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fmolko 8:24pm on Friday, August 27th, 2010 
I use this computer on a daily basis. I mostly use it for general web browsing and a little gaming. However, weekly. I use my laptop for e-mail, internet, spreadsheets, music and picture management.
telespan 6:13am on Saturday, August 14th, 2010 
I received this Laptop for Christmas 2009. I had been sick a lot and could not sit at the desk on my Desktop computer for verly long. About five years ago (30 in computer years) I got my very own laptop computer. That was a small rather simple Dell laptop.
JasonN 11:40pm on Monday, July 19th, 2010 
Lg screen, beautiful vibrant colors, fast, laser scribe, great price If you are going to carry this around, it is rather big and clumsy. So far, this computer has been returned 4 times, including right now. In July when I picked it up from those Geeks at Best Buy the battery was ajar. This is a great machine. I have had it for about 3-months so far and have experienced no problems. Speed, Size, Reliability Runs a little warm. This is a great machine. I have had it for about 3-months so far and have experienced no problems. Speed, Size, Reliability Runs a little warm.
billm 2:30am on Monday, July 12th, 2010 
LOTS of useless software preinstalled that autostart and slows down the computer. Difficult to uninstall. Really good buy if u dont want to spend the extra money or dont have it this is the way to go The computer is in great shape looks brand new.
felice ruggeri 8:05am on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 
Processor: The processor is the heart of personal computer equipment, notebook computers are no exception. And different desktop computers.
ABAN 4:04pm on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 
"Silky smooth keyboard. Bright & crisp screen. Set up was a breeze,on line in minutes. Fast computer...very pleased!" "I just received this computer yesterday and I love it! It has plenty of memory, the picture is amazing and the sound quality is great.
Hari 11:32am on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 
I was a little concerned about getting a referb, but I am very satisfied. It is everything that it says it is. Good buy. Every Aspect of Function is SLOW!
iacobdoc 12:12pm on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 
"Bought a Dell Desktop from QVC about 3 years ago, and have had nothing but problems. Started using an HP laptop for work about 4 months ago.
Patricio Robledo 10:37pm on Monday, March 15th, 2010 
This laptop had everything I was looking for at a great price. It has never crashed and I play video games on it all the time like Age of Conan and Lotro. Comfortable Keyboard, Powerful, Quality Display, Quiet

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Cobra Electronics Corporation 6500 West Cortland Street Chicago, IL60707
If You Think You Need Service
For technical assistance,please call our Automated Help Desk which can assist you by answering the most frequently asked questions about Cobra products. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A Consumer Service Representative can be reached through this same number
Operating Instructions for your

(773) 889-3087

2-Way Radio

PR 900 DX

8:00 am - 6:00 pm,Monday through Friday, CST.
Technical assistance is also available on-line in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section at or by e-mail to
If you think you need service call 1.773.889.3087
If your product should require factory service please call Cobra first before sending your unit in. This will ensure the fastest turn-around time on your repair. You may be asked to send your unit to the Cobra factory. It will be necessary to furnish the following in order to have the product serviced and returned. 1. For Warranty Repair include some form of pr oof-of-purchase, such as a mechanical reproduction or carbon or a sales receipt. If you send the original receipt it cannot be returned. 2. Send the entire product. 3. Enclose a description of what is happening with the unit.Include a typed or clearly print name and address of where the unit is to be returned. 4. Pack unit securely to prevent damage in transit. If possible, use the original packing material. 5. Ship prepaid and insured by w ay of a traceable carrier such as United Parcel Service (UPS) or First Class Mail to a void loss in transit to: Cobra Factory Service, Cobra Electronics Corporation,6500 W. Cortland St., Chicago, IL 60707. 6. If the unit is in war ranty, upon receipt of your unit it will either be repaired or exchanged depending on the model. Please allow approximately 3 to 4 weeks before contacting us for status. If the unit is out of war ranty a letter will automatically be sent informing you of the repair charge or replacement charge. If you have any questions, please call 1.773.889.3087 for assistance.
Cobra Electronics Corp. 2001 Printed in China Part No. 480-007-P
Nothing comes close to a Cobra

Controls and Indicators

1. UHF Antenna 2. Speaker/Microphone Jack 3. Charger Jack 4. On/Off Power/Volume Knob 5. LCD Display Panel 6. Speaker 7. Battery Compartment 8. PTT Talk Button 9. Monitor/LCD Display Light Button 10. Channel Up or Down Buttons 1 Call Button 1. 12. Lock Key 13. Mode Button 14. Belt Clip
Thank you for purchasing the Cobra microTALK PR 900 DX. Properly used, this Cobra product will give you many years of reliable servic e. 3


Customer Support
Should you encounter any problems with the product or not understand its many features, please refer to this owners manual. If, after referring to the manual, you still need help, call Cobra Customer Service at 773.889.3087. CAUTION

Cobra Customer Service

Live operators are available M-F 8:00 am - 6:00 pm CST at: 773.889.3087 Automated Technical Assistance available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.E-mail questions to: Cobra on the World Wide Web: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be found on-line at:
Important Safety Information For PR 900 DX
Your wireless handheld portable transceiver contains a radio frequency transmitter. When the PTT Talk Button is pushed it sends out RF signals.The device is authorized to operate at a duty fac tor not to exceed 50% to comply with Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) RF exposure safety level guidelines for handheld wireless devices.
To maintain compliance with the FCCs RF exposure guidelines hold the transmitter at least 2 inches (5 centimeters) from your face and speak in a normal voice, with the antenna pointed up and away. If you wear the transceiver on your body while using a headset or external microphone accessory, use only the supplied belt clip for this product and ensure that the antenna is at least 2 inches (5 centimeters) from your body when transmitting. If the distance between the antenna and the b ody is LESS THAN 2.0 INCHES (5 CM) DO NOT TRANSMIT WITH THIS DEVICE IN THE BODY WORN CONFIGURATION. Unauthorized antennas,modifications, or attachments could damage the transmitter and may violate FCC regulations. Normal Operating Position: Hold the transmitter approximately 2 to 3from your face and speak in a normal voice, with the antenna pointed up and away.

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the condition that this device does not cause harmful interference.
General Mobile Radio Service
FCC Licensing Information The PR 900 DX radio operates on General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) frequencies which require a Federal Communication Commission (FCC) license. For licensing information and application forms, please call the FCC Hotline at:
How to Use Your Cobra 2-Way Radio
Contents Features....1 General Mobile Radio Service...A1 FCC Warnings Included Accessories Controls & Indicators...A2 Our Thanks to You...A3 Customer Support...A3 Operating your microTALK PR 900 DX Battery Installation... 2 Battery Low....3 Turning On....4 LCD Display....4 Select Main Channel (1-15)...5 Select CTCSS Privacy Code (00-38)..5 Talking To Another Party...8 Calling Another Party...10 Auto Squelch...12 Maximum Range Extender...12 External Microphone/Speaker Jack..13 Advanced Features...14 Lock Function...14 Busy Channel Lock Out..15 VOX....16 Scan Function...17 Auto Channel Scan List..19 Priority Scan Channel...20 Key Tone Settings....21 microTALK PR 900 DX Range...22 Making Life Easier And Safer..23 Frequency Ranges...25 Caring for Your microTALK PR 900 DX..27 microTALK PR 900 DX Specifications...28 Limited Two Year Warranty..29 Optional Accessories...30 Order Form....31 If You Think You Need Service..Back Cover
Features of This Product UHF FM Frequencies Up to 5 Mile Range 15 GMRS Channels (7 shared FRS Channels) 38 CTCSS Privacy Codes LCD Function Display Auto Squelch Lock Key Call Feature (5 tone settings) Belt Clip VOX SuperFlex Antenna Programmable/Priority Scan Rechargeable Batteries Included Charger Adapter Included


(You need form #159 and form #605) If you have any questions regarding the license application you can contact the FCC direct at 1-888-CALL-FCC.

