connected to their mobile phones or GPS devices during the 4-way intercom call.
PAIRING FOUR SCALA RIDER G4s To converse in the 4-Way intercom conference mode, the four G4s must be paired as shown in the biker illustration above. All four units should initially be turned off. Step One: Pair Driver 1 to Passenger 2 via Channel A as follows a. Turn both G4s ON by pressing and holding the Mobile Buttons until the Blue Light flashes three times. b. Both G4s should now be flashing slowly in Blue. c. Press and hold CHANNEL (A) BUTTON on both G4s for at least six seconds until the G4s BLUE or RED Light begins flashing rapidly, indicating that they have entered the Intercom Pairing mode. (See Table in section 9.10) d. Release the buttons and wait until both G4s display a solid light for two seconds, indicating that the two G4s are now paired for Intercom connection. (This may take up to two minutes). Step Two: Pair Driver 3 to Passenger 4 via Channel A Repeat the above pairing procedure between Driver 3 and Passenger 4. Step Three: Pair Passenger 2 to Passenger 4 via Channel B Repeat the above pairing procedure between Passenger 2 and Passenger 4 using the Channel B button. (instead of Channel A button as described in point c of Step One above).
9.10c. FOUR-WAY INTERCOM When connected to three other G4 units, your G4 can also participate in a 4-way Conference Intercom Call (full duplex) as explained below. Please note that the 4-way conference operates in a linear manner, whereby the two passengers serve as the connecting links for the entire group. Therefore, if one of the Passengers disconnects, the 4-way conference mode will be interrupted until that passenger is reconnected. 4-Way Intercom between up to two couples on two motorcycles two drivers (1 and 3) and two passengers (2 and 4)
In this configuration the two passengers (numbered 2 and 4) are each using two Bluetooth connections:

18 scala rider G4

Your 4-Way Conference Intercom Pairing is now complete and ready to use.
NOTE: If the Pairing process is not completed within two minutes the G4s will return to Standby mode.

Initiate Intercom calls from a G4
There are two ways to start an Intercom call with your paired headsets while the G4 is in Standby mode: VOICE CONNECT: Start talking loudly Once you start talking loudly, an Intercom call will be established with both paired devices, CHANNEL A and CHANNEL B (if both are available). CHANNEL BUTTON CONNECT: Single tap the CHANNEL A or "B" Button to add or remove the chosen channel from an Intercom call.


Click-to-Link is the spontaneous social nature of your scala rider G4. This unique feature will enable you to instantly initiate one-to-one intercom calls with other G4 users in the near vicinity without going through a pairing process in advance. Think of it as a private bike-tobike channel that you can set up on-the-fly with other scala rider G4 users that you spot next to a traffic light or along the road. The Click-to-Link feature can of course be disabled at any time, blocking any attempt by other G4 users to establish a spontaneous link. USING CLICK-TO-LINK Disable/Enable Click-to-Link: The feature can be turned on or off via the Settings Customization Menu (see Section 4.2). By default, this feature is DISABLED. AUDIO SOURCES AND PRIORITIES The different audio sources connected to the G4 are prioritized as shown below, i.e. the higher priority source will always override and interrupt the lower one.
For example, incoming mobile phone calls and GPS navigation instructions will interrupt ongoing Click-to-Link calls, while incoming Clickto-Link calls will interrupt the audio from the built-in FM Radio etc. Click-to-Link established calls and Intercom calls have the same priority: If one is in use, the other is unable to interrupt. Therefore, a Click-to-Link request cannot interrupt an Intercom call in progress, and vice-versa.

