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kieranmullen 10:02am on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 
like it so much want to by a nother one MINT BOXED NEW","WHEELING FRIENDS WANT TO USE","MINE TOO OFTEN
ivanillich 3:35pm on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
The radio works fine, albeit short on range. I think I have average sized male hands, and this thing is hard to hold and operate at the same time.
maitas 6:33am on Monday, June 14th, 2010 
Excellent Good price Broke in less than a week","NO SUPPORT","Won't return calls
Remy 3:06am on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 
Recommended. Great quality for a compact CB. Perfect for most users. If you are a radio nerd get a full sized CB.
CRESPIN 3:14pm on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 
On the interstate to communicate with other travelers and truckers who can warn each other of potential travel problems. This unit is exactly as described. just the right size for the smaller tighter cabins in a smaller truck. I got in my tacoma.
griffljg 12:16am on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 
Good, not perfect We use the unit in a Corvette, and there is no convenient place to mount a regular CB; the Cobra solves that problem nicely.
aardbewoner 2:36am on Friday, March 26th, 2010 
Works fine around the house. But 2 miles out on any channel HI or Low power could not hear each other.
bambithegreat 3:51pm on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 
Great, Compact CB I installed this CB in a newer Jeep Wrangler (JK). Worked for two weeks Handset is bulky and not comfortable to use. Speaker in handset sounded terrible while it worked. Very pleased with both Cobra and Amazon I bought this radio and the Cobra 1500 antenna. Both arrived 2 days later in perfect condition. Assembly.

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MODELS: 148 GTL 148 GTL ST 148 NW ST REVISION: 1.111 DATE: 03/11/03


Total Pages: 8 pages


print date: 3/27/06


C 13.8VDC CH19 (27.185MHz) 1mV CB 30% SSB 500Hz and 2400Hz 0.5W 1S pulse @ 100mS and 1V peak-to-peak amplitude, with rise and fall time of less than 10nS. FREQ. (MHz) 27.215 27.225 27.255 27.235 27.245 27.265 27.275 27.285 27.295 27.305 27.315 27.325 27.335 27.345 27.355 27.365 27.375 27.385 27.395 27.405 1.0. TEST TEMPERTAURE: 1.1. STANDARD DC POWER: 1.2. MEASUREMENT CHANNEL: 1.3. STANDARD AUDIO LOADING: 1.4. ANTENNA IMPEDANCE: 1.5. STANDARD RF INPUT: 1.6. STANDARD REF. MODULATION: 1.7. STANDARD REF. AUDIO OUTPUT: 1.8. PULSE GENERATOR: 1.9. FREQUENCY TABLE: CH NO. FREQ. (MHz) 26.965 26.975 26.985 27.005 27.015 27.025 27.035 27.055 27.065 27.075 27.085 27.105 27.115 27.125 27.135 27.155 27.165 27.175 27.185 27.205 CH NO. 39 40


1.9. TEST EQUIPMENT SETUP AS BELOW: A. TX test equipment setup:

Spectrum Analyzer

Power Supply

Modulation Meter

Dummy Load


RF Wattmeter

Audio Gen.

B. RX test equipment setup:


RF Signal Generator

Oscilloscope 148NWST

4 ohm Load

Noise pulse generator



MAIN ALIGNMENT VCO Alignment PRESET TO RX mode, AM, CH1 RX mode, AM, CH19 Same as step 2 RX mode, AM, CH19 Voicelock Midrange RX mode, LSB, CH19 Voicelock Midrange RX mode, USB, CH19 Voicelock Midrange Carrier Alignment PRESET TO TX mode, AM, CH19 RX mode, LSB, CH19 RX mode, USB, CH19
CONNECTIONS DC voltmeter to TP9 Oscilloscope to TP10 Oscilloscope to TP1 Frequency counter to TP1 Frequency counter to TP1 Frequency counter to TP1 CONNECTIONS Frequency counter to cathode of D17. Disconnect TP7 & TP8. Frequency counter to TP14 Frequency counter to TP14
ADJUST L19 L21 L20 L23 L22 L59
PROCEDURE Adjust for 3.2V, 0.1V Check CH40 = 4.2V, 0.2V Adjust for maximum output Adjust for maximum output Adjust for 34.985MHz Adjust for 34.9835MHz Adjust for 34.9865MHz


PROCEDURE Adjust for 7.8MHz, then re-connect TP7 & TP8 Adjust for 7.7985MHz Adjust for 7.8015MHz


