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Chamberlain offers a full range of accessories for your garage door opener for added safety and convenience. Extra Remote Controls With rolling code security technology, your private security code is pre-programmed at the factory never to be repeated. Single Channel Remote Control with Rolling Code Opens your garage door with a single button. Can be mounted in your car using the visor clip. Suited to ML500/750 and MLR500/750. 84330AML. 3-Channel Mini Remote Control with Rolling Code A miniature version of our standard size remote control. Small enough to t in your pocket, handbag, or on a keychain. Suited to ML500/750 and MLR500/750. 84335AML. Enhanced Safety The Protector SystemTM Projects an invisible beam across door opening and automatically reverses door if anything interrupts it while the door is going down. 770AML. Emergency Quick Release Lock A manual key release system which disengages the motor from outside the garage door. A necessity for a garage without access doors. 1702AML.
Optional Control Devices Wireless Keyless Entry with Rolling Code Easy Secure access. Enter your garage from outside without using your remote control or keys by entering your 4-digit code. 8747AML. Multi-Function Control Panel with Illuminated Push Button Allows you to open/close your garage door, program remotes and operate opener lights. Locks out all outside radio signals for added safety while youre away. Features adjustable light timer with 1, 2, 3 and 4 minute settings. 845AML. Outside Key Switch Allows operation of your garage door opener without using a remote control. 760AML.
As the worlds leading garage door opener specialist, we give you more value for your money.
Chamberlain MotorLiftTM Garage Door Openers are the strongest, most dependable systems on the market today with your choice of drive systems and the enhanced features you want most. At ChamberlainTM, we have spent years nding out what you want and need in a garage door opener system. This research has driven us to nd new ways of extending product durability, reliability and quality. Thats why we make more of them than any other manufacturer. In fact, over 50% of the garage door openers distributed in the world come from Chamberlain. Each Chamberlain MotorLiftTM model is individually tested with the industrys most advanced computerised test equipment to meet our exacting standards and to meet or exceed EU Standards.


Chamberlain MotorLiftTM DIY garage door openers are designed and manufactured to be reliable, easy to install, functional and quiet. We provide state of the art DC motors, remote controls, simple step-by-step instructions, screws and fasteners. All you need are your own tools and time.
ML500 & ML750 MLR500 & MLR750

Garage Door Openers

Assemble opener according to included instructions Prepare and test the door
Attach rail above centre of door Attach the stop collar
Hang unit from ceiling Position opener and fasten into place
Attach connecting arm to bracket on door Program limit settings
EverchargeTM Standby Power Unit Ensures the garage door remains operational in the event of a power blackout. Suits model numbers MLR500/750. C475.
Why you need a Garage Door Opener
Open your garage door from the safety and security of your car Advanced remote controls provide anti-burglary protection Opener light provides added garage safety and convenience
Plug opener into electrical outlet Program force settings
Run auto-limit and autoforce learn programs Run door safety test
Chamberlain reserves the right to make design or specication changes without notice.
Advanced Safety, Security and Convenience



Strength and Durability

MotorLift ML500

MotorLift ML750

MotorLift MLR500

MotorLift MLR750

Chamberlain MotorLift garage door openers are strong, reliable and easy to install. Engineered specically for the DIY market, the units are available for both sectional and rolling garage doors. Sectional Door Openers Strong, reliable and designed with a simple chain drive or ultra-quiet belt drive.

Engineered for Safety

Rolling Door Openers Slim, modern and designed to t most new or existing doors.

1-Year Motor Warranty

2-Year Motor Warranty
(do not exceed max. door area).
Automatic Force Sensing & Safety Reverse Reverses garage door automatically if obstructed going down, and stops door if obstructed going up.

Built-in Security

(do not exceed max. door area). with C rail.


(do not exceed max. door area). controls.

Includes: controls.

Manual Release Handle For manual operation of door in case of power failure.

C rail.

Includes: control. button.
control. controls. control. control. control.
Remote Controls with Rolling Code Technology Control your garage door from the safety and comfort of your car. Prevents code theft and code duplication ensuring your home will be safe and secure.
Simple One Touch Programming Lets you electronically program security codes with the touch of a button.


