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Chevrolet Lumina 1994ACC 10165-94 1994 - 94 Chevrolet Lumina Auto Carpet Kit
1994 Chevrolet Lumina 2 & 4 Door Carpet kit . Our replacement 1994 CHEVROLET LUMINA carpet kits are Cut and Sewn for the early models or precisely Molded Carpet sets for later models. Carpet kits are available in their original material and color.

Brand: ACC
Part Number: 10165-94
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maciejz 3:34pm on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 
CHEAP my name is Steven. im 17, and just bought a 1998 ford escort. Does not fit This product does not fit Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep vehicles from 98 and up. missing installation brackets and support plate This package contains no parts for actually stabilizing the new stereo.

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Installation of this baseplate requires removing the front bumper and the plastic belly pan(s). Holes will need to be drilled in the vehicle's frame and the belly pan(s) will need to be trimmed. In addition, the plastic bumper must be trimmed to allow it to fit over the attachment tabs. 1. Read the General Instruction Sheet included with this baseplate. 2. The baseplate mounts to the vehicle on the bumper mounts and also to the front of the vehicle frame under the body mounts. It will require eight bolts, all of which are provided with the baseplate. 3. The front bumper will need to be completely removed. Begin by raising the hood and removing the two front headlights. This can be done by removing the two black, plastic hand screws on the top of each headlight, lifting it out, and unhooking the three electrical wires from behind. 4. Next remove all plastic panel fasteners on the front of the bumper. The Pontiac has four on the top and two on the bottom while the Chevrolet has two on the top, two on the bottom, and two on the top of the long horizontal opening in the front of the bumper. 5. The plastic belly pans underneath need to be removed. The Chevrolet will have a single belly pan in the center while the Pontiac will have the center pan and also two smaller ones on each end. Remove the center pan by using a 7mm socket to remove five small bolts behind the vertical air dam. On each end of the pan you will find a thin piece of rubber that runs from the bumper down through slots cut in the pan. The rubber is notched on the end. Bend the rubber back and push it up through the slot. On the Pontiac there will be two plastic inserts on each outside belly pan that run through slots on the center pan. With a screwdriver, squeeze the insert together and push the inserts up through the slot on the center pan. Insert a 7mm socket on a long extension through the opening in the lower center of the bumper and loosen the bolt on the vertical support in front of the radiator. When this bolt is sufficiently loosened the center belly pan should slide down. 6. Remove the outside pans (Pontiac only) by removing a small bolt on the back of the belly pan that attaches it to the splash guards underneath each fender. 7. With a short Phillips screwdriver remove two small screws that attach the splash guards to the bumper. These screws are directly in front of the tires and screw into the back of the bumper. 8. Notice that on the ends of the bumper are two nuts that attach the side panel of the van to the bumper. These nuts need to be removed with a 11mm socket and a long extension. To remove the rear nut you may need to insert the socket from behind after pushing the splash guard inward. These bolts will have internal tooth washers that will need to be removed with a long flat screwdriver and a pair of pliers. 9. On the outside, bottom ends of the bumper there is a long bolt that attaches the bumper to the frame with a thin bent rod. Remove this bolt with a 10mm socket. The plastic bumper can now be removed. First pull the ends down to clear the bolts in the side panels and slide the bumper forward. 10. Remove the three panel fasteners that attach the styrofoam piece to the fiberglass bumper, using a flat screwdriver and pliers.
BX1618 Installation Instructions 1994 - 96 Chevrolet Lumina Van 1994 - 96 Pontiac Trans Sport
Automatic Equipment Mfg. Co. One Mill Road, Industrial Park l Pender, Nebraska 68047

