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cuoca 3:38pm on Friday, April 16th, 2010 
on switch fell off. After the on & off switch fell off. Nextar replaced it with there brand. Good service.

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The beauty of the early morning sunrise, the smell of freshly mowed grass, a warm summer wind brushing your face and the refreshing sound of a stream on your bike you can see, smell and feel the world around you. Each ride to the office, each trip to the beer garden or spin in the countryside is an adventure for your senses, and all this for free and without any restrictions. SRAM products combine history, experience and pioneering spirit. In 1903 Ernst Sachs developed the world-renowned Torpedo three-speed freewheel hub. In 1987 SRAM company founders Stan and F.K. Day introduced the legendary Grip ShiftTM shifter and revolutionised changing gears on bikes! After taking over Sachs in 1997, one of the great innovative developments in the biking world appeared. SRAM DualDriveTM, the inspired combination of a gear hub with a standard rear derailleur. Twenty-seven gears controlled by a single grip with just one hand. In the meantime SRAM has expanded to include brands such as RockShox, Avid and Truvativ. The synergies can be seen all around, whether it is the i-BRAKETM braking system or the new, sporty Trigger shifter option for SRAM DualDriveTM. SRAM has more than 1500 employees worldwide developing and producing quality products. A passion for cycling and new technology inspires our teams to be even more innovative, giving you the freedom to enjoy the senses, riding a bike. Have fun!


GripShift DualDrive shifter unit

DualDrive hub





DUALDRIVE_6 i- L I G HT_10 i- B RAK E_12 G E AR H U B S_14 S P A R C _ 17
The SRAM Component Series consists of four distinct categories: 1. drive systems, 2. braking systems, 3. electronic systems, 4. accessories. The following overview shows you clearly where you can find each of them on the bike and how you can customize your ride.


i-LIGHT Dynamo
1. Drive systems SRAM T3 SRAM P5 SRAM S7 SRAM DualDrive 24 SRAM DualDrive 27 2. Braking systems i-BRAKE drum brake hub 3. Electronic systems i-LIGHT Dynamos Sparc Electrical auxiliary drive 4. Accessories Chains Cassettes Front wheel hubs Brake grips




Cycling with fitness bikes is the latest trend to address the requirements more efficiently, SRAM has developed a trigger shifter for DualDrive. Just as for mountain bikes the thumb is used to change all gears quickly and precisely. This ensures always holding the handlebars securely with four fingers and the ability to change gears and brake at the same time. Both single-sided shifter and trigger shifter provide you all the advantages of the SRAM DualDrive System. Changing gears while shifting under the load or while stationary is accomplished easily with either the single-sided grip or the sporty and fast trigger shifter. The DualDrive System consists of three components, a single-sided


System DualDrive
shifter, the three-speed gear hub and the rear derailleur. The ergonomic single-sided shifter is the central control of the system. You can change all gears easily with one hand. The right thumb makes a simple selection between three gear modes, uphill, downhill and flat. Ideal for commuting downtown, the three-speed gear hub can be shifted even when you stop at a traffic light. The ergonomic single sided twist shifter operates the rear derailleur. While climbing you can change down quickly and efficiently into a lower gear under load allowing you to enjoy the ride without worrying about changing gears. Optimum riding comfort for entry level as well as experienced touring bikers, DualDrive even features a sealed cable system and the proven Clickbox system for little maintenance.

DualDrive Trigger

DualDrive single-hand grip
3-speed gear hub 9-speed shift unit

Trigger option

9-speed rear derailleur
3-speed gear hub 8-speed shift unit 8-speed rear derailleur
Single-hand Gear Shift Benefits of DualDriveTM - Gear change whilst stationary (at a red light) - Gear change when moving on gradients - Gear change with one hand (max. 27 gears) - No dirty trousers and clothing (chain guard)
Technology: Gears: Indicator: Details: Compatibility: Option:
1:1 actuation ratio, SRSTM, Grip Shift 24 / 27 Display of three ride modes Thermoplast plastic, polyamide reinforced fibre-glass housing SRAM DualDriveTM gear hub and shift lever DualDriveTM 27-gear shift

DualDrive Hub Gear

Technology: Gears: Weight: Details: Compatibility:
DualDriveTM power-shift gear change 3 Approx. 970g Sealed aluminium hub body DualDriveTM cassette and gear shift

