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uepselon 7:53pm on Monday, August 16th, 2010 
Solid Integrated Amplifier It has been well documented that amps, preamps. DENON DENON is a popular audio maker in Japan. But its products are not rated so high. The "DENON sound" is often meant abuse implicitly.
psb154 6:25pm on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 
Extremely clean and powerful amp. Very under rated. Drives my big planer speakers with ease. Incredible build quality in this solid 52 Lbs. beast.
akbigdog 4:28am on Monday, April 19th, 2010 
veramente ottimo, curato nei dettagli, elettronica eccelente il costo veramente ottimo, curato nei dettagli, elettronica eccelente il costo
lowpoly 5:16pm on Monday, April 5th, 2010 
Sound quality, sophisticated design, very well-built chassis Plastic volume knob, only one pair of speaker outputs Sound quality, sophisticated design, very well-built chassis Plastic volume knob, only one pair of speaker outputs

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Real Hi-Fi

Denon Stereo Gives Detailed Sound
The Smarthouse Team - Monday, 6 November 2006
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Denons hi-res, hi-tech stereo duo (CD player and stereo amp) amazes us with its astonishingly detailed sound. Denon DCD-2000AE and PMA-2000AE $2999 each For: Astonishing clarity; detailed sound Against: Should select speakers and cables with similar properties Verdict: A high class player, detail retrieval is first rate; High-res amp needs a thorough warmup but it replys in spades ___________________________________________________________________________________ Since Denon and Marantz got together as the two main pillars of D&M Holdings, there has been a lot of investment in what is officially one of the coolest brands' (according to the Superbrands Cool Council we kid you not). This has been focused in two main areas, first of which was the range of multichannel amps/receivers and DVD players, including a number of market-leading universal machines. More interesting still, this was followed by a return to purist stereo roots, at a time when many of their opposite numbers have been becoming less and less reliant on what is often perceived to be a shrinking market segment.

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TVS & Large Display Real Hi-Fi Home Cinema Wireless & Networking Automation Media Centres Computing iPods & Devices Games & Devices
Earlier this year, the fruits of Denon's purist labours were rather spectacularly realised in the DCD-SA1 and PMA-SA1 a high-grade,


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stereo-only SACD player and matching 50-watt integrated amp, both are superbly built and well specified. Setting new standards for products of their type. Using much of the technology developed for the two range-topping components, Denon has now decided to go more real world'. There are now two new components that mirror the capabilities of the DCD-SA1 and PMA-SA1, but for less than a quarter of the price. The similarities are apparent from the outset, as they share something of the same design focus and simplicity. But, of course, the budget simply isn't there to offer the same level of build quality, and the specifications are necessarily downgraded. For example, the balanced internal architecture and interfaces have gone by the wayside, and there are many other differences too. But these are still impressively specified products when measured against their prices. and their rivals. The DCD-2000AE disc player looks very straight forward with a minimum of controls that, in common with the amplifier, is augmented by a new remote control with an excellent operational feel, and a limited number of well-separated and signposted control buttons. The SVH SACD-compatible mechanism is made by Denon itself, and is closely related to the mechanism used in the DCD-SA1, with a lot of attention paid to the mechanical design and to the suppression of vibration. The low jitter master clock is also carried across from the senior model. The relatively simple D-to-A converter stage uses Burr Brown DSD-1790 DACs for CD and SACD processing in a dual differential configuration, with an analogue FIR filter in the output stage. The proprietary Denon AL24 curve is used; a version of this circuit has long been Denon's preferred means of eliminating zero cross (quantisation) distortion in the least significant bit. Its matching PMA-2000AE amp is nominally more powerful than the flagship. It delivers 80 watts per channel into eight ohms, which is backed by enough current to double its output to 160 watts into four ohms, though composite loads below four ohms are not recommended. Note that although two pairs of speaker outputs are available for each channel, they are always connected and there is no loudspeaker switching. Again in common with the flagship models, the amplifier's output stage is powered by Ultra High Current (UHC) MOS output devices, chosen primarily for their high current yield and the simple circuit topology that they facilitate. The power amplifier is designed and built internally as twin monoblocks, each with its own power supply, and power level stages are mounted in their own screened chambers. Common to both new components are several features, including a low microphony aluminium construction, with a triple-layer top plate and twin-layer bases, sides and backplates. In the player, the mechanism has been mounted in a way calculated to reduce internal vibration transmission. The player design also aims to minimise interactions between digital and analogue circuits, with independent power

