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johnwalker 9:07pm on Monday, October 25th, 2010 
"I bought these headphones b/c I needed some headphones to stay in my ear. Perfect for anyone who sweats a lot when they run or exercise.
sidgib 2:20pm on Monday, October 4th, 2010 
Not sure if it was just my pair.... ... but for some reason my cord for the Left ear and cord for the Right ear are totally different lengths!
XRumer448 8:41am on Friday, October 1st, 2010 
Snug comfortable fit with good bass sound. Noise cancellation qualities block a telephone ring as well as other moderate sounds. Outstanding value. I have no reason to turn my $10000 home system on. The ear buds fit perfectly, the noise isolation is outstanding. I know I marked both comfortable AND uncomfortable... let me explain. I got theses as a birthday present for my wife. I use these to listen to multimedia on my laptop. Small size and portability are important, and on these points, these phones are quite good.
Snucky 6:46am on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 
Newegg Rocks!! Great for the price, working out and running they stay in my ears. I sweat a lot and they continue to work well. I purchased these since my old headphones (buds) were awful when I went running with how often they slipped out of my ear.
Saundra M 9:16am on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 
Bought two of these for my young children to use with a DVD player for car trips.
The_Vukster 12:36pm on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 
These are incredible. My wife has very small ear canals and we have never found ear buds to work for her. I am no audiophile, but I expeceted superior sound from Sennheiser. Instead.
Pepe96 4:23am on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 
I have bought or tried about 6-8 different brands and models of headphones. But I like these the best. Light weight, open, clear sound. Portable.
tinab 6:34pm on Monday, July 26th, 2010 
I'm a stickler for great sounding audio and I wear glasses, but I hate ear buds. For the last 8 years. A superior listening experience. Comfortable","Compact","Durable","Good Bass","Good Value","Great Sound","Lightweight","Stylish I use this headset in my in home studio. I'm disabled and unable to leave my home but if I could do so I would take these little beauties with me.
Laprivan 11:52pm on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 
Packaged very well[...]. At Beach Camera's price you can't go wrong with the headphones. Thanks!! Comfortable","Compact","Durable","Good Bass".
mvam75 9:02am on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
These headphones are fantastic for what they are. There are many different headphones that sound better, but for the price. If you are looking for open-air headphones, you need look no further. They are very resonably priced, considering how nice they sound. Lightweight, good sound. For the price, the sound and quality are great. My son loves them with his iPod. They fold into a nice carrying case.
DavidMcCarthy 1:08am on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 
Great midlevel headphones Bought these bad boys as a replacement for the sorry excuse for headphones Apple gives you when you purchase a listening dev... Worth every penny plus some These headphones met all my expectations, they sound great isolate outside sounds and carry great bass signal....
ryan.lochhead 10:45pm on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 
Unbalanced Response Sennheiser brands this item with the phrase "Bass-Driven Sound.
Chas 12:48pm on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 
If you are window shopping for good, portable...  Comfortable, nice polished sound, good balanced bass. These are excellent for portable players, the...  The treble may be a little laid back but it is still there and detailed, bass is very impressive. Good headphones, especially for the price. I...  Great sound, I was really suprised by these. I was looking for a good light headspones, an...  Very good sound quality and good price After some months (one year,more or less).

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MODEL PM-600 Magnetic-Field Power Amplifier Owners Manual
IMPORTANT NOTICE Please read carefully!
This amplifier was originally manufactured by Carver Corporation. There are references contained within this manual to addresses and telephone numbers that should no longer be used to obtain technical support or factory service. For any assistance with this product please contact: Carver Professional
A Division of Phoenix Gold International, Inc. 9300 North Decatur Portland, Oregon 97203 Tel. 503.978.3344 Fax 503.978.3302


