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MaRySlim 7:06pm on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 
Could be better quality The Roady works fine, tho I preferred XM to Sirus/XM, but my problem is specifically with the car kit. Good Flexiablity This is a great product that provides lots of options and flexibility. I thing anyone that uses it will be able to meet their needs. Everything you need to enjoy XM wherever Everything works great! The remote is extremely handy if you have the boombox for the Roady.

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Page 1
Mounting roadyXT in your vehicle
Weve included two types of mounts to help you install your roadyXT in your vehicles interior.
Swivel Mount Find a suitable location; the mount uses a strong adhesive and youll have difficulty repositioning it after installation. Do not install this mount on a leather surface. Make sure the air temperature is at least 60F. Clean the mounting surface with the surface preparation cleaning kit, following the directions on the package.
To remove the mount, lift the adhesive pad with your fingers or a spoon. You may warm it with a hair dryer for 2 to 3 minutes to help soften the adhesive. Remove any leftover adhesive from the dash surface by rubbing with your finger, or use a mild cleaner as recommended by your vehicles manufacturer.
Caution: Never use a commercial heat gun or paint-stripping gun. This could result in damage to the unit or to your vehicle.
To help aim the antenna, use roadyXTs Antenna Aiming feature.
Insert your roadyXT receiver into the vehicle cradle.
Slowly turn and tilt the antenna. The signal bars on the display will change. Find the position that gives at least two bars on either satellite or terrestrial.
Check out your roadyXT User Guide for more information.
Warning: roadyXT should be placed in your vehicle where it will not interfere with the function of safety features (e.g., deployment of airbags). Failure to correctly place roadyXT may result in death and/or injury to yourself or to others if the unit becomes detached during an accident and/or obstructs the deployment of an airbag.
Warning: The FCC and FAA have not certified the Delphi XM roadyXT Satellite Radio Receiver for use in any aircraft (neither portable nor permanent installation). Therefore, Delphi cannot support this type of application or installation.
The Delphi XM roadyXT Satellite Radio Receiver incorporates an FM transmitter and is therefore classified as an intentional transmitter. Changes or modifications to the unit not expressly approved by Delphi can void your authority to operate this equipment.
FCC ID: RS2SA10177 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death.
Attach the power, antenna, and audio cable (if needed). Tuck the cables under the plastic tab.
The antenna aiming screen remains as long as its needed to help you position the antenna. When youve found the best position, press the menu button twice to return to normal operation.

Press the menu button. Use the arrow and select buttons to choose Antenna Aiming. This feature is most helpful when using the roadyXT in a stationary home or office environment.
roadyXT, the XM name, TuneSelect, and related logos are trademarks of XM Satellite Radio Inc.
Delphi Corporation 1441 West Long Lake Road Troy, Michigan 48098-5090 U.S.A. Customer Service: [1] 877.GO DELPHI
Vent Mount Find a horizontal air vent that is strong enough to hold your roadyXT and its cradle. Clip the vent mount into the vent. To remove the mount, push it into the vent and lift upwards slightly to release the mounts hooks from the vent vanes. Carefully extract the mount.

Turn on your roadyXT.

Do more
Save favorite channels as presets, which you can instantly recall by pushing just one button. Save and recall the artist names and titles of your favorite songs. Use TuneSelect to find your favorite songs when they play on any XM channel. Create a personal stock ticker. View sports scores, news, and more.
Printed on Recycled Paper 2005 Delphi Corporation. All rights reserved. DPSS-05-E-051
Turn off your roadyXT and your home stereo. Connect your roadyXT to your stereo as illustrated. Place the antenna on a window or an exterior wall so that it points south. Press the arrow buttons to find channel 0. Push the select button to choose it. Peel away the adhesive liner and firmly press the swivel mount to the surface for 30 seconds. For best results, do not touch or apply any pressure to the vehicle mount for 24 hours. Youll see an 8character XM Radio ID in the display. (The XM Radio ID does not use the letters I, O, S, and F.) Activate your XM Satellite Radio service by contacting XM at or by calling 1.800.XM.RADIO (1.800.967.2346). You will need the XM Radio ID and a major credit card. XM will send a signal from the satellites to activate the full channel lineup. Activation normally takes 10 to 15 minutes, but may take up to an hour during peak busy periods. When you can access the full channel lineup on your roadyXT, youre done! You can adjust the tension of the swivel mount by using a screwdriver.