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transformers for analogue and digital duties. Similarly, the amplifier's two independent parallelconnected mains transformers are mounted in a flux-leakage cancelling arrangement. This reduces noise, which is also addressed in both cases using carefully designed anti-vibration mounts for the transformers. The power supply sections also use high-current, low-noise, high-speed Schottky barrier diodes in the bridge rectifier section, again with the overriding aim of reducing noise. Both products incorporate various high-quality specialist components, including film and electrolytic capacitors, resistors, inductors and OFC internal wiring in crucial circuit areas. In each case, displays can be turned off. In addition, the digital outputs can be switched off in the player, and the preamplifier outputs can be disconnected in the amplifier. Pure Direct mode turns off the display and the digital outputs, for optimum audio performance. For most of the test period, the two Denon components were used together, although third-party players and amplifiers were also used to confirm how they performed in synergy and as standalone products. This is an important test; even though it's more likely than not that the two will be used as a complete onebrand package. SOUND QUALITY There is a hint of character from both components, more so than is apparent from the DCD-SA1 and PMA-SA1, but it is broadly the same character in both cases. Indeed, the DCD-2000AE and PMA-2000AE work very well together, with a real synergy when driving a wide range of speakers. During our test period, these included the Audio Acoustics Foundation, a costly floorstander built around Focal drive units, and the Dali Euphonia MS5, a very different kind of floorstander. On balance, the match to the Dali, a crisp and detailed-sounding speaker, was more successful than to the Audio Acoustics, but this was no surprise. The Foundation turns out to be a fine, musical loudspeaker, but a demanding one, and no comparably priced amplifier available during the test period did as well as the Denon. It may be fanciful to suggest that these new products sound like their more expensive siblings, but there is a certain similarity. They err (if that's the word) on the side of being maximum information' designs. The amplifier, in particular, is strikingly direct in its appeal. It is more than capable of reproducing a wealth of fine detail, to an extent we found surprising and gratifying when playing known recordings. This was noticed mainly with very subtle recordings those with low-level recorded ambience, for example, which the Denon amplifier helps, bring to life. The exquisite unaccompanied vocal Da Pacem Domine from Arvo Prt on ECM is a perfect example. Conversely, we found that Denon's approach also

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paid dividends with very complex recordings, such as large scale orchestral music. Here, the effect was to allow access to the inner parts of the mix that might otherwise sound smeared into illdifferentiated sound. We were especially impressed by the new Simon Rattle Debussy La Mer on EMI, and also by the Scherzo from Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream with Valery Gergiev conducting the World Orchestra for Peace. It was not just the level of detail, and the transparency of the sound that makes the greatest impact with these latter two pieces; it was the precision and discipline of the sound, that helps heighten the thrill, and make it possible to believe that the composer's and the performer's intentions can be read in the texture of the sound. The disc player has a similar appeal. Again, it is very open and explicit sounding, but with CD the effect was initially rather raw, with a hint of a metallic quality. This began to fade after the player had been used for a week or so. Switching to SACD, however, has the desired effect. The sound becomes more detailed, but also sweeter and more organic. This is not necessarily a given with all SACD players that sometimes sound more' in various respects, but not necessarily better'. This is a player that really does show that SACD is a higher quality medium, or at least it is when it is done right. and the amplifier is complicit in this. With both player and amplifier together, the sound was notable for its speed and good timing, and for the way it clearly highlights pitch information, but above all for the homogeneity of the bass with the midband. These components are all about analysis, clarity and transparency, which makes them more than usually dependent on the rest of the system. Are they also powerful and muscular? Yes, but that is not the first message that you will take home. Rather, it is the astonishing clarity; you might find that stereo mixes

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can sound completely unfamiliar when listening off axis, as sounds from the two channels mesh in new and unfamiliar ways. This is always the case with good stereo, making this an intelligently-conceived pairing that makes real sense in a high-resolution stereo system. You need to be canny when selecting cables and speakers, as they should have similar qualities to the player and amp. Regardless, this duo proudly proclaims SACD as the digital standard for audiophiles.
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60 NEC Displays For Home And Business NEC has launched two new 60inch plasma displays; one for commercial use and one for.

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14 November 2005 Since 1910 Denon has had its roots in making music and for over four decades the company has been a supplier of the very best in HiFi, recording and broadcast audio equipment. In the Far East, Denon has continued to be recognised as a benchmark supplier of audiophile 2-channel hifi products. Now following on from the highly acclaimed PMA-SA1 Reference amplifier and as part of an Advance Evolution design philosophy to address the high-end audio market, Denon announce the PMA-2000AE high current MOS-FET Integrated amplifier. The Denon PMA-2000AE is a meticulously designed stereo 80-watt/channel integrated amplifier, employing the finest components in the pursuit of another benchmark audiophile amplifier. Designed to be the heart of a quality music system, the PMA-2000AE has provision for phono (both MC and MM cartridges), CD/SACD, tuner, plus 2 sets of auxiliary inputs for other quality 2-channel sources. In addition, it can accommodate 2 tape/cassette players and supports 2 sets of output terminals that can facilitate bi-wiring connection. Every attention to detail in realising the best in audio quality is achieved in the PMA-2000AE, including discrete configured low-noise FETS in the first stage of the phono section. A dedicated power supply for the phono section is also employed to maintain the ultimate in phono equaliser stability. The heart of the amplifier are independent pre-amp and power amp power supplies in an over-engineered twin transformer design that is capable of delivering ten times the current demands its conservative 80 watts would indicate. Large current Schottky barrier diodes have been employed for their low-noise characteristics and high-speed operation. Page: 1 of 2
Separate pre/power-amp connections together with an additional pre-amp out enable additional power amps or subwoofer to be connected. Isolating the circuits into six separate blocks to minimise interference between high voltage/high current and low voltage/low current sections is also employed. Designed to partner the best in analog and digital sources, the PMA-2000AE has an extended frequency range from 5Hz to 100kHz and a signal to noise ratio of over 108dB, making it the ideal partner to wide frequency audio formats such as Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio. All internal components have been specially selected for their naturalness of sound, including the choice of film capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, resistors and inductors. Special consideration has also been given to the choice of high quality OFC wire for use in the internal wiring. A microprocessor Stop Mode cancels all operations to on-board microprocessors during playback to remove any adverse effects on the sound signal. The PMA-2000AE (RRP $3,999) is covered by a two-year parts and labour warranty and is available at authorised Denon retailers. For further information on the Denon PMA-2000AE please call 400 or visit Released for and on behalf of Audio Products Group Pty Ltd by High Profile Communications. For more details contact John Murt on 1267 or email


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