Minimum side room installation
(m = A x B) Total length Lighting
MotorLiftTM ML500 with chain drive

2.7m 21W

MotorLiftTM ML750 with belt drive

3.2m 25W 7

(m2 = A x B) Maximum pull force Lighting Maximum height of door (B) Light delay time Maximum width of door (A)

MotorLiftTM MLR500

450N LED 3.5m 2.5 min 3.5m 433MHz (Rolling Code) 50mm

MotorLiftTM MLR750

500N LED 3.5m 2.5 min 5.5m 433MHz (Rolling Code) 50mm
MotorLiftTM Garage Door Openers meet all EU & IEC safety standards as of the date of manufacture.
Light delay time Maximum width of door (A)
2.5 min. 3.5m 433MHz (Rolling Code) 2.125m
2.5 min. 5m 433MHz (Rolling Code) 2.2m
9 Remote control 10 Maximum height of door (B)
9 Remote control 10 Min. curtain to drum wheel dist.


Illustrated Instruction Manual for ML500 Garage Door Operator


Chamberlain Australia Pty Ltd PO Box 1446 Lane Cove NSW 1595 Chamberlain New Zealand Ltd P.O. Box 100-221 Auckland 1330
WARNING: If your garage has no service entrance door, Model 1702AML Outside Quick Release must be installed. This accessory allows manual operation of the garage door from outside in case of power failure. Keep garage door balanced. Sticking or binding doors must be repaired. Garage doors, door springs, cables, pulleys, brackets and their hardware are under extreme tension and can cause serious personal injury. Do not attempt to loosen, move or adjust them. Call for garage door service. Do not wear rings, watches or loose clothing while installing or servicing a garage door opener. To avoid serious personal injury from entanglement, remove all ropes connected to the garage door before installing the door opener. Installation and wiring must be in compliance with your local building and electrical codes. This is a class 2 double insulated product, connection to earth is not required or provided. Lightweight doors of fiberglass, aluminum or steel must be substantially reinforced to avoid door damage. The best solution is to check with your garage door manufacturer for an opener installation reinforcement kit. The safety reverse system test is very important. Your garage door MUST reverse on contact with a 40mm obstacle placed on the floor. Failure to properly adjust the opener may result in serious personal injury from a closing garage door. Repeat the test once a month and make any needed adjustments. This unit should not be installed in a damp or wet space.
Fasten the child warning label adjacent to the lighted door control button as a reminder of safe operating procedures. Disengage all existing garage door locks to avoid damage to garage door. Any door control buttons (if installed) MUST be located where the garage door is visible, but out of the reach of children. Do not allow children to operate push button(s) or remote control(s). Serious personal injury from a closing garage door may result from misuse of the opener. Activate opener ONLY when the door is in full view, free of obstructions and opener is properly adjusted. No one should enter or leave the garage while the door is in motion. Do not allow children to play near the door.
These safety alert symbols mean WARNING a personal safety or property damage instruction. Read these instructions carefully. This garage door opener is designed and tested to offer reasonable safe service provided it is installed and operated in strict accordance with the following safety rules. Failure to comply with the following instructions may result in serious personal injury or property damage.
Start by Reading These Important Safety Rules
Use manual release only to disengage the trolley and, if possible, ONLY when the door is closed. Do not use the red handle to pull the door open or closed. Disconnect electric power to the garage door opener before making repairs or removing covers. This product is provided with a transformer and power supply cord of special design which, if damaged, MUST be replaced by a transformer from your local Chamberlain distributor and fitted by a specialist.
Door must not extend over a public byway during operation.