Rear Derailleur

Disc brake

DualDrive Cassette

1:1 actuation ratio, Di.R.T 8/9 Approx. / 275g / 260g Composite steel / composite alloy / alloy-alloy composite SRAM DualDriveTM gear shift
Technology: PowerGlide IITM Gears: 8/9 Number of teeth: 12-32 / 11-32 / 11-34 Weight: Approx. 320g / 330g Compatibility: SRAM & Shimano chains


i-BRAKE version

Supplementary components

i-BRAKETM, i-LIGHTTM, VR drum brake, crank, 9 speed chains: PC-991 / PC-971 / PC-951, 8 speed chains: PC-48 / PC-58 / PC-68, Avid disc brake
Efficiency Losses in idle Bearing points Versions

Finish options

60 % (with lighting switched on) 2 Watt Cartridge bearing, sealed 2.4 Watt / 6 Volt or 3 Watt / 6 Volt for Germany Quick release and full axle version, i-BRAKE Option, Disc Brake Option Silver, black, polished

Disc brake version

The i-LIGHTTM hub dynamo transforms your bicycle into a mobile power station. Highly efficient and with minimum rolling resistance, it provides great and simple power for lighting systems. Compact and efficient, i-LIGHTTM is a reliable solution for an integrated power source for front and rear lights. Even at low speeds, i-LIGHTTM provides high electrical performance. Starting and rolling resistances are extremely low with i-LIGHTTM. Reliable electronics integrated into the front wheel hub guarantee performance in all weather conditions.

The optomised current connection (according to regulation) can be installed with correct polarity, quickly and easily. A low idling loss means that i-LIGHTTM shows less rolling resistance with the light switched off than other hub dynamos. i-LIGHTTM is also available in an i-BRAKETM and disc brake compatible version.
Compatible with Brake lever Brake system Bearings


SRAM gear hubs (SRAM S7, SRAM P5, SRAM T3, SRAM DualDriveTM) SRAM i-BRAKETM compatible front wheel hub, i-LIGHTTM hub dynamo Linear pull compatible Sealed for uniform braking performance Sealed cartridge bearings for excellent ride characteristics and all-weather protection


Gewichtsoption Weight option
i-BRAKE Vorderradnabe i-BRAKE front wheel hub
The SRAM i-BRAKE braking system was developed specifically for everyday use: sporty, comfortable and reliable. The predominant advantages are precise application, combined with excellent braking performance, and low overall weight. i-BRAKE is very safe with a sealed system to brake just as safely in the wet as in the dry. i-BRAKE inspires confidence with its pleasing design, simple brake adjustment and excellent braking performance in wet conditions. A clearly defined pressure point guarantees safety. The large cooling disc permits optimum heat dispersal and prevents temperature-dependent reduction in braking efficiency. SRAM i-BRAKE is DIN plus certified for proven braking efficiency, and operational reliability on Comfort bikes. Tool free simple adjustment.


For all-weather cyclists who rely on their equipment throughout the year, SRAM gear hubs are the right product, no matter whether its the classic SRAM T3 hub, the first choice for town riders or the Bandix option for children, the SRAM P5 hub, which is synonymous with reliability (the German Post Office uses these hubs for all postal delivery bicycles), or the SRAM S7, the hub for all those who are passionate about touring.

SRAM S7 gear hub

Technology: Total Ratio: Operation: Details:

Touring Pro: Comfortable touring from Passau to Vienna

SRAM S7 grip shift



SRAM S7 freewheel hub i-BRAKE

Back-pedal brake - black

Free wheel - black

Compatibility: DIN plus:

Hub gear 303 % Gear lever and Clickbox Drum brake - aluminium back-pedal brake - steel freewheel hub - steel i-BRAKETM hub SRAM S7 gear change / Klickbox Back-pedal brake, i-BRAKETM

SRAM S7 gear change

Technology: Speeds: Indicator: Details:


