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ADV-M71 DVD Surround Receiver + SC-M51 2ch Compact Loudspeaker
* SYS-A2.1L (SC-A3L + DSW-3L) 2.1ch Compact Loudspeaker System (OPTION)
Denon Releases DVD Surround Receiver, First in the World* with "Dolby Virtual Speaker"
(* As of August 2003, in the DVD home theater product category.)
ADV-M71 DVD Surround Receiver
Attractive Tactile design in a compact body With its compact body of just 210 mm wide and 95 mm high, the sturdy aluminum front panel and the tastefully plated operating buttons, the ADV-M71 is finished in an attractive tactile design. Of course, the ADV-M71 also inherits the distinctive half-mirror window and blue displays that feature in the M31 series, imparting a sense of presence as the core of the system. Equipped with Dolby Virtual Speaker, the latest surround format DENON's new DVD system is the first of its kind in the world to include Dolby Virtual Speaker, the latest revolutionary surround format developed by Dolby Laboratories. Dolby Virtual Speaker effectively allows listeners to enjoy the surround sound effects of multi-channel playback with just 2 front speakers connected to a DVD system equipped with power amps for the 2 front channels. Since listeners do not need to set up center or surround speakers or worry about correct placements, they also save space. Dolby Headphone Dolby Headphone allows listeners to achieve the same quality of acoustic characteristics through headphones as they can from the speakers. This means that listeners can enjoy the dynamic surround sound of their home theater in the middle of the night, for instance, when neighbours might otherwise be disturbed. Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS decoding * You need to expand ADV-M71 to 5.1-channel playback system. Expandable to a 2.1- and 5.1-channel playback system Since the ADV-M71 provides PRE OUT jacks for center, surround L/R, and powered sub woofer, listeners can enjoy powerful 2.1-channel virtual surround sound by connecting powered sub woofer, or the system can be further expanded by adding amplifier, center and surround speakers to create a genuine 5.1channel surround system. 32-bit Floating Point DSP Hammerhead Shark (MELODY100), the latest DSP from Analog Devices, is used for the decorder to further boost digital signal processing capability and also providing the highest dynamic range. Faster processing speed results in more complete surround decoding. High-performance 96-kHz/24-bit A/D, D/A converters Quick Set Up function On-screen display (OSD) Dedicated headphone amplifier equipped Adjustable Cross-Over Switching for subwoofer (80/120/150/180 Hz) DVD Auto Power Off Plays JPEG files recorded on CD-R/RW discs Plays Kodak Picture CD and FUJICOLOR CD Equipped with optical digital inputs and outputs A wealth of analog inputs and output Tone controls and Super Dynamic Bass (SDB) circuit Wide selection of surround modes - Basic decoding functions (Dolby Digital, dts, PCM) - Surround formats (Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone, Dolby Pro Logic II) - DENON original DSP simulations (Rock Arena, Jazz Club, Video Game)
Plays MP3 and WMA files On-screen display (OSD) A variety of playback modes


- Repeat modes: 1 track, All tracks, A-B segments - Programmed Play: Up to 20 preselected tracks 40-station FM/AM Preset Memory Radio TEXT with RDS function FM Auto Preset Memory A variety of timer functions: The ADV-M71 includes Everyday, Once, and Sleep timers. System remote control with Preset Memory, for ease of use and functionality Low power consumption during standby Available optional cassette deck "DRR-M31" and MD recorder DMD-M331 Main Specifications DVD Section Playable discs: DVD-Video, VCD, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW Analog audio output: 1.1 V (REC OUT) Video Section (AV1 connector) Video output level / Impedance (DVD only) Video output 1 Vp-p / 75 ohm S-video output: Y (brightnessl) 1 Vp-p / 75 ohm; C signal 0.3 Vp-p / 75 ohm RGB output: R/G/B signal 0.7 Vp-p / 75 ohm Audio output: L/R (Fixed output) Audio Section Rated power output: 35W + 35W (6 ohm) Playback frequency response: 10 Hz - 50 kHz (+0, -3 dB; during 2-ch direct mode) S/N ratio: 98 dB (during 2-ch direct mode) Compatible speaker impedance: 6 ohm - 16 ohm Input sensitivity / Impedance: 200 mV / 47 kohm Tone controls: Bass: 10 dB (100 Hz), Treble: 10 dB (10 kHz) Tuner Section FM Frequency range: 87.5 - 108.0 MHz Effective sensitivity: 1.5 V / 75 ohm (14.7 dBf) AM Frequency range: 522 - 1611 kHz Effective sensitivity: 20 V General Power supply: AC 230V, 50 Hz Power consumption: 75 W (approx. 1 W during standby) Dimensions: 210 (W) x 95 (H) x 367 (D) mm (excl. protruding parts) Weight: 3.5 kg


Compact Loudspeaker
Woofer unit: 110 mm Glass composite Tweeter unit: 25 mm Soft dome European Beech vinyl veneer Speaker grilles supplied Recommended amplifier power: 20 - 75 W Impedance: 6 ohms



sound reproduction

Compact Loudspeaker System (OPTION) DSW-3L
Subwoofer Drive unit produces clear, robust deep bass sound High Powerd 100W (Peak) Active Subwoofer LF Direct Mode General Type.. 1 way, 1 speaker,.. bass reflex type speaker,.. Low-leakage-flux Dimensions.. 232 (W) x 452 (H) x 395 (D) mm Weight.. 11.2 kg
Satellite Speakers Expertly designed cabinet made of extruded aluminum, minimizing standing waves Hybrid construction for slim design and high-quality Cabinet shape with small-diameter twin woofer and narrowed rear to produce wide directionality P.P.D.D. system for rich, deep bass reproduction Super Tweeter capable of sound reproduction up to 90 kHz, a first in this class Includes non-slip mat made of natural cork to preserve sound quality General Type.. 2-way 3-speakers,.. Low-Leakage-flax Dimensions.. 70 (W) x 210 (H) x 160 (D) mm Weight.. 1.1 kg (per unit)
* Speakers shown may be different from those actually sold with the system. For details, please contact the authorized dealer. ** Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. HAYDEN LABORATORIES LTD. Hayden House, Chiltern Hill, Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks, SL9 9UG, United Kingdom Tel: Fax: DENON, LTD. 3-16-11, YUSHIMA, BUNKYO-KU, TOKYO 113-0034, JAPAN

29630903B UK 230979



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