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vinceblogg 4:38am on Friday, October 8th, 2010 
Looks good and even heats the room It even comes with an IR remote control which will please the most demanding couch potato!
jlrowe 11:50am on Friday, September 3rd, 2010 
Small and powerful This is the best heater I ever bought. It is small and look very stylish and the best part is it comes with a handy remote control.
protric 9:11pm on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 
Excellent Kit If you need a small versatile heater with a good heat output and a remote control this is worth considering. Ceramic Heater Good price and good value for money Very good heat output also added bonus of remote control

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Please retain these instructions for future reference

Pulse MODE (B)

Base swing button ON light

ON/OFF button (A)

Adjustable base

2 DCH2570E

Thank you for choosing this DeLonghi heater. To get the very best out of your new heater it is advisable to read these instructions before using it.This will ensure that you gain optimum results and use the appliance safely. Electrical connection - Before plugging the appliance into the mains, check that your supply voltage is the same as that shown on the rating plate of the appliance. - If using more than one appliance at a time, it is important to ensure that the ring main is adequate to cope with the power requirements. - It is important to ensure that the socket is adequately earthed. - This appliance complies with EEC directive 89/336 regarding electromagnetic compatibility. Installation The appliance can be used on any horizontal surface. Do not overload the electrical circuit. Avoid using the same socket for other appliances. OPERATION AND USE 1. Make sure the appliance is off before plugging into the mains 2. To turn the appliance on, the switch at the back must be in the I position.The appliance emits a beep.The ON light also comes on and remains lit while power to the appliance is on. 3. Press button A to turn the appliance on. 4. The appliance starts up in LOW mode (minimum heat output). The display shows room temperature. 5. Press the Mode button (B) to switch to HIGH mode (maximum heat output).The display shows room temperature. 6. Press the Mode button (B) again to switch the appliance to Auto mode.The display shows both room temperature and the temperature set point.To change the temperature set point, use the + and buttons. 7. Press the Mode button (B) a fourth time to switch the appliance back to LOW mode.When the Mode button is pressed continuously, the appliance switches through the following modes in sequence: LOW HIGH AUTO. 8. To turn the appliance off, press button A and place the switch on the back in the 0 position.


Adjusting the thermostat Press the Mode button (B) until AUTO is displayed. Use the + and buttons to increase or reduce the temperature set point The thermostat will then keep room temperature at the selected level automatically. When room temperature is 2C above the set temperature, the appliance goes off. When room temperature drops below the set temperature, the appliance comes on automatically. Frost prevention mode You can keep the room at a temperature of about 5C to prevent freezing with minimum energy consumption. Press the Mode button (B) until Auto is displayed. Press the _ button to select a temperature set point of 5C. When the room temperature drops below the set temperature, the appliance comes on automatically. Models with motorised rotating base A number of models have a motorised rotating base. To distribute the air flow over a larger area, press the swing switch The appliance swings from right to left. To stop the appliance in the desired position, simply press the switch again. MAINTENANCE Always unplug from the mains socket before cleaning. During the season when the appliance is in use, clean the air intake and outlet grilles regularly using a vacuum cleaner. Never use abrasive powders or solvents. Cleaning and maintenance The heater should not required any maintenance. However before attempting to clean the heater, remove the plug from the power socket and allow the heater to cool. After the heater has cooled, clean it with a soft damp cloth, do not use detergents or abrasives. Periodically clean the air intake and outlet grilles during the period in which the heater is in use with a vacuum cleaner. Should the heater not be in use for a length of time, store it in a dry place.This appliance has been built to provide many years of trouble free service. In case of malfunction, do not try to repair the heater yourself: it may result in fire hazard or electric shock. Warnings - Do not use the heater in a bathroom or in the vicinity of bathtubs, wash basins, showers or swimming pools. - Never use the heater to dry laundry. - Only use the heater in an upright position.

DCH2570E 4

- The heater must be positioned at least 50cm from walls, curtains, furniture or other objects. - If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. - Do not use this appliance in rooms which have a floor area smaller than 4m2 as this may lead to overheating. - The heater must never be placed immediately under a fixed mains socket. - Never obstruct the heaters intake and outlet grilles as this could cause dangerous overheating. - IMPORTANT: Never for any reason cover the appliance during operation as this could lead to dangerous overheating. - A safety device intervenes and turns the appliance off and the pilot light will switch on in the event of overheating. To reactivate the heater, remove the plug from the mains, allow the appliance to cool (for about 10 minutes), remove the cause of the overheating and then plug the appliance back into the mains and turn it back on. - The use of an extension lead is not recommended, however if it is necessary then follow carefully the extension leads instructions, and most importantly ensure that the extension lead is carefully rated in accordance with the radiator being used and NEVER overloaded. - In order to avoid any danger caused by an accidental resetting of the safety system, this appliance must not be powered through an external timer. - As with any electrical appliance, whilst the instructions aim to cover as many eventualities as possible, caution and common sense should be applied when operating your appliance, particularly in the vicinity of young children. WARNING: In order to avoid overheating, never under any circumstances cover the appliances during operation, as this would lead to dangerous overheating.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CORRECT DISPOSAL OF THE PRODUCT IN ACCORDANCE WITH EC DIRECTIVE 2002/96/EC. At the end of its working life, the product must not be disposed of as urban waste. It must be taken to a special local authority differentiated waste collection centre or to a dealer providing this service. Disposing of a household appliance separately avoids possible negative consequences for the environment and health deriving from inappropriate disposal and enables the constituent materials to be recovered to obtain significant savings in energy and resources. As a reminder of the need to dispose of household appliances separately, the product is marked with a crossed-out

wheeled dustbin.

Warning - this appliance Electrical requirements must be earthed Before using this appliance ensure that the voltage indicated on the product corresponds with the main voltage in your Green and Yellow to Earth home, if you are in any doubt about your supply contact your local electricity company. 13 amp The flexible mains lead is supplied connected to a B.S. 1363 fused plug Fuse having a fuse of 13 amp capacity. Should this plug not fit the socket outBrown lets in your home, it should be cut off and replaced with a suitable plug, to Live following the procedure outlined below. Blue to Note: Such a plug cannot be used for any other appliance and should Cord Clamp Neutral therefore be properly disposed of and not left where children might find it and plug it into a supply socket - with the obvious consequent danger. N.B. We recommend the use of good quality plugs and wall sockets that can be switched off when the machine is not in use. important: the wires in the mains lead fitted to this appliance are coloured in accordance with the following code:

As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows: The wire which is coloured green and yellow must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter E or by the earth symbol or coloured green or green and yellow. The wire which is coloured blue must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured black. The wire which is coloured brown must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or coloured red. When wiring the plug, ensure that all strands of wire are securely retained in each terminal. Do not forget to tighten the mains lead clamp on the plug. If your electricity supply point has only two pin socket outlets, or if you are in doubt, consult a qualified electrician. Should the mains lead ever require replacement, it is essential that this operation be carried out by a qualified electrician and should only be replaced with a flexible cord of the same size. After replacement of a fuse in the plug, the fuse cover must be refitted. If the fuse cover is lost, the plug must not be used until a replacement cover is obtained. The colour of the correct replacement fuse cover is that of the coloured insert in the base of the fuse recess or elsewhere on the plug. Always state this colour when ordering a replacement fuse cover. Only 13amp replacement fuses which are asta approved to B.S. 1362 should be fitted. This appliance conforms to the Norms EN 55014 regarding the suppression of radio interference.




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