SRSTM 7 Display window Reinforced nylon, optimised grip length All SRAM S7 hubs

SRAM S7 back-pedal brake

S7 drum brake hub

SRAM P5 gear hub

Technology: Total Ratio: Operation: Details: Weatherproof: 25000 post office bikes rely on the SRAM P5 hubs and gear change
SRAM P5 grip shift Klickbox
SRAM free wheel hub SRAM P5P5 Freilaufnabe
Hub gear change 251 % Gear lever and Clickbox Drum brake - aluminium back-pedal brake - steel freewheel hub - steel i-BRAKETM hub SRAM P5 gear change/ Klickbox Back-pedal brake, i-BRAKETM

SRAM P5 gear change

Technology: Gears: Indicator: Details:
SRSTM 5 Display window Reinforced nylon, optimised grip length All SRAM S5 hubs

SRAM P5 back-pedal brake

S7 Trommelbremsnabe P5 drum brake hub

SRAM T3 gear hub

Technology: Total Ratio: Operation: Details: The classic: proven a million times over on the Bonanza bike

SRAM T3 grip shift

Bandix version
Hub gears 186 % Gear lever and idler Drum brake - aluminium back-pedal gear - steel freewheel hub - steel i-BRAKETM hub SRAM T3 gear change

SRAM T3 gear change

SRSTM 3 Quick display Reinforced nylon, optimised grip length All SRAM T3 hubs

SRAM T3 back-pedal brake

SRAM T3 freewheel hub Torpedo gear change i-BRAKE

T3 drum brake hub

The first bike! You dont want to confuse your kids too much, but you do want to provide them with flexibility and the highest level of safety the BandixTM version of the SRAM T3 gear hub offers you these. The twist shifter developed especially for young hands is smaller and guarantees a safe grip. The hub is incorporated easily into a chain guard case, preventing trousers from getting caught in the chain and causing a crash!


Drum brake, rear

Drum brake, front

16.8 V NiMH high-capacity battery giving a range of up to 40 km! Two sprocket belts for power transmission, 70% noise reduction. The lightest electrical drive worldwide.
Intuitive operation, capacity indicator integrated into handlebar. Small, light charger simple, safe charging procedure, even on the bike. The battery does not need to be removed.

The new SparcTM electrical auxiliary drive - faster, quieter, further! SparcTM is SRAMs power assist drive system comprising a 5-speed gear hub and electrical auxiliary drive. The new toothed-belt driven TwinDriveTM technology allows the use of more powerful motors. Together with the new high-performance NiMH battery, a SparcTM bike is now faster and has a greatly reduced motor noise (70 % quieter) and a considerably larger range (up to 40 km). The system offers an Economy or Speed Mode. The more powerful engine is evident on climbs delivering up to 20% more output when climbing hills at 4 to 11 km/h. A SparcTM bicycle is only slightly heavier than a conventional bike. This means it handles like a normal bicycle with all the advantages of integrated pedalling assistance.

Twin drive

Grip shift

Control unit

Battery housing


Discover your city by bike! You wont find an adventure today as cheap, simple, convenient and exciting. The pictures for this catalogue were taken in Munich. Explore the city is our motto, and this is exactly what we did: cycling rallies along the Isar river, relaxing at the Flaucher beer garden, cooling off in the English Garden and fine food at the Eisbach, culture in the new Pinakothek and open-air Opera at the Odeonsplatz, partying at the 8 Seasons, with no issue finding a parking spot in the Maximilians Street, meeting fun-loving and interesting people. You can see that riding your bike can be great fun. Get a few friends together and prepare a list with the following themes (you can add as many as you like) 1. Park, 2. Beergarden, 3. Art, 4. Culture, 5. Bar, 6. Party., youll think of something to do in every town and if you cant, simply ask a local or make a coffee stop at the nearest Internet cafe, enjoy !

Thanks to Andrea, Eva, Verena, Mathias, Maik, Helmut, Carola, Gatan, Sandra, Nik, Mia, Susi und Lilly.


