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Product Bulletin

Category: Subject: Multimedia Date:

00033 4/30/01

VRX610 & DVS9755z - Using internal power
Description: Using the internal power of the VRX610 with the DVS9755z.
Solution: Use a CCA-389 cable from the back of the VRX610 to the FRONT audio output and the VIDEO output of the DVS9755z. Program the DVS9755z as followed: Press ADJUST then the right arrow to read SP-SEL (speaker select) then ENT. Press rt. arrow then ENT, CTR-SP, then down arrow to turn off center channel output. Press rt. arrow then ENT, SRD-SP, then down arrow to turn off rear speaker output. Press rt. arrow then ENT, SUB-WF, then down arrow to turn off subwoofer output. Press ENT to save these changes. Note: The DVS9755z must be in Master mode or you will not get any audio output.
Clarion Corporation of America 661 West Redondo Beach Blvd. Gardena, CA 90247


Product Bulletin

Category: Subject: Description: Multimedia Date: VRX815 (Basic Operation)

PB00035 08/20/01

SCREEN SAVERS AND PATTERNS: The unit has 2 patterns and 6 colors for the screen display along with 4 motion patterns and 4 sprite patterns. You can get to these screens by pressing the DISP button while the screen is in the open position. MONITOR LOCK MODE: If they wanted to do the Monitor Lock feature on this unit it will need a CCA389 cable that will plug into the CCD/M.LOCK input on the tuner box. This is ONLY a VIDEO INPUT not an Audio input. You can Y out your video source and plug it into this cable. You then can watch whatever source is plugged into it and listen to AM/FM, CD, CD Changer or what you have plugged into either of the other Audio Video inputs. Press the M.LOCK button on the front of the screen and that video source will come up, then press the FUNC till you reach the audio source that you want. The screen will stay on that source for 5 seconds and then go back into M.LOCK. If you want to stop doing this feature then all you have to do is press M.LOCK again. (Except when using the DVS9755z in SLAVE MODE) ADDING DVS9755Z: Using this unit with a DVS9755z, all it takes is a CeNet cable and make sure that you now have the DVS9755z in the SLAVE mode. Also place the VIDEO output of the DVS9755z to the DVD VIDEO input of the VRX815. There is a switch on the back of the unit that reads M/S, please move it over to S. What this will allow you to control the volume through the VRX815 by aiming your remote at the IR on the front of the VRX815. You can also hide the display of the DVS9755z after you set up all your filters and gains on the DVD player. STATION TITLE: To input a radio station call letters or a CD Name all you have to do is touch the screen and it will read FUNCTION, P.CH SELECT, SUB MODE, and TITLE INPUT. Then tap the TITLE INPUT and then start to input the name that you desire. After you finish press and hold the MEMO button on the screen till it gives you a long BEEP and the screen will go back and show you how it looks.


Clarion Corporation of America 661 West Redondo Beach Blvd. Gardena, CA 90247



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