RECEIVER ALIGNMENT Connect an AC VTVM across speaker coil. Adjust volume control to obtain a suitable indication. Set generator output low enough to prevent AGC limiting. Preset controls as follows, unless otherwise noted: RF Gain maximum, Voicelock midrange, Squelch minimum, NB/ANL off, Tone normal. PRESET TO CONNECTIONS ADJUST PROCEDURE Output of signal generator through L7, L8, L9, RX mode 0.01F to TP16 (TR15 emitter). L10, L12, Adjust for maximum output CH19, USB Freq. = 7.8005MHz L14 NO modulation, RF output 200V Output of signal generator through RX mode 0.01F to TP15 (FET1 Gate 1). L15, L13, Adjust for maximum output CH19, AM Freq. = 455KHz, 1KHz 30% L3 modulation, RF output 100V Output of signal generator to RX mode antenna input. L4, L5, L6 Adjust for maximum output CH19, AM Freq. = 27.185MHz, 1KHz 30% modulation, RF output 1V


PRESET TO RX mode CH19, AM NB/ANL switch set to NB RX mode CH19, AM Squelch to maximum RX mode CH19, AM RX mode CH19, USB
CONNECTIONS ADJUST Output of signal generator and noise pulse generator to antenna input. Freq. = 27.185MHz, 1KHz 30% L1, L2 modulation, RF output 1V. Oscilloscope to TP17. Output of signal generator to antenna input. VR3 Freq. = 27.185MHz, 1KHz 30% modulation, RF output 1800V Output of signal generator to antenna input. VR1 Freq. = 27.185MHz, 1KHz 30% modulation, RF output 100V Output of signal generator to antenna input. VR2 Freq. = 27.186MHz, no modulation, RF output 100V
PROCEDURE NOISE BLANKER Adjust for maximum pulse amplitude on oscilloscope SQUELCH RANGE Adjust until audio just appears AM SIGNAL METER Adjust for a reading of 9 on the analog meter of the CB radio SSB SIGNAL METER Adjust for a reading of 9 on the analog meter of the CB radio

4.0 STEP 5 6

Transmitter Alignment Maintain a 50 ohm 25 watt dummy load on the antenna connector for the following steps. PRESET TO CONNECTIONS ADJUST PROCEDURE TX mode L47, L48, RF wattmeter to antenna CH19, AM L46, L45, Adjust for maximum RF output input Dynamike minimum L38 Spectrum analyzer to Adjust for minimum at 54MHZ Same as step 1 L36 antenna input (2nd harmonic) TX mode RF wattmeter to antenna CARRIER BALANCE CH19, USB VR7 input Adjust for minimum RF output Dynamike minimum DRIVER BIAS Same as step 3 Insert ammeter at TP8. VR9 Adjust for 25mA FINAL BIAS Same as step 3 Insert ammeter at TP7. VR8 Adjust for 50mA TX mode RF wattmeter to antenna CH19, USB input. Insert a SSB ALC VR11 Dynamike maximum two-tone, 500mV signal Adjust for 12 watts PEP RF output to microphone input. TX mode RF wattmeter to antenna AM CARRIER POWER CH19, AM VR10 input. Adjust for 4 watts RF output Dynamike minimum



PRESET TO Same as step 7



Frequency counter to antenna input. Modulation meter to TX mode antenna input. Insert a CH19, AM 1KHz, 50mV signal to Dynamike maximum microphone input. Remove the dummy load. Connect a 100 ohm load to the antenna CH19, AM input. Use the built-in SWR meter to check the SWR. Same as step 7
PROCEDURE RF POWER METER Adjust so that the needle of the CBs analog meter is at the border between the green and red zones. TX CARRIER FREQUENCY Adjust for 27.185MHz AMC CONTROL Adjust for 90% modulation
SWR METER Adjust for an SWR reading of 2



ICD-MS525 BTD142 Yamaha GW50 Orange WB4 Dotory X6100 Expresso Plus VM400 DJX-PSR-d1- GM-X332 WT300 648BI Citroen XM ST-9030 Reports 11 C430DN EWT13120W Review 645 AFD CDX-GT620U PMC-06T X-2000R Player Star HDR-HC1E NAD C422 DVD-7500 Datatraveler 100 KF900 SD-501 KX-TG1105RU 1400GTR Lowrance X-60 Palm M505 2 0 EL-M711 VC-FH30SM AQ18NSA DPP-SV55 ISA 408 SP700 Stand MD-1 Night FT-8900R SL70RC Plus XE4100 22LG30R-MA NV-U50 XVS650AL Router FM 32LC51 P2470HD RCD-06 HD642JJ B212A Dm 330 ML-2851NDR MFC42 Picturetel 210 RIM 857 32PF7331 AK77400N Alesis X2 GM-X424 ML3320 MHC-771 29PT8521 12 VP-D382 Mouse ICF-C120 Sagem 2616 SL-307 Frame VGN-FJ270-B DJ-196 ICD-SX700D ZDT6052 Analyser SX-PX55 CU-RE12HKE TLP 781 Acer F900 1 0 NV-VS40EG Inquisitor K7S41GX DC24SC MD 2500 6000 CR Sharp VLZ3 MD-MS722H WS1094H SB85-P-020W HST-SE581 SV-5000W NV-M10 ME5050A ETX-125EC MP474 Dvdr75-17 XR-C8220R VPL-CX86


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