SRAM Corporation 1333 North Kingsbury, 4th floor Chicago, Illinois 60622 U.S.A. Tel: +1- 312 -664-Fax: +1-312-664- e-mail:


SRAM Europe Basicweg 12-D 3821 BR Amersfoort The Netherlands Tel: + 31- 33 - 450 -Fax: + 31- 33 - 457- e-mail:


SRAM Taiwan No. 1598-8 Chung Shan Road Shen Kang Hsiang, Taichung County 429 Taiwan R.O.C. Tel: + 886 -4 -25 61-Fax: + 886 - 4 -25 61- e-mail:


w w w. s r a m. c o m


The Brompton rides well, is safe and defines the word portable. Other folding bikes have their own individual character and purpose, but none we feel matches the Brompton's convenience.
"The brainchild of engineer Andrew Ritchie.every part of this most compactly folding bicycle is designed and put together with meticulous attention to detail" Cycle Touring & Campaigning
Certainly out of the ordinary
Like many others, I use a Brompton a lot. I ride mine more or less five thousand miles a year, and fold it two or three times a day; so I'm something of an addict. It's my daily transport to work and around London and I'm seldom without it on a train or on holidays: and a couple of Bromptons invariably come in the car when away for a weekend, often never used but fun now and again for a day's hiking. That's the joy of the Brompton; though it's become a way of life, I don't have to use it. And when I do, the sense of independence is great. The Brompton is certainly out of the ordinary, but so too is the company that makes them. In our factory just outside London, the whole engineering process (from bending tube through frame-building to final assembly) takes place in-house. We have complete control of materials and for every bike we ship we can identify whose work went into all stages of its manufacture: moreover, many of the production team use a Brompton and have a good feel for how the product needs to be. So we have real confidence in the quality of what we make here. You may feel that we are unduly enthusiastic in this brochure about the Brompton. Please remember though, that this is how we at Brompton have come to feel about the bike, both from our own use and through all the positive feedback we get from users around the world.

About the design

The Brompton is a finely engineered and elegant machine. It has a full-size frame, which for strength and stiffness is made of steel. Thanks to a careful choice of alloys and tube sections, it's light and the bike is easy to carry: actual weight depends on the configuration and ranges from about ten and a half to thirteen kilos. There are three types of Brompton, the T-type, the L-type and the simpler C-type. All have rear suspension, which incidentally also allows instant "parking" of the bike; a very handy feature and the first step in folding On the L- and T-types, many parts are designed specially for the Brompton. In particular, high-pressure tyres and a powerful braking system are fitted, and these transform the feel and performance of these bikes. The Brompton's remarkable ability to fold is achieved without complexity, and its maintenance needs are much the same as for a normal bike
"The central feature of the Brompton is its brilliantly conceived folding method. It has to be seen to be believed.. the Brompton is one of those rare technical advances that in practice genuinely extend the scope and attractiveness of cycling" Robert Poole, NEW CYCLIST
Folding or unfolding is a simple procedure, as once parked the Brompton stands on its own leaving both hands free: there are three main parts to fold and it takes just fifteen to twenty seconds. When folded, a Brompton stays locked together automatically, making an extremely compact package, little larger than its wheels. Rollers underneath make it easy to stow the bike in inaccessible corners and these can even be used for wheeling the folded bike around. As for the ride, the Brompton's a pretty lively machine. The combination of Sturmey Sram/Sachs hub gears, a rigid frame and accurate alignment makes for really efficient transmission of your energy. Moreover, its small wheels have a number of intrinsic advantages: they are strong, light, easy to accelerate and highly manoeuvrable. The Brompton is the only bike in the world to combine such ready portability with a first-class ride, and it creates countless new opportunities for using a bicycle.
"It is the sort of bike you can hand in with your coat at a restaurant cloakroom and have clicked back into shape while friends are still arguing over where it was exactly they parked their car." Daniel Ward, THE TIMES
Perfect for people on the move
There's no better travelling companion than the Brompton. There are no projections or loose parts and, with the frame or saddle as a handle, the folded bike is just like a small suitcase, lightweight and really easy to manage On the train or bus, it tucks neatly into luggage space. Vulnerable parts like lights and cable-runs are out of harm's way, and because the chain and gears are inside there's no worry about getting grease on your owi (or your fellow travellers') clothes. So the folded Brompton is welcome on virtually all public transport, even where restrictions apply to normal bikes. On aircraft, you might hesitate before taking it on as cabin luggage, but there's no problem in checking it in normally (it's lovely hiking off at the other end), and of course one or more Bromptons can easily go in the car.

