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Parev 7:03am on Thursday, October 14th, 2010 
Uniquely frustrating to set up This phone seems to combine a lot of promise with above average frustration. Hardware-wise, it is feature-packed. Quality issues with HTC Android is excellent. However the touch screen on the HTC Hero broke in 6 months of purchase. Also had a HTC Touch.
a_c_k 11:37pm on Saturday, October 9th, 2010 
So, after over a year of living and loving my Blackberry Curve I was itching for a new phone. A part of me lusted for an iPhone. Hello, I have had the HTC Hero for about 3 weeks now.
The Kid 6:33am on Sunday, June 27th, 2010 
Rather have a blackberry again then have to use this phone. Battery life is horrible, keyboard input is horrible, no push email. Great phone and would have been happy to keep it for 2 years, however the EVO came out and I sent the Hero back for that one.
StephanP 4:58pm on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 
I had thought of buying this phone ever since it was announced in June of 2009 and finally got around to getting it and I am glad. The phone was fairly easy to root and install custom ROM. Do the research before you get yourself into something bigger than your comfortable.
viki_ 10:28pm on Friday, June 4th, 2010 
I was first hesitant in buying this phone . But when I saw some reviews on the net and You tube i was really impressed with the phone.
jD 10:52pm on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 
I was extremely excited when I first received this phone. It was really easy to use and there was lots of great apps for the phone, often times free.
pantoholli 3:26pm on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 
I love this phone! This the best phone ever! It does anything and everything. I think of it as the new and improved i phone. First of all, let me start by saying that this was the best Christmas gift that I could have gotten.When you purchase this phone.
tenjin 8:02pm on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 
The skin is exactly what I wanted. I am hard on my equipment, so I needed somthing that would last. I had a hard case. had what I wanted, price was right, shipping was speedy and effortless.

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A. Main Display (Speed) B. Mode Symbol C. Speed Scale Symbol D. Auto Mode Symbol E. Sub-Display (Selected Function) F. G. H. I. J. K. Mode Button Start/Stop Button Set Button AC Button Battery Case Cover Contacts

magnet sensor

S Current Speed 0.0(3.0) - 65.9 mile/h [0.3 mile/h under 31 mile/h] This is always displayed on the main display and updated once a second. O Total Distance (Odometer) 0.0 - 99,999 mile [0.1 mile] This is continuously measured until battery wears down or all clear operation is done. At 10,000 miles(km), it returns to zero and counting begins anew. M Maximum Speed 0.0(3.0) - 65.9 mile/h [0.3 mile/h] With Reset operation, it returns to zero and counting begins anew. A Average Speed 0.0 - 65.9 mile/h [0.3 mile/h] The average speed from start to current point is displayed within 27 hours 46 minutes 39 seconds (99,999 seconds) or 999.99 miles (km). If either is exceeded, (.E) is displayed and calculation ceases. D Trip Distance 0.00 - 999.99 mile [0.01 mile] The trip distance from start to current point is displayed. With Reset operation, it returns to zero. T Elapsed Time 0:00'00" - 9:59'59" [0.003%]
1. Bracket 2. Wire 3. Sensor 4. Sensor Bands-A (S)(L) 5. Sensor Bands-B 6. Magnet 7. Sensor Band Rubber Pad 8. Bracket Rubber Pad (2 pcs.) 9. Wire Securing Tape 10. Sensor Band Screw
about 2 mm Fig.12 outer cable


MODE Button (left button) Changes the display in the order shown in fig. 1, and data is displayed on the subdisplay. *If held over 2 seconds, 24-hour clock appears. START/STOP Button (right button) Starts and stops the measurement of trip distance and elapsed time. During operation, speed scale symbol flashes. In Auto Function, this button is invalid. SET Button This is for setting the wheel circumference and clock time, switching on/off Auto Function and to clear all present data and any irregularity. When pressed in stop state in each mode, the following can be revised. In O mode -------------------------- Wheel circumference In mode ----------------------- 24-hour clock In T, D or A mode ---------------- On/off the Auto function AC Button (All Clear) By pressing AC Button on the back, all data stored (O data, speed scale, wheel circumference and clock time) is erased. All displays illuminate, then mile/h symbol illuminates. This operation is to be executed after replacing battery or when irregular display occurs due to static electricity, etc. Since all memories are erased, set necessary data again according to Main Unit Preparation. Reset Operation: (Fig. 2) Select any mode except O, then press MODE Button and START/STOP Button simultaneously. M, A, D and T will become zero. (When done in O, registered wheel circumference will be displayed.)

wire Fig.13 bracket

wire securing tape
Elapsed time is measured from start to current point, in units of hours, minutes and seconds. At 10 hours, it returns to zero and counting begins anew. With Reset operation, it returns to zero. 24-hour clock time 0:00' - 23:59' [0.003%] The current time is displayed by a 24-hour clock.


rubber pad screw cap lever slide
This function switches the main unit to start or stop automatically, in which AT symbol appears on the screen, and you are free from pressing START/STOP Button each time. How to switch on/off the Auto Function. In T, D or A, this function switches on/off with each press of SET Button. When on, AT symbol appears. *With this function, it ceases measuring elapsed time during a stop. *2 seconds may be elapsed if mount the main unit to the bracket with this function on. When main unit is left without receiving any signal for 60-70 minutes continuously, power supply is shut down and main unit will display ) only as the figure. By pressing MODE Button or START/STOP ( Button, or by receiving signal, this function is released.