292-1667 7/of 3

11. Using a deep 13mm socket, remove the eight nuts that attach the fiberglass bumper mount to the vehicle. Set the bumper aside and remove the black mounting plates that contain the four bolts that attached the bumper. Use the 13mm socket to remove the three nuts on the backside of each plate. 12. Place a 5/16 flat washer, provided with the baseplate, on each of the three bolts on the mounting plate. With the baseplate kit are two pieces of flat metal with five holes in them. Place these over the two bumper mounting plates so that the two extra holes will be on the inside of the vehicle. Place the mounting plates, with the flats, to their original positions, apply Loctite to the threads, and hand start the six nuts. 13. Notice that the vehicle frame members are made of large rectangular tubes that are open at the front. On the bottom ends of these two tubes are large holes, approximately 3" in diameter, to allow access for the body mounts. Place a 1/2 x 1 3/4 bolt in the center hole of the lock down plate and insert the flat through the hole. The flat should be resting inside the tube with the bolt suspended in the center of the hole. The other hole in the lock down plate should be pointing forward. 14. Place the lock down plate weldment on the baseplate outside supports. The disc should be on the top and the disc hole should be over the rear hole on the outside support. With an assistant, place the baseplate in position on the car. The front, vertical supports should be behind the mounting plates and the 1/2 bolt in the lock down plate should go through the disc holes and the back holes on the outside supports. Apply Loctite to the threads and start a 1/2 lock washer and nut on each side. Include a 1/2 flat washer on the passengers side over the slot. Insert the 3/8 x 1 hex bolts through the two holes in the mounting plates and through the slots in the vertical supports. Apply Loctite and hand start the 3/8 whiz nuts. When all six nuts are started, tighten them along with the six 13mm nuts on the mounting plates. Be sure that the discs are in the frame holes and pulled forward. 15. The frame hole for the front hole in the outside supports will now need to be drilled. The baseplate may be used as a template for the drill hole as long as the lock down plate is lined up with the hole or rotated out of the way of the drill bit. If it is not it could damage the plate. Otherwise, mark the hole with a 17/32 transfer punch, remove the baseplate, center punch, drill, and replace the baseplate. After the hole has been drilled on each side, insert the other two 1/2 x 1 3/4 bolts down through the frame and baseplate. Secure with a 1/2 lock washer and nut after applying Loctite to the bolt threads. When all nuts have been started they may all be tightened. 16. The dimensional variations between otherwise identical cars can be considerable. While the location and size of the holes in the baseplate were designed to allow for easy installation, it may be necessary to file a hole slightly to allow a bolt to clear. 17. Reinstall the fiberglass bumper and tighten the eight bolts with the 13mm socket. The styrofoam piece can now be reattached with the three plastic panel fasteners. 18. The plastic bumper will now need to be trimmed to allow it to fit over the attachment tabs on the baseplate. On both vehicles the long horizontal opening is too short and needs to be extended. On the Pontiac, make a 2" horizontal cut on the top and bottom of each opening end. The Chevrolet has a long opening in the center and a shorter one on each end. The openings are separated by V-shaped plastic pieces. Make horizontal cuts on these pieces on the top and bottom from the end of the center opening to the point of the V. 19. The plastic bumper can now be put back on. The openings will probably have to be held apart to fit over the tabs. Once over the tabs, slide the bumper up solid against the styrofoam and over the two bolts in the back. Replace the upper panel fasteners, the four nuts, the long bolts in the back, and the four short Phillips screws. 20. The two outside pans (Pontiac only) will need to be trimmed. Hold each pan up to the baseplate and mark where two holes for the bolts will need to be and where the outside support will be. After it has been sufficiently trimmed, slide the front slot over the bottom of the bumper and replace the screw at the back that goes into the splash guard. 292-1667 7/of 3

21. The center belly pan can now be reinstalled. Replace the five bolts, reinsert the rubber strap and the plastic inserts from the outside pans, and tighten the bolt on the vertical support in front of the radiator. The bottom panel fasteners can now be replaced through the bumper into the pan. 22. Reattach the electrical wires to the headlights and secure them to the vehicle. 23. Install the tow bar and safety cables according to the instructions included in their packages. 24. Do not substitute other devices if the tow bar pin and clip are lost. 25. DEALER OR INSTALLER: BE CERTAIN THE USER RECEIVES THE INSTRUCTION SHEET.
3/4" Wrench 17/32" Bit 10mm Socket 13mm Socket 17/32" Transfer Punch 9/16" Socket
3/4" Socket Phillips Screwdriver 11mm Socket Utility Knife Center Punch 9/16" Wrench

Tools Required

Drill Flat Screwdriver 7mm Socket Pliers Loctite Blue

Ref. No. Qty. 11 1

Part No. Description 61-4462... Weldment, Baseplate, BX1618 61-3599... Weldment, Lock Down Plate 102-3115.... Flat, Lock Down Plate 102-4649... Flat, Mounting Plate, BX1618 201-0068... 1/2-13 x 1 3/4 Hex Bolt, Grd 5 202-0005... 1/2-13 Hex Nut 203-0012... 1/2 Lock Washer 201-0443... 3/8-16 x 1 Hex Bolt, Grd 5 202-0071... 3/8-16 Hex Whiz Nut 203-0002... 5/16 Flat Washer 203-0005.... 1/2 Flat Washer

Parts List

1994 Automatic Equipment Mfg. Co. Pender, NE 68047



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