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Compex, the world leader in electrostimulation
The Swiss-made technology used in Compex devices, means Compex is able to offer unparalleled precision and excellence. This is why Compex remains the uncontested leader in electrostimulation.
Today, Compex is THE reference on the electrostimulation market, leveraging its years of experience and know-how to offer its customers the best of this technology. Used by medical professionals for many years, this technology is now available to a wider public. The range of applications for Compex stimulators is wide: physical training, recovery, keeping t between seasons, restarting an activity, pain relief or simply regaining tness. Compex, a DJO brand DJO is a supplier of high-quality medical & orthopaedic devices offering a broad range of products for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy. Due to its historical and strong links with healthcare professionals, the Compex brand, introduced in 1986, naturally found its place in the DJO group, of which it is now part. A Compex device for everyone Compex offers high quality training devices suited for everyones needs: the sport range for athletes who want to improve and enhance their performance, the tness range for those who want to get in shape, tone their body, and nally the healthcare range for everyday wellbeing and comfort, to keep your body feeling young. Whatever your goals are, read this leaet to nd the training partner suited to your needs!


The Compex Technology Electrostimulation muscle intelligence Technology 4-7 The Sport Range How I trained for my New York Marathon Cycling is my passion When jogging becomes a real pleasure 8-13
The Fitness Range 4 to 5 tness sessions a week its vital! Being t all year round: Im on my way!
The Health Range If you respect your body, you gain self respect Thumbs-up to golf and vitality
The Compex products at a glance

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What electrostimulation

Using electricity to trigger a mechanical muscle response by stimulating the nervous system is a simple principle that has stood the test of time. Over the years, the effects have been improved by increasing the accuracy in controlling this electric current. Compex has played a major part in this development. During the 1980s, in the midst of the ongoing electronic revolution, Compex focused on satisfying the requirements of the medical and scientic communities. The resulting close ties developed over time have allowed Compexs innovative technology to be combined with an increasingly deeper knowledge of physiology. The result was the creation of electrostimulation, offering effectiveness, comfort and safety. Today, electrotherapy is an integral part of rehabilitation protocols, recognized by both the medical world and the world of sports. How does it work? The principle of electrostimulation is very simple: it reproduces precisely the processes that occur when our brain orders our muscles to contract. When we decide to contract a muscle, our brain sends a signal in the form of an electric current that travels at high speed along the nerve bres. Once it has reached its destination, the signal excites the motor nerve which transmits the information to the area immediately around the muscle and triggers the muscle contraction. With electrostimulation, excitation occurs directly on the motor nerve using electrical pulses that are perfectly adapted to guarantee effectiveness, safety and comfort of use. In fact, muscles cannot tell the difference between a voluntary contraction (triggered by the brain) and an electrically induced contraction: the work carried out is exactly the same. Its natural! The elds of application are vast and little known Did you know that with electrostimulation you can: Ease lower back pain Alleviate neck pain Recover faster and better after exertion Improve stamina and endurance Gain strength and speed Work on continuity Increase your muscle volume Improve blood circulation Prevent ankle sprains Strengthen your abdominal muscles

can do for YOU! YOU

And all this: Without osteotendinous strain on the joints Without mental fatigue Without cardiac stress What makes us different: comfort, efciency and safety! Compex stimulators differ in the types of programmes they offer, their accessories, their functions, etc. but they all meet the same comfort, efciency and safety requirements. Why? To ensure effective muscular work, it is important to stimulate a maximum number of muscle bres. Using a higher stimulation level means a greater number of muscle bres will be working. And by providing a comfortable stimulation process, the user will nd it easier to increase the stimulation levels, thereby increasing the number of muscle bres working. Consequently, the results are enhanced. How? The key is in controlling the current. Our stimulators are equipped with a constant current generator. This device generates a fully controlled electrical pulse, regardless of the specic features and variations in the tissues electrical resistance (skin or hair for example). This biphasic current eliminates any risk of burning and allows the device to be used safely in proximity to osteosynthesis equipment or any other metal implants. As is often the case whenever a technological innovation spreads to a wide-ranging market, the real possibilities offered by electrostimulation are sometimes diverted. Remember that electrostimulation is to be used as a complement to physical exercise, and under no circumstances does it replace it. The thorough approach and scientic diligence that rule all stages of the Compex product development process give this leading brand unchallenged supremacy in the eld.

