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Confessions of a Chicago Red Light Ticketing Camera


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retrodict 5:05pm on Sunday, October 24th, 2010 
First to all the people who say that this is different than the verizon model; do some reasearch before you post. Second.
vital 8:02am on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 
Overall, I would take this phone over the Droid. I think that the form factor, and Sense UI really help for the consumer. I think that the Droid.
dollaralerterw 12:43am on Monday, July 12th, 2010 
I have always wanted a smart phone that was not outdated by the time my two year contract was up.
msel 1:26am on Monday, May 31st, 2010 
i got this flew in from the US and i must say it looked good as i brought it out, i was even impressed by the apps it had on the phone.
alberth 9:23am on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 
I would like to see more service in my town, granted I bought them for use while I was at work.
Elliott Scott 10:26pm on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
All in all I love this phone, only one I can think that is better is the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. OK.
Termos 8:38am on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 
Great cover,durable,bright color,fast shipment,very pleased with purchase. This item is mislabeled. It is not for motorolal, it is for iphone only!
eetswong 10:44pm on Thursday, April 8th, 2010 
really like it, have had it for over a month and it holds up well and is very pretty. great buy!

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Chicago Red-Light camera enforcement program Misconceptions and realities


Chicago places cameras at intersections with high traffic volumes with an expectation of high violation numbers A vehicle that stops beyond the stop barthe thick white line before the intersectionwill receive a citation A vehicle waiting in the intersection to make a left turnor already partially through the intersection when the light turns red will receive a violation Chicago has adjusted its traffic signal timings to increase the number of red-light violations including the shortening of the yellow light Chicagos yellow light are less than 3 seconds


Locations are chosen on the basis of crash data. CDOT analyzes crash data, looking for locations with a high rate of angle crashes (also known as broadsides or T-bone crashes)those typically associated with running a red light. Only vehicles that fully enter the intersection will receive violations. The red-light sensors only activate when a vehicles passes over them at a minimum speed. A vehicle that inches beyond the stop bar wont trigger the system. Only vehicles that enter the intersection after the light turns red will receive a violation.
Traffic signal timings at all locationsincluding red-light camera locationshas not been altered either before or after the installation of red-light cameras. Our timings follow all federal and state standards, as well as industry guidelines. They are determined by experienced traffic engineers whose top goal is safety. Chicago uses 3-second yellows on streets where the speed limit is 30 mph or lower, 4 seconds for streets where the speed limit is 35 mph or higher. These timings have been confirmed by city traffic engineers and media stories. Chicago signals use industry-standard controllers to maintain consistent timings. The controllers have a conflict monitor, which in the unlikely event the yellow time would drop to 2.8 seconds (due to a power glitch or accident involving the controller, for example), the signals would switch to a flashing red phase.
A 3-second yellow isnt long enough for a driver to stop.
The 3-second yellow meets federal and state standards, as well as the guidelines of the Institute of Transportation
Engineers (ITE). Chicago has used the 3-second yellow for several decades. A driver following the speed limit and paying attention to the roadway will have no problem stopping safely. A recent CDOT sample looked at the top 14 intersections approaches with the highest average daily number of redlight violations. That survey showed between 99.3 percent and 99.9 percent of vehicles passing through the intersection did so without running the red light. There is no definitive industry study that addresses this issue. Several studies have shown a positive benefit. However, most of those studies used limited data, are small in scope and duration, and were conducted in cities smaller than Chicago (and, therefore, with different roadway geometries, traffic volumes, etc.) For example, a recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study in Philadelphia began counting red-light runners just six weeks after the yellow time was increased. The data they used was collected over just 48 hours. The study itself says: Because measurements during phase 2 were made just six weeks after yellow signal timing was increasedlonger-term effects of yellow-timing changes alone could not be assessed in this study. Another study in Georgia found that several towns saw a decrease in violations after adding 1 second to the yellow. Those were smaller towns (including Norcross, population 10,700, and Lilburn, population 11,600) with street networks and traffic volumes significantly different than Chicago. As the ITE notes in its guidelines regarding determining yellow light times: In view of the operational history of the yellow change interval and the assumptions used in the formula, applying the formula requires the exercise of engineering judgment. In other words, cities need to apply formulas to their unique traffic environments. City traffic engineers believe that adding 1 second to the yellow could decrease safety. Motorists would use the extra time not to stop, but to try to beat the light. Far too many motorists treat the yellow as an extension of the green something observed in countless red-light violations. Additionally, a change in yellow time would have a

Studies have shown that a 1second increase in yellow time can reduce red-light violations.
Adding 1 second to the yellow would not be a big deal
significant negative effect of traffic flow and congestion. While adding just one second to an intersections yellow times (a total of 2 seconds, 1 for north-south, 1 for eastwest) might seem insignificant, it would take several minutes each day from an intersections green time. That would lead to more congestion and driver frustration, which could lead to more motorists trying to beat the light. A vehicle will receive a violation for making a right turn on red Rolling right turns on red arent that dangerous. Only vehicles that do not come to a complete stop before turningas required by state lawwill receive a violation. A driver making a right turn on red without completely stopping first is endangering pedestrians and bicyclists crossing an intersection.

Updated March 2010



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