FCC Warnings

Replacement or substitution of transistors, regular diodes or other parts of a unique nature, with parts other than those recommended by Cobra, may cause a violation of the technical regulations of part 95 of the FCC Rules, or violation of Type Acceptance requirements of Part 2 of the Rules.
Included with your microTALK PR 900 DX

1 Belt Clip


Battery Installation

Install Batteries Battery Low

Battery Low

When battery capacity is at the 1/3 level it is recommended that you recharge your rechargeable batteries or replace your alkaline batteries. Charge port is located on side of unit.
Rechargeable NiMH batteries are included with your PR 900 DX. When not using your NIMH batteries, always use high quality alkaline batteries. Incorrect positioning can damage batteries and unit.
When in normal use the ( ) BATT LOW icon may begin flashing. This is a warning tha t batteries are getting low.


The radio is equipped with a SuperFlex antenna,which flexes without breaking and withstands the demands of an active lifestyle.
Pull lock tab down and lift door up (towards you) to remove battery cover.
Insert 4 AAA batteries. Position batteries according to polarity markings.
Turning On Your microTALK PR 900 DX Turning On Y our microTALK TURN KNOB PR 900 DX CLOCKWISE
Note Whenever the unit is on you can receive communications, (except while pushing the PTT Talk Button, or while in Mode Function).

Select Channels (1-15)

Main Channels 1-7 are shared with FRS radios.

Select Channels

Units must be on same Main Channel and CTCSS Privacy Code to communicate.
Turn the Volume Control clockwise to switch power on. Set volume to desired level. Turn the Volume Control counter-clockwise to turn power off.


Illuminating the Display
Turn on your microTALK PR 900 DX. An audible tone will indicate the unit is on and the LCD will self-test for 2 seconds and then go to Operational Mode. Select channel by pressing and releasing the Channel Up or Down Buttons.
Push and hold Channel Up or Down Buttons for fast channel/code advance.
Select CTCSS Privacy Code
If you push and hold the Mode Button,the LCD display will cycle through the different functions.


Select CTCSS Privacy Code (00-38)
Selecting a CTCSS Privacy Code will enable you to filter out unwanted conversations and allow greater privacy. For example, when with a group of friends, you select channel 7 and privac y code 1, you will hear your friends and filter out conversations on channel 7 with privacy c odes 2 through 38.

Press and release

Monitor Button to illuminate display for ten seconds.
Select CTCSS Privacy Code continued
Press and hold Channel Up or Down Buttons for fast channel/code advance.
When desired CTCSS Privacy Code is displayed press and release PTT Talk Button or the Mode Button to confirm your selection.
After selecting a Main Channel as instructed on page 5, press and release Mode Button. Smaller numbers and the CTCSS icon will flash next to Main Channel display on LCD. Your PR 900-2 DX can also display the CTCSS Privacy Code as a frequency number rather than as a privacy code number.To select the frequency number display option, make sure your PR 900-2 DX is off. While pressing the Mode Button, turn on the unit. Use the Channel Up/Down Buttons to toggle between TcCode (privacy code number) and TcFrE9 (privacy code frequency number). Push the PTT Talk Button to confirm your selection.CTCSS Privacy Code numbers and the corresponding frequency numbers are listed on page 26. 7

Select CTCSS Privacy Code number by pressing and releasing the Channel Up or Down Buttons.

Talking to Another Party

While PTT Talk Button is depressed you cannot receive incoming calls.

Standby Mode

When finished talking, release PTT Talk Button to receive incoming transmissions. Your microTALK PR 900 DX is always in the Standby Mode when the PTT Talk Button is not pressed and you are not in M ode Function. See Advanced Features section on page 14.
Press and hold PTT Talk Button. The transmit LED will light up in red.
Hold mic about 2 inches from mouth. Speak in a normal voice.


Release PTT Talk Button and listen for response. 8 9

Calling Another Party

To alert another par ty you wish to communicate:
Note Your microTALK PR 900 DX is always in the Standby Mode when thePTT Talk Button is not depressed.
Turn on your microTALK PR 900 DX. An audible tone will indicate the unit is on. The LCD will self-test for 2 seconds and then go to Operational Mode.
Call Button. The unit you are calling will hear a 2 second ring tone, and the transmit LED will light up in red Your PR 900 DX allows you to send call alerts in any 1 of 5 user tone settings. To select your desired tone: A. Make sure your PR 900 DX is off. B. Press and hold the Call Button while at the same time turning on the unit. C. Press the Channel Up or Down Buttons to listen to each of the 5 tone settings. D. When you reach a desired tone, press the PTT Talk Button to program your selection.
Note Your incoming Callaudio ringing level is dependent on your units volume setting. Both the calling and receiving units must be on same Main Channel and CTCSS Privacy Code for the Call Function to work.
Select desired Main Channel by pressing and releasing Channel Up or Down Buttons. Both the calling and receiving units must be on same Main Channel and CTCSS Privacy Code for the Call Function to work.

Auto Squelch

Your microTALK PR 900 DX is equipped with Auto Squelch, which automatically shuts off weak transmissions and unwanted noise due to terrain conditions or if you have reached your range limit.
External Mic/Headphone Jack
Your microTALK PR 900 DX can be fitted with a variety of accessories (not included),freeing your hands for other tasks. To attach an external mic/headphone accessory:
External Mic/ Headphone Jack
To order optional microphone/ speaker accessories, see page 31.

Maximum Range Extender

To learn more about the range of your microTALK PR 900 DX, see page 22. Range is dependent on battery condition and geographic terrain.

Auto Squelch sensitivity can be changed to HI (least sensitive) or LOW (most sensitive) by pressing the Mode Button until the 5 (HI or LO) is displayed. Use the Channel Up or Down Buttons to toggle between HI or LO sensitivity. Press the PTT Talk Button to confirm your selection.
When the signal you want to hear is consistently weak, you may place the radio in Maximum Range Mode. Press and hold the Monitor Button for 1 second.The MONicon will be illuminated on the LCD. To return to normal operation, press and hold the Monitor Button again or change channels.
Insert plug into SPKR/MIC jack on the top of the unit.