A muscle revolution poised to become the markets technological benchmark! In the following pages you will see that certain stimulators have the prex. Mi stands for muscle intelligence. This unique technology takes into account the specicities of each of our muscles and provides stimulation tailored to their characteristics. Your training will automatically be personalised and thus perfectly adapted to your physiology.

Be ready!

Prepare for this revolutionary technology with new COMPEX mi-READY. To allow as many of you as possible to have access to this technology, we have pre-tted COMPEX PERFORMANCE and COMPEX ENERGY stimulators with certain muscle intelligence options.

The benet?

This allows you to upgrade your device by buying the mi-SENSOR as an additional accessory: you can either purchase it now or later; its your choice! If not connected to the mi-SENSOR, the stimulator works conventionally.

Did you say

With the mi-SENSOR miniature sensor you are giving your workout sessions a new dimension, with unparalleled precision and efciency. With the mi-SCAN function, the mi-SENSOR scans the selected muscle group and automatically adjusts the stimulators settings to the excitability of this area of the body, based on your own physiology. It is a truly personalised measurement. With the mi-ACTION function, the mi-SENSOR optimizes the effectiveness of your session by letting you combine voluntary contractions and electrostimulated contractions at your own pace. You are totally in control of your training. With the mi-TENS function, the mi-SENSOR makes it easy to adjust the stimulation levels to be used for pain management programmes. The adjustment takes place instantly and automatically, simplifying the procedure for the user and ensuring optimal results. With the mi-RANGE function, the mi-SENSOR indicates the optimum stimulation range to use (minimum and maximum adjustment levels) for programmes such as recovery or massage. The stimulation session is simple and effective. COMPEX mi-SPORT and COMPEX mi-FITNESS stimulators include all of the muscle intelligence functions.
Paul is 38. Hes been running for 10 years. However, the New York Marathon was still on his target list. Paul explains how he prepared for this legendary event. The biggest marathon in the world requires serious training! The New York Marathon is a mythical event. I'd already run 9 marathons and 2 Marathons des Sables (Sand Marathons), but whenever anyone said, What about New York? I had to say Not yet. So I decided to do it with my running club. If you want to take part on your own its really difcult and you end up being part of a lottery because there are so many people wanting to do it. Two million spectators lining the route and over 315 million television viewers across the world! That is frankly impressive. My aim was to do it in 3 hours. I developed my own training schedule over 9 weeks. During the rst two weeks, I mostly worked on my speed in track sessions, ve days a week doing interval training: 800m at full speed followed by 400m jogging. Ten times in a row! One of these 5 sessions lasted over 3 hours to prepare my body for that famous marathon wall. I used two devices as support: a heart rate monitor to check my heart rate and my Compex with its recovery function, which I used after each major run. I also used my stimulator on other occasions: when I felt a weakness in my ankle, I didnt want to take any risks, and so replaced one training session with an hour of muscle training using my Compex. Over the next four weeks, I worked on endurance with longer, slower track weeks sessions. During this phase, I also made myself do a cross-country run of over 3 hours, completed by a Capillarization programme, still with the aim of getting me through the legendary wall. This precaution proved to be worthwhile because on D-day the weak spell only lasted 4 or 5 minutes and then my body took over and took off again! And then theres sleep. You need a lot of sleep, but after intensive training sleep late in the day, its not easy to drift off. As I was working at the same time, 8