STAGE DIMENSIONS Proscenium width Proscenium height Stage depth from proscenium Stage width including wing area Stage Apron depth Stage depth overall 24 122
Throw from FOH booth to upstage movie screen
LIGHTING ETC Expression 3x V3.1 Rear of house control (projection booth) 2- ETC Sensor SR48 dimmer racks with 2 CEM+ modules All circuit 3 pin stage plug 1
LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS Front of house 1- 6x9 Altman Lekos 750w with template holders 7- ETC Source 4 Lekos 19 degrees 750w 5- ETC Source 4 Lekos 26 degrees 750w 4- ECT Source 4 Lekos 36 degrees 750w
ADDITIONAL LIGHTING 10- 6 Century Fresnels, 500w 18- 6 3-color strip lights, 120w RGB 1- Lycian Midget HP follow spot 575w 6- 5 3-color foot lights, 75w 12- 6x12 Lekos, 750w with template holders (cove) Scaffolding (with prior notice)
DRESSING ROOMS 2 total with 18 mirrors with close backstage access, plus private toilet and shower
Please direct all correspondence to 19296 Lyons Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434
SOUND 1-Yamaha MCL-channel console with MY8AE, MY8-AE96, V3.03 Rear of house (projection booth)
MICROPHONES 4- Shure Beta 58a 6- Shure UHF-R UR24D with Beta 87a capsules frequency range L3 638MHz-698MHz 2- Shure UR1 body packs with WL 185 capsules 1- Shure UA845-SWB distributer with 2 UA870USTV antennas 4- Shure SM-57 2- Sennheisser E-845 3- Crown PCC-160 2- Shure Beta 58 1- Shure Beta 52 2- Shure SM 137 3- Sennheisser E 604 1- Shure Beta 91a
Main Array 9- JBL VRX932LAP 2- JBL VRX918SP 3

Stage Monitor and Amps

2 -Meyer USM-1P 1- EV FM-1202 1- Community CSX 28M 2- EAW SM122e 1- Carver PM 600 1- Yamaha XP-5000 2- JBL Eon 1500 2- RCF 300A
Extra Audio 1- Denon DN-T 620 CD-Tape Recorder 1- Sony MDS-E12 Mini Disc Recorder 1- Tascam CD-01U Pro CD player 24-Stage inputs, 6 returns 3- Sescom IL-19
2- CB 1 Direct Boxes 1- Whirlwind Hot Box 1-Radial ProD2 direct box

1- BSS AR-133 DI

1- Whirlwind PCDI 1 -Clearcom MS--Clearcom RS-601 with CC-95z headset
PROJECTION 2- Westrex 3000 35mm w/Century C automation module Century head 1- Veronese 16mm projector 1- Dolby CP45 Processor
1- Barco NH-12 video projector V1.15 1- Sony BDP-S2000ES DVD player V4.70
ADDITIONAL SERVICES 1- Technician to operate the following: Spot, lighting, sound console. Tech is available two hours prior to show time, or earlier with advance notice. 1- Yamaha C-7 Grand Piano for stage use only 8- Music Stands 8- Music Stand Lights 1- AMPEG SVTCL Classic Bass Amplifier Head 1- AMPEG SVT810e Bass Cabinet 1- Fender Twin Amplifier 1- Korg Triton Mkey keyboard
1- Peavey KB5D Amplifier Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set: Kick Floor Tom 12Toms Snare Thrown Hardware Set of Zildjian Cymbals High Hat (Top and Bottom) Ride Crash Fast Crash Sticks and Brushes 1- 8 X 8 drum riser
BACKSTAGE ACCESS Loading dock stage level Any Sound or lighting consoles must not be set up in the audience or house Option #1: Stage left or right wings Option #2: Projection booth with dressed cable from stage to booth approx. 200 We do not have laundry or catering facilities on-site and no shore power

No video taping or photography in audience house House doors open one hour prior to show time ALL SOUND CHECKS MUST BE COMPLETED BY THEN House seats: 1042 For Additional Technical Information, please contact: Steven Cohen, Technical Director Century Village Theaters 19296 Lyons Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434 Office: 561 451-1227, Fax: 561 883-2624, Cell: 561 239-6727, Nextel Direct Connect: 159*513702*1
For Additional Booking Information, please contact: Abby Koffler, Vice President, Entertainment Cenvill Recreation, Inc, 19296 Lyons Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434 Office: 561 451-1227, Cell: 561 312-9940, fax: 561 883-2624
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