Safety Rules

Table of Contents


5 - - - 20 19

Before You Begin 3 Door Types 4 Tools Required 4 Hardware Provided 4 Completed Installation 5 Assembly 5-7 Installation 7-10 Adjustment 11 Test the Safety Reverse System 11
Install The Protector System (Optional) Program Remote Replace Light Bulb Operation Of Your Opener Care Of Your Opener Maintenance Of Your Opener Troubleshooting Wiring the Multi-Function Door Control Panel and the Lighted Door Control Button (Optional) Accessories Replacement Parts Specifications

Before You Begin

1. Look at the wall or ceiling above the garage door. The header bracket MUST be securely fastened to structural supports. 2. Do you have a finished ceiling in your garage? If so, a support bracket and additional fastening hardware (not supplied) may be required. 3. Do you have an access door in addition to the garage door? If not, Model 1702AML Outside Quick Release Accessory is required.

Door Types

A. One-Piece Door with Horizontal Track Only B. Sectional Door with Curved Track
NOTE: Unit will not work with One-Piece Doors with Horizontal and Vertical Tracks, Double-Wing Doors, or Canopy Doors.
Tools Required for Installation


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Hardware Provided

Square Head Screw 6mm (2) 8mm Carriage Bolt (1) Cable Pulley (1) Pin (1) 8mm Lock Nut Pulley Bracket 6mm Nut Concrete Anchor 6mm Lag Bolt (1) (1) (6) (4) (4)
10. 6mm Self-Threading screw (4) 11. 6mm Hex Bolt (4) 12. Wire Clips (3) 13. Hex Screws (2) 14. C-Rail Bracket (see image 9) 15. Clevis Pin (2) 16. Ring Fastener (2) 17. Flat Washer (1) 18 Anchor (2) 19. Insulated Staples (10)
As you proceed with the assembly, installation and adjustment procedures in this manual, you may find it helpful to refer back to this illustration of a completed installation. (1) Cable Pulley Bracket (8) Light Lens (2) Trolley (9) Manual Release Rope & Handle (3) Chain/Cable Assembly (10) Door Arm (4) Rail (11) Door Bracket (5) Hanging Bracket (12) Header Bracket (6) Power Cord (7) Opener

Completed Installation


Assemble Rail

Place Rail pieces (1) on a flat surface for assembly. Take special note of the raised line on the Rail pieces (4) these lines MUST line up in order for the Rail to fit together properly. All three Rail sections are interchangeable. Slide Rail Braces (2) into slots on the sides of Rail. Make sure small tabs on Rail Braces (3) are up against top lip of Rail. Connect Rail by sliding other end of braces into next Rail. Be sure the raised lines that run down Rail sections (4) line up. Tap Rail assembly (5) on a piece of wood (6) until Rail sections are flush. Repeat for final Rail section.

Insert Carriage Bolt (1) though square hole in Cable Pulley Bracket (4). Remove Chain/Cable assembly (3) from carton. Wrap Cable around Cable Pulley (2) and insert Pulley into Bracket (NOTE: Make sure the Bracket is assembled in position shown). Slide pin (5) through holes in Cable Pulley Bracket and Cable Pulley. NOTE: Trolley with Magnet (6) MUST be installed in the position shown.
Assemble Cable Pulley Bracket
Insert Chain/Cable into Rail
Slide Cable Pulley Bracket (1) into Rail assembly (3), be sure to insert Cable Pulley Bracket as shown. Push Cable Pulley Bracket toward front of Rail and slide Inner Trolley (2) into Rail assembly. Magnet (4) MUST be installed in position shown or unit will not function properly.

Attach Trolley to Rail

Turn Rail assembly over. Slide Outer Trolley (1) into Rail assembly (2), be sure the end with Door Arm Hole (3) is heading in direction of door (4). Slide Outer Trolley down Rail until it engages with Inner Trolley.

Attach Rail to Unit

Turn Rail assembly over. Wrap Chain around Drive Sprocket (1). Slide Rail assembly (2) toward unit and into slots on top of unit. Attach C-Bracket (3) on the rail and secure with screws (4) as shown Push Cable Pulley Bracket forward making Chain tight on sprocket. Chain MUST engage teeth on Drive Sprocket.