Advanced Features
Your microTALK PR 900 DX has many advanced features not found on other 2-Way Radios. These include:
Lock Key Busy Channel Lock Out VOX Main Channel/CTCSS Privacy Code Scan Priority Scan Selection Mode Tone Indicator Settings: Key Stroke Tone
To unlock press and hold the Lock Button for one second.There is no lock icon visible. If the Beep Function is ON you will hear an audible confirmation. Buttons are unlocked.

Lock Function

Busy Channel Lock Out (BCLO)
BCLO Mode prevents transmission whenever the unit detects another conversation on the same channel. Press Mode Button until the (BCLO) icon flashes on the LCD panel.
Note Call Button,Monitor Button and PTT Talk Button do not lock and are fully operational while the unit is locked. The unit cannot lock while selecting a mode.
The Lock Function locks the Channel Up and Down Buttons and Mode Button to avoid accidental operation. To engage the Lock Function:
Press the Channel Up or Down Buttons to toggle the (BCLO) function on or off. Press the PTT Talk Button to confirm your selection. The BCLO icon will be visible when BCLO on is selected.
Press and hold the Lock Button for one second. Lock icon will be visible. If the Beep Function is ON you will hear an audible confirmation. Most buttons are locked. 14 15
VOX setting allows you to have hands-free conversation.Your voice is detected and the radio transmits without the need to press the PTT Talk Bu t to n. To set radio for VOX operation: Rotate the Volume Control counterclockwise to turn power OFF. Press and hold the PTT Talk Button. Rotate the Volume Control clockwise to turn power ON. To set the VOX sensitivity level, A. Press the Mode Button until VOX icon flashes and VOX appears in LCD Panel. B. Press the Channel Up or Down Buttons to select from 01-10 Voice Levels with 01 being the least sensitive and 10 being the most sensitive. C. Press the PTT Talk Button to confirm your selection. D. To turn off the VOX feature, rotate the Volume Control counterclockwise to turn power OFF and then turn power ON again.

Scan Function

Turn on microTALK PR 900 DX. An audible tone will indicate the unit is on and then the LCD will go through a 3 second self-test and then go to Operational Mode.

Note The VOX sensitivity level setting is dependent on the background noise and will need to be adjusted accordingly.
Press and release Mode Button until ( ) icon and Main Channel flashes.

Scan Function continued

Auto Channel Scan List Selection Mode
This feature allows you to add or remove Main Channels from the scan list.The scan list is pre-programmed to channels 1-15 with no CTCSS Privacy Codes. Press the Mode Button until the icon SKIP or SCAN flashes on the LCD panel. The channel is set to the solid icon. Pressing either Channel Up or Down Buttons will toggle between skip and scan. Press the PTT Talk Button to confirm your selection(s).
Press Channel Up or Down Buttons and the unit will begin scanning the Main Channels. Unit will continue to scan all Main Channels with CTCSS Privacy Codes that are on the scan list (p.19) and stop if an incoming transmission is detected. A. Press and hold PTT Talk Button and talk. Your radio will return to Operational Mode on that channel as long as a signal is detected or. B. Press Channel Up or Down Buttons to rescan the Main Channel. or. C. To exit scan either press the Button or turn the unit off. Mode
Priority Scan Channel Selection Mode
This function allows you to monitor one particular channel while scanning other channels at the same time.If you pre-set any Priority Scan Channel other than the current channel in use,the pre-set channel will be scanned every 0.5 second and any strong signals on that channel will be displayed. To access the Priority Scan menu: Press the Mode Button until the PRIO icon flashes on the LCD panel. Press the Channel Up or Down Buttons to select the desired channel number you wish to monitor. Only channels on the scan list will be available as a Priority Scan Channel. Press the PTT Talk Button to lock in new Priority Scan Channel.

Key Tone Settings

This function allows the radio to sound a tone whenever the following keys are pressed: Monitor Button,Channel Up or Down Buttons, Mode Button or Scan Button. To turn the key tones on or off: Press the Mode Button until the musical note Icon flashes on the LCD panel. Press the Channel Up or Down Buttons to toggle the key tone feature on or off. Press the PTT Talk Button to confirm your selection.

Note The musical note icon will display in Standby Mode whenever the beep tones are activated.
microTALK PR 900 DX Range
Your microTALK PR 900 DX has a range up to 5 miles in GMRS. This effective range can be shortened under some conditions.
Making Life Easier and Safer
microTALK PR 900 DX Can Make Your Life Easier and Safer
As you become familiar with your microTALK Professional Radio you will find many of your own uses for the unit. Some suggestions include:
microTALK PR 900 DX 2-Way Radios Can Make Your Life Easier and Safer
Note To achieve maximum range the Auto Squelch can be overridden. Refer to Maximum Range Extender section on page 12.
Under flat, open conditions you will experience the radios maximum range.
Range can be reduced by buildings and foliage in the path of the signal.
Talking with fellow hikers.
Keeping track of the kids in a shopping mall.
Range will be further reduced by dense foliage and hilly terrain. 22
Communicating between basement and first, second or third floor.
Talking to a neighbor or a friend.
microTALK PR 900 DX Can Make Your Life Easier and Safer continued

Frequency Range

The microTALK PR 900 DX unit represents one of the most advanced FM 2-Way Radios available. GMRS Codes 15 Channel Frequency In MHz 462.5625 462.5875 462.6125 462.6375 462.6625 462.6875 462.7125 462.5750 462.6250 462.6750 462.5500 462.6000 462.6500 462.7000 462.7250 (Channels 1-7 shared with FRS)

Frequency Ranges

Checking on traveling companions in another car.
Agree on a meeting spot after an event.
CTCSS Privacy Code CTCSS Privacy Code 37 38

Caring for Your

Caring for Your microTALK PR 900 DX
Frequency 136.5 Hz 141.3 Hz 146.2 Hz 151.4 Hz 156.7 Hz 162.2 Hz 167.9 Hz 173.8 Hz 179.9 Hz 186.2 Hz 192.8 Hz 203.5 Hz 210.7 Hz 218.1 Hz 225.7 Hz 233.6 Hz 241.8 Hz 250.3 Hz The microTALK PR 900 DX will give you years of service if cared for properly. Here are some suggestions:
Frequency 67.0 Hz 71.9 Hz 74.4 Hz 77.0 Hz 79.7 Hz 82.5 Hz 85.4 Hz 88.5 Hz 91.5 Hz 94.8 Hz 97.4 Hz 100.0 Hz 103.5 Hz 107.2 Hz 110.9 Hz 114.8 Hz 118.8 Hz 123.0 Hz 127.3 Hz 131.8 Hz
Caring for Your microTALK PR 900 DX 2-Way Radio
Modifying or tampering with the radios internal components can cause malfunction and will invalidate the warranty. If your radio is not performing as it should, please call Cobra at 773.889.3087. Do not return the unit to the retailer.

Handle unit gently.

Keep away from dust.
Never place the unit in water or in a moist place.
Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.