*With roadyXT Home Kit, (model SA10176, sold separately)

Using roadyXT at home*

Activating your roadyXT
Base of mount can be rotated to accommodate vertical or horizontal surfaces. Choose the best for your installation.

Page 2

Whats in the box?


Using roadyXT in your vehicle
Because every vehicle is different, we can only provide some general guidelines. If you need help, consult a professional installer. Use the CASSETTE ADAPTOR if your vehicles audio system has a built-in cassette player.

roadyXT receiver

surface preparation kit

vehicle vent mount

home antenna

vehicle cradle

cassette adaptor
Additional Vehicle Kits sold separately (SA10178)


signal strength 1 to 3 bars search by scanning all channels
vehicle swivel mount power vehicle power adaptor
Decide which method (cassette adaptor, wired connection, or wireless FM transmitter) is best for your vehicle and location.

vehicle antenna

menu access advanced features and configuration options
up and down arrows, select change channels, choose menu options, TuneSelect
Always do a trial run before installing anything permanently. Temporarily connect all power, audio, and antenna lines. Make sure that you receive the XM signal and that you hear XM programming through your vehicles audio system.


disp change what you see on the display
search look up channels by category or scan all channels

Audio quality

roadyXT Home Kit sold separately


home cradle
pre/dir select between direct channel entry or up to 30 presets
memory save and recall up to 20 artist names or song titles
jump return to previous channel; press and hold to select one of last six FM frequencies used for transmitter
numbers enter a channel directly or select favorite presets
For a neat, fully integrated installation, use the DELPHI FM DIRECT ADAPTOR (model SA10112, sold separately). The FM Direct Adaptor must be connected to your car radio and to the cars FM antenna. We recommend that you consult a professional installer.

home power adaptor

audio cables
The WIRELESS FM TRANSMITTER is the easiest and quickest way to hear XM programming in your vehicle. Simply set your FM radio and your roadyXT to the same frequency.

Remote Control*

display modes 1-5
search channels by category
channel selection mode direct entry or preset banks A, B, or C
Remember to pull out the clear plastic tab from the remote battery compartment before using the remote. To remove the battery from the remote, use your thumb to press the center of the battery tray and pull it out. Replace the battery with the equivalent size and voltage, taking care to insert it with the positive (+) side up.

Placing the antenna

For best reception, place the XM antenna on the vehicles metallic roof, at least 6" from any window or sunroof. It can be placed in the front, middle, or rear of the roof.
If the car is a hard- or soft-top convertible, you may mount the antenna on the metal trunk lid. It should be at least 4" from the rear window. Ensure that the antenna and cable dont interfere with the opening or closing of the convertible top and the trunk lid.

op tio n1

TIP: If you route the antenna cable through the trunk seal, use the lowest part of the weather seal. This should minimize any water leaks.

tio op

TIP: If you use your roadyXTs wireless FM transmitter, mount the XM antenna as close to your vehicles FM antenna as possible. The FM antenna may be a wire or metallic strip embedded in the windshield or rear window.
+ and change channels, or control volume if roadyXT is placed in a Delphi audio system
additional info channel name, channel number, artist, song title, Stock Ticker, and Info Extras
jump return to previous channel; press and hold to select one of last six FM frequencies used for modulator
TIP: Dont install the XM antenna inside your vehicle or on a non-metallic surface. Doing so will likely degrade the signal and you will probably experience more signal interruptions.
disp change what you see on the display; show artist name, song title, channel number, stock quotes, or Info Extras
Warning: Failure to properly install the antenna may result in injury to yourself or to others if it becomes detached during an accident.

*Sold separately



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