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Perce 9:28am on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 
No Comment. It seems to be a good product to this point. Runs quiet and cool. No Comment. This series of disks from Seagate are reliable, quiet and suitable for personal and business use. Good balance for the price. Buffer size.
J.K.V 7:55pm on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 
Bought this drive to replace smaller drive in new Toshiba laptop. It is quick, quiet and no problems. I was so impressed. It seems to work pretty well. When I test it under Linux using the smartctl program. So far it works fine, however I noticed that it is not as quiet as the other disk I had before
ajfiero 9:10am on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 
Good choice to have for a laptop, upgraded an old Hitachi Deskstar for this drive, and great difference in speed. Garbage item Only used about one month and it was broken. I had to back up data, reinstall OS and exchange the item with WD.
!1wetrafunco 8:47am on Friday, April 30th, 2010 
Loading proceeded without a hitch. Easy To Install,Fast,Quiet It is a good one if you use it w/ only Windows. But if you want to use both MAC & Windows it gets kinda difficult.

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Derbi GP1 Racing 50
Part scooter + part motorcycle = $5350+orc

Youre D the Dream

Turn your neighbourhood into your personal TT course with Derbis

feisty little GP1 50.

Words by PETE CALLAGHAN, photography by LOU MARTIN
Country of Origin----------------------------------- Spain Fuel Capacity --------------------------------------- 8 litres Storage ----------------------------------------------------Yes Wheel Sizes ----------------------------------------14-inch Seat Height -----------------------------------------835mm See Listing for more details Riders own helmet. Jacket and gloves by DriRider, jeans by Teknic (191).
erbis GP1 Racing 50 looks for a faster start, but Im not sure if the clutch fast before you even start the would appreciate this kind of regular abuse. engine. Sharper than a matadors No dinky little runabout, the GP1 is a bigbanderillas, the Spanish-built GP1 is a funkedboned machine and that makes it a respectable up cross between a scooter and a motorcycle ride for humans built the same way. Seat that offers most of the advantages of both height is 835mm and long legs fit reasonably types of machine. comfortably on the pared-back footboards and behind the bodyworks angular panels. The GP1s motorcycle DNA is clearly evident. One thing I liked a lot was that the GP1 A stout aluminium beam frame holds the liquiddidnt have the soft, slushy feel of many 50cc cooled 50cc two-stroke single-cylinder engine scooters. The Derbis suspension inverted amidships, and not at the back like a traditional front forks complement the rear shock with scooter. Out there instead, an aluminium its flashy white-coated spring is taut and swingarm holds a single spring-damper and the responsive like a sportsbike, but didnt feel 14-inch rear wheel, which gets its drive from excessively firm, while the 14-inch wheels help the twist and go motor via an exposed chain. by smoothing out bumps that smaller hoops Using this chassis design keeps the weight would struggle with. of the motor low and centralised between the In keeping with the Derbis racer-boy styling, wheels, which is supposed to give the GP1 the front brakes drilled and slotted disc is agile, sporty handling and a stable ride. It works grabbed by a radially-mounted two-piston too, because this is one nimble scooter. caliper plumbed with braided stainless steel It may only be a 50, but I had a ball chucking line. It hauls the GP1 up pretty smartly, which the GP1 around during the test, feeling it flick is good because the singleeffortlessly from side to piston rear brake doesnt side around traffic islands have as much weight over it and leaving my braking as It may only be a 50, but as a on a traditional scooter, late as possible into bends so its not quite as effective. before slinging it toward I had a ball chucking Despite the heavy the apex like a Grand Prix the GP1 around motorcycle influence, the racer on the last lap. GP1 has some scooter The GP1 was so much practicality. The design of fun that I tended to the chassis means storage space is limited to forget about the lack of power from the an underseat bin, which comfortably held my two-stroke engine. That said, its actually open-face helmet. The pillion seat is small, but pretty perky for a 50cc mill. Acceleration is pretty decent, according to Number Two Son, very good and the speed with which the and theres a small grab-ring (its not really big GP1 gets up and boogies from the lights enough to be called a grab-rail) at the back of surprised several car drivers and myself. the seat. The GP1 has a sidestand only due to The 50km/h mark arrives swiftly when you the design of the exhaust, and its tucked away honk the throttle and although big hills can next to the muffler outlet which makes it nearly dent the motors performance, it recovers impossible to reach unless you are standing quickly enough. next to the scooter. Unfortunately, the motorcycle-style I didnt bother keeping fuel figures for the chain contributes to a fair amount of lag in GP1. Its a 50, its two-stroke, it runs on the the drivetrain, and the GP1 would probably smell of an oily rag. The fuel gauge hardly be even quicker off the mark with a more moved even though I racked up plenty of seat direct scooter-style drive system. As it is, time during the test. you have to wait for the pulleys in the motor Actually, I found myself looking for excuses to hook up and then for the chain to tension to take the Derbi GPanywhere while it was before the GP1 starts to move. in my care, and that probably says it all. Its I experimented with holding the front or rear fast, its fun and it handles freakin well. Nuff brake on and gently increasing revs until the said. drivetrain hooked up, then releasing the brake



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