Attach Header Bracket

Turn Rail and Unit assembly over. Slide Cable Pulley Bracket (2) toward front end of Rail (3). Be careful Chain does not come off Drive Sprocket on unit or become twisted. Slide Carriage Bolt (5) into Header Bracket (1). Secure with Lock Nut (4) behind wash (6). Tighten Nut until Chain does not droop below rail. Do NOT over tighten.


Wear protective goggles when working overhead to protect your eyes from injury.Disengage all existing garage door locks to avoid damage to garage door. To avoid serious personal injury from entanglement, remove all ropes connected to garage door before installing opener. Installation of this product shall comply with ZH1/494, VDE 0700 Part 238, and VDE 0700 Part 1. It is recommended that the opener be installed 2.1m (7 feet) or more above the floor where space permits.

Find Center of Garage

Mark center of door (1). Extend line onto ceiling (2).
Install the Header Bracket

50mm (2")

50mm 1

150mm (6")

NOTE: Refer to vertical center and horizontal lines created in step 12 for proper placement of header bracket. A. Wall Mount: Center the header bracket (1) on the vertical center line (2) with the bottom edge of the header bracket on the horizontal line (4) (with the arrow pointing toward the ceiling). Mark all of the header bracket holes (5). Drill 4.5 mm (3/16") pilot holes and fasten the header bracket with wood screws (3). B. Ceiling Mount: Extend vertical center line (2) onto the ceiling. Center the header bracket (1) on the vertical mark no more than 150 mm (6") from the wall. Make sure the arrow is pointing toward the opener. Mark all of the header bracket holes (5). Drill 4.5 mm (3/16") pilot holes and fasten the header bracket with wood screws (3). For concrete ceiling mount, use concrete anchors (6) provided.

Clearance between highest point of travel and Rail should not exceed 50mm and can be zero when clearance between door and ceiling is only 30mm.
Attach Rail to Header Bracket
Position the opener on the floor below the mounting bracket using some packaging material to protect the units cover. Raise the rail the holes in the header sleeve and the holes of the header to align bracket. Use the clevis pin (1) provided to join the two pieces, then insert the fastening ring (2) to secure in place.
Note: To enable the rail to clear sectional door springs, it may be necessary to lift the opener onto a temporary support. The opener must secured in place by means of a support or by being held by another person.
A. Place Door Bracket (2) on the top of the door (3) and center over Vertical Center Line (1). Mark the two rear top holes. Drill 4mm holes. B. Mark the two top front holes. Drill 4mm holes. Fasten Door Bracket (2) to the top of the door (3) using Screws (4)

Fasten Door Bracket

Hang Opener
Bend Hanging Brackets (1) so they are flat against ceiling. Measure distance from Header Bracket to Ceiling Mounting Bracket Bolts. Mark length on ceiling starting at the Header Wall, along this point is where the unit will be mounted. Lift door to full open position, rest opener on door. Insert Square Head Screws (A) into Rail assembly (B) approximately 120mm from end of Rail near motor unit. Slide Hanging Brackets on to Square Head Screws and secure Brackets with Nuts (5). In this process the Square Head Screws hook into slots on the sides of Rail by turning 90 (C). For concrete ceilings, drill 8mm pilot holes into ceiling and insert Concrete Anchors (2). Secure Hanging Brackets to ceiling with Lag Screws (3). For wood ceilings, drill 4mm pilot holes and secure with Lag Screws (3).
Connect Door Arm to Trolley
A. Preferred Installation: Disconnect Trolley by pulling on the red handle and slide towards door. With door closed connect Straight Door Arm (5) to Trolley (4) with Bolt (3), secure with Nut (1). Connect Curved Door Arm (2) to Door Bracket with Bolt (3) Secure with Nut (1). Align Straight and Curved Door Arms with a 2 hole overlap connect with Bolt (3), secure with Nut (1), If Straight Door Arm (5) is too long, cut the end of the Door Arm. B. Where extra travel distance is required: With door closed connect Curved Door Arm (2) to Door Bracket with Bolt (3), secure with Nut (1). Lift Curved Door Arm (2) to meet Trolley, connect door arm to Trolley with Bolt (3), secure with Nut (1).