Fig.6 Spoke

magnet Fig.7-1 magnet


The following must be completed before operating. (1) How to measure wheel circumference (L) of your bike (Fig. 3) Put a mark on the tire tread and ride the bike one full wheel revolution. Mark the start and the end of the revolution on the ground and then measure the distance between the two marks. This is your actual circumference. Or, the "Selecting Values Cross Reference Table" tells you an approximate circumference according to tire size. (2) Setting Speed Scale (Fig. 4) By pressing AC Button (All Clear Operation), all displays illuminate, and then mile/h symbol illuminates (fig.4). Km/h and mile/h are alternately displayed with each press of Start/Stop Button. Press Set Button to set desired speed scale; then the display will change as fig.5. (3) Setting the wheel circumference (Fig. 5) The wheel circumference of 2155mm (standard circumference for 27 wheel) is displayed. When using 2155mm without revision, press Set Button. Speed/Elapsed Time T will be displayed and 2155mm is set. For revision, press Start/Stop Button to increase the number and Mode Button to decrease. To increase/decrease rapidly, hold down respective buttons. When the desired number appears, press Set Button; Speed/Elapsed Time T will be displayed and the number is set. (4) Resetting or changing the wheel circumference Set main unit in O with MODE Button, and stop it with START/STOP Button. Press SET Button. The stored number will flicker on the sub-display. Revise the number as spoke desired according to the instructions in (3). Setting the clock time (Fig. 6) , and stop it with START/STOP Press MODE Button over 2 seconds to select Button. Then press SET Button, and minutes flash. Press START/STOP Button to advance minutes by one. To advance rapidly, hold down the button. Set the time one or two minutes ahead of the current time. Then press MODE Button, and hours will flash. Use START/STOP Button the same way. Press SET Button to complete time setting. *When you press the SET Button, the undisplayed seconds will turn to zero. For accuracy, set by the radio time signal.


* The following situations do not indicate malfunction of the cyclocomputer. Check the following before taking to repair. When current speed does not appear, short-circuit the contact on the back with metal. The unit will function normally if the speed display appears. Display response is slow. ------------- Is it at a low temperature under 32F(0C)? ------------- It returns to normal state when temperature rises. No display. ------------- Has the Lithium Battery in the main unit worn out? ------------- Replace the Lithium Battery with a new one. Incorrect data appear. ------------- Execute "All Clear" operation. Current speed does not appear. ------------- Is there anything on the contact of the main unit or of the bracket? ------------- Wipe the contact clean. ------------- Is the distance between sensor and magnet too far? ------------- Are the marking line of the sensor and the center of magnet matched each other? ------------- Refer to "Sensor/Magnet Mounting" and re-adjust correctly. ------------- Is the wire broken? ------------- Replace the Bracket & Sensor part with a new one. Transmission signal loss in damp or wet conditions. ------------- Water or condensation may collect between the bracket sensor and the computer causing an interruption in the data transmission. Wipe the contacts with dry cloth. Contacts can also be treated with a water repellent silicon jell from an automotive parts or hardware store. Do not use industrial water repellent; it may damage the bracket. When the START/STOP Button is pressed, the unit doesn't activate or stop. ------------- Is the unit in the Auto function? ------------- The START/STOP Button doesn't function in the Auto function.

sensor band-B

Do not leave the main unit exposed to direct sunlight when the unit is not in use. Do not disassemble the main unit, sensor and magnet. Don't pay too much attention to your computer's functions while riding! Keep your eyes on the road and duly consider to traffic safety. Check relative position of sensor and magnet periodically. For cleaning, use neutral detergent on soft cloth, and wipe off later with dry cloth. Do not apply paint thinner, benzine, or alcohol, to avoid damages on the surface. If there is mud, sand or the like clogs between the button and the body, the movement of the button may be disturbed. Softly wash away such objects with water. Specifications

Applicable Cycle Sizes: Applicable Fork Diameter: Power Supply: Battery Life: Dimension/Weight: 10mm - 2,999mm 11 - 36 (S:11 - 26 L:21 - 36) The length of the wire: 70cm Lithium Battery (CR2032 X 1) Approx. 3 years (The life of the first factory-loaded battery may be shorter than this period.) 1-15/16" x 1-25/32" x 11/16" (49 x 45 x 17mm) 0.9 oz (25.5 g) * The specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
rubber pad sensor band-A Fig.8