On the road, the Brompton is a revelation! The bike rides like no other folder (or small-wheeled bike for that matter) I have ridden." Andrew Sutcliffe, BICYCLE ACTION
"Folding bikes rarely make the grade as a Design Classic; they are simply full of too many compromises. The Brompton, however, stands head and shoulders above the rest" Hilary Stone, CYCLING PLUS
How do you take the healthy option for travelling about? How do you avoid reaching for the car for short trips? How do you save fares? How can you get quickly around town as the roads become ever fuller? You use a bike. Fine, but then you have to worry about it being stolen: also it's seldom easy to take with you. And where do you keep it if you don't want the bike stuck permanently in the hallway? It's here that the Brompton really comes into its own. It's the bike you keep in a cupboard or under the stairs. It's the bike that carries lots of luggage or shopping and still rides OK. It's the bike you can pick up and take in with you when you get to the shops, the theatre, or the station. It's the bike to use when traffic or parking is a problem. It's also the bike to bring out for long rides in the country. You'll love its ride, you'll love the way it tucks into the smallest corner. It's practical and it's fun. That's the Brompton solution
"the Brompton is not a lash-up, or a package of compromises; it works - click! - because everything about it is right." BYCYCLE
Except on the C-type, any combination of the options here can be factory fitted. All the options can also be retro-fitted on any model. Apart from saddle position, none of the options changes the size of the folded bike

Options and accessories

Front-Carrier system
The Brompton System provides a highly convenient method for taking luggage on the bike as it only takes a moment to attach or release it. As the load is attached direct to the main bike frame, it has little effect on steering. The system is a delight to use, especially if you regularly need to take luggage or shopping with you. At the heart of the system are a tapered block and a special frame which latches onto it. There is then a choice of three soft-luggage options which fit over this frame: all are badged for safety with a reflective Brompton mark. A shoulder strap (not shown) is available for the two panniers.
"During a long day in Holland most of which was spent in a meeting. I covered some 60km (and passed scores of conventional bikes) on a variety of surfaces. I also tried the unique Front-Carrier System, with its briefcase-style bag. This proved ideal for the trip, with separate compartments for documents, a change of clothes, lights, etc and is instantly detachable." Chris Juden, CTC Magazine

Battery Lighting System (L-type and C-type)
The powerful six-LED Basta rear lamp (L) stays fixed to the bike, lightweight and safe from damage when carried around. The Catyeye front lamp (M) is removed for folding, using an easy quick release. The set comes complete with batteries and with the front lamp removed weighs 140gms (Complete 350gms).
T-type Dynamo System. Standlights for when stationary
The 'STEADY' version of the Basta rear dynamo lamp (N) stays on for four minutes after you have stopped; a great safety feature. For the front, the Cateye battery lamp (M) can be fitted, its large switch handy for frequent operation.
A - Front Carrier Block and Clip - 100gms
A mounting kit is provided and the block has a sprung clip to keep luggage in place when riding. The block does not project from the folded package.
G - Brooks Leather Saddle - Extra 420gms
Made for Brompton, this beautiful traditional saddle will give years of comfortable riding. For real refinement specify a titanium frame (235 gms lighter and with more spring).
B - Cloth Pannier - 1380gms
A handy and practical holdall made from tough waterproof polyester fabric. The main compartment has a divider for keeping papers separate from other articles. At the back, there are two pockets for items such as tools, maps etc. All the compartments have zip-fasteners. Capacity 22 litres.
Saddle Height and Riding Position
With the standard seat pillar, the saddle can be up to 965mm from the ground (730mm from the bottom bracket). The three options below allow extra height or a closer reach to the handlebars (small fore/aft adjustments to the handlebar can also be made).
H - Extended Seat Pillar- Extra 150gms
60mm longer than the standard seat pillar, with the saddle correspondingly higher when folded
C - Folding Basket - 1340gms
Using the same material as the panniers, provides a large, open-top container which is ideal for shopping. Its shape is maintained by a simple bracing frame which folds flat for storage. Drainage holes are provided in case of rain. Capacity 24 litres.
I Telescopic Seat Pillar - Extra 295gms
Permits a saddle height up to 175mm higher than normal, yet when lowered the saddle projects only 30mm from the folded package.
D - Touring Pannier - 1670gms
Has considerably more capacity than the Cloth Pannier, and a roll-top system with nylon clips for closing. There are two pockets at the back and a divider inside. In addition, there are three elasticated net pockets around the outside, where you can stuff the things you need during your ride. Total internal capacity approx 28 litres.
Saddle Adaptor Pin - 125gms (not shown)
This brings the saddle forward and, if fitted pointing down, allows the smallest folded-bike size. Pointing up, it raises the saddle 30mm.