I didnt have much choice. The most difcult thing is to plan everything so that youre in top shape on D-day. Coming back to my self-designed training, the last three weeks I simply jogged three or four times a week to maintain my tness. I felt good and often wanted to cut loose, but the most important thing in this pre-race phase is to be revitalized, to regain your strength Its almost like resting. This was when I most appreciated the Oxygenation and Massage functions of my Compex. I felt as light as a feather! I also used it regularly, ve times a week, to strengthen my muscles without getting tired. And thats great! At last, the big day arrived. A beautiful autumn sun shone on the Verrazano Bridge where the race starts. And after the traditional American National Anthem, the starting gun was red at 10.10 am. There were about 40,000 of us ready for the dash! Coming out of Brooklyn and in Central Park, it was absolutely crazy. Never since have I experienced such an atmosphere. A short run through the Bronx, where I had a bit of a weak spell before we headed back into Manhattan. And then, the last few kilometres in Central Park to the applause of an amazing crowd. I nished in 3 hours 12 minutes. But the most important preparation for a marathon is in your head! For ve months I had been putting stickers of the New York Marathon in my bathroom, my ofce, my car and even over my bed! I thought about it all the time. I can tell you that when you become totally absorbed in an upcoming race, you get there, even if its hard.
mi-Technology: personalised stimulation on-line training planner Workout statistics 8 categories of programmes
Backlit screen: improved readability Motor Point Pen: precise stimulation
You do everything you can to push yourself that little bit further in your sports performance. Because you are a rigorous competitor and because you like technology, you have chosen the COMPEX mi-SPORT, the must have technology for high level sportsmen and women. With this essential electrostimulation equipment, athletes benet from made-tomeasure personalised training. Each session provides optimal effectiveness and targeted work thanks to muscle intelligence technology. A proven success with sports enthusiasts, the COMPEX mi-SPORT covers an athletes full range of needs in terms of preparation and recovery, not forgetting pain management.


TOM The weather is irrelevant, I just need to go out and ride. And every year, when March comes, I start riding and building up the miles. To me, it has truly become a passion, and I denitely ride to release the stress and relax. It is vital for my balance. Naturally, among friends, we set goals, time each outing, compete with each other and try to improve our overall performance! Ive realized that my COMPEX PERFORMANCE helps me make regular progress. Ive used it mostly to gain in power so I can tackle slopes faster. Personally, Ive chosen the mi-SENSOR option, which makes working sessions easier and more effective. But the best of all is that after each outing I can enjoy a recovery session: essential if I want to be in shape for the next ride. Thats how Ive managed to improve and at the same time fulll my passion!

mi-READY: personalised stimulation (optional with the mi-SENSOR) Workout Statistics
8 categories of programmes Backlit screen: improved readability
You choose COMPEX PERFORMANCE mi-READY because its a complete stimulator offering a wide range of programmes. It meets all your sports requirements, from preparation, to competing and recovery, not forgetting resting phases or phases of forced inactivity. Because its an upgradable product, pre-set to work with the mi-SENSOR, you can use the mi-SCAN, mi-TENS and mi-RANGE functions to achieve more precise, personalised and targeted work during your sessions. COMPEX PERFORMANCE mi-READY is there to help sports enthusiasts who enjoy intensive, regular physical exertion.
ELSA It all started with a bet and now I run 2 to 3 times a week. The truth is, if you dont practice regularly, you cant really imagine how addicted you can become to sports. To help me go from occasional jogger to a more regular and advanced runner, I decided to use electrostimulation. The COMPEX ENERGY was exactly what I needed. It gives me that extra little bit of motivation, to help me go further, to help me prepare better and recover faster, to make my running session a pleasurable experience and not a painful one!
mi-READY: personalised stimulation (optional with the mi-SENSOR)
3 categories of programmes Backlit screen: improved readability
Training and physical effort are compatible with pleasure as long as you prepare yourself properly. COMPEX ENERGY mi-READY helps you prepare before exertion and feel good afterwards! COMPEX ENERGY mi-READY has a whole range of programmes to help you discover how effective electrostimulation is. The product can be upgraded as it is pre-set with the mi-READY technology. The mi-SCAN function is activated as soon as you connect the mi-SENSOR. By scanning your muscle and detecting its reactivity thresholds, it guarantees effective, safe sessions. COMPEX ENERGY mi-READY is always there for you, helping you combine physical effort with pleasure.