Attach the magnet on the right spokes of front wheel as fig.7. The spokes must run correctly through the inside the magnet as in fig.7. rubber pad Attach the sensor with Sensor Bands-A -B to the right fork. Choose a band that fits the fork diameter (S size for up to 24, L for oversize). sensor band-A 1. Insert the band-B into the slit of the band-A , and put the rubber pad inside of the sensor band-B band-A (fig. 8). Adjust the length in order that the screw-fastening part of the Parallel bands are parallel when mounted to the fork (fig. 9). *To pull out the band B from Fig.9 band A , tug strongly. front fork 2. Mount the adjusted bands to the fork along with the sensor , by temporarily tightening the screw (fig. 10). 3. Align the magnet's center and the sensor's marking line (fig. 11), and make sure of 2mm clearance between the magnet and sensor (fig. 12). Then tighten the screw securely. Cut the excess of the band-B with a nipper or the like. Secure the wire with tape as fig. 13. Wind the wire round the outer cable and adjust length. Loosen the wire in the area marked with the arrow so that the wire does not hinder handlebar operation. Use either 1mm- or 2 mm-thick pads if necessary, according to handlebar diameter. sensor screw Attach the bracket close to the handlebar stem (fig. 14). Fig.10 Slide main unit onto the bracket from front until it clicks into position. To remove, pull it off forward while pushing down the lever. (fig. 15) Test marking Mount main unit. Lift the front wheel off the ground and spin it to check if the speed is line displayed. If not, adjust the position of magnet and sensor again. magnet's How to replace the battery center Turn main unit over, remove battery case cover with coin and insert a new lithium battery properly (CR2032) with the (+) pole upward (fig.16), and close the cover seFig.11 curely. *After replacing battery, be sure to press AC Button and set necessary data again.

U.S. Pat. Nos. 4633216/4642606/5236759/5226340 and Design Patented. Copyright Feb. 1995 CATEYE Co., Ltd. CCMST3-4
Specifications/Caracteristiques techniques/Technische daten/Specificaties/ Caratteristiche tecniche/Especificaciones/
Controller/Calculateur/Controler/Controleur/Elaboratore/Contador/ 4-bit 1-chip Microcomputer (Crystal Controlled Oscillator) Display/Affichage/Anzeige/Display/Visualizzazione/Pantalla/ Liquid Crystal Display No-contact magnetic sensor Sensor/Dtecteur/Sensor/Sensor/Rivelatore/Sensor/ Operating Temperature Range/Temprature dutilisation/zulssige Betriebstemperatur/Toegestane temp./Temperatura di utilizzo/ 0C - 40C (32F - 104F)
Setting Values Cross Reference Table (The tire size is marked on both sides of the tire.) Table de Correspondance des Valeurs de Rglage (La dimension du pneu figure de chaque ct du pneu) Wertetabelle zur Einstellung des Radumfanges (die Radgre entnehmen Sie der Aufschrift des Reifens) Tabel voor het bepalen van de wielomtrek (de bandenmaat staat vermeld aan beide zijden van de band) Tabella delle Corrispondenze dei Valori di Regolazione (La dimensione del pneumatico figura su ogni lato del pneumatico) Tabla de Valores (El tamao de la rueda est marcado al lado de la llanta) TIRE SIZE L(mm) dimension du pneu Radgre bandenmaat dimensione del pneumatico Tamao de rueda
20 x 1.x x 3/4 Tubular 24 x 1-1/8 Tubular 24 x 1-1/x 1.x 2.x 2.x 1(559mm) 26 x 1(650c) 26 x 1.1952 1953


1-Year Warranty for Main Unit Only (Accessories/Attachments and Battery Consumption excluded)
If trouble occurs during normal use, the part of the Main Unit will be repaired or replaced free of charge. The service must be performed by Cat Eye Co., Ltd. To return the product, pack it carefully and remember to enclose the warranty certificate with instruction for repair. Please write or type your name and address clearly on the warranty certificate. Insurance, handling and transportation charges to our service shall be borne by person desiring service. Address for service: CO.,LTD. 2-8-25, Kuwazu, Higashi Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka 546 Japan Attn.: CAT EYE Customer Service Section Service & Research Address for United States Consumers: CATEYE Service & Research Center 1705 14th St. 115 Boulder, CO 80302 Phone: 303-443-4595 Toll Free: 800-5CATEYE Fax: 303-473-0006 e-mail:
TIRE SIZE L(mm) dimension du pneu Radgre bandenmaat dimensione del pneumatico Tamao de rueda
26 x 1-1/8 Tubular 26 x 1-3/x 1-1/x 1.x 1.x 1.x 1.x 2.x 2.x 2.x 2.2070 2083



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