Limited Two Y ear Warranty
COBRA ELECTRONICS CORPORATION warrants that its COBRA Radios, and the component parts thereof, will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of two (2) years from the date of first consumer purchase. This warranty may be enforced by the first consumer purchaser, provided that the product is utilized within the U.S.A. COBRA will,without charge, repair or replace, at its option, defective radios, products or component parts upon delivery to the COBRA factory Service Departmen t, accompanied by proof of the date of first consumer purchase, such as a duplicated copy of a sales receipt. You must pay any initial shipping charges required to ship the product for warranty service, but the return charges will be at Cobra's expense, if the product is repaired or replaced under warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from sta te to state.

4.-10 +-5

Cobra Electronics Corporation
6500 West Cortland Street Chicago, Illinois 60707
Exclusions: This limited warranty does not apply ; 1) to any product damaged by accident; 2) in the event of misuse or abuse of the product or as a result of unauthorized alterations or repairs; 3) if the serial number has been altered, defaced or removed;4) if the owner of the product resides outside the U.S.A. All implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited in duration to the length of this warranty. COBRA shall not be liable for any incidental,consequential or other damages; including, without limitation,damages resulting from loss of use or cost of installation. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and/or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

Optional Accessories

Item # FA-BC MA-EBM MA-SM MA-VOX FA-BP Description Replacement Belt Clip Ear Bud Microphone Lapel Speaker/Microphone VOX Headset/Mic Rechargeable Battery Pack Charger Adapter

Accessory Order Form

Cost Ea. Qty. Amount
Ear Bud Microphone Miniature microphone and earbud for private listening. MA-EBM
Lapel Speaker/ Microphone Remote speaker/microphone combination. MA-SM

VOX Headset/ Mic VOX (Voice Operated Transmitter) provides hands- free operation. MA-VOX


Prices subject to change without notice.
Tax Table Illinois residents add 8.75% Indiana residents add 5% Michigan residents add 6 % Ohio residents add 5% Wisconsin residents add 5%
Subtotal (Tax if applicable) Shipping/handling Total

Shipping & Handling

Amount of Order Shipping/ Handling
$25.00 and under $25.01$40.00 $40.01$80.00 $80.01$120.00

$4.75 $6.95 $9.25 $10.25

Rechargeable Battery Pack High performance Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack for multiple charging. FA-BP
For credit card orders fill out order form and fax to: 773.622.2269 or call 773.889.3087 (Press 1 from the main menu) 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, M-F, CST.
Make check or money order (no stamps) payable to: Cobra Electronics Accessories Dept. 6500 West Cortland St. Chicago, IL 60707
$120.01$160.00 $11.75 $160.01 and up $14.50 For AK,HI and PR please add an additional $15.00 for UPS shipments.
Charger Adapter 3515-0812-RC
Replacement Belt Clip FA-BC
You Can Find These Fine Accessories At Your Local Cobra Dealer If you wish, you can order directly from Cobra. Order by phone Call 773.889.3087 (Press 1 from the main menu) 8 a.m.-6 p.m. M-F CST. Order by mail or fax Call 773.889.3087 for pricing. Fill out order form on ne xt page, and mail/fax directly to Cobra. Order over the
Please print clearly Name Address (No P.O. Box) City State Zip Telephone ( ) Credit Card No. Exp. Date Customer Signature Circle One: Visa MasterCard Discover
Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Offer valid in Continental U.S.only.
The Cobra line of quality products also includes: Citizens Band Radios microTALK Radios Radar/Laser Detectors GPS SafetyAlert Traffic Warning Systems Accessories HighGear Accessories


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Scanning: Canadian Snowbirds FEB Civil War Natl Battlefields JUL First Air: Canada's Arctic Airline NOV Guide to APCO P-25 Systems, 1 DEC How Repeater Systems Work DEC Monitoring Camp Pendleton JUN Monitoring Canadian Air Shows MAR Road Trip: Mass to Dallas APR Road Trip: Mass to Dallas - 2 MAY Scanning in Paradise (Hawaii) AUG Use Your Scanner to Track Wildlife DEC Virginia's STARS network SEP Technology and Technical On the Road with WiNRADiO Portable Command Posts


Miscou '02 - Another Success; Argentina hams on LF band, lowpower SW beacons
CLOSING COMMENTS JAN Will Anyone Be Listening? FEB The Internet: Soup to Nuts (obsolete info, misinformation) MAR Selling the Spectrum (the fight for spectrum space) APR The Con Game: No April Fool's Joke (technological scams) MAY Is Shortwave Dying? Not by a Long Shot! (fight for spectrum space) JUN Can Shortwave Broadcasting Be Saved? (guest Bob Zanotti) JUL A Look Back. AUG Going Wild over Wireless SEP Is Hobby Radio Dying? Two Perspectives OCT Inspector General Audit: Army MARS Not "Operationally Ready" NOV Are SW Broadcasters Failing Listeners? DEC Christmas Greetings COMMUNICATIONS JAN Cooper killed; E-911 behind sked; fight for spectrum space; FAA upgrade; Merlin sold; Africa online; WRN moves to Telstar; World Space acquires Voyager; Sat TV in Kabul; Radio Free Afghanistan FEB New look at evacuation plans; US considers restricting emergency cellphone use; public warning system reevaluated; Sept 11 radio problems; volunteer tech guard; one year to recovery; Tetra system sold to Vatican; Pinellas tests wideband system; Native Americans go hi-tech MAR Tulsa Amateurs restore dispatching; new interest in ham radio in emergency plans; Salt Lake Co vs Salt Lake City dispatching; Court says lawsuit re Gingrich tape can continue; no QSLs from Army MARS; Navy admits sonar at fault in whale beachings; US-made aircraft for Chinese president full of audio bugs; Russia independent TV loses; NASA shuts down Deep Space 1 probe; Russia dismantling Cuban listening site APR AFRTS contracted to Boeing; NOAA Wx radio changing automated voices; FCC Actions: 24 GHz power boost, fed freqs reallocated, public safety broadband; NTIA report on more spectrum for public safety; SW issues in Liberia, DIY satellite; satellite hits Egypt; "power" struggle in Russia; Philippine
guerillas targeted; good-bye, Communications World America's Most Wanted: Anderson and Puckett; Top Cuba expert pleads guilty to spying; Merlin involved in launch of Envisat; WWV propagation format change; Refarming novice CW bands; Cell-phone shields bunk, says FCC; Pentagon technology projects; LPFM slow to grow; thanks to pirates Plane-spotting, a misunderstood hobby; No in-flight cellular calls; Hosts of Radio Liberty nervous; public lukewarm toward new technology; when is "smart" not so smart?; Ernest Cooper dies Foxhunting, post-9/11; DC Fire Dept woes; Digital systems still vulnerable; Airline safety (Eurocontrol); Ham tower bill; no satellite decoding (Canada); Radiationalert (cellphones); United Nations Radio; Off the hook (re bugged Chinese plane); US Satcom overhaul; RFID antennas (Radio) Trouble in Paradise; FDNY New Radios; Radio Hot Potato (Cuba); Hobbyist Discloses Surveillance Pictures; FEMA to Iron Out Interoperability; Talk through the Hub (JPS ACU1000); Lightning Disables DC Radios; Florida Man Convicted Radio Honor Roll: rescue of abducted girls and Neil Carlton recognized for innovative classes using radio; Australia Abandons Digital System; Spotting a Plane Spotter; Troops in Bosnia Adopt FRS Radios; the Phone Tooth; Debate over Cell Phone Blocking; ARRL Receives Grant; National Guard Techies; Stave Mansfield N1MZA, SK Radio Honor Roll: Scannist nabs robber; Cellphone Safety; Music and Cellphones Don't Mix; MusicCellphone Mix; Getting in the Loop (phone service); Getting Out of the Loop (off the power grid); FBI Scolded by Secret Court; FBI Advises Caution (wireless nets) Saved by a Scanner (5 stories); VOA Memorial Park; The Other Side of Geocaching; Locationless Caches; Satellites vs. Radar Detectors; The Human Race; "30" to "88" Radio Honor Roll: Rami Mahamid; RDFing Can be Dangerous; Comando Solo Leads the Way; Put MARS to Work for the Holidays; Part of the Problem is People (9/11 report); Two Killed in Tower Collapse;