The standard Brompton tyres (42FL 'YELLOW') are exceptionally free-running, durable and lightweight, with a low risk of punctures. This risk is even lower with the following options:
Front-Carrier Frame - 690gms (not shown)
Although its main use is as a backbone for the cloth items, it may also be used on its own for tying on other luggage.
J - Brompton Kevlar tyres 42 FT GREEN'
The Kevlar belt under the tread barely affects the free running qualities and you can almost say goodbye to punctures.
E - Rainproof Cover - 55gms
The Brompton rainproof cover keeps your luggage dry in heavy rain. An elasticated hem keeps it in place and when not in use it takes up next to no space.
K - Schwalbe Marathon tyres A little heavier (110gms per pair) than the Brompton tyres and not quite so free-running, but with a particularly robust construction:
* Built-in Kevlar belt as on the 42FT * Deep uni-directional tread for better grip off-tarmac * Thicker sidewall to lower the risk of pinch-punctures
F - Cover and Saddle-Bag - 240gms
A cover is often useful, especially when travelling on public transport. The zip-up Brompton Cover is quick to fit or remove and can be drawn tight around the base of the bike using its draw-cord. The cover fits in the saddle bag.
The range comprises five models: the relatively inexpensive C-type, with 3 speeds, and the more sophisticated L- and T-types, where you have a choice of 3 or 6 gears. The engineering of the frame itself is broadly similar for all models. On the L and T models, much of the componentry is made specially for Brompton, which transforms the feel and ride of these bikes: also the Brompton folding pedal is standard. If you expect to be a regular user, it's best to opt for one of these. For a small charge, these models can be specially built to order, using any of the Brompton colours and options

The choice of bikes

Main frame
Extremities (Forks, handlebar support and rear frame)
Black Blue Green Ivory Red Silver *Turkish Yellow Black Green Red Silver Turkish

Special Colours

Available on bikes made to order. You can choose all one colour, or opt to have extremities and main-frame different (which allows some striking combinations). The special-colour surcharge is higher if you choose silver. * With Turkish for the main frame, w e recommend that the extremities are alsoTurkish.

C-type (C3, far left)

Effectively a Brompton in basic form, the C3 has all the fundamental advantages of the Brompton design; though it's designed for occasional fair-weather use, it's still fine for riding hard or far. The C-Type is red and has no mudguards. It cannot be made to special order, but any Brompton option can be fitted retrospectively.
L-type (L3 or L6, near left)
Of the two models L and T, the L-Type is the simpler and lighter. Although it lacks a rear carrier, the optional front luggage system can take care of most day-to-day needs. And for riding after dark, Brompton battery lights can be fitted without affecting folding. Standard colours: Green all over, or Red with Black extremities


The highly efficient Sram 3-speed hub, proven over many decades, has a gear change which couldn't be simpler. For many users the three well-chosen ratios are fine, ideal for general use and around town.

T-type (T3 or T6 centre)

Equipped with a modern dynamo-powered lighting system as standard, and also a rear rack: these don't change the folded size, but add perceptibly to the weight. However, it's a great convenience to have lights permanently to hand on the bike and with the rear and front carriers together, you can really take lots with you. Standard colours: Green or Black.


A second sprocket on the rear hub serves to give 6 evenly spaced gears with a range of 213%. The unique derailleur mechanism, designed and made by Brompton, is compact and doesn't affect folding. Changing gear is easy. For both triggers, up gives a higher gear, and down a lower gear. Maintenance is minimal (though the changer may need cleaning after a muddy ride). With its very low transmission losses this multi-gear system is the right choice for touring and for riding in hilly areas.