Connect Electric Power

To avoid installation difficulties, do not run the garage door opener until instructed to do so. Plug the opener into electric outlets as specified by local wiring codes. The opener light will turn on when power is connected and remain on for 2-1/2 minutes.

Attach Limit Switches

NOTE: The limits must be installed as shown. If installed incorrectly the unit will not function properly. Close garage door by hand. Determine the position of the Close Limit Switch (1) (Long wire) by aligning the center of trolley and the center of the Limit Switch. The Limit Switches are actuated by a magnet in the Inner Trolley. Insert bottom tab (5) of Limit Switch (1) into bottom lip of Rail (7). Insert top tab (4) under top lip of Rail (6). Lift limit assembly against top lip of Rail and tighten screw (8) to secure Close Limit Switch. Open garage door by hand to the full open position. Pull red handle to open door past Inner Trolley. Determine the position of the Open Limit Switch (3) (Short Wire) by aligning the center of the Trolley and the center of the Limit Switch. Insert bottom tab (5) of Limit Switch (1) into bottom lip of rail (7). Insert top tab (4) under top lip of rail (6). Lift limit assembly against top lip of rail and tighten screw (8) to secure Open Limit Switch. Insert wires for Limit Switch (9) into top channel of Rail (10). Secure wires with wire clip. the wires must be secured so they do not interfere with the travel of the Trolley. Activate remote, the opener will operate and reconnect to the door automatically. Run opener 2 full travel cycles. If the door reverses in mid travel go to Setting the Force Section. Adjust Limit Switches as necessary to fully open and close the door without reversing.

Setting the Force

The Force is programmed to operate most doors, however, if Limits are not able to be set, or the door reverses during normal operation follow this procedure: Locate the Program Button (1) on the left side panel of unit (2). Push the Program Button twice to enter unit into Auto-Force Adjustment Mode. The green LED will flash slowly. Activate unit with remote and run the unit to the Open Limit. Activate unit again to run the unit to the Closed Limit. The door must travel through a complete cycle up and down in order for the Force to be set properly. If the unit stops before it reaches the Open or Close Limit repeat the process. The green LED will stop flashing when the Force has been learned
The safety reverse system test is important. Garage door must reverse on contact with a 40mm obstacle laid flat on the floor. Failure to properly adjust opener may result in serious personal injury from a closing garage door. Repeat test once a month and adjust as needed. Procedure: Place a 40mm obstacle (1) laid flat on the floor under the garage door. Operate the door in the down direction. The door must reverse on the obstruction. If the door stops on the obstruction, it is not traveling far enough in the down direction. Move Close Limit closer to door

When the door reverses on the 40mm obstacle, remove the obstruction and run the opener through a complete travel cycle. Door must not reverse in closed position. If it does, adjust Limit and repeat safety reverse test. Place 20kg at the center of the door and ensure that the door will not move up more than 500mm. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS
Test the Safety Reverse System
Install Protector System(Optional) (See accessories)
After opener has been installed and adjusted, The Protector System accessory can be installed. Instructions are included with this optional device. The Protector System provides an additional measure of safety against a small child being caught under a garage door. It uses an invisible beam which, when broken by an obstruction, causes a closing door to open and prevents an open door from closing and is strongly recommended for homeowners with young children.

Program Remotes

1 3. 2.
Activate the opener only when door is in full view, free of obstruction and properly adjusted. No one should enter or leave garage while door is in motion. Your garage door opener receiver and Remote Control Transmitter are set to a matching code. If you purchase additional Remote Controls, the garage door opener must be programmed to accept the new Remote code. To program receiver to match additional Remote Control codes: 1.Press and release the program button on the side of the unit (1). The green LED will glow steadily for 30 seconds. 2.Within 30 seconds press and hold the button on the hand-held Remote (2). 3.Release the button when the motor unit light blinks. It has learned the code. If the light bulb is not installed, two clicks will be heard. To erase all codes from motor unit memory or to deactivate any unwanted Remote, first erase all codes: Press and hold the program button (1) on motor unit until the learn indicator light goes out (approximately 6 seconds). All previous codes are now erased. Reprogram each Remote or Keyless Entry you wish to use. 11