Cycling training plan

Training Programme for cyclists wanting to improve their power


1 x Strength
- 45 cycling session (moderate speed), then climb a 500-700 m hill (fast speed) and repeat 5-10 times - Recovery during descent - Inactivity 15-20, then 1 x Active recovery 1 x Strength
60 cycling session (moderate speed), then 1 x Strength
- 2.5-3 hours cycling session (moderate speed) - Muscle strengthening on hills (use a high gear ratio remaining seated), then 1 x Active Recovery

Cycle duration: 8 weeks

For professional cyclists, quick recovery and avoiding injuries are crucial! Thats why my fellow mates from the Columbia HTC team and I use our Compex daily. Speeding up the recovery phase allows me to be in top form, both for the next training session or the next race. Obviously, stage races are extremely demanding, thats why proper recovery is the key to success thats what makes the difference. After an intensive day of racing or after harsh training, my Compex helps me get back in shape in no time, whether Im on the move or in my hotel room. My Compex helps me recover faster and helps me train more efficiently! Mark Cavendish Team HTC-Columbia

Tim De Waele

MARCO Im a very energetic person, both at work and in my other daily activities. I dont spare myself when at the gym, and training hard is part of my lifestyle. I need to be on top and Im very demanding, so I like putting all the odds on my side. When I rst heard about Compex stimulators, I was attracted by their design and high tech approach. Compex devices are state-of-the-art and I immediately realized that the COMPEX mi-FITNESS and its body building programmes would help me reach my goals quicker. But what I am really keen on is the muscle intelligence technology. I love the idea that the stimulation levels automatically adapt to my physiology. It makes it all the more effective and the results are tangible: I am in great shape, and it shows!
mi-Technology: personalised stimulation Workout statistics 7 categories of programmes
Not everyone can afford a personal trainer. But a lot of people dream of having one! Fitness training and muscle building require serious work if you want visible results. Strong, toned muscles can only be achieved with perseverance and precise work. Now electrostimulation can help you achieve your objectives: by using the COMPEX mi-FITNESS youll benet from the best hi-tech electronics on the market. An absolute must-have which, thanks to muscle intelligence technology, offers made-to-measure, personalised training for accurately targeted work sessions and optimum effectiveness. Very tness orientated, but also with pain relief and vascular programmes, COMPEX mi-FITNESS is your very own trainer, always there to help you achieve your most ambitious targets. 14
EMMA Id love to exercise more and on a more regular basis, but I dont seem to nd the time to do it! New Years resolutions dont always last, and then, the effects of my lack of physical activity show up in the cruellest way, namely, on my abs and dress size. So, as a complement to the tness course I am taking, Ive chosen to work with the COMPEX FIT: its the simplest solution Ive found to maintain my gure and be in shape. I love it: I can take it anywhere; I turn it on and immediately have access to the goal I am working on. Right now, I am at session 7 of 18 of the Tone your arm muscles programme. The pace is given by the stimulator, just like a coach 3 times a week its really motivating, and I feel certain of what I am doing.