FCC Chooses IBOC; Ray Briem Retires; Bob Sherman Dies COMPUTERS & RADIO JAN Bonito's RadioCom 5.1 FEB Gizmos and Gadgets: soundcard extender, up font panel adapter, GearGrip, @ power strip, CatchA-Call Gold NetCallerID MAR Antenna Design Software: The Antenna Elmer, NEC, Antenna, Antenna Designer APR Fingerprinting Transmitters: MoTron's TxID-1 MAY Spyware: what can you do about it? Ad-Aware 5.0 JUN Freeware Signal Fingerprinting: Xmit_ID JUL AirNav Suite - Sweet! (AirNav Internet Lite) AUG AirNav's Decoder Programs ACARS & SelCal SEP Computer-Internet Firewall Protection (ZoneAlarm); "QSLing" Websites (My Vital Agent); feedback on Ad-Aware OCT Another Look at OCR (Xerox TextBridge Plus, Cuneiform) NOV How OCR Can Change Your Life: Testing OCR results using RadioMax 5.22 and Scancat Gold; Update on My Vital Agent DEC Useful Computer/Monitoring Holiday Gifts: Keychain hard drive, Coby MP-R650 MP3 player-encoder DIGITAL DIGEST JAN New MIL-188-110A HF modem users: Czech diplo service, Mexican Navy; Unidentified networks; China and Egypt expand systems; Codan system profile FEB French Diplo nets, Colombian Counter-drug nets; Unid Rockwell-Collins mil net; Waffa Returns MAR Digital Beginners: choice stations to hear CW Numbers, Mixedmode beacon, SITOR-A, RTTY CARB, RTTY weather, ALE, SITOR-B APR Useful Monitoring Tools: Digipan, Hoka Code 300-32, Analyzer 2000, Baudline, SkySweeper MAY Digital Ops from South America, Ecuador's maritime command, Brazilian navy; Romanian ALE net update JUN Good Tools and New Targets: Klingenfuss 2002, PC-HFDL for HF Decoding, Nostradamus OTHR, Some unusual ALE networks JUL HF Decoding AUG New PacTOR Mode, PacTOR-III; Russian 1280bps PSK; NATO KG84 RTTY
Colombian Phone Patches; Mysterious "055" Net; New USCG ALE Net; New CIA/State ALE Net?; German Police/MOI ALE Net; New OTHR Remote Mail Delivery: Bush Mail; Globe Wireless Network BuildOut ALE Net Breakthroughs (055 network, Myanmar net, Saudi NG net); PSK information Chirps Ahoy: Chirpview software; British Territorial Army ALE Net; Mexican Army Net; Coast Station Telex Lists (Oostende, Berna)


DEC EASY ACCESS RADIO JAN Midland WR-10 AM/FM Wx radio FEB Alinco DJ-596 Dual Band HT MAR Cobra PR 900-DX FRS/GMRS APR Radio Shack FRS/GMRS HandiTalkie MAY Audiovox's FRS-1000 Base Station JUN Magellan GPS Receiver - Part 1 JUL Magellan GPS Receiver - Part 2 AUG Davis Instruments Vantage Pro Wireless Weather Station SEP C Crane's FM Transmitter OCT Cobra's GMRS/FRS Handi-Talkie NOV C Crane's QuickCharger DEC Page Update Weather Alert 2000 and Weather Alert Partner THE FED FILES JAN 9-11 Aftermath Monitoring: FEMA; Post Office in Milair; Austin federal TS; Anaheim/Orange Co TS; So Fla Customs Service loadout FEB FCC; Wisconsin digital trunk system in Military Band; Army MARS Freqs MAR Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service; TVA Low Band system; Cape Hatteras Natl Seashore APR The Department of Commerce: HF Emergency Nets, NOAA Ship Fleet, NOAA Research Labs MAY SNOTEL Data Collection Network; United Nations comms; FHWA emergency HF system; mail call (Detroit MI, Wash DC, LaGrange GA); VHF low band skip JUN Metro Fed Monitoring: NYC (HF, VHF, FAA-JFK, LaGuardia, Newark); Western NY Immigration and Naturalization Service; Natl Transportation Safety Board freqs; Civilians may be authorized to share freqs in DoD spectrum JUL Listening to the Feds on HF; Monitoring Los Angeles; US Customs Service AUG The Fed Files Mailbag: FAA repeaters and miscellaneous

FAA freqs; SoCal Fred Freq Shakeup; various comms captured on the air; US Forest Service and Bullock fire frequencies (Coronado Natl Forest) Monitoring Independence Hall; Federal Interagency Freqs; New USGS Frequency; Calif Dept of Forestry Feds in the Longwave Band: TIS/HAR station list SoCal High Band Fed Freq Update; Chicago Fed Profile; Chicago FAA ATC freqs Monitoring Houston; Eric Snags a TIS/HAR; DSCC Columbus; Unusual Fed Freq (457.6125); The First Lady in Texas; Dept of Energy Trunk System
GLOBAL FORUM JAN 2 Militia BCers in Shootouts, one dead, one missing FEB Reference Sources on the Web MAR RCI Cuts Programs, Staff APR CODAR Radar, Israeli Cuts MAY Russia vs US Int'l Broadcasting; reorganizing US Intl BCing again JUN US Still Broadcasting in Afghanistan JUL SW Preacher Arrested for Sexual Misconduct (Brother Stair); Remnants Hope Ministry AUG Radio Afghanistan Back, in a Roundabout Way SEP Coconut-Powered Bougainville Heard in NA OCT "Liberty," Argentina's Psyops NOV New VOA Director in Less than a Year DEC DRM Easily Jammed, But Could be "Killer App" LETTERS JAN Internet dealers, computers vs radio; barrel capacitors; Caddo Parish LA FEB Salt Lake City Freqs; Life after Sept 11 (several letters); Welcome new listeners MAR Antenna stumper, Nut, NM; praise for satellite radio; more on military use of FRS; listening to Radio Prague in 1968 APR Church "bell cell tower"; buying online; thanks for antennawarehouse recommendation; CHiPs on lowband skip; URL for Heathkit help; truck-tracking site in Canadian boonies MAY Winterfest; Channel Is. History; compliments to the staff; QSLing the amateur bands; re editorial on outdated material on internet; new WWV propagation format JUN Mass to Dallas Road Trip; ALMIGHTY Risen from the Dead; Northernmost it's not; Terion
Antennas; The Great Loop Experiment Thanks for the software programming; Dead-end reference to RTE; Don't call them hams; Changes in French landscape; Yoink-yoink-yoink; Las Vegas without a radio; Radio is an education; Closing Comments Misleading Advice? (re Sony 2010); What's the Verdict on Shortwave?; FCC Monitoring Post VA Freqs and Request; DXing on Mediumwave (sports); Blue Angels on the air; GPS Carrier Current Collaboration; Canandaigua Monitoring Station; Mexican DX Meeting; super website; scanner racks US Army MARS Response; Winterfest Invites Arnie Coro; Radio Finland programming; Who's Who a Hit More Prespectives on Shortwave; More on FRS in the Military; MT Readers Come Through