Replace Light Bulb

Locate any Wall Mounted Door Control where the garage door is visible, away from door and door hardware, at a minimum height of 1.5m. fasten the child warning label on the wall near the Door Control. There are 2 screw terminals (1) on the back of the Door Control (2). Strip about 6mm of insulation from bell wire (4). Separate wires enough to connect the white/red wire to terminal screw 1 and the white wire to terminal screw (1). Backlit Door Control Button: Fasten to an inside garage wall with sheet metal screws (3) provided with Backlit Push Button. Drill 4mm holes and use anchors (6) if installing into drywall or concrete. A convenient place is beside the service door and out of reach of children. Multifunction Door Control (optional): Insert a small flat head screwdriver into the top of the Wall Control (10), gently pry the cover off. Fasten to an inside garage wall with sheet metal screws (8) as follows: Install bottom screw, allowing 3mm to protrude from the wall. Position bottom of door control over screw head and adjust for snug fit. Install top screw with care to avoid cracking plastic housing. Do not over tighten. Replace cover by inserting bottom tabs (9) and snapping into place. To remove cover after mounting, gently pry at top with paper clip or small flat head screwdriver. Run the bell wire up the wall and across the ceiling to the garage door opener. Use insulated staples (5) to secure wire. The opener Quick-Connect Terminals (7) are located in the recess next to the learn button on the left side panel. Insert bell wire into holes in the Quick Connect Terminals as follows: Red/White to Red and White to White.

Wiring the Backlit Door Control Button or the (optional) Multi-Function Door Control Panel
Replace light bulb (1) with a 21 watt ma-mum light bulb. Insert bulb into socket (2) as shown. The light will turn on and remain lit for 2 1/2 minutes when power is connected. After 2 1/2 minutes it will turn off.


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
Model 84330AML Model 84335AML Model 84333AML Model 770AML Model 8747AML Model 845AML Model 75AML Model 760AML Model 1702AML
Single Function Remote Control 3-Function Mini Remote Control 3- Function Remote Control The Protector System Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad Multi-Function Door Control Panel Backlit Door Control Button Outside Keylock Outside Quick Release 12

2 41A5643


4 012B0905 6

41A5674-2 41A5674

7 012B0906

5 012C0788


Replacement Parts
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) 41A5644 41A5674-2 41A5643 012B0905 012B0906 012C0788 012C0908 41A5675 41A5676


Trolley with Chain/Cable Assy. Head Only Hardware Bag Door Bracket Door bracket Header Bracket Rail end piece Rail Hardware Rail Sections

Operation Of Your Opener

Your opener can be activated by any of the following devices: The Remote Control Transmitter. Hold the push button down until the door starts to move. The Backlit Door Control Button (if you have installed this accessory). Hold the button down until door starts to move. The Outside Keylock or Keyless Entry System (if you have installed either of these accessories). Opening the Door Manually: Door should be fully closed if possible. Weak or broken springs could allow an open door to fall rapidly. Property damage or serious personal injury could result. The door can be opened manually by pulling the release handle down. To reconnect the door, activate the unit. Do not use the manual release handle to pull the door open or closed. When the Opener is Activated by Remote Control or Door Control Button: 1. If fully open, the door will close. 2. If closed, the door will open. 3. If opening or closing, the door will stop. 4. If partially open, the door will move in the opposite direction of last travel. 5. If an obstruction is encountered while closing, the door will reverse to the open position. 6. If an obstruction is encountered while opening, the door will reverse for 1 second. 7. The optional Protector System uses an invisible beam which, when broken by an obstruction, causes a closing door to open and prevents an open door from closing. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for homeowners with young children. Allow a 15 minute cooling period after 5 continuous operations of the opener. The opener light will turn on: 1. when opener is initially plugged in; 2. when the power is interrupted; 3. when the opener is activated. The light turns off automatically after 2-1/2 minutes. Bulb size is 21 Watts maximum.