Designed for Women

Integrated coach: preset workout sessions
Backlit screen: improved readability Direct access to current exercise programme: simple
Good intentions deserve support! COMPEX FIT is perfect as a counterpart to your tness routine. Its programmes have been designed to encourage you and get results in 6 weeks. With its Coach feature, its extremely simple to use. COMPEX FIT covers certain specic feminine problem areas. On the one hand, it addresses problems like the need to tone your arm muscles or rm up your buttocks, but it also addresses your wellbeing with solutions for chronic pain or heavy legs sensation. Small, portable and mobile, COMPEX FIT is the ideal partner for active women to help them keep up their good resolutions.
My job is fairly intense and doesnt leave me enough time for exercise! When you spend 1 or 2 days a week sitting in meetings with your legs crossed, your circulation really starts to suffer. My COMPEX VITALITY eases that feeling of heaviness in the legs and also acts as a preventive device. Its so easy to use and precise. I generally do a 15 minute session twice a week, choosing a vascular programme (to alleviate discomfort in the legs, or using the lymphatic drainage option). These sessions really do me a world of good!
JOHN Since Ive retired, I play golf twice a week and run every Sunday morning: not a lot, but on a regular basis. A great way of staying in shape! But if I stop for a week or two, I suffer for it when I start up again. To ease the pain, Ive got a trick, a feel-good partner to look after me: my COMPEX VITALITY.
Easy Snap Electrodes: easy clip connection 6 categories of programmes
Backlit screen: improved readability Belt clip: allows mobility during session
You are active, people envy you, and everyone says you dont look your age! You simply dont feel the weight of the years, or even think of cutting down on your activities: table tennis, tennis, golf, walking, cycling, swimming And you dont have to pay for this energetic lifestyle with painful stiffness and having to spend time recovering! COMPEX VITALITY is designed to help you better prepare your body before physical effort and to recover better afterwards. Its the ultimate companion for wellbeing and pain relief for active, more mature people.

The range

Endurance Strength Active recovery Recovery plus Capillarization / Oxygenation Stretching Hypertrophy / Body building Fartlek Resistance Explosive Strength Plyometry Potentiation Core stabilization Regeneration Low back reinforcement Ankle twist prevention To improve performance for endurance sports To increase maximum strength and speed of muscle contraction To relax and recover faster and more effectively after a physical effort To relax and recover faster and more effectively after a demanding physical effort or intense muscle fatigue To increase blood ow and to prepare for efforts requiring endurance or muscle resistance To optimise the effects of voluntary stretching To increase muscle volume and improve muscular resistance to fatigue To train and prepare for all kinds of muscular work through different working sequences To increase the ability to perform intensive and prolonged efforts To improve explosivity - key performance factor in some sports To reproduce muscle activation induced by plyometric training To prepare muscles before a competition in an optimal way To strengthen the abs and lower back To replace or optimise a regeneration training session the day after a competition To strengthen the lower back and prevent back pain To improve ankle strength To improve the capacity of the muscles to tolerate prolonged exertion To increase muscular tone and volume To recover all the natural muscular qualities after a long period of inactivity To improve the resistance capacity of the muscle during intensive and prolonged exertion To increase muscle tone without building bulk To reproduce the results obtained with a step machine To develop strength with a slight increase in muscular volume To block the transmission of pain and to alleviate all types of localised pain To decrease muscular tension To create analgesic actions to block transmission of pain To block the transmission of pain in the upper back region To eliminate heavy legs sensation To prevent the onset of nocturnal cramp or cramp after strains, especially in the calves To decrease persistent elbow pains To block the transmission of pain in the lumbar region To treat localised pains (from the lombar region to the legs) To block the transmission of acute and intense lower back pain To generate a specic analgesic current that neutralises pains in the back of the neck To reduce the transmission of persistent pains in the joints To decrease the muscular tension in the neck muscles To enhance the effects of others treatments designed to reduce localised fat and cellulite To dene and sculpt the body when the muscles are already at a rming stage To regain muscle rmness and restore the support function of the muscles To increase the calorie expenditure To tone and prepare the muscles before an intensive rming workout To treat occasional swelling of the feet and ankles, may be used in conjunction with manual lymphatic drainage To improve circulation and skin tone To tone and rm the buttocks To strengthen and tone the abs

Aerobic Muscle building Muscle starter Anaerobic Hypertonic Step Power
TENS / Pain management TENS Contracture Endorphinic / Chronic pain Thoracic back pain Heavy legs Cramp prevention Epicondylitis Low back pain Lumbosciatica Lumbago Cervical pain Arthralgia Torticollis


