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Dell DJ DJDell BA20203R60700 Battery & MP3 Player Battery, 950mAh
This 3.7V/950mAh Li-ion battery replaces the the battery in your Dell DJ5GB MP3 player.

Brand: BatteryShip
Part Number: BA20203R60700
UPC: 072828657483

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TimaK 5:59am on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 
Small, Nice design Bad Quality OK, heres the thing, I got this as a gift for x-mas, it was great! Then about 2 weeks later, when everythign was right.

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Dell Services

Service Description: Dell DJ Out of Warranty Battery Replacement Service
Service Overview Subject to the limitations set forth in this Service Description and payment of the service fee, Dell will replace the Dell Digital Jukebox battery (the Battery) one time as necessary in accordance with this Service Description. The Dell Digital Jukebox Battery Replacement Service (the Service) has the following features: Feature Troubleshooting Shipping to Dell Details Dell will perform preliminary phone troubleshooting to diagnose problem Customer returns product to Dell depot at Dells expense To help prevent loss, customer should maintain a backup of music and data Upon receipt of unit, Dell will verify unit functionality (ex-battery) by testing unit while plugged into AC adaptor If Dell determines that product will not function with only a Battery replacement, Dell will return unit to customer (at Dell expense) and refund service fee If Battery will make unit function, Dell will open unit, replace battery, reseal unit, charge battery Dell reserves the right to send replacement unit instead of original Dell DJ Retest unit to verify operability with new Battery Dell pays for return shipping to customer Dell warrants parts and labor for 90 days following repair during which time Dell will re-perform the service or replace the unit service if it is returned to us and proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.

Battery replacement

Verification of operability Return to customer 90-day warranty on parts and labor
Limitations on Service. This Service does not cover and Dell is not obligated to repair or replace: Any recovery or transfer of data stored on Customers Dell Digital Jukebox. Customer is solely responsible for all data stored on the Dell Digital Jukebox. Dell does not provide Customer with any data r covery e services under this Service Description. Any Dell Digital Jukebox located outside Canada. Any damage to or defect in the Dell Digital Jukebox that is cosmetic only or otherwise does not affect device functionality. Dell will not repair wear and tear on the device and other superficial items, such as scratches and dents. Any Dell Digital Jukebox Device that anyone other than Dell or a person Dell designates has tried to repair. Any repair or attempted repair on the device covered by this Servi ce Description by any party other than Dell or someone Dell designates will void and cancel this Service Description. Dell will not reimburse Customer for any repairs that Customer or another person makes or attempts to make to the Dell Digital Jukebox. Support Procedures Cooperation. To receive the Service, Customer must cooperate with the technician to ensure that the Dell Digital Jukebox is properly serviced. The technician will give Customer directions to ship the Dell Digital Jukebox to Dells repair facility. So long as Customer follows Dells directions, Dell will pay all shipping charges for return of the Dell Digital Jukebox to Dells repair facility. Once at Dells repair facility, Dell may DJ Battery Replacement Rev. 1.1 Page 1 123005
replace the Battery or return the product to Customer if Dells assessment is that the product will not function with only a Battery replacement. Contact. Customer should call 1-800-847-4096 to receive the Service. A Dell technician will ask for the Service Tag number located on Customers Dell Digital Jukebox and the technician will ask Customer a series of questions to assess the need to replace the Battery. Hours of Operation. The hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. customer local time, excluding regularly observed holidays. Dell is not liable for any failure or delay in performance due to any cause beyond its control. Important Additional Information Term and Renewal. This Service Description is a one time agreement to replace the Battery in a Dell Digital Jukebox during term specified on customers invoice. Claims of Confidentiality or Proprietary Rights. Customer agrees that any information or data disclosed or sent to Dell, over the telephone, electronically or otherwise, is not confidential or proprietary to Customer. Transferability. This Service Description is transferable subject to the transfer provisions set forth in Dells standard terms and conditions of sale. Terms and Conditions. Dell is pleased to provide the Services in accordance with this Service Description and the terms and conditions of the Dell Customer Master Services Agreement or Customers applicable separate signed agreement with Dell, or in the absence of such an agreement, Dells standard invoice terms and conditions of sale (see Please consult Customers agreement for the complete terms of service. Limited Liability. CUSTOMERS SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY AND DELLS ENTIRE, COLLECTIVE LIABILITY IN CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, UNDER THIS SERVICE DESCRIPTION IS THE REPLACEMENT OF THE DELL DIGITAL JUKEBOX OR REFUND OF THE SERVICE FEE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THIS SERVICE DESCRIPTION.



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