1. Opener doesnt operate from remote: Does the opener have electric power? Plug lamp into outlet. If it doesnt light, check the fuse box or the circuit breaker. (Some outlets are controlled by a wall switch.) Have you disengaged all door locks? Review installation instruction warning on page 1. Try a new battery. If you have two or more remotes and only one operates, review receiver programming procedures in Step 21. Is there a build-up of ice or snow under door? The door may be frozen to ground. Remove any obstruction. The garage door spring may be broken. Have it professionally replaced. 2. Remote has short range: Is battery installed? Try a new one. Change the location of the remote control in the car. The metal garage door, foil-backed insulation or metal siding will reduce the transmission range. 3. Door reverses for no apparent reason and opener lights dont blink: Is something obstruction the door? Pull Manual Release Handle. Operate door manually. If it is unbalance or binding, call for professional garage door service. Reprogram the Force. Clear any ice or snow from garage floor area where garage door closes. If door reverses in fully closed position, adjust the Close Limit. Repeat safety reverse test after adjustment is complete. The need for occasional adjustment of the Limit positions is normal. Weather conditions in particular can affect door travel. 4. Door reverses for no apparent reason and door control button light blinks for 5 seconds after reversing: Check The Protector System (if you have installed this accessory). if the light is blinking, correct alignment. TROUBLE SHOOTING CONTINUED


Input Voltage.230 VAC 50/60 Hz Max. Pull force.600N Rated Power Input.85 Watts Rated Load.3.0 Nm Standby Power.9 Watts Max. Door Weight.60kg Motor Type.63:1 Worm Gear Reduction Volts.24VDC Drive Mechanism Length of Travel.2.3M Travel Rate.8cm/sec Lamp.24V 21 Watts Safety Electronic.Auto-Force Adjustment Electrical.Thermal Fuse in Transformer Limit Adjustment.Manual Dimension Length (Overall).2.75m Headroom Required.30mm Hanging Weight.9kg Receiver Code Registers Rolling Code.8 Keypad.1 Operating Frequency.433.92MHz
5. The garage door opens and closes by itself: Care Of Your Opener (Keypad or Code Switch transmitters only) Is there a neighbor with a garage door opener using the same code? Change your code. When properly installed, opener will provide high Make sure remote push button is not stuck in ON position. performance with a minimum of maintenance. The opener does not require additional lubrication. 6. Door does not close completely: Adjust the Close Limit. Limit and Force Adjustments: These adjustments must Repeat safety reverse test after any adjustment of door arm length, be checked and properly set when opener is installed. or Close Limit. Only a screwdriver is required to adjust the limits. Weather conditions may cause some minor changes in the door 7. Door opens but wont close: Check The Protector System (if you have installed this accessory). operation, requiring some re-adjustments, particularly during the first year of operation. Refer to the Limit and If the light is blinking, correct alignment. Force Adjustments on page 2. Follow the instructions Repeat the safety reverse test after the adjustment is complete. carefully and repeat the safety reverse test after any 8. Opener light does not turn on: adjustment. Replace light bulb (21 Watts maximum). Remote Control Transmitter: Additional Remotes can 9. Opener light does not turn off: be purchased at any time for use in all vehicles using Defective logic board. garage. Refer to Accessories.The receiver must be programmed to operate with any new Remote. 10. Opener motor hums briefly, then wont work: Remote Control Battery: The lithium batteries should Garage door springs are broken. Close door and use Manual Release Rope and handle to disconnect Trolley. Open and close door produce power for up to 5 years. If transmission range decreases, replace battery. manually. A properly balanced door will stay in any point of travel while being supported entirely by its springs. If it does not, call for a To Change Battery: Insert batteries positive side up. To professional garage door service to correct the problem. replace cover, snap shut along both sides. Do not dispose of the old battery with household waste. Take batteries to If problem occurs on first operation at opener, door may be locked. a proper disposal center. Disable door lock. 11. Opener wont activate due to power failure: Maintaining Your Opener Pull Manual Release Handle to disconnect Trolley. Door can be opened and closed manually. The next time opener is activated, the Trolley will reconnect. Apply grease to rail and trolley The Outside Quick Release accessory 1702AML (if fitted) discon Oil door rollers, bearings and hinges nects the Trolley from outside the garage in case of power failure. DO NOT lubricate the opener itself DO NOT APPLY grease to the door tracks