Adipostress Shaping Muscle firming Calorilysis Muscle tone Lymphatic drainage Elasticity Buttocks Abs




C100 M50

Pantone 2935

Firm thighs Reduce waist Sculpt buttocks Tone arms Tone shoulder Prevent cellulite To work specically on toning and rming thighs To regain a rmer stomach and a slimmer waist To tone and rm buttocks To recover muscle tone in the triceps area To increase the muscular volume of the deltods To reinforce the action of local aesthetic treatment To train in a varied manner and develop muscles to support moderate to long muscular effort To diversify workouts in order to maintain a good level of general tness To vary workouts and enhance muscle resistance to fatigue To improve muscle explosivity while alternating training modes To relieve feelings of tiredness and 'heaviness' To eliminate all uncomfortable physical tensions To prepare the muscle before an unusual or specic physical activity To evacuate stress and associated muscular tension To decrease muscular tension and to generate a relaxing effect To complement a cooling down phase with light pain relief To regain muscle volume on a muscle that has been inactive for a long period: 1st step To complete the atrophy program when the muscles have gained volume : 2nd step To complete rehabilitation once the muscles have reached their normal volume : 3rd step To determine the ideal electrode placement and obtain optimal stimulation comfort To learn about and become familiar with the various applications of your device Interactive sensor linking the stimulator to your muscles Scans your muscle and adjusts the stimulator parameters to your physiology Permanently readjusts the pain relief treatment during TENS programs Optimizes the efciency of low frequency programs A combination of volontary and electrostimulated contractions Quick and easy to connect electrode-cable system Practical guide to help you benet from your stimulator as quickly as possible Real time monitoring of the key data of the programme in progress Specic weekly training plans for sports Training programmes pre-set into your stimulator Screen light activated when buttons are touched Correct positioning of your electrodes Rechargeable battery Recharges the batteries in less than two hours


Cross-endurance Combined workout Cross-resistance Cross-explosivity


Reviving massage Undulated massage 1 Toning massage Anti-stress massage Relaxing massage Undulated massage 2


Disuse atrophy Muscle growth Reinforcement

Motor point Demo

-SENSOR -SCAN -TENS -RANGE -ACTION EASY SNAP Quick start guide Workout statistics Training planner Integrated coach Backlit screen Motor point pen Battery Fast charger
Web site Web site Web site Web site Optional Web site Web site Optional Optional Optional

Web site Web site

Optional Optional Optional Optional

Optional Optional

Web site

All our accessories

Wire or snap electrodes performance Comfortable:
Optimal restitution of electrical power for more intense sessions, guaranteeing greater effectiveness.


Extended life cycle (varies depending on skin type and conditions of use).


Can be used with all types of stimulator.

Motor point pen

To place your electrodes correctly and thus improve the comfort and effectiveness of simulation.

mi-SENSOR cable

To access the muscle intelligence technology and discover the unparalleled effectiveness and comfort of customized electrostimulation. (See Pages 6 and 7)

Compex gel

Improves contact between skin and electrode Improves comfort and stimulation effectiveness Recommended for dry or very hairy skin Compatible with all electrode types For electrostimulation only For the complete accessory range go to



All COMPEX stimulators come with a 2-year warranty; they can also benet from a 1-year extension upon registration on
On our website you can nd all the information you need to set up your Compex device to create a workout plan according to your sport practice and goals, as well as Advice and Tips to optimize the effectiveness of your sessions For more information, please contact one of our ofces: United Kingdom Freephone: Australia Canada International
Compex reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this document, to revise or withdraw this document at any time without prior notice.

Art. 00-0935-EN-V2-04/10 Pictures Getty Images / iStockphoto / Tim De Waele

Mark Cavendish

Team HTC-Columbia
10 stage wins Tour de France 6 stage wins Giro dItalia Winner Milan-San Remo 2009



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