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Gurudath S Gaddad 11:37am on Friday, October 29th, 2010 
It seems to work pretty well. When I test it under Linux using the smartctl program. So far it works fine, however I noticed that it is not as quiet as the other disk I had before
joesantos 4:32pm on Sunday, September 19th, 2010 
Product works well so far. Received it before the email came that said it shipped!! Positives I find this unit is compact for my laptop backup. Dell has these WD products at a lower price than WD even on sale.
lorienken 8:45pm on Monday, July 5th, 2010 
Good choice to have for a laptop, upgraded an old Hitachi Deskstar for this drive, and great difference in speed. excellent item for the most part, ease of installation was my issue. inexperience with unformatted.

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sportivi con cerchi in lega leggera e un sistema di ammortizzatori efficiente con sospensioni straordinarie che combinano forcellone oscillante in acciaio, monoammortizzatore posteriore da 182 mm di corsa e forcella idraulica anteriore da 37 mm. Stabilit garantita nonostante le difficolt del percorso. Ruote leggere, con dispositivi di frenata efficaci, precisi e sempre pronti. La nuova Senda DRD X-Treme 50 ti offre, soprattutto, libert di movimento. Its heart beats with the power of a robust state-of-theart engine: the legendary Derbi 2T 50 cc, 6-speed, liquid-cooled engine. Performance and quality features. The engine that drives your emotions. A highstrength steel perimeter frame that is svelte, flexible and solid, and a system of front and rear disc brakes with excellent response provide total control of the bike. The 22 mm steel handlebars, sports tyres with light alloy wheels and an extraordinarily efficient suspension system that combines a steel swingarm, mono-shock rear suspension with 182 mm of wheel travel and a 37 mm front hydraulic fork. Guaranteed stability regardless of the difficulty of the terrain. Lightweight wheels with effective, precise braking systems that are always ready. The new Senda DRD X-Treme 50 gives you, more than anything else, freedom of movement.
Tablero de instrumentacin digital compacto: tecnologa y precisin en el control del funcionamiento de tu moto a primera vista. Quadro strumenti digitale compatto: tecnologia e precisione nel controllo del funzionamento della tua moto a prima vista. Compact digital instrument panel: technology and precision allow you to monitor your bikes operation at a glance.
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