MILCOM (odd months) JAN Military Callsigns; US Navy MARS callsigns; FL Cruise Missile Launch; Vandenberg Spy Sat launch; Tyndall AFB freq changes; Metapher HF freqs; Pacific NW Gov TS; Havoc on HF MAR Military Demonstration Groups: where to listen, parachute teams, foreign demonstration teams, scanners for milair, 2002 performance schedule MAY NORAD Combat Air Patrols (NYC/DC CAPs); El Centro airshow report JUL Robins AFB, Ga; Military aircraft callsigns SEP VHF Marine Band Encryption; Aircraft Inventory on Cape Cod; SE US Intercepts; Milcom Freq Changes; Table of recently monitored military call signs NOV More VHF Marine Band Encryption; Coast Guard LANT and PAC Designators; CG on HF ALE; Southeast US mil activity; Space Coast Update; Military freq changes; the lighter side MT REVIEWS/ PROJECT PAGE JAN Magnetic-mount scanner antennas comparison (7 models) MAR The Miracle Whip APR Charging an Oddball NiCD Pack MAY Quebec Radio-Scanner CD JUL Radio Shack Indoor AM Loop Antenna AUG MFJ-1020C Active Antenna SEP AVCOM PSA-2400A Spectrum Analyzer
Grundig FR-200 emergency radio Electrical Safety APR
ON THE HAM BANDS JAN New Year in Ham Radio (resolutions); ARRL calls for nocode; contest weekends FEB Surface Mount Solutions (kits to get you started) MAR Fine Old Bugs; getting ready for hamfest season (as a seller) APR Picking Up Some Easy Points (easy Field Day points) MAY Building Your Parts Stash JUN Moonstruck (EME) JUL You're in Good Company (famous hams) AUG Creative Club Programs SEP Emergency Responders Learn from 9/11 OCT Classic Home Brewing: Small Wonder Labs Rock-Mite, MRX-40 Mini Receiver, MultiPIG All Band CW Transceiver NOV Ham Radio Sans Computers DEC Ham Radio Stocking Stuffers OUTER LIMITS JAN Violence hits clandestine radio (Cooper and Anderson) FEB Pirates a Focus at SWL Fest MAR Pirate SW BC Activity Explodes APR Finding Pirate and Clan DX Info MAY Blanket Ban on Pirates Nixed; pirate programming CD JUN NA Pirates Shifting Freqs; Pulaski Co Sheriff Killed; Carl McIntyre Dies; Cuban Numbers Station Court Case JUL ACE Celebrates 20th Anniversary; Palestine station; No Al-Qaida station; No Radio Sawa on SW (no logs this month) AUG Voice of Laryngitis Returns to Shortwave; WBCQ Ship Transmitter Project; Radio Sawa Schedule; Radio Resistencia on the Web SEP Star Star Broadcasting Station; Pirate Station Patterns; Radio 510 Schedule; Radio Americas OCT Russian "Names" Station Heard; William Pierce Dies NOV FRN Back After Technical Trouble; Clandestine Radio Watch; Radio DAT; Unusual Pirate Tactics; Winter Propagation DEC Pirate Numbers Station Decoded (Rodent Revolution); New Free Radio Weekly editor; Godzilla Born on Radio?; Alpha Lima Web Site PLANE TALK (even months) FEB Flying with Concorde; Aeronautical Freqs (Louisville Standiford Field, New York Center ARTCC, Toronto Centre);


Airport Instrument Landing systems; Farewell to the B727 Reviewing the Basics: Navigation Aids, Separation HF ACARS; Sydney Airport ATC Fly the World by Computer (PCHFDL Update, Air Traffic Control Simulation, AirNav Suite 4; More Sydney Airport Freqs Monitoring the Northwest; DX Atlas; ACARS Log Analyzer Airport Frequencies, and Using Aero Charts and Maps


Field Meter; More Scanner Whip Comparisons A Simple Ferrite Loop Antenna A Longwave Band Ferrite Antenna Tuning into BC Satellites - Part 1 (history, status) Tuning into BC Satellites - Part 2 (hardware, Panamsat 9 line-up)
PROGRAMMING SPOTLIGHT JAN I was just thinking.(things I like and things that bug me) FEB Don't Touch That Dial! (freqs you can stick with) MAR I Was 50 Years Ago Today.(a look at SWBC in 1952) APR Thinking Locally; Listening Globally (local flavor on HF) MAY Programs on DXing, SWLing, and the Media JUN Notes from (DX) Camp JUL Yankee Doodle Shortwave AUG The 1952 Olympics, YLE and DRM SEP Yankee Doodle SW: AFRTS OCT Yankee Doodle SW: The Independents NOV Progs on DXing, SWLing and the Media DEC Listening at Leisure (progs that require your attention) QSL REPORT JAN Clear Channel QSLing FEB Feb Special Event QSLing MAR Canadian QSLing APR Globe Wireless MAY Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee JUN Radio Netherlands New QSLs JUL XVII Commonwealth Games AUG Cleaning out the QSL In Basket SEP DX Season propagation and supplies OCT DXing the Graveyards NOV Do's and Don'ts of China QSLing DEC QSLing - Your Way RADIO EQUIPMENT JAN Build a Scanner Repeater FEB Receiving Frequency Modulation MAR Getting Started in SW ListeningPart 1: SW Radios APR Getting Started in SWL - II: Where, When, and How to Tune MAY Getting Started in SWL - III: Antennas, accessories, and niche listening JUN Storm Detection by Radio and Build a Highly Directional Loop Antenna JUL Ten Tec RX-350 Receiver AUG AOR LA350 Active Loop Antenna; ZAP Model 180 Electric
RADIO RESTORATIONS JAN Books About Restoring Radios FEB The BC-453 Comes to Life MAR BC453/R23A Pinouts and Alignments APR Parts and Periodicals, Manuals MAY Getting to Work on the R-23A; reader letters JUN Powering Up Your Command Set; Recent Books from Lindsay JUL A VTVM for Your Test Bench AUG Digging into the RCA Voltohmists; New Lindsay Publication SEP Firing Up Our Voltohmists OCT Wrapping Up the Voltohmist Project; Replacing Missing Probes NOV Tackling a Toughie: Zenith 6-S229; VoltOhmyst Feedback DEC Digging into a Dirty Radio SATELLITE SERVICE GUIDE www.monitoringtimes/mtssg.html JAN Telstar 6, Galaxy 3R, Telstar 5 FEB Telstar 5 (detailed), Galaxy 4R, Americom-4 MAR Americom-1, GSTAR-4, Anik F1, Anik E2 APR Solidaridad 2, SATMEX-5, Anik E1, Morelos 2 MAY Galaxy 10R, Galaxy 5, Galaxy 9, Telstar 7 JUN Satcom C3, Galaxy 1R, Satcom C4, Americom-7, Americom-8 JUL Americom-6, Galaxy 6, SBS-6, HGS-5, Satcom C1, Americom-5 AUG Americom-2, Americom-3, Telstar 4, Galaxy 11 (C-band) SEP Galaxy 11 (Ku-band); Telstar 6; Galaxy 3C; Telstar 5 OCT Telstar 5; Galaxy 4R; Americom 4 NOV Americom-1, GSTAR-4, Anik F1, Morelos 2, Anik 2 DEC Solidaridad 2, SATMEX-5, Anik E1, Galaxy 10R SCANNER EQUIPMENT JAN Notch Filters Fight Interference (Grove FTR-100, PAR VHFDN162HT, PAR VHFFM, StridsbergFLT201A) Feb MFJ-886 Frequency Counter MAR Alinco DJ-X3T Portable wideband rcvr APR Tk8500 Software Project (homebrew radio control programming for the IC-R8500)