Special Gearing

The standard gear ratios are given overleaf. On made-to-order bikes w e can also supply gearing as follows: *6-speed models, 12% lower *3-speed models, 12% or 18% lower

General specifications

Weight Range Wheelbase Bottom Bracket Height Saddle Height Min Max A: Max B: Max C: Handlebar Height Folded Size Height Length Width Wheel Size Tyre Diameter Steering Frame 10.7-12.8kgs 23.5 - 28.2lbs (see note 1) 1015mm 270mm 40.0" 10.6"
Specifications for individual models
Weight C3 L3 L6 T3 T6 C3 L & T - types 11.35kgs 11.40kgs 11.60kgs 12.14kgs 12.34kgs Raleigh Record, 5.3bar, Schrader valve Brompton, free-running skinwall tyres, flexible, (60tpi) nylon carcass, 6.8 bar, Schrader valve Type 630 pattern sidepull calipers, Saccon City levers Brompton dual-pivot caliper at front. Brompton high-leverage caliper at rear, forged alloy Brompton levers Reflectors only Reflectors standard, battery lighting optional AXA IQ Dynamo, Basta 425 halogen front lamp. Basta SL6 six-LED rear lamp: standlight(s) optional 42.8" 58.2" 79.2" 46.5" 63.3" 86.1" 40.3" 46.5" 54.8" 63.3" 74.6" 86.1" 3.42m 4.65m 6.32m 3.71m 5.05m 6.87m 3.22m 3.71m 4.38m 5.05m 5.96m 6.87m Ritmo 127mm FAG 119mm sealed unit Alloy cranks, 46T steel chainwheel, Sachs natural-finish chain, rear-sprocket 13T Stronglight all alloy 50T chainset (44T for lower gearing). Sram nickel-plated chain with bevelled inner links. Standard rear sprocket 13T As for L3 & T3, but two rear sprockets, 13T & 15T Wellgo, plain bearing, nylon frame LH: Brompton Folding Pedal with precision bearing RH; Wellgo, sealed ball-bearings, 'Boron' axle, nylonframe As below, but with galvanised spokes Alesa alloy rims, 28H, stainless spokes (front 14swg, rear 13swg), alloy front hub with sealed cup and cone bearings. Sram Spectro (Sachs) 3-speed rear hub. Not fitted Brompton/Zefal high-pressure with thumblock

Tyress (see note 2) 760mm 29.9" 965mm 38.0" 1022mm 40.3" 1140mm 44.9" 1015 mm 40.0" Lights


C3 L & T - types
(see note 3) 565 mm 22.2" 545 mm 21.5" 250 mm 9.8" 37/349 ETRTO 16x1 3/8" 422mm 16.6"

C3 L - type T - type

Gear Ratios C3 Imperial L3 T3 L6 T6 meric C3 L3 T3 L6 T6
Angle 72.4: bearings Via" oversize Low-carbon and Cr/Mo alloy-steel tubes with cast-iron/forged steel hinges. Brazed joints. Phosphate and polyester powder coat finish. The weights of the standard models are given in the right hand column. The weights given here are respectively for: a) a bare C3 with alloy chainset and fast tyres, b) a fully equipped standard T6, including cover and saddle bag. Dimension A is the maximum saddle height (from the ground) with the saddle mounted direct on a standard seat pillar. Dimension the height using an extended pillar, and dimension using a telescopic seat pillar. With wire framed saddles (heavier) or saddle adaptor pin, you can typically obtain dimensions 20-30mm higher than the figures given. The size given is that of a three-speed with a saddle adaptor pin and with the left hand pedal removed; the folding pedal projects 20mm from this envelope: the five-speed is 7mm wider. Depending on rider preference, the saddle may also lie outside this envelope.
BB C3 Cartridge L & T - types Transmission C3 L3 T3

note 1

note 2



note 3

Warranty If your bicycle has a manufacturing defect w e will replace the defective
part free of charge if w e are notified within five years (in the case of the frame) or two years (in the case of other parts) from the date of first purchase of the bicycle. The Brompton is for use on roads and well made paths. It is not designed for cross county riding: this can overstress the frame, and anyway the tyres and wheels are unsuitable. Product specifications may be changed: weights and dimensions may vary slightly. 2002 Brompton Bicycle Ltd. Kew Bridge Distribution Centre Lionel Road Brentford Middlesex TW8 9QR Tel: 8484
Designed and produced by The Bubblegate Company Limited Photography by Gerard Brown. Digital retouching by Matt Kay.



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manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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