CHAMBERLAIN 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Motorlift ML500 Garage Door Operator
Chamberlain Australia Pty Limited / Chamberlain New Zealand Limited (Seller) warrants to the original purchaser of the Motorlift ML500 Garage Door Operator (Unit) that it is free from defects in material and/or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of first purchase from the Seller. Please retain your proof-of-purchase in the unlikely event you require warranty service. If, during the limited warranty period, the Unit fails due to defects in materials or workmanship Chamberlain will, provided the defective part or Unit is returned freight and insurance prepaid and well packaged to the nearest Chamberlain office or authorised installer, undertake to repair or, at its option, replace any defective part or Unit and return it to the Buyer at no cost. Repairs and replacement parts are warranted for the remaining portion of the original warranty period. Limited warranty on motor Chamberlain will furnish a replacement motor free of charge, if it is found to be defective. Labour costs may apply. Where the Unit has been installed by an authorised installer, Chamberlain will furnish replacement parts free of charge through the authorised installer. A service fee for on-site service may apply. In-warranty service During the warranty period, if the product appears as though it may be defective, call our toll free service before removal of the unit. A Chamberlain technician will diagnose the problem and promptly supply you with the parts for do-it-yourself repairs, or provide you with shipping instructions for a factory repair or replacement. If an authorised installer installed your unit you must call them for prompt on-site service. If our service centre determines that a warranty claim has been made in respect of a failure or defect arising under out of any exclusion set out below, we may charge you a fee to repair and/or return the Unit to you. Exclusions This warranty does not cover any failure of the Unit due to: 1. non-compliance with the instructions regarding installation, operation, maintenance and testing of the Unit or of any product with which the Unit is used. 2. any attempt to repair, dismantle, reinstall or move the Product to another location once the Product is installed by any person other than an authorised installer. 3. tampering, neglect, abuse, wear and tear, accident, electrical storm, excessive use or conditions other than normal domestic use. This warranty does not cover any problems with, or relating to, the garage door or garage door hardware, including but not limited to the door springs, door rollers, door alignment or hinges, any problems caused by electrical faults, replacement of batteries or light bulbs or labour charges for reinstalling a repaired or replaced Units.

Liability New Zealand only Except as set out in the Fair Trading Act 1986 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993:
(a) all other guarantees, warranties and representations in relation to the Unit or its supply are excluded to the extent that the Seller can lawfully exclude them; and (b) under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for consequential, incidental or special damages arising in connection with the use, or inability to use, the Unit, other than those which were reasonably foreseeable as liable to result from the failure.
NOTE: We request that you attach your sales docket or invoice to this manual to enable you to establish the date of purchase in the unlikely event of a service call being made. Chamberlain reserves the right to change the design and specification without prior notification. Some features or accessories may not be available in certain markets or areas. Please check with your distributor.
New Zealand Ltd Phone toll free 0800 MERLIN Fax toll free 663
Liability Australia only Under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for consequential, incidental or special damages arising in connection with the use, or inability to use, the Unit. In no event shall the Seller's liability for damages or injury arising from breach of law or contract or for negligence, exceed the cost of repairing or replacing the Unit or refunding the purchase price of the Unit. Under Division 2 Part V of the Trade Practices Act, 1974, certain warranties and conditions (Implied Terms) are implied into contracts for the supply of goods or services if the goods or services are of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption. Liability for breach of those Implied Terms cannot be excluded or limited and the limitations and exclusions above do not apply to the Implied Terms. Except for the Implied Terms and the warranties set out above, the Seller excludes all warranties and conditions implied by statute, at law, in fact or otherwise.
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