Radio Shack PRO-2053 Trunktracking scanner; CompUSA PCI port adapter Tk545 Software Project; Comparing Scan Rates Tk500 software for the Yaesu VR-500; Pager pillow speaker; Spare fuse holder clip Tk120 Software for the Yaesu VR-120 Tk75 - Software for Icom IC-R75 AOR AR8600 Mark 2 Receiver Tk150 Software for the Standard VR-150; Advice on selecting a wide freq coverage, portable scanning receiver Scanning and Recording: CCrane VersaCorder; Mr Scanner FCC Database
SCANNING CANADA JAN Edmonton Intl Airport; Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden FEB Saskatoon Diefenbaker Airport; CFB Trenton MAR Monitoring Winnipeg, Winnipeg Intl Airport; CF 17 Wing Winnipeg APR Scanning Ottawa; MacDonaldCartier Intl Airport; Ottawa resources on Internet MAY Bienvenue a Montreal: Dorval Airport and area frequencies JUN Canadian Hams Monitor Severe Weather (CANWARN wx net); Quebec Jean Lesage Intl Airport JUL ScanCan reaches the Atlantic Ocean: Halifax Intl Airport; Scanning Cellular Frequencies legally (Steve Punter website); airshows in jeopardy AUG Scanning the Mounties; Newfoundland, St Johns Intl Airport; Mansfield VORTAC SEP Flying North to the Artic: Iqaluit Airport; Jack Little monitors Hamilton, ON OCT The Pope Arrives in Canada; Monitoring Resolute Airport NOV Railroads: North Vancouver RR DEC West Coast Railways; Sad News for Toronto Airport Monitors; Reader Challenge SCANNING REPORT JAN Assistive Listening Devices follow-up; Dr John Braden profile; what happens to old freqs FEB Olympian Scanning (torch relay); Sgt Stephen Casko profile; using Push Pins (MS Streets and Trips Software); Houston Area Freqs MAR Loading Bank Number One; AOPA Expo, more on using Push Pins APR Gill Lineberry profile; Target dept stores; creating a database with MS Streets and Trips MAY Scanning at sporting events (golf frequencies: Doral Country Club,


Heron Bay Country Club. Racing freqs: Daytona freq) Travels with a Scanner (NY/NJ airport experiences); Around the country (Arlington, VA; Detroit, MI; LA CA); using pushpins in MS Streets and Trips, part IV; quiet frequencies Scanning While Tanning: MiamiDade Fair, The Alley-Cats onstage; Elena Machado profile; Video scanning Ft Lauderdale Air & Sea Show communications; Jim Westberg profile; Las Vegas PD online Gramma in Florida; Rosehill, KS; freqs; hands-free cell comms thru car radio; 900 MHz band Q&A; Atlantic City NJ Motorola system; Detroit recreational and transit freqs FACE-ing the Weather (CRYSTAL-FACE Project) FACE-ing the Weather, part 2 Three Specialties: Three Services (Mark Levine profile and evolution of EMTs)

Uniden Digital Scanner Features; B780XLT Squelch Modification Recommendations from our Readers: Green Co/Springfield MO, Comments on Computer Control, Antennas; Uniden BC785D and FCC type acceptance The Quest for Interoperability; Federal Project 25 Network; Colorado State system, Denver, Aurora systems; Uniden Radios Certified Guide to APCO P-25 Systems continued from Dec feature
SERVICE SEARCH JAN HF Aero Freqs FEB HF Aero freqs cont'd MAR HF Aero Freqs - finish TRACKING THE TRUNKS JAN Encryption for Security; encoding vs encryption; encrypted voice; Motorola; EDACS; on-line scanner manuals; Tallahassee, FL FEB Nextel Proposes Restructuring 800 MHz; Nextel Technology; Pro-92 Channel Lock Out MAR Digital Monitoring in Sight (Project 25 and Uniden's planned scanners); ScannerMaster P-25 digital decoder board update; 400 MHz trunking; Ft Irwin CA, Wright-Patterson OH, Kings Bay GA systems APR Computer Interfacing Your Scanner (PRO-92, PRO-93, BC 245XLT, BC 780XLT) Encrypting EDACS MAY How Radio Frequencies are Assigned JUN EDACS Systems; Palm Scanner Control Programs JUL AOR's APCO-25 Decoder; trunked system news (South Dakota, Nevada, Ohio, Michigan); Scanner Antennas AUG When to Buy a Trunk-Tracking Scanner; Uniden Scanner Testing; Lightning Strikes DC; BC780XLT Computer Control; Canton, OH; Summit County, OH SEP New Trunked Systems Underway: Hamilton Co OH, Nassau Co NY, Oakland Co MI;
UTILITY WORLD JAN Cuban Spy Base Closes (numbers); US Military HF broadcasting FEB More Changes on MARS, Navy MARS freqs MAR USAF MARS, FAA HF nets, FAA ARTCC identifiers, phone company emergency net APR Unusual Traffic in the Middle East - unusual numbers; "slot machine" transmissions; US Army ALE MAY HFDL Breaks the Sound Barrier: decoding software from Charles Brain, HFDL freqs; Russian listening post closed JUN More Russian Numbers Weirdness; Japanese Maritime Morse; WWV Changes JUL HFDL Frequency Update; Weirdest numbers yet AUG Russian Channel Markers; Australian Utility Changes SEP Maritime Radio Turns TopsyTurvy Down Under; Australian Distress Comms; ARINC increases Arctic Coverage OCT Weather Changes: New Coast Guard FAX Again; Freeware Decodes SYNOP NOV More Letters from Israel ("numbers"); Cuban numbers screw-ups; hams on 5 megs? DEC Slot Machine Stations - We found the casinos; South Bound II Still On VIEW FROM ABOVE JAN Ups and Downs of Russian Birds (Resurs, Okean); NOAA-14 FEB GOES-Supported Research programs MAR Monitoring APT with a sound card APR Seasonal Madness: NOA-14 fixes itself, GOES-E seasonal improvement, Meteor seasonal power-off MAY Are You Equipped? what's needed for satellite telemetry; satellite status report