General Functions

Category Making Click-to-Link calls Desired result Start a Click-to-Link call request* Cancel a Click-to-Link call Receiving Click-toLink calls Accept a Click-to-Link call Required Action Double tap Channel A Button Tap Channel A Button When you hear the ringtone, tap Channel A Button or speak loudly to answer by VOX When hearing the ring tone, remain silent for 10 seconds or until the ring tone subsides Tap Channel A Button
1. Mobile Phone audio or GPS instructions (device specific) 2. Intercom / Click-to-Link (same priority level) 3. A2DP audio source 4. FM Radio (built-in) 5. Auxiliary Line-In Port (for corded connection e.g. MP3 players).
Reject a Click-to-Link call
IC (Intercom) Request Tone: If you are on a Click-to-Link call and Rider A or Rider B try to connect to you for an IC Call, you will hear an IC Request Tone while the other party will hear a rejection beep. If your Click-to-Link connection is dropped for any reason and other G4 users are nearby, new Click-to-Link connections may link up with users other than your initial connection.

During Click-to-Link calls

End a Click-to-Link call

* The G4 searches for another Click-to-Link enabled unit for up to 10 seconds, while beeping and flashing red.
NOTE: Click-to-Link connections will not replace or change your current Rider A and Rider B intercom pairings. Click-to-Link uses a separate temporary channel to connect to a Click-to-Link conversation partner.


For additional information please visit our website at FAQ: or contact us at: Phone: USA and Canada: 1-800-488-0363 International: +36819

22 scala rider G4

and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1) this device may not cause interference and 2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device.


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) / Industry Canada (IC) Statement 15.21 You are cautioned that changes or modifications not expressly approved by the part responsible for compliance could void the users authority to operate the equipment. 15.105(b) This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC / IC rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off

FCC/IC RF Radiation Exposure Statement: This equipment complies with FCC/IC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. End users must follow the specific operating instructions for satisfying RF exposure compliance. The antenna used for this transmitter must not transmit simultaneously with any other antenna or transmitter, except in accordance with FCC/IC multi-transmitter product procedures. European CE Notice The scalariderG4 headset (the Product) is in conformity with the following essential requirements of Council Directive 1999/5/EC (referred to as R&TTE Directive): Articles 3.1a, 3.1.b and 3.2. The Product is manufactured in accordance with Annex II of the above directive. Declaration of Conformity (DOC) The scalariderG4 headset is compliant with and adopts the Bluetooth Specification 2.1 and has successfully passed all interoperability tests that are specified in the Bluetooth specification. However, interoperability between the device and other Bluetooth-enabled products is not guaranteed.
WARNING: Cardo Systems Inc., (Cardo) notifies you that your complete and undivided attention is required when using a communication device while riding a motorcycle, scooter, moped, ATV, quad-bike, bicycle or any other vehicle or equipment (vehicle). Failure to avoid potentially hazardous situations could result in accident resulting in serious injury or death. Cardo strongly advises you to take all necessary precautions and remain alert to the traffic, weather and all road conditions. It is best to stop your vehicle on the roadside away from traffic prior to activating or deactivating the Product or initiating or receiving any calls. Do not perform pairing, linking or similar operations while operating a vehicle. All publications, advertisements and similar sales materials are intended to address technical capabilities and should not be construed as encouraging the operation of Cardos products (Product) in any manner that is unsafe or prohibited by law. Exercise all due caution while using this Product and obey all applicable traffic laws. Always operate the vehicle and the Product in a safe manner. Do not become distracted by the Product while driving or riding on a vehicle. Remain mindful of all driving conditions when using the Product. Always make sure that any use of your hands in connection with the Product is performed easily, appropriately and in a safe manner. Keep your hands on the handlebar while operating the vehicle. Minimize the time your hands perform any operation on the Product and stop safely away from any traffic to make adjustments. When riding, always consider road, traffic, terrain and other conditions to maximize safety. Do not operate the Product if it becomes unsafe to do so. In some states, the use of mobile communications systems is prohibited or restricted. Check all laws and regulations that apply to your region before using the Product and be mindful that compliance with all laws and 24 scala rider G4

THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS WHICH MAY VARY FROM STATE TO STATE OR FROM JURISDICTION TO JURISDICTION. CARDO MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED BEYOND THOSE STATED SPECIFICALLY HEREIN. THIS WARRANTY IS EXTENDED BY CARDO SOLELY TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER AND IS NOT ASSIGNABLE OR TRANSFERABLE TO OTHERS. CARDO ASSUMES NO OBLIGATION OR LIABILITY FOR ADDITIONS OR MODIFICATIONS TO THIS WARRANTY UNLESS MADE IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY AN OFFICER OF THE COMPANY. Batteries are warranted only if the battery capacity falls below 50% of rated capacity or if the battery develops leakage. This warranty becomes void if: a. any of the seals on the case or battery are broken or Product or battery show signs of tampering, b. the battery is used in equipment other than the equipment for which it was intended. c. the Product is used in contravention of its intended purpose d. the Product was purchased from online auctions Cardo assumes no responsibility for direct and consequential damages, harm, merchantability or loss of any kind, including those resulting from the use of non-Cardo components or products in conjunction with its Products, and specifically the use of third party chargers or Bluetooth devices. Furthermore, Cardo is not responsible for any damage to any part of the Product resulting from the use of ancillary equipment not furnished by Cardo which is attached to or used in connection with the Product. What this warranty does not cover: 1. Defects or damage resulting from the use of this Product in other than its normal and customary manner. 2. Defects or damage from misuse, accident or neglect. 3. Defects caused by improper operation, maintenance, installation, adjustment or modification of any kind. scala rider G4 25

the purchase price at its sole discretion. SUCH REMEDY SHALL BE YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR ANY BREACH OF WARRANTY. Warranty Service To obtain warranty service, your Product must be registered. Register online at: Please present the Product, along with your registration number, bill of sale (receipt) at any authorized Service Center or at the store from which you have purchased the Product. To obtain warranty service, contact Cardos product support and obtain an RMA tracking number, or contact your local Cardo authorized dealer. Ship securely with a copy of the original sales receipt which is required as proof of purchase for warranty repairs. The RMA tracking number should be written on the outside of the package. Send the Product freight charges prepaid, to the Cardo address as directed by Cardo. Online Auction Purchases: Online auction confirmations are not accepted for warranty verification. To obtain warranty service, an original or copy of the sales receipt from the original retailer is required. Cardo will not replace missing components from online auction sites. Other manufacturers: Cardo is not responsible for and expressly disclaims any responsibility for how Cardo Products are used or misused arising out of use with products, services or information of other vendors. General Provisions This warranty is given in lieu of all other express or implied warranties, including without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
1. Cardo is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the use or misuse of any of the Companys Products.
2. The user should never attempt to perform service, adjustments or repairs of the Product by him/herself. Doing so will void all warranties. During the term of the warranty, all Products must be returned to the point of purchase or the authorized service center for all necessary work.
3. The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred during shipping. All repair work on the Product by parties not explicitly authorized by the Company will void any and all warranties. 4. The information in this Manual is furnished strictly for informational purposes and is subject to change without notice. Cardo assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in the Manual or Quick Start Guide. NOTE: Look for appropriate displays to verify that you are being serviced by an Authorized Cardo Dealer or Service Center. Cardo retains the right to amend and change its Products, manuals and specifications at any time without notice. WAIVER AND GENERAL RELEASE By using the Product, you will waive substantial legal rights including the right to sue. Please read the following carefully before using the device. By using the Product you agree to be bound to this agreement and forfeit the right to sue. By using the Product, you are irrevocably releasing, indemnifying from any liability, loss, claim and expense (including attorneys fees) and holding Cardo harmless for any bodily injuries, harm or death as well as losses or damages in goods, to any vehicles including your own, or to any property or asset that belong to you or to third parties, any of which may result from using the Product under any circumstances or conditions and irrespective of jurisdiction. 1. You, your heirs, legal representatives, successors or assigns, hereby voluntarily and forever release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless Cardo from any and all litigation, claims, debts, demands, actions and liability which may arise, directly or indirectly, from using the Product for any distress, pain, suffering, discomfort, loss, injury, death, damages to or in respect to any person or property however caused, WHETHER ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OR



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