Our Digital Future, upcoming NOAA-M launch, future launches, digital transmissions, earlier NOAA WXSATs Great Expectations (NOAA-M packages); Current NOAAs A Rising Star: Fengyun-1D; re color pictures in MT First Images from NOAA017; WXSAT Frequencies Speak Up for Hobby Monitoring (NOAA conference); NOAA-14 Failure Mode MSG-1 Launch and WXSAT Status Great Progress and More to Come: GOES-12 to replace GOES-8; Correspondence
Latin American logs CD M Street Radio Directory MT 2001 Anthology CD MT Express in full color NRC AM Radio Log Police Call, S Calif Rebels on the Air RF Components and Circuits Sounds in the Night (Dark?) Southwest Frequency Guide The Shortwave Guide (by WRTH) Tower Site Calendar Traffic Radar Handbook Tune in the Universe C WRTH 2002 WTFDA TV Station Guide Business news, Software CbandNet sat internet svc Community Alert Network website Edmund Scientifics catalog EDXP SW Radio Log net Electronics Australia Today folds FCC policy re pre-type acceptance G&G Comm new phone Jade Products closes LLC Technology acquired by Butterworth-Heinemann Mapcruzin site MapInfo software packages Metrowest sold to Scanner Master Orbcomm tracking software RadioSpectrumManager RSM5 Replacement LCDs for Pro2004 Sneaker and Investigator spyware Sony ICF-2010 discontinued? Uniden BD250D Certified or Not? Upcoming APCO-25 products WinRadio Advanced Digital Suite
Jan Aug Feb May Nov Mar Sep Jul Jun Oct Aug Dec Nov Mar Mar Jun
WASHINGTON WHISPERS JAN Military Tech in the Private Sector: Internet, GPS, spread spectrum FEB RFID Tags: connecting people and objects MAR FCC Acts to Yank Mitnick's Ham License APR NTIA Report: Energy, Water, RR Need More Spectrum MAY Commercial Use of Ultrawideband Technology Approved JUN Chairman Urges Transition to Digital TV JUL Congressman Slams Broadcasters on Conversion to Digital TV; American Assoc of Radio Enthusiasts; FCC Enforcement AUG FCC Announces Changes to Multi-Use Radio Service SEP CSEA Ups Penalties for Illegal Monitoring OCT (see Closing Comments) NOV FCC Mandates Digital TV Tuners WHAT'S NEW Books, CDs 2000 Emergency Response Guide Sep ARRL 2002 Handbook Feb ARRL Repeater Directory Jun ARRL Ham Radio interest books Mar Cell Towers Jan Collectors Guide to Antique Radios Dec DSWCI Domestic BC Survey Oct DXing 101 Mar HamCalc CD May IRCA Mexican Log Jan Field Guide to Diesel Locomotives Jul Flashlights Feb FAQ about Antennas & Baluns Aug FM Crystal Set Project Nov Grove Antenna Anthology Dec Grove Ask Bob Anthology Dec Grove SW Directory Dec Klingenfuss publications Jan Klingenfuss 2002 Guide to Utility Stations Mar 2002 Super Freq List CD Mar 2002 SW Freq Guide Mar

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Palomar Loop Antenna Dec Peregrine Falcon remote control Apr Powerport Radio Glove Aug Radio Shack PRO-95 Oct Ramsey clock/timer kit Jan RIGblaster new software CD May R&S Miniport EB-200 rcvr Apr ScannerMaster BC780 remote head adaptor Apr Scientifics digital voice recorder May Scott eVest Jun Sharper Image "Now You Can Find It" pager system Nov Tegam RF analyzer Apr Terk TV antennas Jul Uniden Announces BC250D/BC785D APCO 25 scanners Mar Uniden BC785D FCC accepted Oct Vectronics FM Tx kit Oct Vectronics soldering course Oct WinRadio WD3000 series RDF Jan WinRadio WR-G303i SW rcvr Dec Yaesu FT-8900R quadband tx Nov
Feb Feb May Nov Feb Jan Jan May Sep Nov Sep Jun
Equipment Alinco DJ-S40T Pocket HT Apr AOR New Products (AR8600MKII, ARONE, LA350 loop) Jul B&D Scan*A*Mix BX1 Sep Caig DeoxIT improved Apr C Crane FM Transmitter Jul Degen Designs BBQ (quad ant) Sep Dunestar headphone switch Aug Dunestar remote antenna switch Sep Edmund Scientific sound meter Feb GAP Justa Spreader kit Jul Garmin GPS 16 receivers Jan Garmin European guides Apr Garmin S Am marine cartography Apr Grove Range-Extend Mag Mount Jun Grove Scanner Beam II Oct Grundig Satellit 900 Update Apr GuardianLion emergency button May Icom IC-T90A tri-band handi-talkie Nov Kenwood ProTalk XLS Feb Kiwa Audio Upgrade Kits Jun KVH TracVision S3 TV antenna Feb Memorex Scannocular May MFJ Speech Enhancer Apr Neo Jukebox MP3 player Jul Nil-Jon Super-M Upgrade Jun Optoelectronics Digital Scout Aug



Hdtt-5000 4X4-1998 AWT13530W W850I DVP5980 12 68 DL N7650 Pdjl007 SA-7800 OT-303 5610Z A45-S121 Amilo A7N8x-vm 400 BD-P3600 Ericsson W705 DAV-C700 IC8000 BL3KD 17U242 X 9 Toolbox SC-PM28 Hitachi W63H 2 SE 12 5X TH-42PV8P MV16P NEX-5C Bose QC3 CW28D83N Blazer 12 STR-DE345 LE32S60BD SA-VE155 KDC-306 DTC-975BKN SU-V500 BBA 2865 PMC-107L Euromac D380 Tangent EW1279F PM1000 Billy-record DMC-FX580 RS200 OW200030 Cabrio VGN-FZ21E Server ILE-61 Ericsson GC79 CS50-USB Presenter Motorola V330 SCH-W330 Fishfinder LAV48580 LE37A436 KP-FX53m61 Glofiish X800 KX-T2395DW Review 54501 800 Z8220 KDL-26S2000 RS-M270 IRT 3520 Precision 650 DNX520VBT Maxxum Qtsi DL1100 Wintv-PVR Server KEH-P5100RDS Cf 120 Clicksmart 310 WT-2000R Scalar I80 RC5200 AL-2030 Multimix16firewire MA-1350-1 CA-R-pi 181 KX-TG8120E Control MK6100 DCS-930 FX5051 76 S GS-232A IDA-X313 CM3600D UE-55C6500 R9200 DSC-T30-B PS-LX350H Cruz MP34 D3122 8 9


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